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Mr - UK London 2013

Mr – UK London

We English need little excuse to discuss the weather and with the current cold snap still biting at our heels it has simply magnified our discussions on the current climes affecting our nation.

It isn’t only our transport systems that grind to a halt in this better cold, our wardrobe choices are now becoming stale; our winter wardrobe, which should have been placed at the back of draw somewhere still finds itself enthralled in our everyday comings-and-goings, while the lighter weight jackets and short sleeve t-shirts we are so eager to wear lie unadorned and unloved.

We can only hope that summer – or even Spring would be nice – lies just around the corner and with that in mind we take a quick look at some of the key pieces you may want to have in your Spring/Summer attire.

Block colours: Two-tone t-shirts are always a great piece for summer; straying from the conformity of a single colour tee yet not being overtly outlandish, these really should be a staple of the summer months. Two-tone t-shirts may be a mouthful to say but their mix of colour and adaptability with other key items (jeans, trousers, shorts etc) and make them easy to swallow.

Print: I have spoken at some length about print in previous articles but I always feel it deserves a small mention if only because so many gents I know still refuse to embrace the kaleidoscope that is print. This season print will once again be brave and bold – as it should be – from leopard prints (think YMC and APC) to conversational prints and the continued renaissance of Hawaiian shirts. Prints will come in a myriad of colours but the big change this year seems to be a move towards more vivid, luminous colourways than in previous seasons.

Monochrome:  They say nothing in life is black and white but whoever uttered such a phrase has never had an eye for fashion. Black and white are the main stay of the wardrobe, they are the essential vowels to the more exuberant consonants so ignore them at your peril. Be it jeans, t-shirts, trousers or sweaters, blend black and white together to make your wardrobe choices that little more unproblematic. Trust me, on that morning you wake up and can’t decide what to wear, you’ll be grateful that everything is black and white.

Mr - UK London 2013 block colours


Mr - UK London 2013 block colours


Mr - UK London 2013 block colours


Mr - UK London 2013  floral prints


Mr - UK London 2013  floral prints

Image Credits: Maria Scard

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