Belts – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Sat, 26 May 2018 09:52:42 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 5 Top Leather Belts for this Winter Wed, 16 Dec 2015 09:19:16 +0000 Now that swimming trunks and shorts are well and truly stowed for this year, it’s the perfect time to contemplate the ideal leather belt. Leather belts were originally as a military accessory, dating at least as far back as the ancient Greeks, and they were used for hanging accessories from, than for holding clothes up.

That all changed in the mid nineteenth century though, when European officers’ dress uniforms began to incorporate decorative leather belts. The trend passed into the civilian sphere after the First World War, when returning soldiers kept their wartime belts, rather than reverting to the braces they had worn before they went away to fight.

Conventions soon materialised, and a gent’s leather belt should match his shoes (and his watch strap) in colour. But which are the top five leather belts available in the UK this winter? We think that the answer lies with small British brands that focus on craftsmanship and quality, rather than big designer names that are forced to mass produce to keep up with massive demand for their name.

1. Equus Mornington Bridle Leather belt £117


Equus is a small British company based in County Durham that specialises in handmade, hand- stitched bridle hide belts and watch straps. The Mornington belt is a simple, classic model made from a single length of English tanned bridle hide that should last a lifetime. Each belt is made to order, allowing you to choose leather colour, thread colour, belt width and length, buckle colour, and how many holes and how much space between them. A truly bespoke experience available online that represents great value considering the quality of the materials and craftsmanship employed.

2. Pickett Suede Belt £79.99


Founded in 1988 by Trevor Pickett, Pickett soon established itself as a bastion of high end English artisan luxury leather goods. They recently moved to larger premises in Mayfair. Pickett’s simply named Suede Belt is available in black or tan and with either a chrome or brass buckle. It features soft pale leather lining, and is an elegant, understated choice for casual trousers.

3. Estados Mens Suede Lined Leather Belt in Choc Croc £55


Estados is a British brand just 5 years old that manufactures in Argentina using Argentine calf hides, which are some of the best in the world (alongside Argentine beef!). Their products are designed in Britain for the British market by their Anglo-South American sibling founders, and their Choc Croc (chocolate brown croc print) calf leather belt is a stylish, classic belt which is made to a far higher quality than the price implies. It’s lined with butter soft brushed pig suede, and has a chrome plated brass buckle.

4. Pampeano ‘Multi’ Polo Belt £65.00


Having mentioned Argentine leather belts, it would be a crime to omit the style most closely associated with the South American nation, the polo (or gaucho) belt. Pampeano’s polo belts are among the best, with tougher leather, and British designs. The Multi features a classic combination of thread colours, and is often spotted round the waists of both royalty and celebrities alike.

5. Black Black Crocodile Print Leather Belt £60.00


Founded in 2006, Black specialises in luxury leather and cashmere gifts. Their belts are designed in England and made in Italy from full grain Italian leather. Lizard and Crocodile print are very much in vogue, and this black croc belt is an elegant, chic take on the traditional black leather belt, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

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Sneaker Belt – Belts That Match Your Sneakers – Kickstarter Sat, 14 Nov 2015 17:58:04 +0000 The Problem

Lot of people wear sneakers/trainers and denim and they wear belts. However most belts are made in formal colours like black or brown and they don’t match the colours your trainers. Other belt errors are being the wrong material or the style that just don’t match the complete look. To solve this problem Dennis Roelofsen from Amsterdam created a unique concept called the Sneaker Belt aka SNKRBLT, the world’s first belt that matches your sneakers.

“When I wear a suit I always wear a belt that matches my shoes” says Dennis Roelofsen, creator of SNKRBLT. “But when I wore sneakers, I didn’t know what belt to wear. So I decided to solve this problem for myself and everyone else”



In a time where sportswear, denim and designer labels are more and more worn in daily life, SNKRBLT helps the sufferers of bad belt and footwear combinations. With the help from crowdfunding on SNKRBLT aim is to sell 400 pieces to start with and raise €20,000. The belts are designed in Amsterdam and are handmade from high-end leather on the Adriatic coast of Italy. By only selling online and cutting out the middle man these belts can be offered at a reasonable price.

