Just opened six months ago, Jetwing Lake in Dambulla Sri Lanka is tucked away in a private estate overlooking a lake. This secluded hotel is very unique due to its surroundings of flora and fauna. Over looking nothing but a nature setting, Jetwing Lake is trending the latest in both architectural and interior design. From the outside the simplicity is deceptive but as I walked into the building I was greeted by simple contemporary design. The reception area was huge and boasted a simple layout with views of the surroundings. It was a very comfortable seating area and I loved sitting here taking in the views. In fact throughout the hotel which has 94 rooms, there were plenty of seating areas I could choose. I would recommend it as there is so much to take in regarding nature and quiet times of bird watching. It is a hotel that is eco friendly and I like this because throughout the hotel, wood and paper is used for functional purposes.

Surrounded by centuries’ old history, and located amidst a secluded dry zone forest, Jetwing Lake bears a mysticism to it that is undeniable. The Hotel overlooks the Siyambalaweva water tank, which has been part of ancient civilization. Sprawled on an expansive area of 18 acres, the Hotel is a languid retreat with easy access to Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle and its curiosities. The tiling roof in the reception is spectacular and very unique, I could not help just looking up and reflecting on the material and skill used here.

Swimming Pool 72 Meters

I just climbed the Sigireya rock, which is what I recommend anyone does, it was the most amazing experience I had here in Sri Lanka. So to be greeted by a whopping 72 meter swimming pool to cool down, was one of the highlights of my stay.

Simple in design, this pool completes the hotel. It has spectacular views overlooking the lake and it was one brilliant way to burn off some of those calories, to then enjoy a cocktail at the poolside bar.


Jate wing lake has two restaurant options, a internationally inspired buffet style restaurant and an in house Chinese Restaurant. I decided to experience the Chinese restaurant and it was brilliant. All of the ingredients were locally sourced and very fresh in taste. The decor was simple and the restaurant was tucked away from other parts of the building. The chilly crab was excellent and one of the best I’ve tasted so far. The food was fresh and it is worth dining here for those looking for a different type of eating experience. Don’t forget to ask for a cocktail too, it was a nice way to kick off a great stay.

Chilli Crab

Crispy Duck



Breakfast had a wealth of selection here of both western dishes and Sri Lankan cuisine. I met the pastry chef and I loved his banana cake. I was very surprised to see a good selection of German bread here. A must try is the paprika butter and homemade jams. Also the variety of fresh juices were excellent, beetroot juice being one of them. The setting where I ate again was a reminder of the Jetwing Lake, which bears a mysticism to it that was undeniable. The hanging wooden table legs used as features here were very chic and edgy, a nice unique touch to the hotel.


My room was overlooking the swimming pool and the views towards the lake were amazing. The balcony furniture was very comfortable and it was a perfect area to take in the setting. The room was simple and very large. the design was contemporary with natural colours trending. Wallpaper was used here as bed head, alongside thin wooden panels. The roof to ceiling windows were wonderful, again high lighting the an expansive area of 18 acres of nature setting. The bed was very large and comfortable with plenty of pillows to make my stay a pleasant one. I also liked the the small lounge that allowed me to stretch and take in the fabulous views and reflect what a fabulous country Sri Lanka is. Good to see a dedicated, wooden working desk too. It was small enough to move around the room so I could work and take in the fabulous views.


The bathroom was massive and I loved the bath that overlooked the 18 acres of nature. I also liked the eco friendly use of paper for toothbrushes and toiletry accessories. The bathroom, trending and open feel with no glass door, created an atmosphere of having a shower or a bath in an open jungle setting. The shower was very powerful and I liked how Jetwing as a group uses glass bottles for shampoo and conditioner. This was reinforcing its eco friendly message. Overall the room and its setting was why my stay was just a pleasant and most relaxing one.


Jetwing Lake nimbly combines contemporary architecture with the solitude of the Siyambalaweva banks, and its placid ambiance. It is a hotel that is new and through time, it will blend with the lake. The people and overall eating and sleeping experience is lovely. It is is close to the wildlife safaris of the Minneriya and Wasgamuwa national parks with treks and hikes through its richly bio-diverse environment. The exploration of the Dambulla cave temple which is very close is why I would recommend doing it whilst staying at Jetwing Lake. Overall it was a nice experience with the latest in both design and eco material used. Jetwing Lake thanks for a fabulous stay.

Bar seating area overlooking the whole hotel

Dambulla Cave Temple


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