Eyewear – Men Style Fashion http://www.menstylefashion.com We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.6 The 4 Most Annoying Things About Wearing Glasses http://www.menstylefashion.com/4-annoying-things-wearing-glasses/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/4-annoying-things-wearing-glasses/#respond Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:58:09 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=70402 When nerd culture came to prominence in the early 2000s, there was a sudden proliferation in large, horn-rimmed frames without lenses in them. Was it all harmless fun that people simply wanted that look and were willing to wear a pair of plastic frames on their face, even if their eyesight was perfectly fine? Maybe, but an entire community of glasses-wearers with sub-optimal eyesight might beg to differ. After all, they have to suffer through all of the annoying tasks and routines that come hand in hand with having to wear glasses constantly.

Other than handsome celebrity men with glasses helping the cause, perhaps the only saving grace when it comes to owning glasses is how easy it is to find decent frames and good brands nowadays. Back in the day, you would be limited to what your optician had stocked in their store, and you’d need a small loan just to be able to afford them considering that they were being sold through a third party. Now, thanks to the internet and websites like Edel Optics, you can browse a huge range of glasses and try them on at home to see if they suit you. However, this doesn’t change the fact that wearing glasses can be damned annoying. Check out the some worst pet peeves below.

Watching TV On The Couch

Everything’s all fine and dandy when you’re sitting upright, but the second you want to get a little bit more comfortable and lie on your side with your head resting on the couch’s arm, it all goes pear-shaped. Suddenly your glasses are sitting askance on your face, your left lens is no longer aligned with your eye and your right one is sitting far enough away to make it seem like you’re looking through a reverse telescope. If you do adjust your specs it’s only a matter of time before they’re digging into your temple and making you wonder if you shouldn’t just shell out on the LASIK already.

Riding a Bike In The Rain

This one’s potentially life-threatening. One minute you can see sharply into the distance, the next the heavens open and suddenly your life becomes one big kaleidoscope while you speed down that hill at lightning speed.

Kissing Someone

Sure, it looks great in the movies, but in reality, you risk poking your partner’s eye out. If they happen to wear glasses too, then your kiss comes together like a pair of jousting knights. If there was ever a time to switch to contacts, then it is this.

Waking Up And Looking For Your Glasses

Just waking up and staring at the blur of color that is your immediate foreground can be annoying. It’s the same scenario every morning, groping blindly with one hand while you look for your glasses like Hans Moleman in The Simpsons.

Still though, once you glasses to suit your face and frames that match an outfit, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Serengeti Eyewear – Le Mans 24 Interview Giancarlo Fisichella http://www.menstylefashion.com/serengeti-eyewear-le-mans-24-interview-giancarlo-fisichella/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/serengeti-eyewear-le-mans-24-interview-giancarlo-fisichella/#respond Tue, 20 Jun 2017 04:44:05 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=65898 As the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglass and the pioneer of photochromic technology, sunglasses manufacturer Serengeti has teamed up with 24 Hours of Le Mans to become a 24H of Le Mans Official Licensee and has launched a limited edition sunglass collection. It is a perfect partnership between Serengeti and 24 Hours of Le Mans as both Serengeti and 24 Hours of Le Mans are the pioneers of technology and performance. Since 1923, 24 Hours of Le Mans has been the story of men and machines, internationally recognized as the most difficult motor sports race in the world, famous for endurance and the quest for performance. As the pioneer of Photochromic and Spectral Control® technology, Serengeti launched the world’s finest driving lens in 1982 and remains today the most technically advanced sun lens in the sunglass industry.

The Serengeti / 24 Hours of Le Mans Limited Edition sunglass collection features 6 models in various colourways and the best of Serengeti technology in polarized mineral and polarized PhD Trivex lenses. Serengeti sunglasses offer the absolute best in lens technology and feature unparalleled attention to detail. Serengeti Photochromic lenses work by adjusting to changing light conditions so your eyes don’t have to. Serengeti Photochromic lenses with Spectral Control® darken in bright sunlight, lighten in low light and overcast conditions and filter out the shorter blue light waves that cause atmospheric haze and glare thus reducing eye fatigue and delivering the ultimate in visual acuity. This amazing versatility is why Serengeti sunglasses are the preferred choice of drivers. Serengeti technology is designed so that drivers can effortlessly see every road detail and improve their performance. The ‘driving’ colours red, green and yellow are subtly highlighted so brake lights, traffic signals and road signs are more visible, more quickly.