“Worldwide millions of people wear sneakers with an awful belt. Have a look around you from now on.” – Dennis Roelofsen

Product Features

Sneaker Belts come with the following features:

  • All Straps are 3.5 cm wide
  • Designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Itlay
  • Each design/Style is limited to 999 pieces
  • All belts are numbered by hand
  • All styles are named after a famous song
  • Interchangeable buckles with shark-teeth click-system
  • Nickle-free buckles with rubber-touch
  • 100% calf leather – the ComeTogether models are calf suede
  • Belt does not require any tools other than a regular pair of scissors. In 3 seconds anyone can adjust the size.

SNKRBLT currently offers a unisex collection on Kickstarter. A ladies collection and kids collection are currently being designed.



Initially there are only 3 models available but when the Kickstarter Campaign goes into over funding more designs, colours and buckles will be unlocked.


SNKRBLT – Sweet Dreams White


SNKRBLT – Come Together Indigo


SNKRBLT – Come Together Grey


SNKRBLT – Diamonds White


SNKRBLT – Summer Time Black

Kickstarter Campaign

To get SNKRBLT off the ground, a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been started. With only 19 days left of their campaign, they need your help to finish over the line. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign funds, they can have a successful launch of their unique product. Donations are as low as €5 for your support, where as higher donations will give you the opportunity to become one of the first owners of a SNKRBLT. Here is a link to the Kickstarter Campaign – SNEAKERBELT :: Belts that match your sneakers


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Mission Belt – A Different Kind of Belt Mon, 26 Oct 2015 14:39:20 +0000 Who is Mission Belt?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” A lot of people know how to fish, they just can’t afford the nets.

When you buy a Mission Belt you become a part of a great philanthropic effort – or as they like to call it, THE MISSION. At Mission Belt, they don’t just want you to look good – they want you to feel good too. That’s why a dollar from every belt goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide through micro-lending. These micro-loans range from $25-$500 dollars per loan. Small loans make huge differences. There are millions of industrious, motivated people striving and fighting for a better life and sometimes the only thing holding them back is a little capital to get started. It’s a hand up, not a hand out.

I chose to review 9 of their belts and I hope you enjoy this review in both video and text form




Something that is very important for me when truly appreciating an item is the way I receive the item. Even if the product remains the same, a poorly packaged item will always be less desirable to me that a well packaged one. I like to have a good overall experience that’s all.

The packaging from Mission Belt was unique. The belts were stored in long black boxes that are close securely with magnets. I really liked the packaging because it felt like somewhere I will actually store my belts rather than a drawer. This packaging actually functions as a really good belt storage space as well as a deliverable package.

Mission Belt Packaging

Mission Belt Packaging

The Products & Features

Each one of these belts has a built in mechanism that I didn’t really understand until I got my hands on them. None of the belts have holes. Yeah, I know, mind blown. Simply pull the belt strap through the loops and feed it through the buckle. As you pull it through, you hear a really satisfying clicking sound. Pull it to the tightness you want and let go! The belt is locked in place and fits seamlessly around your waist.


To undo the belt you just lift up a metal switch on the underside of the buckle and the belt comes right off. Once I’d put it on and used it, I couldn’t believe how much more efficient it was than trying to find a hole.


High Quality Leather

Each belt is made from a traditional leather that you immediately recognize by smell. You’ll also find different patterns on the inner side of the belt which adds to the overall feel of wearing the belts. Really nice details.


The Belts


Great White (White Buckle on White Leather)


Americano (Red/White/Blue Buckle on Deep Blue Leather)


Black Magic (Black/Black/Black Buckle on Black Leather)


Steel (Steel Buckle on Saddle Brown Leather)


Bronze (Bronze Buckle on Dark Brown Leather)


Iron (Iron Buckle on Black Leather)


Steel (Steel Buckle on Black Leather)


Tactical (Gun Metal Buckle on Black Nylon Strap)

These belts came in packs of 3’s as part of a gift set perfect for a gift that will be appreciated by any man on earth. Especially belts with this quality.

Belts20 Belts3 Belts15


I was very impressed by all aspects of this experience; Packaging, Quality and Ease of Use. I’m going to give the experience 10/10 because I simply can’t fault it! There wasn’t one part of the experience that disappointed.


