Bags – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 VAMATIC Watches – Review on Swiss Made Timepieces Available Now On Kickstarter! Tue, 05 Dec 2017 14:31:05 +0000 Pleased to do a review of Vamatic watches, high quality timepieces now seeking funds on Kickstarter, I was more than impressed. At first not a person you will consider a watch enthusiast, but later, a person that started to look at a timepiece as a stylish accessory that will class up your wrist in any occasion!

Being a victim of the accelerated way of living, I have been given Vamatic watch at the perfect timing. The day when me and my Vamatic watch fit together was the day I had to attend several meetings, but end the day with a casual match night with my friends. Keeping style at the highest level during the whole day was struggle of the past, as now Vamatic took care of style with its 2 stories timepiece.

Vamatic Swiss Made Timepieces Review

Brand Vamatic, which is relatively new to the luxury watch industry, just launched its campaign on Kickstarter. Offering the market Swiss made timepieces which are setting price lower and quality higher, Vamatic is seeking funds to start the production of 2 collections of stunning and high quality Swiss watches.

Blending classy, minimalist design with a high-quality watch counterparts, Vamatic created timepieces that are without a doubt to create a new chapter in luxurious watches.

2 Collections

To my delight, Vamatic team has prepared 2 watch collections to choose from. Winston quartz collection is precisely designed collection that uses an electronic oscillator which is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. Quartz Swiss Made Ronda movement ensures the highest accuracy of the timepiece.

On the other hand, Vauclain Automatic collection will delight you with its Automatic Swiss Made ETA movement, which winds itself automatically as the wearer moves the wrist.

Both collections are embellished with a sapphire crystal glass, 5 year warranty, butterfly clasp and a quick change spring to adjust your look! On top of all, both collections are having a Swiss made certificate, are water resistant and controlled numerous times before coming to you.

One Watch, Two stories

By wearing it, Vamatic watch doesn’t just fit one occasion or creates one look that makes you feel confident. It makes 2 styles which are narrating 2 different stories. Coming with an easy quick change spring and 2 straps: genuine leather and stainless steel strap, I was able to change my style and give an accent to my outfit in a matter of seconds!

Swiss Made

Every Vamatic watch is being adorned with Swiss made label, marking the Swiss movements origin as well as the Swiss manufacturing and assembling process. Swiss made certificate is the highest quality recognition in the watch industry.

Direct To Consumers Business Model

Focusing on different pricing strategy, Vamatic is offering you a luxurious watch at an accessible price. By skipping all the intermediators between the producer and consumer, high quality Vamatic timepieces will be delivered to you at lowest price possible, bringing luxury closer to the general public.

On top of everything, Vamatic is now live on Kickstarter which means they dropped prices in order to seek funding for the start of production!

Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter campaign is now live, so everyone interested are welcome to support this project and buy a stylish, high quality, 2 stories timepiece I am highly recommending to you (I am about to buy one as well). The link to the campaign is here, so feel free to back these guys up.

Vamatic Acronyms To Round Up The Story

To sum up what does this brand has to offer, I will use their acronyms in order to mention what I like the most about them.

V – Vigorous Swiss movements and variable straps

A – Accessory that adjusts

M – Modern design

A – Accent to every outfit and occasion

T – Time mastering

I – Impeccable quality

C – Confidence by wearing it


Blend of high-quality timepiece, timeless design and 2 different straps showed up as the perfect combination for me. Everything being perfectly united in one watch that is here to follow you to every occasion, no matter day, time or dress code. After trying these timepieces, I am more than confident to say that Vamatic watches will reach its Kickstarter goal and really change the luxury watch industry setting price lower and quality higher elevating style to the highest standards!


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Carl Friedrik – The Luxury Italian Leather Backpack Tue, 11 Jul 2017 13:33:36 +0000 The increasingly fast pace of the urban environment has influenced they way professionals buy and wear their work bags. Faced with heavy load and daily commuting, they started to prefer more and more highly functional bags, especially backpacks, which prioritise support and comfort.

A year ago, Mattis and Niklas Oppermann (co-founders of accessories brand Carl Friedrik) were in the process of designing their new collection, when they realised that it wasn’t easy at all for modern professionals to find a high quality backpack that combined functionality with elegant aesthetics. Most of men’s backpacks were to be either too casual, too technical, or too extravagant. So they designed Collection 3 to offer a new solution.

Their resulting Collection 3 combines the refined craftsmanship from the brand’s leather goods, with a new functional dimension inspired by elements from performance accessories.

“The features and add-ons we are introducing work together to create elegant products that will make life on the move effortless. For the new designs, we developed a power bank that integrates neatly with every product in the collection. In addition, the products feature trolley straps, several internal, external pockets and other practical add-ons that improve the carrying experience. “ Niklas Oppermann

Material selection represented another important aspect in the design process. For the first time, Carl Friedrik is working with a main material other than leather; an Italian nylon canvas made with recycled fibers. Mattis explains why the heavy canvas was the right choice.

“This fabric is often used for protective wear and industrial applications and by combining it, with our smooth Vachetta leather and somewhat brutalist titanium zippers we were able to create a natural understated elegance.

