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Favorite Son is an online menswear fashion retailer specialising in the latest must have designer brands. Established in 2013 Favorite Son began searching high and low to find the latest designer brands. It has helped revolutionise the way people shop with a great selection of clothing to choose from, including worldwide delivery.

Here are some of the exclusive designer clothing brands that you may not have heard of but you can buy at Favorite Son.

Sik Silk

Just about everyone clued up in the men’s fashion world will now have heard of Sik Silk. Sik Silk began in 2012 and slowly gained a following via Twitter. By the end of the year and throughout 2013 the brand had grown into a monster with over 34,000 followers on Twitter and a huge celebrity following. The Sik Silk range includes Baseball Jersey’s, Basketball Vest’s, Joggers, T-Shirts and Hoodies all of which can be found here at Favorite Son

Sik Silk

Sik Silk – Red NFL Jersey

Sik Silk Baseball Jersey

Sik Silk Baseball Jersey

Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid is a street wear brand and the brain child of Plymouth Argyle footballer Marvin Morgan. Fresh Ego Kid focuses on modern street wear from the hugely popular snapbacks to the new basketball vests. Established in 2010 Fresh Ego Kid became a firm favourite among celebrities such as JLS, The Janoskians, Ariana Grande and now the Beckhams. Visit the Latest Fresh Ego Kid range at Favorite Son

Fresh Ego Kid - Menswear Collection (2)

Visit the entire Favorite Son clothing range at www.favoriteson.co.uk

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