Make sure to follow them on:




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Easy Life Belt By Gipsy And Clown – Kickstarter Wed, 16 Sep 2015 13:21:55 +0000 Conventional Belts Are Uncomfortable

We all love our belts and it is a great fashion accessory to complement your trousers. Belts also have a function of keeping your trousers up. But how many times when wearing a belt do you feel uncomfortable due to it being too tight when you sit down or too loose when you stand up. You continually adjust the belt to stay comfortable or you just take those uncomfortable moments for granted.

The idea of the Easy Life Belt was born one day when Jaka, one of the founders, had a strong feeling that a classic belt limited him in his work and sport activities. Most people sit a lot at work, be it in the car, train or desk at the office. With this in mind he started designing a belt which would solve this and the Easy Life Belt by Gipsy and Clown was created. This belt is unique in that it has a plastic part inserted to give the belt some flexibility. The elastic part is located at the front of the belt, where the physical workload from your body is the largest.


The Easy Life Belt

The Easy Life Belt is a belt that will make our days easier, your activities more fun and your free time more beautiful. It has been designed to be practical but without giving up on style. The belt is developed by Gipsy and Clown, a young couple from Slovenia Europe. Both are educated textile designers, lovers of extreme sports, nature and animals. Janja is a fashion designer and adores sewing and designing of clothes. Jaka is a qualified tailor and already started working in a home workshop at the age of seven. He is also an active snowboarder and motocross rider. Nowadays they are inspired by making stylish street wear products, to make life more beautiful and easy.


After two years of development and testing they are announcing a new unique Easy Life Belt which breathes with the user. The belt automatically adjusts to your activity being it sitting down,  standing up or walking around. There is no need to manually adjust the belt when you switch activities, those uncomfortable tight situations are gone for good.

The Easy Life Belt is made of very durable military cotton webbing, minimal shaped metal buckle, stylish leather label and finally the specially developed durable elastic which is main part of this product. This part in front of the belt is flexible at an specific area which means that it is gently stretched at each body movement. The belt comes in various different colours and sizes from XS to 4XL. It can be ordered with or without print.




To get the Easy Life Belt by Gipsy and Clown of the ground a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been started. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign funds, materials and tools can be sourced to allow a successful launch of this unique product. Donations are as low as $1 for your support, where as higher donations will give you the opportunity to become one of the first owners of a revolutionary Easy Life Belt. Here is a link to their Kickstarter Campaign – EASY LIFE BELT – First belt that breathes with you.


gipsyandclown#12 gipsyandclown#10 gipsyandclown#14 gipsyandclown#13

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Elliot Rhodes – Video – Tips On How To Choose A Belt Sat, 09 Nov 2013 10:30:44 +0000 Elliot Rhodes belts and buckles - bullets

Tips On How To Choose A Belt

Can you judge a man by his belt? How do you match your belt with your jeans let alone your shoes? The expert from Elliot Rhodes explains how to choose a belt.


Elliot Rhodes - belts Harrods


Elliot Rhodes - belts Harrods

Elliot Rhodes - belts Harrods


Elliot Rhodes - belts Harrods

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The Belt Bible: Ten Things You Need to Know about Belts Thu, 17 Oct 2013 10:13:17 +0000 mens leather belts black

The Belt Bible

The belt is an often-overlooked, sometimes forgotten men’s clothing accessory that should be considered essential for a finished look, especially on dressier occasions. But a belt is a belt is a belt, right? Well, while it is possible to over think this, there are a few things you should know about choosing the right belt. Consider this your Belt Bible, answering the essential questions.

10 Things You Need To Know

What size should I buy?

The general rule of thumb is to buy a belt that’s 1 to 2 inches longer than the waist size of your pants. If you wear 34 pants, buy a 36-inch belt.

What material should my belt be?

For dress belts, stick to leather. For casual belts paired with khakis or jeans, leather is still generally preferred, but there are a lot of other options out there. A belt made of canvas may be the right look for some outfits, while bright colours in silicon belts are currently popular with some men on the golf course.

What’s the difference between a dress belt and a casual belt?

Dress belts are made of leather, generally narrower and have buckles that aren’t too large or flashy. Casual belts can be almost anything that fits your personal style and wardrobe.

