Hat Styles and Choosing the Right One for You

I am huge fan of men’s hats and will be trending some this coming week from Stetson. It is great to see men embracing these hat’s all year round. So as the weather goes form extreme heat to damn right down pour. Here are my three top picks for any man who dare to wear hats.  Apart from they keep the sun off your face, and mysteriously make you look cool. Here is how to get the right hat for you.

The Fedora

Fedora Hat - MenStyleFashion

It started in 1920’s with gangsters, bootleggers and it transformed into a fashion style over the decades. It has become a popular accessory for men. Fedoras are known for their short brim, some have upturn brims, and there creased crown. If worn right you can accent your outfit to something stylish. Black is perfect for a white suit and black shoes, purple or grey with a white jacket. Fedoras are just cool.

In the past, the fedora hat was worn during cold season in winter and fall as the material was made to keep your head feel warm during the cool weather. Fast travel to 2016, it’s quite the opposite. The fedora can be worn for any occasion.

The Trilby

Trilby Hat - MenStyleFashion

These stylish hats are making a comeback in a big way due to many fashion celebrities and musical artists. They are making the fedora the super popular hat that it once was. Featuring a narrower brim than the fedora that is normally angled down at the front and up at the rear, the Trilby is also identified by a much shorter crown. A trilby is a narrow brimmed hat once viewed as a rich man’s hat.

This hat may not be for the hot summer climates because of the hat’s narrow brim. The trilby brings a neat sophisticated business look and a smart-casual outfit at a racetrack.

The Pork Pie

Boater Hat - MenStyleFashion

The pork pie style hat (also known as boater) is a classic iconic style of hat that will always be a part of Americana history. It was recognized as the hat choice of many Jazz and Blues musicians in New Orleans. This style of hat has a stiff, woven straw, flat-topped. It is a formal summer hat that is accessorized of so many dapper gents at the turn of the century. They feature an inflexible brim and a grosgrain band that matches its color with the formality of the hat. The pork pie is a semi-formal worn hat usually with a blazer. It used to be worn in the FBI as an unofficial accessory in the pre-war years.

The Panama

Panama Hats - MenStyleFashion

Last but not least, the panama. The panama should be your number one choice to wear in the tropics. Panama hats have a wide-brim and are made with straw like material. They were originally made from leaves of palm trees but have revolutionized since then. Drawing from its lightweight construction and paler colouring, the panama is perfect for summer style. Match it with linen lightweight wools and cottons, and embrace its ability to be dressed up or down.

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