Giancarlo Fisichella

I had the pleasure to meet and ask a few questions to racing car driver  Giancarlo Fisichella. He is the ambassador for Serengeti Eyewear and raced at this years Le Mans 24 for Ferrari. Listen to why he chooses to wear and work with Serengeti Eyewear.

The frame designs were inspired by the history and heritage of both Serengeti and 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Panarea 24h RRP £199

Fabrice Bourrigaud, Director of Le Mans Spirit at the ACO declared: “We are really happy to partner
with Serengeti Eyewear who have huge experience and a recognized know-how in the sunglass
industry. It really makes sense for the ACO to start this partnership and we are excited to offer our fans
sunglasses that provide superior performance, quality, style and with a special design using Le Mans

The 24h Le Mans by Serengeti Limited Edition Collection comprises of 6 models in various colourways and is available from selected Serengeti stockists.

About Serengeti Sunglasses

Serengeti sunglasses are currently the most efficient for automobile driving, thanks to the unique combination of three exclusive glass technologies: Photochromic, which allows Serengeti lenses to change shade instantaneously depending on the light conditions The Spectral Control® filter which absorbs 95% of harmful blue light and offers unrivalled improvement in contrast and shade
Polarization, specially designed to eliminate dazzling and provide unmatched comfort.

About the 24 Hours of Le Mans

We all have a memory of a particular race which saw a new human achievement or a ground-breaking technological breakthrough. And now, Le Mans 24 Hours event is more than a legendary motor race ; it is also a brand which conveys two sets of values: “innovation & performance” and “chic & glamour”. A flagship brand, it is modern, timeless, universal and a source of pride because it is quite unique.


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Sunglasses For Men – Our Top Five For Summer http://www.menstylefashion.com/top-11-wayfarer-sunglasses-for-men/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/top-11-wayfarer-sunglasses-for-men/#respond Mon, 12 Jun 2017 05:14:17 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=51558 There was a time   in the dim and distant past, when you switched on your black and white television and through the murky 405 lines and press flashbulbs, every Hollywood celebrity would decant from the B.O.A.C. Turboprop wearing the standard issue Bausch & Lomb Wayfarer sunglasses.

So for decades that are the way it was, the stars came and went but the classic American dream shades sat unmoved on the surgically altered nose bridges of the great and the good. Sadly the brand fell into the doldrums before being sold to Italian Brand Luxottica reinvigorating the brand through canny product placement on movies and television programmes such as ‘Miami Vice’ where the real crime was not wearing a pair of cool wayfarers. The re birth was successful and once again modern celebrities know its cool to look cool with Luxottica reimaging the classic model in a variety of styles for the discerning hipster.

Lets remember though they are not the only kids that have moved into the neighborhood so lets take a thermonuclear protected look at what other stunning shades are out there.

Serengeti Eyewear  24 Hours of Le Mans Edition Panarea

We are heading to Le Mans 24 this week, thanks to Serengeti Eyewear   Serengeti’s special 24 Hours of Le Mans Edition Panarea was crafted for action. The contemporary temple keeps you looking sleek while the hidden double flex spring hinge makes sure you feel comfortable.  A great compromise between cost and style as you celebrate summer and lets face it, after an afternoons partying in the sun will you look at em’ close enough to care?

They don’t just look good, the clarity of vision is absolutely superb!

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Stylish Sunglasses – Spring Style Eyewear http://www.menstylefashion.com/stylish-sunglasses-spring-style-eyewear/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/stylish-sunglasses-spring-style-eyewear/#respond Thu, 27 Apr 2017 05:03:48 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=60769 Thought of as cool, sophisticated and dare I say it mysterious; the branded

Bausch and Lomb designed Wayfarer sunglasses have been a little slice of the American dream for many individuals worldwide hankering after the jet set lifestyle since 1952 .No 1950’s monochrome news image was complete without a smattering of the great and the good leaving jet aircraft and facing the glare of the flashbulbs without the classic eyesight protection and it’s a tradition that continues to the present.