What colour should my belt be?

For dress belts, match your belt to your shoes, both in colour and level of shine. If you wear a prominent gold or silver-tone watch or other jewelry, match it with the colour of your belt buckle. It’s that kind of attention to detail that brings an outfit together for a finished look. For casual belts, matching your shoes is still a good place to start, but when you’re wearing jeans and sneakers, anything goes. Golf belts may complement two-tone shoes, such as a white belt, or may provide contrast with your shirt and pants.

So does this mean I need a closet full of belts?

Probably not. Most guys only have a few colours of shoes to match, if that. Even if you wear both black and brown dress shoes, you can get by with a reversible black and brown dress belt and a casual belt for jeans and khakis, at a minimum.

Is this going to cut into my budget for Friday nights with the guys?

Only if you overindulge at your Friday happy hour and then make an impulse buy of that belt in the display window that’s made of ostrich hide. You can easily find high-quality, name-brand leather belts for £20, and remember that a reversible belt generally doesn’t cost much more, so it’s like a two-for-one sale. Casual belts often cost even less. They tend to last a long time, so belts are cheap accessorizing.

How do I care for my belts?

It’s pretty simple, really. Hanging them in your closet is better than rolling them up for storage, to keep the leather from cracking from the tight curvature. Any scuff marks on a leather belt can be touched up with shoe polish. A swipe with leather conditioner once a year can’t hurt, but it’s probably optional.

My girlfriend bought me a rodeo belt buckle from 1969 at a secondhand store. What do I do with it?

Buy a belt with a removable buckle and put your gift buckle on it. You’ll probably want a wide belt to look right with a large buckle. Then wear it only with jeans or other appropriately casual attire. That’s assuming you like the buckle, of course. If you can’t bear the thought of being seen wearing it in public, put it on the mantelpiece and tell your girlfriend you want to display it there so you can see it every day, because it’s too special to be left in the closet.

Why do the kids wear baggy, saggy pants that let their underwear show?

Actually, the belt (or lack of one) is to blame for this fad. Prisoners aren’t allowed to have belts. Some misguided youths decided to emulate the look of a prison inmate with ill-fitting prison-issue pants and no belt, and the look spread from there. We don’t have to tell you this look is a non-starter at the office, right? Anyway, the fad of wearing pants that are falling down around your knees seems to have peaked some time ago.

My boss wears both suspenders and a belt. Should I point out the redundancy?

Don’t mention it, but definitely don’t emulate him, either. Now that you’re up to speed, where do you buy the belts you need to finish your wardrobe? Just about any place that sells men’s clothing, from department stores to specialty shops, both brick-and-mortar and online, will have options. One convenient choice is The Belt Shoppe, a small, online specialty retailer at that carries a wide selection, including brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, PGA Tour, Tiger Woods, Nike, Adidas and more. The Belt Shoppe also provides free domestic shipping so you save time and money over going to the store.


mens leather belts  red

mens leather belts black weave

mens leather belts blue Tommy Hilfiger

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Holster Belt – Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites Wed, 03 Oct 2012 13:31:11 +0000 Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites

Holster Belt – Redesign

When we think of holster belts we think of guns. However the same belt concept can be used to store a lot of our daily accessories like keys, mobile phones and wallets away. French company holsterbelt has redesigned the classic holster belt for us trendy urbanites.

The Holster Belt Redesign came into existence during the year 2011. Following the trendy urban movement , and thanks to the French know-how in terms of leather goods Holster Belt has reinvented one cult accessory : the men’s saddle bag.


Originally, the ‘holster’ was in a semi rigid leather linked up to a belt. It hung down the thigh, and allowed the wearer to hold a gun. Used in the United states in the 20th century, it permitted the owner to have easy access to their weapon.


The product draws its inspiration from the mythical accessory of the far west , and give it a new calling : to contain belongings of the city slicker. By it’s originality , it’s perfect design , it’s high quality leather/canvas , and it’s ingenious rotation mechanism , the accessory became an unquestionable accessory for the modern man.

