Smells Like Summer – The 7 Top Seasonal Scents

Smells Like Summer – The Top Seasonal Scents

Its´s finally here, the days are longer and colours stronger. Now July is fast approaching and we have just passed the summer solstice, this is sure fire guarantee for a (short) period of fine weather and a chance to top up our tans and show more skin. With an increase in temperatures comes a decrease in clothes. Bulky knits give way to cotton t-shirts and heavy outerwear for unstructured linen blazers; all in all it is like a seasonal metamorphosis for your wardrobe which initially can leave your body a little pasty pale and summer sweaty.

Practically every man acknowledges that summer sun means a sartorial gear shift and it is not a bad idea also to switch tracks with your scent. Heavy, woody fragrances may have been the order of the day in winter climes, but a slight sniff of their heavy, spicy tones can easily kick start your bodies’ central heating. To summarise, rising temperatures need fresher and lighter scents for some welcome respite and relief.

When you want to smell as good as you look and also to help you stay fresh and clean, here are some of the best choices for summer scents that will give you a welcome dazzle from the heat of the street to the beach and the bar.


Givenchy Gentlemen Only Parisian Break

Like the typical Parisienne street style, the victory of the latest men’s scent from Givenchy aims to take men right back to the basics. This scent is less, shall we say, complex than its rival aromas. Entitled Parisienne Break, the inspiration for this fragrance was the idea of walking along the Seine in the hazy depths of summer where you come into contact with mint and citrus which cuts into a herby sage before training off with bases of vertiver.  This scent is ideal for walking along the rivers for a weekend city break in Paris or anywhere else that matters. For an evening installation, feel free to update to something a little heartier.

Available from John Lewis at £39 for the 50 ml Eau de Toilette.


Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

Tom Ford is the master of glamour and excess, so don´t expect anything fresh and light from his range of rich ( and heavily) priced fragrances. Costa Azzurra is Fords latest entry into the fragrance market for this summer. A captivating blend of Neroli with its full bodied woodiness takes you in the other direction of the Sardinian sun kissed coastline with its herby and citrus notes which are eloquently cut with a fresh saltines which finally fades off into a mixture of vanilla, oak and driftwood. This scent is great idea for the heavier, balmy nights and pretty much everything else thanks to its lingering and intoxicating waves.

Available from John Lewis at £145 for the 50 ml Eau de Parfum.


Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Summer 2016

If you fancy a fast freshen up then this is the fragrance of the summer, quite literally. Issey Miyake once again re-interprets his classic L’Eau d’Issey from 1994 making this option the easiest and most refreshing instalment to wear to date. Worthy of the simplest description of aquatic, this spritz is a one stop maritime experience. It presents an explosion of fruit filled top notes with protagonists such as grapefruit and kiwi with a sweet undertone of pineapple. This is a refreshing dive into the citrus inspired seas cape. A punchy, zesty refreshing spray which is idea when leaving for the office or the gym changing rooms.

Available from Harrods at £41 for the 125ml Eau De Toilette.


Floris Bergamotto Di Positano

Italy’s Amalfi coast is a magical place and the village of Positano ´bites deeply´ as John Steinbeck once wrote when describing the captivating beauty of its views which will always be ingrained in your memory after the shortest of visits. Floris’ Bergamotto di Positano is a fragrance which will be equally ingrained in your mind for all the right reasons. A compatible blend of mandarin and bergamot, its deep bite mellows slowly over time uncovering a glowing bed of warm spicy notes like ginger and amber. Luxuriously smooth undertones of orange blossom and vanilla lasts for several hours, although it will be remembered for longer.

This is an excellent classic summer scent for taking on holiday or giving your nose some well-deserved respite.

Available from Floris London at £120 for the 100ml Eau de Parfum.


John Varvatos Artisan Blu

Designer from across the pond, John Varvatos trademark style is rugged leather and denim, but his scents present an altogether different idea. His recent and most popular offering, Artisan Blu is a fresher and more maritime inspired retake of his 2009 top seller, Artisan. The Blu version presents a lemon – herbaceous fusion splash with a touch of chayote which affords its wearer a woody sweetness of pistachio, pine and patchouli. Paying homage to the summer and an all things nautical slant, Artisan Blu is decorated in the style of an aromatic bounty wrapped in a fisherman’s net, which makes it one of the more visually interesting additions to your bathroom cabinet.

This is a great fragrance for day dreaming of summer trips when you’re stuck in the office.
Available from Debenhams at £44 for the 75ml Eau De Toilette.


Paul Smith Sunshine for Men

Last but not least, this scent does what every good designers fragrance should – distil the essence of the brand. If the stripe is Smiths visual identity, then this is his aromatic one. Sunshine is a light, playful offering that pays homage to Smith´s playful approach to pattern and colour. It present a bouquet of top citrus notes that are crisp, light and amusing with a detectable fusion of coriander and grapefruit in there also. A mid-section of  anise, nutmeg and black pepper really give this scent its punch and adding a welcome sweeter, closed tone from the rest of this seasons more  fresher, more maritime influences.

A perfect choice for daytime dates thanks to its edible smell.

Available from Boots at £26 for the 100ml Eau De Toilette.


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