Produced in Portugal, with Italian-made nylon canvas and leather, and covered by lifetime warranty, Collection 3 consists of:


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Buckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel Bag Wed, 26 Apr 2017 06:26:03 +0000 This week we are travelling through Holland, enjoying the tulip season. In Holland the men in particular love natural leather manbags. So today I am experiencing the weekender Linwood  travel luggage. It is the first time I am using leather from Pakistan.

The quality of our bags derive from the successful interaction between a selection of raw materials, experienced leather tanners, detail oriented manufacturers, and the use of only the finest accessories. From the leather selection to the finished product, we work directly with highly skilled craftsmen in Pakistan every step of the way.

A little more info on the founders/history of brand 

We are three co-founders in our twenties who, while working for Rocket Internet in Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh introduced and developed e-commerce companies to those fastest growing mobile markets, but also organised the first Shoppable Fashion show, introduced the legendary Black Friday Sales (…). While working abroad we met incredible people, traveled in enchanting landscapes and most of all, we discovered Pakistan’s rich craftsmanship and fashion heritage. We believe this country’s talents should be promoted proudly as well as the quality of the raw material. Further the ability to work closely with family tanneries and highly skilled manufacturers were a key factor in our decision making. Our goal was not just to produce our bags and leave without looking back. Rather it is to produce high-end quality bags at affordable prices thanks to a shorten supply chain, to be transparent about it and try to give back by supporting a school that promotes girl’s education in Karachi. Buckle & Seam’s desigs are classic, elegant, functional and can be customised with creative inside prints and engraving your initials. more info here

The founding team consists out of three founders; Marco FeelischGeorg Wolff from Germany and Jena Bautmans from France.

Marco: Managing Director – Marketing & Finance

Georg: Managing Director – Logistics & Product

Jena: Creative Director

Our Leather Bags

In order to meet high quality expectations on the durability and natural aspect of our products, we have chosen to work with cow leather. This allows our products to be resilient and soft at the same time. Moreover, the leather that we use is in its most natural form; entire grain – meaning that all layers of the leather have been kept and worked together. With an average thickness of 1.7mm, it is twice as thick as the leather used in conventional leather bags and thus more robust and natural in its essence. In order to ensure a beautiful surface, without any unnatural changes in the structure, we select our raw material carefully and use healthy cowhide from the North of Pakistan.

Vegetable Tanning

We at Buckle & Seam work only with long established family tanneries who use the finest raw materials in order to create our beautiful products. While the majority of the world’s leather is tanned involving harmful chemicals such as Chrome VI, Lead and environmentally harmful chemical substances. Not only have we have committed ourselves to using the highest quality materials to create our products, we are also committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our products as much as possible. Therefore, we chose to only use vegetable tanned leather that takes approximately 3 weeks from start to finish, and requires experienced craftsmen to create.

Crazy Horse Leather

Our leather colour is called Crazy Horse Full Grain Cowhide Leather. This colour aims to preserve the natural and raw look of the leather, with as little colour additives as possible. As the leather naturally ages, our products will continue to develop a unique patina, meaning that every piece will become truly unique.

Why Pakistan?

Most of the leather goods sold in the Western world are produced in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India), however very few brands actually communicate this fact. The majority of leather companies prefer to add a small finish stating ‘made in Italy’ or ‘made in France’ to claim that their products are made in Europe. We at Buckle and Seam do not agree with the use of this false advertising. Pakistan is a country with an amazing fashion heritage, beautiful craftsmanship and talent we are proud to be working so closely with. Northern Pakistan is nationally renowned for its thick and high quality leather; why shouldn’t the rest of the world know about it?

Our Girls Our Education


According to UNICEF statistics, Pakistan’s Adult Literacy Rate is 54.9%. Already one of the lowest rates in the world, the situation for women is even worse. Only 45% are able to identify and write their name – the only two criteria to be considered literate according to UNICEF. Such circumstance in a country vast of resources and craftsmanship, is a true inhibitor to greater growth of Pakistan and improvement of living conditions for millions of Pakistanis.

Pakistani Charity

Anum School (Anum means peace) was founded just over 30 years ago thanks to a brave woman who decided to install a medical camp in a poor neighborhood. Thanks to her effort, the camp slowly turned into a school. The students learn how to read, count, and write. They get History lessons, learn about Science, English but also about basic hygiene, tolerance, and respect. The community is thankful for the opportunity to send their children to school for a minimal contribution. Moreover, the high quality of education has made a name for itself so that the school can not nearly accommodate all the demand it faces. That is why we have decided to partner with Anum School, to see it grow and spread.

More Infos can be found here

Social Commitment

We commit 3% of overall Sales (revenue) not profits – so its actually a big commitment from us.

“By shopping with Buckle & Seam, you help empowering girls by giving them access to literacy, hygiene and tolerance awareness. How? Because we committed to give part of the revenue of each bag sold to a school that promotes girls’ education in Pakistan. “

A list of products with prices and materials 

Broad product portfolio out of premium vegetable tanned leather (95 % of the leather in the market is chrome tanned and massively harms the environment). All of our bags are handmade and can be personalised with the initials of your choice. The clou with our messenger bags is that the customer has the option to select his favorite inside print. For the classic people we have a checked or plain blue option, who likes it modern can order a dotted inner lining and who likes it funky can order our paperplanes or boats lining.

messenger/ portfolio bags

travel bags

laptop sleeves


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Samsonite’s Suitcases – The Serious Traveller Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:26:17 +0000 In April 2017 Samsonite launches its most up to date Curv® collection combining the best materials with a contemporary design: Lite-Box. State -of-the-art technology combined with a great deal of attention to detail give the suitcase its key look: a large volume boxy case in a dynamic vertical design with prominent outside corner protections. he interior is a winner too: fully-lined with soft touch premium fabric, the 2 divider pads and in height-adjustable cross ribbons (top and bottom) ensure a perfect organisation that can be accommodated to the needed volume of your luggage.

