Feminine Men’s Fashion – Has It Gone Too Far?

Men confident looking and thinking

Feminine Men’s Fashion

Men’s latest fashion seems to be linking in more and more with what women are wearing? It’s very controversial regarding who is getting attracted to this trend and the reason why it would appeal to the majority of males. How feminine can a man get or dress before he has become too feminine?

Why are current designers tampering with the boundaries of wanting men to wear skirts, stocking and lace lingerie? Simple for far too long men’s fashion has been safe, boring and lacked creativity. It’s not uncommon for straight men to see that they head into the women’s department for clothes. Why? Up until now they have found women’s fashion was fast, ever changing and a lot more appealing. Fearing that men’s fashion right now is far ‘too feminine’ could result in having put fashion behaviours into little boxes.

Fashion Cliché

From a woman’s perspective I’m fed up of seeing men’s fashion cliché. For far too long men’s collections have been playing it far too safe. Us women have taken much pride over the years of looking good, experimenting fashion boundaries and living a style era.

Men I encourage you to tap into your unfeminine side  which I am referring to being creative and experimental in what you embrace this year. Step out of the fashion norm and stereotypes of what a man should wear and surprise us. Tap into our guest author section and send in your take on how men should embrace fashion.


Has Men's Fashion Gone Too Feminine?

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Diesel Black Gold Men 2012


Diesel Black Gold Men 2012


Dolce and Gabbana 2012 winter collection


topman 2012 spring summer

Topman 2012 spring summer

louis vuitton 2012 collection


Great to see long hair is back

Topman fall winter 2012 – great to see long hair is back

One Direction - Sets the trend

22 Responses

  1. Thatsrich

    I don’t see why fashion has to be sexed? Let’s mix it all up a bit!

  2. Mike Jefferies

    I agree with the view that men’s fashion on the whole has been far too safe for far too long. It’s actually one of the main reasons I started my own blog. I wanted to point out that one didn’t have to be a perfectly proportioned catwalk model to have the ability to wear and get away with clothing that didn’t fit the “safe” rulebook.
    I’ve never been one to follow the safety first line, and frankly have enjoyed being the bright one in the pack. 
    That being said, there is a limit to what some of us can get away with. Take the Dolce Gabbana maroon velvet suit above. I’m positive if I tried to wear that, I’d look like a dumpy little wannabe pimp, rather than a svelte walking dude. 
    I am a fan of the caped cloak though, and have just bought one for this winter. I’ll also put my hand up and say that I have ordered a pair of the lace boxer trunks for a test drive.

  3. ManUp

    If you are a woman, then mind your own business! I’m a man, I know what I want, will decide what I want and buy what I want. I don’t need people like you telling me what to do – I’ve got brains and I don’t follow standards, but set my own standards and dress smartly!!! Men should dress like men and that it!

    BTW, If you don’t think I’m intelligent enough to decide what I want, maybe we can argue that out over the chess board (I’m a member of Chess.com) – I’ll be Black!!!

      • ManUp

        No, men are men and that’s it. I also happen to detest both extreme feminism and male chauvinism and really hate the macho male and body builder – what a load of crap!!! That said, I am a man and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of – equality is what I believe in and that means 50/50 – both men and women have the right to their identities.

        Now, men are IMO best sticking to checks and stripes and should avoid wearing corsets and tights (like what the GQ mag (or rag :D) seems to love) which looks so silly on most men. I’m also really tired of ugly tattoos and silly tight clothes etc. on both men and women – I so proud of having no tattoos myself – to me, the so called ‘body art’ is a form of approval seeking – however, I’m strong, know what I want and don’t need that rubbish! I’m just the type that does not like being told what to do – in any case, I never do what I’m told in terms of fashion.

        Leaving aside fashion for now, there’s also the other kind of checks I really like – those on my opponents King!!! 😀

      • Men Style Fashion

        Thank you for your reply – it seems you do take pride in the way you dress, thumps up for that. I’ll see if I can find you on chess.com but as a game and not to settle an argument.

      • ManUp

        OK, BlackQueen2012 is my alias – and OK, a game than rather settling a score – let the best player win. I’ll make no comment about the game here regardless of the result. If you do find me, just challenge me for an online game if that’s OK with you – I prefer a time control of 1 day per move, but 3 days per move is fine if you want – I can be Black if you want.

  4. ManUp

    There’s nothing wrong with men showing off their entire arms (like the guy in the waistcoat with no sleeves), but for God’s sake, do use appropriate materials and designs (like nice checks or stripes) and please, oh please avoid low necklines – that’s so not a man’s thing. Mind you at least the waistcoat does fit properly across the shoulders (nice for a change), but it needs more length at the bottom and an alternative material – you know, the person is a man!!!

