Cuffed Trousers – Should I Cuff My Trousers?

cuff roll-up trousers style

Cuffed Trousers

James Dean was the master when it came to cuffs or turnups/rollups, on trousers. This trend has returned and we are all wondering whether to embrace and how we are supposed to wear it.  Why adopt the cuff trend? It’s simple really, it adds a bit of visual interest to the bottom of your trousers, they also add some physical weight – which can help your trousers hang more attractively. In some cases they can help your trousers hold their crease.

Adopt The Cuff Trend

It’s really up to you. The cuff rule seems to be that they go with pleated trousers and plain hems with flat fronts. However, you can just try the look with flat-front pants and decide whether it suits you or not. Worse case scenario you have to bend over to unroll them (I know, so much physical exersize! Why, oh why?!).


Don’t neglect your socks. They are so crucial in the final touches of the whole look. Make sure your socks are looking dapper-as-can-be.

Katsuhiro Inn - wearing roll-ups or-cuffed trousers

What And When Should I Cuff?

The cuff-less pant is generally a smarter look. A cuffed pant is both old-school and modern. The cuff-look for 2013 is the way forward and for the weight and visual aspects I would use it. Be careful because not all trousers look good in cuffs. Some chinos can work this look, but again its just down to common sense. Does this really look cool? You don’t want to be cuffing you three-quarter length trousers – there no need.

shiny shoes - gucci men loafers style roll-ups cuffs

Too Short For Cuffs?

Personally I think taller men can wear cuffs better than shorter men. This is modern fashion and a golden rule to abide by if you are on the shorter side is that; the length should be  5’7” and wear a break less two inch cuffs.

cuff trousers and burgundy shoes

What Size Should My Cuffs Be?

One of the trends right now is the two inch cuff. However don’t be afraid to create your own size and style of cuff, as long as it looks good – go for it! The size of the cuff is determined by the size of the man. For the fashion technical people out there  1 and 3/4” cuffs look good on a  long-legged people. But 1 and a 1/2” is also a safe option.

quilted vets and roll-ups cuffs

Cuff Fashion

  • It’s all down to personal choice. The cuff look is best on pleated trousers – they help the trouser hang better. On flat fronts, it’s down to the desired look.
  • Don’t go cuffing everything in your wardrobe, you want a bit of variety.
  • If you want to try it, then go for it! Cuff’s can make people on the shorter side look a bit taller, but be warned this isn’t the case all the time.
  • Cuffed pants had a full break in the past,  that’s no longer a fashion requisite.
  • 2” is huge, 1 3/4” is big, 1 1/2” is moderate, 1 1/4” is small. If it looks right do it.
cuff beige trousers, roll-ups

Nice shoes, nice way of doing the cuff trend


navy jacket rollups cuffs trousers

The Italians show you how to cuff in style.

9 Responses

  1. cameraman

    Do you luff the cuff?
    Is the cuff a plus?
    Can’t get enough of the cuff?
    Hot stuff with a cuff!
    Too tough to cuff?
    Cuff in the buff!
    Strangely enough – we love the cuff!
    Lose the scruff – go the cuff!

    All better alternatives to “Cuffed trousers – Should I cuff my trousers”.

    Kind regards,


  2. Nuhgunnatelya

    Although the current “Emo-Hipster” look or “Anime-Character” look is certainly better than the sagging pants “look at my underwear” look; the lack of options for cuffs on mens slacks these days is very disappointing. I know this will disappear soon enough like all other fashion trends, but I hope the next trend run is closer to the classic style of cuffed pants. I am not referring to 501’s, wranglers, or dungarees w/ “rolled” cuffs, (which are of course cool too), but slacks and trousers. Real men who dress in classic styles (those styles ranging from the 1890s to the late 1950s) have pleats and cuffs on their slacks. Think Enoch “Nucky” Thompson from Boardwalk Empire. Those who do otherwise should only be children or men doing doing yard-work while wearing dungarees. As to the latter, I swear I have seen Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver (the ultimate male role model) wearing pleated and cuffed slacks when he was doing yard-work. Of course that was in a time when men and women were also more courteous and dressed in dresses and suits to ride a train or bus. Compare that w/ today’s “casual” attire and you have a culture of filthy, unshaven man-child-like things who wear bare toed sandals (or worse flip-flops), un-tucked shirts, and ripped jeans as if they were going to a 1960’s love-in at the beach. And no, I am not over 70 years old. I simply refuse to give up like so many other men have done.

  3. Simon Bullmore

    We’re big fans of cuffing. And 100% agree that making sure you’ve got the right socks is key! Our suggestion – never wear socks that match your shoes. If you’re not sure what sock to wear pick a colour from elsewhere on your outfit and match to that. So, if you’re wearing a pale blue oxford shirt you might consider pale blue socks.

  4. Ron Wolpa

    just to confirm whether you employ in english the term ” ITALIAN CUFFS” (what I mean with this : it is a roll up made by the tailor and hemmed ) for trousers.

  5. Douglas

    Really love those burgundy boots, anyone know what they are called? I’ve been searching for them for awhile and I can’t find anything.


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