Socks For Men – Four Different Styles To Choose From

Patterned / Coloured Socks

Look on any respected menswear style blog at the moment – from streetfsn, jakandjil or the sartorialist – and you will see all manner of men wandering the streets of the world with patterned socks glowing from their ankles like stars in the night sky. Polka dots, stripes, zig-zags and swirls plus more colours than adorn the rainbow, the patterned/coloured sock is most certainly the sock of the moment. If you are going to wear a brightly coloured patterned sock make sure the rest of your outfit is suitably toned down with block colours and/or navy or black jeans. Patterned socks with a patterned trouser – think herringbone check or pinstripes – is a strict no no.

socks coloured fun with ,turn-ups or cuffed trousers


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  1. Nicolaj

    Well written article, Robbie. I wear a suit every day to work and I love to wear funky coloured socks. The company dress code limits my options when it comes to everyday clothes, but my coloured socks allows me to add a little colour and personality to the otherwise boring black, blue, or grey suit. Around the office I am know as the guy with the funky coloured socks. Check out for a great selection of coloured socks – they ship to the US as well.


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