The award-winning Cosmolite is Samsonite’s best-selling product line in Europe. It is made from revolutionary Curv® woven material, which is exclusive to Samsonite.

Curv® Collection Combining The Best Materials With A Contemporary Design

It goes to show that this flexible, pragmatic and hybrid approach is working for The Full Service. The agency are able to adapt to different scopes of briefs – from creating smaller content pieces for smaller brands to full scale 360° campaigns, like this one.

Lotte De Vreese, Product Director Samsonite Travel: “We entered into this collaboration with two clear objectives in mind. Firstly, to create an engaging and impactful communications campaign which clearly communicates on the superiority and uniqueness of our CURV travel range, demonstrating how amazingly light and strong these suitcases really are. Secondly, to stand out from the crowd and differentiate Samsonite from competition by focusing on the real hero of the story: the suitcase and how it enriches the lives of people travelling around the world. Rankin and The Full Service team perfectly understood our needs and have managed to deliver a powerful campaign that works across media with great impact and strength. We are very happy with the result!”

Cosmolite is Samsonite’s Best Selling Product line In Europe

The award-winning Cosmolite is Samsonite’s best-selling product line in Europe. It is made from revolutionary Curv® woven material, which is exclusive to Samsonite. Curv technology is used in bullet proof vests, skates and skis – making the Cosmolite the toughest suitcase around. Cosmolite is the innovative result of what seems an impossible challenge – to make a stylish suitcase that combines Samsonite’s unrivalled strength and style with unbelievable lightness.

The brand new range is among the lightest and sturdiest in its class. Stateof-the-art technology combined with a great deal of attention to detail give the suitcase its key look: a large volume boxy case in a dynamic vertical design with prominent outside corner protections. This last eye-catching feature gives extra reinforcement to the corners making the suitcase more robust, adding strength in the right places. The interior is a winner too: fully-lined with soft touch premium fabric, the 2 divider pads and in height-adjustable cross ribbons (top and bottom) ensure a perfect organisation that can be accommodated to the needed volume of your luggage.


The Full Service was launched by Rankin as a creative agency – a one-stop shop for all client’s advertising needs. Working out of their London studio, they create entire 360-degree campaigns under one roof, across all touchpoints, from creative to brand strategy to production and the in-house studio. They recently appointed Maruska Mason, formerly a Business Director at Grey, as Managing Director. Samsonite’s “The Serious Traveller” launches on the 20th of March. It will run in Europe, USA, Asia and Latam territories. It is a 360° campaign across digital, film, POS, print, social, and leads with a massive OOH campaign in major airports around the world.

We decided to put it to the test, whilst in Holland exploring the Tulips. Very lite indeed.


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Opperman London – Luxury Palissy Briefcase Wed, 22 Mar 2017 17:34:05 +0000 As a general rule a mansbag comes in all shapes and sizes. In more utilitarian occasions, being a bit more style forward regarding your mansbag, is always harder to pull off. So how do you know which mansbag is right for you? Throughout my five years in observing men.  I’ve concluded that a messenger bag tends to be associated with briefcases and therefore are seen as much more formal accessories to be used in professional situations. And if you want to look a bit more stylish and are carrying less, then the briefcase stands alone.

In speaking to co-founder Mattis Oppermann, I was curious to find out more about the Palissy briefcase range.

 Oppermann Trend Philosophy

Oppermann always aim to make products with the highest quality possible. By not having seasonal collections we are able to continuously improve what we already have, instead of creating new lines which have to be discounted by the end of the season. We believe that is wrong approach to create long lasting products. Therefore our main priority is to continue to improve designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve our goal.

Our designs are a mix between the old and the new. The new being our Scandinavian design influences: a modern look made up of clean lines and geometric shapes, creating an elevated but no-fuss aesthetic. – Mattis Oppermann

The leather we use however is tanned using traditional methods usually found in the high quality vintage briefcases – free of chemicals and synthetic coatings. These days, bags from more household brands mostly use either synthetically tanned leathers with lots of coating. The reasoning seems to be a more ‘perfect’ end product that’s easier to produce and handle. But we believe, and our customers seem to agree, that many people want something closer to the ‘true leather experience’.

Palissy Briefcase

The Palissy briefcase message is all about showcasing a sophisticated design. Regarding the durability of the leather the Palissy Briefcase, will look better and better the more you use it. The leather is made from smooth, natural Vachetta leather. This Italian vegetable-tanned leather is thick and rigid, yet soft on touch. With use, it will darken and develop a beautiful, unique patina. It’s a staple piece that other men will draw their attention too during business meetings. This contemporary case acts like a personal portfolio, representing who you are in business and what your personal style messages is about. Let’s face it,  this is your day-to-day companion, a modern briefcase for the modern forward thinking business. gentleman.


