Socks For Men – Four Different Styles To Choose From

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Socks For Men

When you think about putting an outfit together, where do you start? The shirt or t-shirt? The jeans or trousers? Maybe if you want to wear a particular pair of trainers or brogues you might start down at the bottom. Well, how about moving upwards a minuscule and starting with your socks.

Socks can say as much about your persona as any shirt can. You may think they are there simply to keep your feet warm but team up the right socks with the right top and trust me, the first thing anyone walking the opposite way down the street will look at is your socks.

With the current trend for a hefty roll-up on your jeans or trousers – that’s an altogether different article – now is the time to show off those socks. So forget about the traditional black (although I would suggest wearing black at least once a week to keep things fresh and retain those classic roots) and unleash the sock from the bottom draw and into the eyes of the general public. And remember, if they are looking at your feet, you’re doing something right.

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  1. Nicolaj

    Well written article, Robbie. I wear a suit every day to work and I love to wear funky coloured socks. The company dress code limits my options when it comes to everyday clothes, but my coloured socks allows me to add a little colour and personality to the otherwise boring black, blue, or grey suit. Around the office I am know as the guy with the funky coloured socks. Check out for a great selection of coloured socks – they ship to the US as well.


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