Fur Coats – Can Men Wear Fur?

fur-jacket-for-men-pink, 2012

Can men wear fur coats? Or more to the point would you want too? Fur is a trend that never goes out of style, but generally it appears as a decoration on the collar of jackets and coats.  For this coming winter the designers provided more choices. In fact I’ve not seen this much fake or real fur on men. On the runways, we can see not only basic fur coats, but also fancy ones with different colors or material combinations. The fur jackets designs are wicked for men and look so masculine.

How to wear fur coats this winter?

With lots of male gusto. Whatever you want to state this winter make sure you add a touch of fur to your wardrobe. Keep the undergarment simple. One thing for sure they are super warm. They will attract alot of attention and us women love to snuggle up to men on a colds winter day. What are you waiting for?




Dirk Bikkembergs,Fall/Winter-2012


Salvatore Ferragamo, winter 2012-2013


YSL double breast black men’s jackets with fur collars 2013

fur-coat for men 2012

It’s up to you how much fur you want be seen in


John Galliano, 2013 fur coats

Damir Doma,-fur-coats-for-men,2012

Damir Doma, fur coats for men ,2012

5 Responses

  1. shaquan richards-fontayne

    i love fur coats!! i think they are standoutish and vibrant. i want the pink one from Dirk Bikkembergs :(( but i cant find it and its probably way out of my budget that i have firmly planted in my mind xx

  2. Cheito

    Dirk Bikkembergs,Fall/Winter-2012 grey fur, and some of the Salvatore Ferragamo, winter 2012-2013 shown here are very nice! Men have been wearing fur coats for a very long time. The more extravagant ones are not my taste, but yes, men can wear fur.

  3. Jeff

    Faux fur, okay whatever. But real fur is disgusting and out of style. The people trying to bring it back are just looking for media attention. Be modern. Don’t wear fur.


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