A Man’s Guide To Averting Wedding Disasters

You’ve asked your girl to marry you, and she’s said yes. Congratulations! It’s finally time to say ‘I Do.” While your bride has probably lost her cool and is breathing fire at everyone around, you need to keep your calm and ensure everything runs smoothly.

We know it’s your wedding and you’re excited, but someone’s got to keep a level head – and it had better be you! Think of this article as a self-help guide – you are only helping yourself. So, get your game plan ready and avert all possible disasters! But to start with, get to the wedding venue in time – even if it’s in your pajamas!

Katie Jones has taken a look at how you can contribute and keep it all together:

  • Choose your groomsmen wisely:

Choose your best man and then fill in the remaining spots basis who you want. Choose your closest friends and keep communication open with them – whether it’s about how much alcohol you’ll need at the venue, or what sort of food you’d like – keep them in the loop!


  • Divide and Conquer:

Assign different duties to your best man and groomsmen and ensure they get the work done. Even if it’s as simple as coordinating with the brides’ sister, be sure to get it done from them. Bribe them if you have to – keep a beer handy at all times!


  • Do not forget the rings:

Select something that fits your life together and is dear to you both. Whatever happens, on the day of the wedding, do not forget the rings! The drama will be astronomical if you forget them! Keep those rings on you at all times – even your best man and groomsmen can get drunk and loose them before the ceremony. If that happens, mate, you’re doomed!

  • Get your suit fitted:

Do not leave this for the last minute. Your bride will turn into Bridezilla if she realizes you still haven’t gone for your suit fitting. The spotlight will be on both of you and the photographers will surround you, so give them something to ogle at.


  • Be alert to flower arrangements:

It’s boring, and you don’t care if roses aren’t available and lilies are out of stock! Show her you care and take the load off her shoulders. Instead of pretending to listen, actually listen and make a choice – whatever you feel she might like. So smile, give her a hug, and help her decide the flower arrangements fast. Get it over with quickly!


  • Choose the food in advance:

Food is the best part of the wedding. You know it and so do all your guests! Taste and choose the food well in advance so that there are no nasty surprises at the venue. Confirm the prices and quantities with the caterer and check-up once again a week prior to the wedding date. Keep all tips handy once the function is done.


  • Pick the music:

Have a large say in this! If there are certain songs that you want, then communicate your song list very clearly to the DJ or band. Supply them with a ‘not to play’ songs list. Your bride might go all mushy in her song selection – ensure that you have your say too.


  • Get a hold of the wedding present list:

Your bride has probably already seen the list and registered places she would like. Take a look at it, and redo or add some places of your own. Some great examples would be Amazon.com, DIY websites, or a honeymoon fund.


  • Plan the Honeymoon:

Finally! The good part! Book your honeymoon well in advance and save on costs. You’ll be able to avail fabulous travel and resort prices if you book at least 6 -8 months prior to your wedding date. If there are any passport requirements or other travel documents needed, you have plenty of time to organize them.


  • Buy gifts for your groomsmen:

Buy gifts that show them how appreciative you are. You could also buy totally whacky gifts! You can hover over golf balls and cuff links to Thai massages and gym bags.


Try avoiding these wedding disasters are far as possible. Also, remember to practice the first dance with her, and buy her a gift for the rehearsal dinner (something nice – like earrings or a pretty pendant). If she insists, then write your own vows (keep them honest and simple). Talk to her about venue selection and parking for guests and she’ll love you for it! Remember that you have chosen to spend your life with her, so hold on to your patience, everything will be perfect soon!

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