Although these days we take for granted the Wayfarer, a style that launched a thousand imitations let’s remember that the path to accessory fame had been as precarious for the brand as for the celebrities that confidently wear them.

It’s been a symbiotic relationship of love hate with a fickle move during the 1960’s of the great and the good to favouring the aviator style that for a brief reign as king left the classic shades playing the role of court jester.

At one point the style suffered a significant fall in sales that could have been the portent of extinction, but thanks to the growth of interest and exposure in the “older” style via producers and stars of 1980’s American television shows and movies wanting their product to look “different”; sales of the Wayfarer started to creep up once more giving the now thought of classic design its second wind and usurping all other pretenders .So cherished did the brand become in its reincarnation Italian company Luxottica purchased it in 1999 and the rest is history!

Low profile or high here’s some alternatives to help keep you incognito and more importantly UV protected;

Spitfire Square Sunglasses

With a passing nod to the Ray Ban these alternative X-Ray (clear) framed specs are a good alternative in both colour (Brown) and design, having facia flourishes that make them stand out for the budget conscious.

Topman Black Round Rubberised Sunglasses

Rubberised coated plastic/acrylic frames cheap enough so as not to worry about losing them on holiday or at the mall (If you dare attend such places these days!) Disposable style for the young or young at heart.

Oliver Peoples L.A. Coen Cocobolo

Possibly the Gloria Swanson of shades with their Hollywood crafted credentials and classy cocobolo finish .Ideal for wafting in and out of premiers and then hitting the beach.

Granoptic £203.00

River Island Black Retro Blue Tinted Sunglasses

Multi faceted frame comprising transparent bridge, black frame and animal print arms for the hipster that likes to stand out in a crowd. Graduated tint for the blue sky thinkers.

River Island  £14.00


Jeepers Peepers Square Sunglasses

Classy wayfarer clone with added pizazz .These shades clear the way for you or a friend to vogue like a true Hasselhoff!

ASOS  £18.00




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Stylish Spring Sunglasses  http://www.menstylefashion.com/stylish-spring-sunglasses/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/stylish-spring-sunglasses/#respond Thu, 30 Mar 2017 10:32:13 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=60779 Although they are still the epitome of street style, Wayfarer sunglasses were first designed many decades ago in 1952 by founding partners, Bausch & Lomb before being bought over by Italian brand Luxottica in 1999. They still remain the timelessly American summer look and have been hailed by stylist Stephen Bailey as ¨ a mid-century classic to rival Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins.¨

From a brand of sunglasses to an attitude of life, Wayfarer sunglasses led where the other brands only followed and even 50 years on iconic images of these shades have been spotted on everyone from Leonardo Di Caprio to President Obama as evidence that their design compliments every face shape for a look that’s part business, part luxury and all style.

The ways of the Wayfarer have not always been easy ones. In the 1960´s a decline in the sales of the model gave way to the new found popularity of their rival aviators, before they saw their style popularity ignite once again in the 1980´s thanks to programmes such as Miami Vice and The Breakfast Club – giving them serious longevity and street creed (despite the brief 90´s trend for wrap around glasses…)

In the first part, we noticed that the manufacturers reworked their classic silhouettes smoothing their way for a softer and easier to wear Wayfarer experience. And yet, still, Ray Ban may be the antithesis of anti-glare – but if you are looking to achieve the look with a degree of variation, then our second offering of these other designer models won’t see you go wrong over the warmer months.


Spitfire Square Sunglasses

Even when Ray-Ban re-designed its Wayfarer, other brands such as these kept things more angular. These shades are harder to wear, particularly for chiselled face shapes, but if you’ve got curvature then Spitfire’s semi-transparent frames with their brown lenses and more angular design are the simplest way to achieving the 1970´s style.

Available from ASOS at £25.