Always an important factor when it comes to that moment in business. Where you need to be able to open wide, the breifcase for easy access to your business tools. The chunky extended zip allows unfettered access to the inside pockets and compartments. Because dimensions are 39x30x6.5cm, there are no awkward moments when you can’t get out your laptop let alone your Ipad before your presentation.


Today your Colour message is just as important as the business message you’re trying to get across. Therefore choosing your colour becomes a personal staple piece message. From Chocolate, to Black, Navy or that gorgeous Cognac classic. One has to opt for whatever he feels represents him.  In regards to the lining. You can team  your briefcase with choices of  classic Grey,  powerful Red or burnt Orange lining.








Keep It Brief

On many occasions you need to know that less is more and you should keep all your messages brief. For a man it’s all about what is in the detail let alone in his Palissy Briefcase.

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Luxury Bags – What Are They Really Worth? Thu, 24 Nov 2016 08:48:06 +0000 Have you ever stopped to consider how much the things that you buy are actually worth? Right now, the fashion industry’s obscurity means that it’s difficult to gauge prices. Considering that luxury brands run profit margins of over 30%, you can rest assured that the manufacturing cost is only a fraction of what you pay for it.

Fashion has always had a curious relationship with value. As the paragon of how capitalism values brand over function, a pair of shorts can now cost more than a washing machine – if they have got the right branding. You can also apply this notion right up to the more extreme cases whereby a pair of shoes can these days easily cost as much as a University degree. And let´s not forget about luggage; a full set of baggage from luxury houses such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton can easily set you back the price of a family car.


Hermes Birkin

Let´s take for example the Hermes Birkin; this is a handbag which currently attracts a two year waiting list which will allow you to pay a five figure price tag to take it home. But, why do these bags cost so much? Well, according to the Parisian brand Erstwhile, it’s because “there’s always one craftsman responsible for the whole process of the bag, from the start to the end. To create a single bag, it costs around 15 to 20 hours.”

Bear in mind that these bags start off at around £10,000 (and can rocket high above this ´modest´ amount with customisation). That converts to around £666 per hour for the most basic model. So, is this hourly rate a fair investment for an ´It´ bag? According to the founder of new brand Oliver Cabell, probably not.


Is it Really Made In Italy?

“There are essentially three large conglomerates that control around seventy percent of the $220 billion market,” states Scott Gabrielson, who established Oliver Cabell to give a greater awareness on how they manufacture their products. The brand was born in an Asian fashion accessories factory, where luxury bags labelled ‘Made In Italy’ were being sewn on by women (and their families) who only earned a few dollars a day; a figure which was sometimes less than the legal minimum wage.

“These types of bags cost less than $100 to make and were selling at the shopping malls close by for $1,200” Gabrielson recalls. “It turns out that legal loopholes allow you to do 90 per cent of the origination in a certain country, then finish the handle or what not in another country and claim origination.” So while the customer thinks they’re paying for the intricate handiwork of a Milanese Maestro, he’s probably only sewn the handles and the ´Made In Italy´ tag on.

From day one, Gabrielson set out to do things differently whilst exposing how the fashion industry actually operated. He primarily concentrated on bags, ¨because they had a the highest mark-up in luxury fashion.¨ Luxury bags sell for between 12 and 20 times more than the cost of basic manufacturing; a characteristic that he hoped to avoid so that his consumers could buy Oliver Cabell products for as near to the manufacturing cost as possible.

Selling Direct

Selling directly to the public consumer isn’t a new principle. The internet has eroded the walls between maker and buyer, however for most luxury brands, these mark-ups have proved less solvent; a Prada bag is still as much from as on the rack in Harvey Nichols. It was Gabrielson’s pioneering idea to publicise every cost of the process, from materials to manufacture and mark-up, so consumers can decide whether that’s a price worth paying.

This is an approach that’s already allured Italy’s best factories, which are traditionally off-limits to everyone except the biggest, most luxurious brands who produce the biggest volumes. “They like the fact we’re being transparent about precisely where everything is made,” says Gabrielson. “Because it means that unlike other brands, we can’t just move production to other, cheaper countries.”

This notion is good news for the factories and good news for consumers. Because of the size of the world’s biggest brands (and their priorities – now that the demands of shareholders are at least as important as customers, a factor which brings along extra ancillary costs). As well as the leather, the labour and the shipping, you also pay for the brand’s marketing campaigns, which can involve expenditures from everything within its Parisian head office to its seasonal runway shows. Many times, the consumer will be spending considerably more on the label stamped on the bag than the actual bag itself.

Oliver Cabell

Thanks to Oliver Cabell´s new philosophy of ´manufacturing transparency´, the costs are clear. Using as an example their Kennedy Weekender (which is one of the two products that launched, alongside a third minimalist backpack). From your $285 price tag (although the brand is US-based, it ships world-wide) exactly $71.57 goes on materials (including the leather which is tanned in the Italy’s Monte Urano district and all cotton is sourced from a mill which was founded in Montappone in 1936). Onto this, you can add extra price considerations such as $69.95 on labour, $7.29 on shipping and $8.92 on tax.

