Beard Love – Do Women Love Men With Beards?

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Beard Love

The amount of women attention that men with beards has got, is very entertaining. So it occurred to me that it was time to understand why some women love or hate men with beards? That’s right, beards and Gracie are just a no go. For me kissing hair just simply makes me giggle and more concerning kissing sandpaper is not my thing. However Chris you look fabulously handsome, I must say. So let’s lay down some facts.

Beards and Press

An article in the Daily Mail  – “Psychologists confirm: Women REALLY don’t like beards”  regarding a study surrounding beards and female perception done in New Zealand, found some interesting facts:

  • Men rated more highly with their face shaved than with a beard
  • Beards make men look older and more aggressive
  • Beards command respect between males

The article also showed images of Brad Pitt and Prince William with and without beard.

However another study in 2008 and published by the Telegraph found women loved the stubble – Women prefer men with stubble for love, sex and marriage. So where do we stand here, beard wrong and stubble is good.

Beards a Niche Fashion

I think we need to look at it this way, sporting a beard means you are in a minority and although the majority of women will probably not like it, there is also a minority that loves them. It’s a very personal relationship between a man, women and their love affair with beards. I did this interview between Chris and Christina and it just oozes beard admiration. What I adore the most, is how mesmerised she is with Chris and his beard. Gosh who would blame her? Common, it’s not everyday you come across a beard like this. Let alone a Brit who can look this hot in an African suit.


Beard Guidance

So do you have the guts to become part of the beard growing minority. We have some helpful articles to get you on the way.


Chris Chasseaud and his beard

Chris adding yet another number from the girl fan beard club?


Men and their beards 2013

She is loving his beard


east ender actors 2013 and beards

I’m loving their suits and they are a tad gorgeous.


Beards for men - 2013


Beards for men - 2013


men and beards for 2013

10 Responses

  1. Tracy Clarkson

    Scratchy stubble and its negative effects on loved ones faces is the most controversial issue in mens grooming today. Finally there is a cure to ‘scrubble”,! The Soft Goat is the first EVER men’s grooming tool that specifically removes the sharp edges on freshly trimmed/shaved facial hair and leaves the face soft and kissable until the next trim/shave.

  2. Ben

    It really depends on the woman. I myself have gotten numerous of compliments as well as negative comments about my beard.

  3. Candy Tyler

    I’m a beard lovin’ woman. Why? It’s super sexy. Women can’t grow beards, so it is the ultimate in masculinity. However, careful guys, not the thick long caveman beard, but not the 5 o’clock shadow beard either. Somewhere in between. Keep it clean, shampoo works great. Also, easy for you, which is sexy too!

  4. Pat

    Scruff and jaw-hugging trimmed beard is fine. Anything beyond those boundaries becomes a veil. And a dirty-looking veil at that.

  5. Cameron Smith

    Awesome article. Most of the women that I know love beards, and I know my girlfriend does. We can all appreciate quality grooming- it’s really important to a guy’a appearance to make the right decisions when it comes to their hair and grooming styles. All the guys I know swear by the beard grooming products from to keep their beards looking great.

  6. mens grooming

    Facials aren’t just for women anymore. The modern man in Dubai gets facials about once a month, and many of them come here to Cool Aroma Gentlemen’s Spa, because it is for men only.


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