Topman Black Rubber Preppy Sunglasses

As experience tells us, Italian acetate is a tough customer which makes an ideal partner for the design of sunglasses. Although they may survive a drop from your pocket, anything more kamikaze could see them snap unforgivingly. Topman has the answer to this with their rubber frames which give extra hardiness for more extreme everyday situations. Even in the event they do fail, at a price like this you can afford to stock up.
Available from Topman at £11.

Oliver Peoples L.A Coen Square Frame Acetates

The unique selling point of the Oliver People’s L.A Coen sunglasses is that they are unique. Each pair comes with a tortoiseshell pattern which sets the look and the price tag that you will achieve on another level. Their champagne tinted lenses sit within a comfortable design which flatter most face shapes effortlessly.

Available from Mr Porter at £225.

River Island Blue Faded Retro Sunglasses

There is no dispute that black Wayfarers are a design classic, but as they only come in black, they can be rather mundane look if worn often. Options such as River Islands blue faded models offer some light relief in the style takes. Fitted with contrasting tinted lenses which offer full UV protection, these retro models present frames with a blue underlining and black graduation detailing on the arms to keep you standing out for all the right reasons.

Available from River Island at £12.

Jeepers Peepers Square Sunglasses

Jeepers Peepers have upped the style game by adding a decorative layer of gold tone wiring to their classic Wayfarer. With UV protection and a price friendly tag, these sexy squares will protect your eyes as well as your pockets.
Available from ASOS at £19.


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Kirk & Kirk – The Pioneers In Optics http://www.menstylefashion.com/kirk-kirk-pioneers-optics/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/kirk-kirk-pioneers-optics/#comments Wed, 03 Dec 2014 16:08:30 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=25978 The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since Sidney and Percy opened their first London workshops in 1919. The Kirk Brothers were innovators, not only in the design of their frames but also in the manner in which they were presented. Their couriers were the first to deliver by motorbike, cutting a dash through the streets of 1920’s London, setting the standard in both style and service. Three generations later, inspired by their love of heritage and twenty years of passion for eyewear, Jason and Karen Kirk bring you Kirk & Kirk.


Kirk &Kirk – The Pioneers In Optics

Over the years, the the Kirks have designed eyewear for the stars, including such taste setters as Samuel L. Jackson, Robbie Williams, Stevie Wonder, Oasis, U2 and you may have spotted their work on Gary Oldman’s well-formed nose in the Batman trilogy.

There is a delicate scent of retro about their work, influenced by the style icons of the 1960s, like Michael Caine and Peter Sellers, but constantly pushing the boundaries in eyewear, seeking out innovative materials and details. Their new collection, Vivarium, is handmade in France using specially created Italian acrylics, unique in the world of eyewear, to give the frames an easily identifiable colour palette. They are also far lighter than most frames so they are extremely comfortable to wear, especially if you have a strong prescription that requires heavy lenses. Inspired by Victorian scientists and their fascination with nature, each frame is named after a luminary of the era. On their site a mini-biography shares tongue in cheek truths about how each frame was named.

The Specs are Decorated with Discrete Animal Pins created by Artisan Jewelers

The specs are decorated with discrete animal pins created by artisan jewelers in the North of England and you can choose from horses, flies, lions and rams in sterling silver or nine carat gold. Bored with seeing tortoise shell and black everywhere, Kirk & Kirk adopted autumnal colours with a slightly metallic edge to allow you to dress your eyes with the under-stated glamour that they deserve. This collection allows you to express your personality by wearing something just a little different from the crowd.

It can be under-stated with a rich anthracite grey or bold and confident in blue or sage green. Whichever way you go, these beautiful glasses are made to be enjoyed, not just looked through. To purchase on-line please go to luxury eyesite

Contact Kirk & Kirk

twitter-icon facebook-icon www-icon


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Designer Sunglasses for Men – How to Choose Your Eye-wear http://www.menstylefashion.com/designer-sunglasses-how-to-choose-your-eye-wear/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/designer-sunglasses-how-to-choose-your-eye-wear/#comments Wed, 01 Oct 2014 05:46:59 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=9343 Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week

Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 – London Fashion Week


If eye-wear has taken another level for men. It certainly did at London Fashion Week and more so right now. So watch out girls the guys are embracing eye wear fashion just as much as us. It’s great to see that men are not afraid to experiment with their eye-wear. Summer is looming and one thing for sure. If Mr cool is who you’re trying to be, then be inspired by these guys.