    • 604Harami

      Why do they look like junkies who need to havent washed their asses for a month and are on their way to the welfare office to pickup their cheque and then head downtown to get a fix… outfits arent justified in price; prolly cost thousands LOL

  5. OneoftheGuys

    When speaking of men; feminine and fashion don’t really mix well. I like it when designers push “edgier” styles and take some liberties with men’s fashion, but let’s not forget you are still dressing men.

    If playing it “safe” is what we are calling it then great. I can buy a shirt from here and pants from there and know that in 4+ years they won’t be out of “fashion”. I can add them to newer pieces and create my own style.

    Women’s fashion is hot this minute and not the next. I feel men’s fashion is ever improving, unlike women’s; ever changing.

    I do not follow the fashion world like many on here probably do, I can only name you a handful of designers for men’s clothing. Yet, like everyone else; I am entitled to my opinion.

    (1) All three of the Topman 2012 photos are very unattractive; again my opinion so….breathe deeply.

    (2) The six Deisel Black Gold “looks” are what i would consider edgy and possibly something that a man would purchase for himself and not feel stupid walking down the street.

    (3) I would not be able to pull of the Louis Vuitton 2012 look; although I sometimes wish that I could.

    (4) The D&G 1st picture is the only one that I see that might be massed produced and worn by the general public. Okay, maybe the jacket in the fourth picture.

    I agree that 1D pushed the men’s fashion boundaries but not in a feminine way. They are all wearing clothes that I could see anywhere not just on a catwalk.

    The December 2012 article covering David Chiang being awarded the 2012 Stylish Man of the Year is the perfect example of the completely different side of the equation, the too feminine side.

    I am once again voicing my opinion here, but picture 1,2,4,6&7 all look like women’s clothing and they even have him standing in very feminine poses. For extreme example for those of you that need it; in the last photo of the three men standing he is the only one holding a “bag, purse”. It is almost as if the designer planned it that way.

    Yes, men have earrings, necklaces, long hair, fancy sunglasses, shoulder bags, scarves and shoes that have more than a one inch heel; I’m not denying any of that. I think it is great, but the only reason those style accessories work and let’s face it marketable to the largest population is because the masculine quality is not lost, just softened.

    I’m sure by now you can tell which side of the fence I am on. It’s okay to pick this side; and in answer to the original question I feel that only some of the men’s fashion has been pushed too far.

    Ladies, be honest. Which of you would like to hear your man ask, “Honey you know that teal blouse you wore to Carrie’s bridal shower last week; can I borrow it?”…..

    • Men Style Fashion

      Love this response I think we should turn it into an article in itself? David Chiang the peoples vote for sure. Men’s fashion is just warming up. Trust us wait to you see what’s coming up. The question is will women be wearing it too?

  6. Libertad Apparel
    Libertad Apparel

    I believe that it has become way too feminine and, to me, the most important question is, “why?”

    Fashion is art and usually reflects society somehow. If we look at the change of males and male behavior over the last 30 years, it makes sense that the male image has been feminized in fashion.

    In society’s effort to reign in the negative aspects of male behavior, it, in my opinion, has gone a bit too far and now holds men to feminine ideals. Some even assert that masculinity has been demonized. (Agree or not, much has been written about this by people smarter than I)

    If that’s true, it shouldn’t be a surprise that artists/designers have responded to the culture at large. I think an example of this is that the cut of mens clothing diminishes the male form by not accentuating the physical prowess in the same way female fashion accentuates feminine beauty. An example would be suit coats: narrow shoulders which accentuate the hips.

    A male society backlash against these ideals has begun, but I don’t think it has made it’s way to fashion yet. There is a growing audience of men that are consuming content and products that recall to a time when “men were men.” Sooner or later, fashion will respond.

  7. 604Harami

    If im not in style then so be it, i get more than enough pussy… something people who want to dress like the above dont have to worry about. This is not fashion… looking like a drug addict who got clothes out of the garbage and has no personal hygiene… I would laugh at these people in the pictures in their face if I seen them walking down the street in front of me… but id be the one walking past them and their change cup.

    Adios MF

  8. Matt

    I think that even it would make a guy’s wardrobe more interesting to be more colorful! Women have every bright color there is, but men generally only have bright-colored shirts as dress shirts (for themed weddings I’m assuming), but not for casual-wear. I would love having pants, shoes, socks, shirts, jackets, whatever in brighter colors. I found a pair of yellow pants at a thrift store (not sure if men’s or women’s, but I don’t really care) and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments wearing them, and they brighten my day!

  9. Ken Johnsson

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  10. ReRun

    When mainly homosexual men are running the fashion industry, they tend to set trends based on what they are sexually attracted to. Thus, why the line between men and women’s fashion is blurred.

  11. DAR

    Women have been dressing like men for over 100 years. So why cant men dress feminine


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