Mens Underwear – Victoria Secret versus Dull Underwear

David Beckham - H&M underwear

Men’s Underwear

I got an e-mail saying that men’s underwear sales rocketed by 28% last year. Recently Selfridges has given its men’s underwear department an extra 20% floor space. What is influencing this trend? David Beckham and David Gandy, not to mention the gorgeous Oliver Cheshire certainly looks amazing in their underwear campaigns. However taking a closer look. It dawned on me. Why is men’s underwear on average still very safe and boring? Are men still clueless when it comes to underwear fun?

Men are always complaining they are not getting enough? Ever wondered why? Could it be the lack of imagination in the design of your underwear? Guys go gaga at girls lingerie. Victoria Secret comes to mind. If you have not been to the London Bond street store then you need to head down there and understand what I mean.  It looks amazing. The lingerie choice is mind blowing.  The corsets and the window display let the imagination go wild.

Have you considered that the corset is not for comfort! It’s all about spicing it up. So why can’t a man’s bedroom underwear be a lot more adventurous? Why can’t a man  have an option to wear other forms of underwear both in style and design. I love to feel and wear soft, comfortable underwear. But somehow it’s not being reciprocated.

Why are the designers not thinking from a women’s perspective? Yes, guys we are noticing your underwear. We want to imagine what’s under that three piece suit?  We value what you wear and we are simply bored with what we are seeing.

Dull Underwear

In most campaigns they advertise luxury men’s underwear. Sorry but a white boxer short or underwear is nothing short of same old same old. Nothing luxury about that. Advertising shows dull underwear spiced up with a six pack, this has been going on for 20 years ever since Calvin Klein started this sort of advertising.

  • Calvin Klein – Forever and a day white and black and that big thick elastic label.  Move on.
  • Dolce & Gabbana – The only thing I want when it comes to its underwear, is David Gandy himself.
  • H&M – No doubt David and his tattoo’s are a lot more interesting than the underwear itself.
  • ZARA – They change the colors and patterns often that should be praised. When it comes to quality forget about durability. In no time at all, it’s a saggy butt syndrome.

Great Underwear Labels

Why We Need a Change

Victoria Secret - Underwear for women bond street London

Victoria Secret – Underwear for women bond street London. Now why is there not a store like this promoting men’s underwear?

Women don’t want to feel let alone look at the same old boring design undies. To anyone out there. Get creative, get designing because there is a niche in the market when it come to men’s underwear. Wait for it. This is how  passionate I am about it. Very soon, MenStyleFashion will launch a lingerie section for men. That will knock your socks off literally. And anything else for that matter.

This video sums up how un creative men’s underwear is no matter who is wearing it.



Notice the girls are not even looking?

David Gandy - Dolce & Gabbana underwear

David Gandy Dolce & Gabbana


Oliver Cheshire - Male underwear

Oliver Cheshire

18 Responses

  1. TheCuffLink

    You make a point. Men’s underwear can run on the dull side, but there are some brands that are a bit sexier. The thing is that they’re all marketed towards the gay community.

    • Men Style Fashion

      Fun,stylish underwear should not be down to what sex you sleep with? Hence my point. Stop playing it safe and get more sexy underwear out there for all men to embrace. For us women to mess about with?

    • nikonian

      I agree with CuffLink. I love my undies, but other than being hard to find I have been harassed by employees at some of the few stores I have been to. Often too there is a lack of creativity in fabrics, or form, or color. You can get one or the other but not all and If you get all it is rare there is any comfort left… Some of the sexiest underwear can be some of the most comfortable too.

  2. Muscle_Devil

    I personally like Garcon Model. Great style and fabric. Andrew Christian is way too slutty for me, sorry.

  3. J

    I simply just wear Victoria’s Secret underwear. There are plenty of style and color choices for me!

  4. Chris UK

    Some years ago I saw a gym in a gym locker room wearing briefs that had a Victoria’s Secret waist band. Did VS ever sell a range of mens umderwear?

  5. Austin-TX-Guy

    guys underwear choices are so boring. boxer or boxer briefs. and that is about it.

    So, I just start wearing panties. Cute bikinis, string bikinis, thongs, and boy shorts. Cotton, lace, satin. And oh my, all sorts of colors.

    Sometimes friends have seen my panties. But I don’t really care. I love them. They are cute and sexy and more importably make me feel cute and sexy.

    If you don’t want to wear girls panties, there are some sites for guys panties, like Now tell me these aren’t sexy! OMG. But still, I would prefer to wear girls panties. Plus it is a bit kinky. : )


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