Emilio Cavallini – Why Men Are Wearing Stockings?

stockings for men

Emilio Cavallini Male Stockings

After high heels as well as clutch bag, another women’s piece of clothing is more and more in demand simply by adult men.That stocking manufacturer is an Italian fashion house named Emilio Cavallini. The fashion house Emilio Cavallini designed a variety of stockings that can be used both for men and women.

Men stockings were launched in 2009 and are now increasingly bought by men. There are at least 2-3% of men from 30 thousand customers of fashion house Emilio Cavallini. Cavallini sold men stockings in various models. That being  black, white, patterned stars, stripes, polka dots, and the skull.

Country Breakdown

These men stockings are more popular in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA,” Cavallini closed. In an interview with WWD, Francesco Cavallini said he was aware now more and more men love their products as men’s fashion trends for 2013. “When we started to create an online shop, we noticed that a lot of medium or large size stocking were purchased by men.

It’s all about personal taste and one thing for certain, I’m off to buy the skull head stockings for myself, let alone for my man.

emilio cavallini - stockings or hosiery for men 2013

emilio cavallini - stockings or hosiery for men 2013

emilio cavallini - stockings or hosiery for men 2013

If stockings are a tad too much. Go for the socks

Emilio Cavallini men stockings

Emilio Cavallini stockings pantys for men

It is all about wearing them with confidence

Stockings for men emilio cavallini trend

11 Responses

  1. Couns

    This article is quite interesting and the pictures make thinking of trying this look, so I can decide weather I like what I see in the mirror or not.

    But why is this article tagged with “gay men”? Since when is sexuality changed by clothes? Did women become lesbian when they discovered pants during the last century?

  2. Couns

    Interesting idea, also for practical reasons:
    why wear socks and and long underwear in the winter when you can have it in one piece? Furthermore, the problem of seeing naked legs when sitting does also no longer exist.

  3. Mugler

    Sorry but it looks terrible. Leggings under shorts are ok but this is way too feminime. Only feminime guys should wear it if they want. On masculine guys it would look quite weird.

  4. me

    I wear everyday which there are many benefits for both male and female long as its worn properly not showing things off I have taken photos of myself am a straight male that wears pantyhose or tights am not a crossdresser but for photo purposes I take them wearing a mini and heels for a fashion look like below

  5. Rosario

    I didn’t think I would ever wear tights/pantyhose but my doctor prescribed these plus size compression pantyhose because of a stomach hernia and varicose veins. I wear these everyday now and I’m thankful that there are tights for men.


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