On top of this final figure, the brand then adds an 80 per cent mark-up to cover its own cost and make a profit). Even taking all these factors into account, Cabell´s bags are still a fraction of the $1,695 French luxury equivalents. With regards to ethics, you can also rest easy because you’re buying something that is actually made where it claims to be – not in a Bangladeshi sweatshop, and that peace of mind alone is priceless.


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Maxwell Scott Bags – The Most Loved British Bag Company Thu, 09 Jun 2016 13:40:06 +0000 In 2013 Maxwell Scott Bags started a process of re-defining itself, its message was simple: “To become the most loved British bag company in the world.” By sharing this vision with its customers, collaborators and friends the believe is that it will get closer to achieving that goal. With this bold new vision in mind MenStyleFashion looks at some key pieces of the men’s collection.

Maxwell Scott History

Founded in 2002, Maxwell Scott Bags reinterprets the art of leather craftsmanship for the modern day. The brand’s beginnings can be traced back to a recreational tour of Italy by William’s mother Jacqueline. The discovery of leather goods on family travels combined with strong entrepreneurial instincts saw the potential for a new breed of bag maker.

Drawing on the rich Italian heritage of leather goods, founder William Scott Forshaw began to conceive an antidote to the throwaway fashion culture he observed elsewhere. In its place would be a dedication to the finest materials and a design philosophy influenced by innovative yet understated British design. And so the original favourite the Paolo briefcase was born.

Initially tailored towards corporate clientele, the transition from boardrooms to online allowed Maxwell Scott Bags to realise its potential and expand its collections.

Looking for the finest grain leather Led William to the Italian leather industry in Tuscany, this is where he decided to have all his bags handcrafted. The iconic bags designs would come from its British HQ in York. Over the years Maxwell Scott Bags expanded its range to include handbags, luggage and accessories.

Business Bags

If you look for a leather style attache case the Varese is my favourite choice. This one can hold a lot of documents and equipment like laptops etc.

My favourite business style bag has to be the Alanzo which is a briefcase with functional pockets and compartments including an umbrella strap and organisation panel.

If you look for something smaller the Calvino is the perfect bag to hold your laptop or Macbook with extra pockets for other items.

Travel Bags

I love the Flero range of travel bags which come in 4 different sizes S, M, L & EL with the first 2 perfect for the overhead lockers on an airplane. In another article I will take an in depth look at the FleroM as I take the bag on a long weekend trip.

Another beautiful designed travel bag is the Maurizio which comes in one size and 3 different colours, tan, dark chocolate and black.

To carry your suit on business trips Maxwell Scott Bags has the Rovello, this has to be one of the most beautiful suit carriers I have ever seen.

The Farini is another perfect bag for people wanting cabin size luggage. This leather holdall features a floor-to-floor zipped opening, allowing for easy packing.

What is amazing with all the products from Maxwell Scott Bags is that they come with a 25 year warranty.

The range of bags is for sale at

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LINĒIJ™ – Handcrafted Bags For Men Mon, 23 May 2016 16:39:57 +0000 Meet LINĒIJ™  Atelier – LINĒIJ™ is a bespoke, handcrafted accessories collection for men and women.

Founder and designer, Kipenzi Chidinma, brings a sexy dose of Caribbean influences and global appeal to her creative brand. LINĒIJ™  is driven to design sustainably innovative products, sourcing the finest materials used as designated food sources first.


MJ Weekender

Designed for the most adventurous man of style. LINĒIJ™  delivers the perfect weekender bag. The MJ Weekender is ideal for the sophisticated business trips, or a weekend getaway.

Handcrafted in the finest Italian lamb skin leather and embellished in python skin. This duffel is the perfect size to comfortably carry your essentials. Featuring gleaming hardware, suede lining, interior zipper pockets, and Swiss-made zippers.


The Tyler Duffle

Need a more refined level of sophistication? Try on the Tyler Duffle duffel as your next business bag travel bag flexible for work or play.

Tyler Duffle

This free form travel duffel is handcrafted in Turkish pebbled leather and features a spacious interior, with two interior zipper pockets. Able to be worn over the shoulder for hands free carrying, or carried by the top handles.

Each LINĒIJ™  bag is equipped with complementary lifetime geo tracking service, by OneClickReturn by using a unique serial number.

The Lineage of LINĒIJ™

Los Angeles Native and peripatetic world traveler, Chidinma designs for stylish men who and women who appreciate luxury and desire sustainable products. The collection features portfolios, totes, handbags, weekend bags, and clutches with removable shoulder straps in exotic skins. comprised of materials that were designated food sources first.


LINĒIJ™ is certified through C.I.T.E.S., the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, so your new staple accessory can be worn guilt free. The line will expand in 2016 to include wallets, phone cases and laptop covers.

The inspiration for LINĒIJ™ trace back to 1916 when Lillian Delancy left Blue Hills Tirks and Caicos in search of a new start in America. Lillian, an educator of many years, was finally able to fulfill her longtime dream of opening a boutique featuring her custom designs for men, women and children. Her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were a huge influence and inspiration for her great granddaughter, Kipenzi. Los Angeles native, Kipenzi Chidinma, earned her M.B.A in International and Fashion Marketing and has worked with companies such as Walt Disney, Just Fab, Yahoo, Yamaha, Nordstrom, and Melissa Masse. Discovering her great grandmother’s collection of rare accessories and hand drawn patterns motivated Kipenzi to embrace her innate talents and launch her own accessories company.


