How to Make A Unique Ring Choice for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Yes, Valentine’s Day – the most romantic day of the year – is almost upon us. There’s just something about February 14th that brings out the romantic side in all of us. Whether you’re in the first flushes of love or not, everyone likes to be made to feel a bit special. So what better day to pop that all important question on! If you have your heart set on a proposal on this magical day.


Take them to one of their favourite places – whether it’s their favourite restaurant, the place you first laid eyes on each other, or perhaps somewhere you went on one of your favourite dates. If you choose to propose in somewhere that already has special memories for you – then a proposal will cement it forever as a special place for the two of you. For an utterly timeless romantic proposal, the ring has to be a round brilliant cut solitaire diamond:

platinum-0-50ct-brilliant-diamond-ring-p10469-15335_zoom (1) (1)


If either of you fancy yourself as ‘creative types’, then think about a proposal that’s more outside the box. If there’s a beloved pet in your family, you could think about attaching the engagement ring to its collar. If either of you are adventure junkies, you could propose at the top of a mountain after a long hike, or if you really want to do something wild – why not propose in the middle of a skydive! The only limit is your imagination! For an unusual proposal try a slightly alternative engagement ring, like this stunning yellow diamond, very contemporary and perfect for a girl with her own distinct sense of style:

colour (1)


Are either of you snap happy? Then think about hiring a photographer to capture that special moment. Having someone hiding in the wings could be the perfect way to remember your proposal forever.  For an ultra-romantic engagement ring, go for the soft hues of rose gold with a ring like this gorgeous round brilliant cut diamond ring:

diamond-by-appointment-18ct-rose-gold-0-34ct-round-brilliant-cut-diamond-ring-p9632-13268_zoom (1)

Surprise Parties

What better way to celebrate your new engagement than with a surprise party! Make your proposal in privacy, then lead your other half through to find the rest of your loved ones all secretly gathered together. Your engagement celebration party will be ready and waiting to celebrate this special occasion. A  show-stopping occasion needs a show-stopping ring. This gorgeous marquise cut diamond engagement ring is sure to steal the show:

platinum-0-70ct-e-vs2-marquise-cut-diamond-ring-p10941-16477_zoom (1)


Last but not least, the unique proposal. It might seem an almost impossible feat to pull off these days, but fear not! It can be done. Rack your brains for special memories that only the two of you share – perhaps an in-joke, or a funny thing that happened to the two of you. Once you have something then work it into a romantic engagement This heart shaped diamond engagement ring is sure to win her heart:

platinum-1-01ct-heart-brilliant-cut-diamond-ring-p11701-17882_zoom (2)

No matter how you choose to pop the question – the only thing that matters is that the two of you are truly in love! Everything else will fall into place – trust us!

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