Gola – The Power Of The Classic Trainer

Gola Trainers - Made In England

The Power Of The Classic Trainer

When I think back to my school days, it’s not the mind boggling algebra or geography I remember, nor the history lessons about civil wars or drama lessons where we had to pretend we were trees. For me, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone else, the things we remember about school were the kids we sat next to, the rebels, the jokers, the academics and the sport stars. But most importantly, in an age when we were trying to find out who we were and what part we played in the social make up of life, school was all about what we wore and how we wore it.

Unfortunately for me and my class mates, we all had to wear a strict uniform – trousers, shirt, tie and plain black shoes – which meant in order to stand out we had to rely on one thing and one thing only, our bags.

The bag and the brand became a symbol of our character, an extension of our persona if you like; surf brands for the cool kids, mountaineering brands for those who preferred a back pack, briefcases, I kid you not, for the smart kids. For me and my sporting brethren, it was all about how we could pack our football boots and shin pads in with our text books and to this day I can still remember mine vividly: a classic Gola messenger bag.

I slung that bag over my shoulder with so much pride. It was plain white with a thin green stripe through the middle, the classic Gola font emblazoned across both sides, and a green adjustable strap that allowed me to let the bag hang low across my back.

Iconic Sporting Brand

Gola have always been such an iconic sporting brand and the fact they are British and once sponsored my childhood comic hero Roy of the Rovers meant I took them to my heart with more gusto than I ever managed to summon during a maths lesson.

From the classic Gola spirit trainers, which are experiencing a renaissance as the trainer continues its march from the playing fields in to street style, to the Harrier in colourways that will go with all your casual outfits, the Gola brand will not only be synonymous with my misspent youth tearing up the hard courts playing football but a part of the British psyche in both the sporting and fashion parlance.

It doesn’t matter whether your 15 and ignoring your science teacher or 55 and heading off to the office with your laptop tucked in that messenger bag, get yourself over to Gola and get involved in the action.

Gola Trainers - Made In England

Gola Trainers - Made In England

Gola Trainers - Made In England

Gola Trainers - Made In England

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