Shopping code for MenStyleFashion Readers Enter code MSF20 at checkout for a 20% discount – Code valid until July 2016.

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The Maxwell Scott FleroM Bag – Luxury Leather Overnight Bag Mon, 10 Aug 2015 09:03:25 +0000 The Maxwell Scott FleroM Luxury Leather Overnight Bag

The long weekend trip away seems to be more popular then ever, so how do you travel in style on this trips. Today I will look at the bag you will need for your trip away and nothing beats a beautiful handmade leather bag, especially one that is made in Italy. I am reviewing the FleroM luxury leather overnight bag from Maxwell Scott Bags, a British company which designs bags in the UK and produces them in Italy.


FleroM bag in classic Tan colour – shown here without the shoulder strap.

The FleroM is a medium sized bag that is part of a range of 4 different overnight bags which come in small (17 litres), medium (38 litres), large (56 litres) and extra large (72 litres). The FleroM is perfect in that it is the largest bag in the range that can still be used in the overhead locker on airplanes. This probably explains why the FleroM is the best selling bag at Maxwell Scott Bags. The FleroM comes in three different colours Classic Tan, Dark Chocolate and Night Black. The review model is the Classic Tan which in my opinion is the nicest colour of the range.


FleroM bag shown here with shoulder strap attached.

The bag arrived via courier and came with a flannel dust cover, to keep the bag in good shape whilst you store it away. When unpacking the bag the first thing I noticed was the smell of real leather, it straight away set the tone that I was dealing with a quality product. The design of the bag is classic and understated, the FleroM comes with two handles, two belt buckles and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap. I loved the name tag which is in the same colour as the bag and features the Maxwell Scott Bags logo.

The interior of the bag is lined with faux leather and has a small zipped compartment which is ideal to store your important documents away. The zipped compartment also shows the Maxwell Scott branding embossed in the leather. The exterior of the bag is made of full grain leather which is tanned following 200 year old Italian traditions. Full-grain leather is the thick top section of the cowhide and is considered the finest type.


The inside of the FleroM bag with small zipped compartment.


The smell of the leather and its suppleness gave away that I was dealing with a product made of quality materials. Other things to look out for to see if a bag is quality are the stitching, the zip and the practicality of using it. This bag is stitched very well together, especially around the zip area you notice the use of double stitching. The zips are YKK zips and these are still the best you can get. The bag is very easy to use as it has only one large compartment and a zip that goes from bottom to bottom allowing easy access to your luggage.


Side view of the FleroM. Notice the double stitching where the zip is.


I like it when a company stands behind its products and Maxwell Scott Bags go as far as offering a 25 year warranty on its entire range of luxury products. This includes all manufacturing faults on zips, stitching, clasps, linings etc. For me this is a reassurance that we are talking about a quality investment that looks great and will stand the test of time.

The FleroM is perfect to store in the overhead locker

Your Mans Bag Image Counts

It still surprises me when I see a man pull up in a nice car and well dressed and then he walks into a hotel with a fabric backpack or worse still, a smelly gym bag. I would certainly encourage you that a gym bag is not a mans bag. When I traveled with the FleroM throughout Gatwick airport I was wondering what people were looking at. It then occurred to me that this FleroM bag was drawing the right attention. The classic tan is striking and will go with most outfits, however make sure that you do not under dress for this bag. Don’t use this bag and wear a pair of flips flops, you get the idea.

You can’t go wrong with the FleroM it is a classic design, well made with quality materials all backed up with a 25 year warranty.


Details of FleroM

  • Where to buy:
  • Price: £450
  • Secure twin buckle straps
  • Floor to floor wide zip opening
  • Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap
  • Metal feet to base
  • Capacity: 38 Litres (cabin size)
  • Dimensions: 51 x 29 x 25 cm (width, height, depth)
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
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DANNY P Leather Wallet With iPhone 6 Case Review Tue, 21 Jul 2015 11:44:23 +0000 danny-p

Danny P

Danny P creates handmade leather cases for various mobile devices including iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad. They pride themselves on creating the best designs that protect your device and often times, store your credit cards in case/wallet combinations. I was given the unique opportunity to review its Leather Wallet with iPhone 6 Plus Case and my thoughts were as follows.


If you’re going to do packaging, do it like Danny P. I couldn’t have envisioned a more perfect medium to receive my case. The cardboard box was perfectly folded into an envelope style and was sealed by a custom wax seal. As I looked at the seal, I could imagine a real person melting the wax and pressing their stamp into it, to seal my case into the box. This imagery really set me up for what was to come.



The Case

As I uncovered the thin paper lining, I was struck by the quality of the leather. I was hit by a vibrant colour and a rich leather smell. It is hard to beat the smell of leather and I probably spent about ten minutes just smelling it!

You will immediately notice the credit card slots, the phone compartment and the cash section are cut to perfection. I began to ask myself if it was more wallet than phone case and visa versa. I came to the conclusion that it was perfectly both. I guess you could say that in an attempt to merge a wallet with a phone case, Danny P got the balance just right.

