The 15 Best Premier League Home Kits For 2017

´The beautiful game´ of football and fashion have always had a tempestuous relationship. Back in the 90´s, there was the ultimate trend setter David Beckham, who still 2 decades on commands covers of all the top male fashion magazines with his Belstaff bikers and alcohol affiliations. Jumping over to Spain and their very own metrosexual clothes horse comes under the name of a Cristiano Ronaldo who frequently has followers talking with his acid colours, hot pants and plunging neck lines.

This same spectrum of style is no longer limited to the player’s ´off duty´ wardrobes. Not only does football capture the minds and hearts of its followers, but it is also responsible for some of the great and ghastly kits known to teams and this season it is about as erratic as Leicester´s league table. So, with this in mind, here are the top fifteen kits of the year.

15. Hull City

So near, yet so far, it’s an expression that plagues the Tigers; and the same can be noted for their kit. The black and amber might be a distinctive premiership colour combo, but the plunging neckline sinks further than Hull’s hopes of staying the league. Apart from that, it´s not a terribly good look.


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