High Boots – The Knee High Boots For Men Are Back

Gucci Boots - black alligator -2012

Knee High Boots for Men

Creative, artistic and confident people need to take on the  Lenny Kravitz and Adam Lambert attitude towards knee high wedge boots. In fact these two have started the high boot trend for men this winter. The key here is they are not afraid about what anyone else thinks. Embracing knee high boots is all about you making a statement to anyone watching. The tricky task is you need to consider your outfit, so it matches the boots image.

What do Knee High Boots State?

I’m noticing on-line shoe stores themselves hardly carry any tall boots for men. But thanks to Gucci and Gareth Pugh that is slowly changing? We mainly associate and see tall boots on men at the changing of the guards through out Europe. Men wearing knee high boots state individuality and having an attitude of taking on the rest of the world. Knee high boots this winter is all about walking, and in this case a lot of fashion talking. If for nothing more than men showing us women his predator side of things that alone is worth seeing a new trend on the streets this fall.

How to wear Knee high Boots?

Whatever your knee high boot looks like, think about what your image is all about. Do you want to be a rock star or do you want the military look. Choose cropped mess jackets with brass buttons and high boots to complete the cavalry look. All the labels have just placed military jackets in stores, make sure you choose the one that looks good on you. Always choose black trousers, not jeans. Make sure the trousers are tight and fitted. In fact black should be only the colour chosen when wearing knee high boots.

Please send us an image of your knee high boot look for this winter.

Singer Adam Lambert attends Prince concert in knee-high boots

Adam Lambert wearing knee high boots at Prince concert recently

Men Style Fashion - knee-high boots 2013

How men are wearing knee high boots right now for winter

men wearing high boots

Knee high boots hit the high street for 2012

Lenny Kravitz - wearing knee-high boots

Lenny Kravitz is killing it with these knee high wedge boots

Knee-high boots for men 2012

Embrace knee high boots this 2012

Gareth Pugh - Aileron Black White.

Gareth Pugh Aileron Black White shows how knee high boots can rock this 2012

Men and knee-high boots

It’s all about your boot attitude

35 Responses

  1. Gail Lark

    Fabulous look.
    My hushand wears leather knee high boots.
    He has 6 pairs – brown and black – they had to be specially made as you can’t get mens sizes in the shops. He gets a lot of compliments from Ladies as well as some guys and looks so sexy in them.

  2. jason

    What brand are the boots in the very bottom picture? They are the best ones on the page, I want a pair!

  3. limits

    Pretty cool, though I’d think a chunky heel would be better than the wedges..too…feminine maybe, IDK maybe it’s just me, but it’s not working with the narrowness of them. The rest are neat. Oh and Adam Lambert doesn’t count 😛 Mikey has a good point. Why don’t you list all the sellers for these? Bad form, we can’t go shopping 🙁

  4. Brian

    What a great post. I’ve always like the look of boots on both women and men. I’m not sure if I’m lucky or unlucky but I have fairly small narrow feet for a guy. Any pair of mens boots I tried were often too wide. I ventured over to the women’s side and the selection instantly became amazing. I don’t even look at the men’s side anymore.

    My theory is “It’s OK to be different” Here’s a few of my looks

  5. pmartel

    IF I could pull of the right look, I’d love a pair of knee highs. I LOVE cowboy boots and would wear them constantly. Knee high’s outside the pants and the right outfit are so cool

  6. wetcrotchboots

    i wear thigh high and taller boots with heels in public all the time. i get loads of looks and comments. i also love to get wet in my gear as well. i love using indoor motel pools the best

  7. Ash

    Boots were originally for men in the past , but somehow recently it changed it to all women thing which is ridiculous . I see nothing wrong men wearing the boots, but it’s extremely hard to get one and if you do it’s so pricey. Why should men have only one shoe type for summer and winter time ? don’t we put our feet more often into potholes that women. Bring the fashion back to men , and stop the monopoly of women having all clothing choice ,but men walking like a trash.

    • A B Chilling

      I say RUBBISH! Let women remain the fashion slaves they’ve been for hundreds of years. Yeah, they have all these choices, but you forget their lives are being complicated being unable to decide what to wear just to walk to the corner drug store. Half of the overwhelming variety of stuff they wear looks like crap anyway and they might not even realize it. The heck with variety, let us men continue to make do with our limited wardrobe and concentrate our minds and time on things that really matter.

      • Liberty

        Men, like women should dress to make themselves look good and most importantly, feel good!!!

      • hooha

        If you want to dress like rubbish, go ahead. Just keep in mind that people who dress nicely impress more people and get more opportunities and advancements in life, hence why you don’t dress like rubbish to a job interview, or on a first date. Also, Men who dress with style and taste attract more ladies. Why do you think women swoon over gay men? because they have the style and taste which women only wish more straight men could have.

  8. Mert Topel

    I like to wear over the knee boots in my daily life. Here is a pic of my typical outfit in taken on Champs Elysees

  9. Michigan Patriot

    Why not jeans ? Oh! I know, that is now considered female wear the last 45 years ! Not ! What is wrong with this picture ? Everything. If females want to be transvestites 24/7 , why should that fact negatively influence menswear for men ? such sexiest , anti male bigotry In both the fashion industry & society in general; especially from females .

  10. J-F

    For as far as I can remember, I alway’s love leather boots. Generally on woman, but men as few but excellent style of boots. I’m agry in the argument, that is time, in the fashion world, to bring back the high leather boots for mens. In history, look at the number of glorious and pride men even wearing OTK boots. Now is just a “woman only” style and I find it ridiculous. For why men should just wear ONE type of low shoes and boots and woman can have the infinite choice of high boots they want ?? In North America, I think is a question of culture and useless stereotypes. I make a test one day, wearing under the knee leather boots with black cargo pants under. The results ?? The only two “conventional” people that I seen on the street, look at me like I was a clown. Try to change the mentality…good luck !! However, this is not a reason to avoid us to wear what we want !!

  11. K Green

    Where can I buy a pair of knee high boots (10.5 US)? I need some stores and brands.


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