One of my favorite things about this case is the embossed Danny P logo on the front of the case. It really adds to the overall feeling of the case. The whole process of unboxing sets your mind on quality and professionalism and its little touches like this that make satisfied and happy customers.


One thing that was immediately apparent to me was that this case shouldn’t be used as a daily wallet. The level of quality I felt from this wallet, made me want to treasure the case. I wanted it to be used in particular situations where it would truly stand out like a business meeting or a fancy banquet!

When you see this case for the first time, there really is an element of wow and I think that you should maintain the upkeep of the wallet by using it on occasions where people will notice it. If you’re using it everyday, the wallet will start to crease and wrinkle, the colour might become less vibrant and people will just stop noticing.

This item is a piece that needs to be appreciated and deservedly so!

Apple Pay

One of the big selling points of this wallet/case is that it works seamlessly with Apple Pay. By placing the phone with the home button facing up, you can just place your finger onto it without even opening the wallet, I love this capability.



This case is uniquely made from Italian leather and comes in the form of both a wallet and iPhone case. It portrays a very professional feeling that should be preserved by using it on special occasions and used at times when it will have maximum impact. Just like you wouldn’t wear your most expensive watch everyday, you shouldn’t make this your everyday wallet.

I am overjoyed to give this item 10/10 Lewis points. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it. From the packaging to the functionality of the wallet/case, Danny P has excelled.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Danny P cases online at

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A Must Have Duffle – Designed with Your Travels in Mind Fri, 15 May 2015 19:50:31 +0000 Bros leather supply co - Leather bag

Who is Brothers Leather Supply Co?

What do you get with $2500 cash, a small basement, and a few talented friends who aren’t afraid to get there hands dirty? The answer is Brothers Leather Supply Company. Since early 2014, Bros. Leather has been designing and supplying leather goods form the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The goal was to create quality leather goods at exceptional prices, and that is exactly what they have done.

Bros Leather Supply co

The Fulton Duffle

Named after one of the most recognizable streets in downtown Grand Rapids, The Fulton duffle bag was designed with your travels in mind. Every square inch of this bag was meticulously designed to make your travels and commutes more effective and efficient.

Handmade from all natural cowhide full-grain leather, The Fulton houses a soft felt laptop sleeve with a raw leather flap to safely secure and protect your laptop.

Bros Leather Supply Company - detail

Other features include a interior leather cord strap to keep your cables neat and tidy, a generous amount of interior and semi-interior pockets to stow away precious cargo, and multiple handle options for ease of carrying.
Bros Leather Supply Company - detail

Carry Your Passion

Though Bros. mainstay is their leather bags, they also supply leather wallets, phone cases and have few more products launching soon, such as a women’s line, a padfolio, and a leather growler holder. No matter what your passion is, Bros. has a bag to help you carry it!

Pictured: Garrett Goodwin, Carrie Underwood’s Drummer, is a huge supporter and partner with Bros. Leather.

Special Discount for MenStyleFashion Readers

Enter code MSFBROS10 at the checkout for a 10% discount – Code is valid until 31st of May 2015

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The Ultimate Bag For Men – Personalise It Mon, 13 Apr 2015 13:53:19 +0000 The mansbag is an accessory that certainly has reinvented itself over the course of the last three years. For the European man it has never been an issue regarding what other men are thinking when they are wearing a mansbag? Even now there is that stereotypical myth that certain mansbag is an accessory that is still very much debatable today. Is that mansbag more suited for a woman. What implications could it have on my reputation? Is my mansbag manly enough? To show you that you are the owner of the bag why not make it truly unique by getting your initials debossed.

Oppermann London Creating Your Personalised Mansbag

Are you looking for a truly unique gift for that special someone? Tired of the traditional design of leather goods and briefcases? Then Oppermann London might be the brand you have been looking for. Since the beginning of April the brand is offering personalisation on its range of minimalistic wallets and briefcases.

oppermann-personalisation.jpg menstylefashion mansbag leather italy  (6)

All Oppermann products are handmade in Italy with materials and components from leading suppliers in Europe. To give you an idea, its vegetable-tanned leather is sourced from Sweden and Italy and its zippers come from the well known manufacturer Raccagni. By cutting out the middleman and only selling via its website or temporary pop-ups, Oppermann is able to offer luxury leather goods at a fraction of the traditional retail price.

When creating a personalised item, there are multiple finishes and fonts to choose from, but do not fear. The Oppermann team is ready to guide you through the process of creating your unique and personalised item.

oppermann-personalisation.jpg menstylefashion mansbag leather italy  (4)

oppermann-personalisation.jpg menstylefashion mansbag leather italy  (7)

oppermann-personalisation.jpg menstylefashion mansbag leather italy  (5) oppermann-personalisation.jpg menstylefashion mansbag leather italy  (3) oppermann-personalisation.jpg menstylefashion mansbag leather italy  (2)

oppermann-palissy-cognac-red oppermann-valance-chocolate



Get your own personalised Opperman London bag here. 

Facebook Challenge – Shows Us Your Oppermann Style

Our Facebook has grown simply by our followers sending in their images about their personal style. We are almost at 500,000 followers. We want to encourage you once you have purchased your Oppermann leather goods. We would love to see how you are teaming that chosen item personally for you. We shall put it on our facebook for anyone wanting to like your image.

