Top 3 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Own Fashion

A while back, we listed iamgalla

Looking like some sort of divine mix of Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth, Gallagher’s Instagram account is easily one of the most popular out there, with a whopping two million followers. He can be seen looking dapper in a three-piece suit on the streets of New York, rocking a vintage look on an African safari, or even just appearing uber casual with a coat, white t-shirt, and beanie. Gallagher manages to ooze effortless style and sophistication.

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Steven Onoja – stevenonoja

Onoja has a very distinct style, often combining casual with chic in a way not many can pull off. A beanie with a suit? Why not. Pinstripe suit and mustard-colored bowler hat? Sure. Green jumper with a brown leather jacket? Go for it. His style sense is more like ‘I’m going my own way, deal with it,’ but thankfully he manages to pull it off without being nonsensical – there is a method to it all. Right now Onoja is at 84,000 followers, but it can’t be long before he’s climbing the ranks with fashion like that.

Lucky Blue Smith – luckybsmith

If looks could kill. Lucky Blue Smith (real name) is as stylish as they come and is incredibly similar looking to a young DiCaprio – no problem there. Thankfully, his style is fantastic too, with his account peppered with everything from denim jackets to open-collared shirts to simple striped t-shirts. Lucky Blue Smith has a bright future in the modeling industry, and with 2.9 million followers, also has a lot of fans who think the same.


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Choosing just three was hard, but hopefully these are enough to inspire your own fashion collection. But while good looks and a cutting-edge style are definitely helpful for a popular Instagram account, they are not everything. There are many things to consider when it comes to gaining more followers for your own Instagram account, so read up, get styled, take photos, and maybe you’ll reach this list one day!

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