Website: Holster Belt



Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites 

Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites 

Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites 

Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites 

Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites 

Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites 

Holster Belt - Redesigned For Trendy Urbanites

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Elliot Rhodes Belts & Buckles – Harrods Launch Event Fri, 07 Sep 2012 12:03:29 +0000 elliot-rhodes,-Harrods-belts-and-buckles

Elliot Rhodes Belts & Buckles

Elliot Rhodes is a concept created out of a passion for belts. Elliot Rhodes clearly shows that a belt is not only a vital accessory but also a highly personal one.  Elliot Rhodes’s goal is to elevate the status of the belt from being an afterthought to being a key to dressing with taste, elegance, style and individuality.

Its aim is simple – to help our customers find a belt strap that suits whatever outfit they may choose to wear and then, to help them find one or more buckles that can make that belt as versatile as possible and above all a truly individual piece created for them alone.

Unique Interchangeable System

The clever and unique interchangeable system allows the customer to switch buckles at will, giving them the option to continually modify their belt to suit any number of different occasions. As you would also expect of a specialist store, all of the belts are custom fitted to ensure a precise fit. Alterations can be made while you wait, so that you can walk away with a belt that fits exactly as it should.

Elliot Rhodes Collection

The collection is nothing short of belt heaven. The buckles to choose by are so vast, it is fantastic. They are beautifully displayed and make choosing the buckle that represents you easy. The popular belt that men buy over and over is the unique gorgeous blue leather belt. The clever funky belt buckle attached to it just completes this funky look.

My favourite, that has just been released, is the aviator buckle which could be worn by both men and women. You can find this buckles now at a dedicated store within Harrods. The skull head variety is slick, invigoratingly refreshing and comes in various shapes and sizes.

Elliot Rhodes – the Men Himself

I had the pleasure to meet Elliot Rhodes at the  Harrods concession opening.  There was no denying he knew his target market and what men want when it comes to buckles and belts. Elliot is keen to keep his company small, maintaining high quality products by creating what men are looking for. This is why this company is so successful. He clearly understands that men want a store that is quick to offer a variety of unique belts and buckles with a difference.

So men what are you waiting for? Us women do judge a man by the belt and buckle he wears. Head down to Elliot Rhodes and we would love to see what you bought. Email us your images and we shall post them on our facebook page for the fashion jury to see.


New release at Harrods


Bullet design belt buckle


Unique variety styles of skull head buckles


The most popular buckle colour and design sold for men


How gorgeous is this buckle


Religious designs always stay in vogue


Clever Channel influence design


Gem stones inspired buckles look great with jeans


Elliot Rhodes wearing one of his latest designs. Buckles can funky up your suit image.

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Belts – Buckle Up, The Power Of The Belt Sun, 22 Jul 2012 07:51:21 +0000 lone-star-and-skull-leather-belt-for-men

Men’s belts can really state alot about who you are as a person. Simply wearing a belt will reflect how much you think about buckling up. I find a lot of men undervalue this accessory. Belts are a lot more personal than you think. It tells the other person a bit about what you represent. In fact a belt can make or break your look.

Think more about your belts

Go through your wardrobe and get all your belts out. I bet on average it is plain and boring. Then head to Selfridges first as they have a fantastic range of belts, like you’ve never seen before. It will inspire you to think about what you’re putting around the waist.

Strap Styles

The style of the strap is important. Here is a list 4 important strap styles:

  1. Leather studded strap – They look great on men and it really brings out the masculine side of you.
  2. Plait strap – These look great during summer and spring. Don’t be afraid of going for a multi colour one.
  3. Cartoon prints or colourful strap – these kind of belts bring out the playful power hero side of you and are so much fun.
  4. Narrow Straps – These are great with chinos or shorts.

Buckle Styles

The style of buckle really depends on the formality, you can go formal or as crazy as you want to. The informal styles can be classified as:

  • Skull head – you can get different types here and it will sum up your image in seconds.
  • Chunky – combine this with the wide strap only.
  • Western – bring out the cowboy in you. Make sure to get the matching holster.
  • Animal – Snake, Scorpion, Elephant, Crocodile and Lion Heads are popular choices.

Sugar skull, leather belt



Topman multi colour plait leather belt


Topman cartoon print belts


Roland mechanical belt buckles,$25,000


Batman belt buckle, bring out the Dark Knight in you


Show the rock star with in you or that you’re a lover of music

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