We shall also add the top images to this article. We are only as good as our Oppermann London Followers.

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Oppermann London Pop-Up Shop Mon, 23 Feb 2015 15:23:03 +0000 Oppermann London Pop-Up Shop

The luxury leather goods brand Oppermann London is currently showing its collection in its newly opened pop-up shop in Shoreditch, east London. Its designs are inspired by Swedish minimalism and each product is handmade in Italy using the finest European materials.

The shop on 67 Redchurch Street marks its first presence on the high street since the brand adapted its new direct-to-consumer business model last year. By selling only directly to its customers, Oppermann is able to offer leather goods which are handmade in Italy with premium materials at a fraction of the traditional retail price.

The pop-up shop is Oppermann’s first foray into the high-street, with the aim to bring its online experience to a physical location. As a luxury accessories brand working mainly with leather and its main distribution online, it is important for Oppermann to occasionally offer customers to see, touch and feel the products. In 2015 Oppermann is looking to test different retail concepts including additional pop-ups, showrooms and others.

In addition to Oppermann leather goods, the pop-up shop features three other young men’s accessories brands curated by Oppermann. These include watches from the Swedish brand Bravur, hats from BySju and socks from The London Sock Company.

Oppermann pop-up shop opening hours:

  • Monday – Saturday 11:00 – 19:00
  • Sunday 11:00 – 18:00

Address: 67 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJ

Contact Oppermann

facebook-icon twitter-icon

oppermann-25-hour-bag-palissy-cognac-1 oppermann-leather-briefcase-vallance-chocolate-orange-1 oppermann-leather-wallet-swanfield-navy-1

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Wolffepack – KickStart The Alpha Male of Backpacks Tue, 18 Nov 2014 08:39:20 +0000 Wolffepack

Wolffepack – The Alpha Male of Backpacks Wolffepack are a UK based company who have created a revolutionary new concept in backpack design. At first glance this looks like a standard backpack but don’t be fooled.


What is Wolffepack and why is it so different?

This backpack is the brainchild of David Wolffe and is a world first design that combines better access, comfort and increased security when compared to a standard backpack. In 1999 after watching someone struggle with their own bag David had an idea. After working in finance for over a decade he decided to leave and started to turn this idea into a reality and in 2012 David and his team finally came up with the Wolffepack.

Whether you’re a commuter or an explorer, into sport, photography or just someone who is fed up with of the struggles of accessing a backpack easily this product will appeal to you. I bet you can all relate to those moments where you wish you had easy yet secure access to your bag without actually taking it off right? Well this bag solves everything. The unique Patent Pending design means that this bag leaves the backpack’s straps in place on your shoulders as normal, yet allows you to separate and swing the bag section to the place you need it and with minimal effort.  Not only that, you are also able to safely secure the bag to your chest for added security which comes in handy when travelling on public transport or in a crowded environment.


If like me you are wondering how much resistance that tiny cord has I can tell you. After trying many different materials, David and his team decided to use something called Dyneema, a material that is used by the military for ballistic protection. The bag is attached by 3 cords that are anchored at different points keeping it stable and with each cord capable of carrying over 100kg this bag is not going anywhere.


Gaining 100% backing on Kickstarter within its first 10 days and with over 2 weeks still to go, Men Style Fashion is in no doubt that the Wolffepack is going to continue to be a huge success!

Getting involved:

So I know what you are thinking” how do I get my hands on one of these backpacks?” Simply click on the link HERE  and order via the Kickstarter website. But be quick this kick starter finishes on the 30th of November.







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Louis Vuitton – ICONOCLASTS Luxury Bags Tue, 21 Oct 2014 07:58:49 +0000 Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts

Louis Vuitton celebrates their famous monogram with the reveal of the icon and the iconoclasts project: six renowned creatives; Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubo. All have each been given artistic freedom to create a bag or luggage set, keeping in mind the French luxury house’s spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Marc Newson


Newson’s sculptural backpack features a monogram canvas that provides structural support, while soft shearling lends comfort and accents the biomorphic shape. Inside, the roomy space pockets keep belongings organized.

‘I design things that fundamentally I would like to own. Most of the time I am presented with a very defined task. This time I ultimately thought of the typology myself: a backpack. I set about trying to collate all of my experiences over the years of owning a backpack. I wanted to concentrate all of the features that I love and try and put them into the piece. Making the thing stand up for example was very important, I hate when you wear a backpack, take it off and it just falls over. This bag has a structure inside to enable it to stand´ quoted Marc.

I wanted to explore the monogram functional qualities.’ he says of the iconic Louis Vuitton emblem ‘if you go back to the reason why the monogram canvas was invented, it’s because it’s durable and it’s weather proof. In the bag it performs a very specific function; I deliberately used it around the base so it almost became like a tyre on a car, or a sole on a shoe. Obviously you still see it, but it has a purpose. I wanted it to be fun as well — I don’t like when things take themselves too seriously. I want objects that put a smile on people’s faces, make them laugh and question their own seriousness. I used a textile that juxtaposed the utility of the monogram with something more light-hearted, that’s why I chose to use the furry sheepskin. It’s cuddly and warm and comes in bright colours, but it is also durable and like a pillow; if I ever want to prop the bag up and have a snooze I can.’

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