Bold Statements – Six Accessories To Get You Noticed

We’ve barreled boldly into 2017, and fashion trends are emerging for the spring season. If you’re looking for ways to up your fashion ante this year, know that it’s all about the accessories. Consider the following pieces for your wardrobe and make a great impression whether you’re headed to happy hour or the office.

A Bold Watch

If you don’t already have a watch, you’re far behind the times (no pun intended), and if you do, it might be time to upgrade that scuffed up leather band. The quintessential men’s accessory is a bold timepiece, and the debonair gentleman of years passed would be proud to see the fantastic designs available in the watch industry these days. The nice men’s watches from MVMT offer bold faces, traditional and modern wristbands, and customizable features that mean your wrist makes a big statement.

A Baseball Cap

Okay, so maybe baseball caps aren’t a new trend, but the resurgence in caps across runways means this is once again a must-have staple in every dude’s wardrobe. Long gone are the days of the scuffed up baseball cap that’s definitely been worn to one too many games. Today’s baseball cap can be found in a variety of materials. From leather to velvet, the sky is the limit on this trend. Maybe these loud materials aren’t your bag? No worries, you can stick to your plain old caps made of wool and polyester, just steer clear of the weather-beaten look.


If you don’t own cufflinks, what are you doing? In all seriousness, cufflinks are an important part of any man’s dress wear, and one of those small details that can make all the difference. While cufflinks are generally worn with formal wear, you can up your fashion game in the office or on your next night out with the right pair of personalized cufflinks.

Collar Stays

If you constantly rock a button up or full suit and tie in the office, collar stays are an absolute must. A crisp collar is an important detail that conveys more than you might think. Looking polished means paying attention to the details, and collar stays are an easy way to take your shirt from nice to suave.


We know, we know, socks probably aren’t at the top of your accessories list, but they should be. Long gone are the days of choosing between plain white, black, and beige socks. Men’s fashion has seen a resurgence in footwear focus, and there are many sock companies now selling fashion-forward footwear pieces you won’t find in your run of the mill department store. Whether you want to go bold with colorful prints or even buy socks emblazoned with the face of your favorite NBA player, there are plenty of ways to personalize your footwear. There is one tip to keep in mind however: when shopping for dress socks, remember that your socks need to blend in with the hue of your slacks. It provides a more streamlined, professional look that is sure to be appreciated by your boss and sweetheart alike.

A Pair of Shades

Every man should own a designer pair of sunglasses. Spend time determining which frames best fit your face shape, and try on multiple pairs before making your decision. Sunglasses are one accessory that needs trying on before purchase, so head to your local Sunglasses Hut and spend some time checking out different styles and designs. Look for polarized sunglasses to block those harmful UV rays and keep those peepers protected, whether you’re flying down snow covered mountains on your skis or soaking up those warm rays beachside.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your fashion game in 2017, use these accessories to set your style apart and make a big impression.

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