Which Style for You

  • Glasses for Round Faces – Round  face needs to be about the same width and height, with a curving chin and cheeks. Flat, rectangular lenses will make your face appear longer and thinner.  Thick frames frames on a round face are not so good, so keep the actual material thin.
  • Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces – You can take a lot of the emphasis of a pointed chin by wearing lenses that are wider at the top than the bottom. A butterfly taper to the sides are great because it brings the attention in toward the center of your face. Embrace thicker wire or plastic frames.
  • Glasses for Square Faces – If you are looking to soften your impression up a little then wear rounded lenses. If you like the strong profile and don’t want glasses to make you look out there, a squared-off shapes can still work. Make sure the lenses are large and about even in height and width, the frames should stay slim.
  • Glasses for Oval Faces – Oval faces are the most common feature for men. They work well with most styles.  An oval face is taller than it is wide, with a rounded chin and high cheekbones, and it can wear either squared-off frames or curving ones. A thicker frame can add definition to your face .

Sunglass Inspiration

The following photos were taken by Olly Clarke at the London Fashion Week  and show a wide variety of sunglass styles out there. Be inspired for your next pair.

Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week


Designer Sunglasses for men 2013 - London Fashion Week

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Men’s Sun Glasses – Top 5 Stylish Shades For This Summer http://www.menstylefashion.com/mens-sun-glasses-top-5-stylish-shades/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/mens-sun-glasses-top-5-stylish-shades/#comments Wed, 23 Jul 2014 08:49:06 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=4195 sunglasses on the beach

Men’s Sun Glasses – The Top 5 Shades For This Summer

A brand new season doesn’t necessarily mean an entirely new wardrobe. A simple update such as a pair of stylish shades can take you from spring to summer in an instant. The latest shades that will surely make waves in summer include classic frames, such as the aviator and wayfarers. For a retro twist, why not try a cat eye or round look; and for the fashion fearless, shades in a mix of quirky frames will have you commanding attention everywhere you turn! With so many glasses online, the choice is yours but first, check out our top 5 shades for top summer style.

Found out here the top 5 styles

1. The Aviator

Considered ‘old-school’ and effortlessly cool, the aviator style is here to stay. Made popular in the 1960s and gaining a cult following in the 1980s with the film ‘Top Gun’; aviator sunglasses suit all face shapes, and both male and females. Available in a mix of lenses, metal frames and shades size; unleash the aviator within and make a statement.

Aviator Sun Glasses

2. Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

No-one can question the longevity and appeal of wayfarer sunglasses. The style of choice for the hipsters, stars and trend-setters; wayfarer sunglasses have been immortalised by famous names such as James Dean and in this day and age, Robert Pattinson of the Twilight fame. Like the aviator, wayfarers complement most face shapes and come in a diverse range of unique colours and styles. For something different, discover the vast selection of wayfarers glasses online.

wayfarer sunglasses men style fashion

3. The Cat Eye

Retro and glamorous, the kooky cat eye style is not for the faint hearted. Suited to those with a square or diamond shaped face – the cat eye will do wonders. Providing an instant lift to a vintage outfit, why not add a bit of Americana to your look.

Yellow Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

4. Round shaped

Reminiscent of the 70s, it appears that round shaped frames are making a resurgence onto the style scene. From Johnny Depp to Lady Gaga, the round frame evokes both an intelligent and creative spirit – appealing to hipsters and fashion innovators alike.

round shaped sunglasses

5. Quirky style

For this trend, anything goes! Keep it wild, fun and colourful in a pair of heart or star shaped shades in a mix of bright colours. Discover the latest in zany styles by searching for quirky glasses online and don’t forget, confidence is key!

quirky sunglasses

Inspirational Buys

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Sunglass Shopping – Try One of these Trendy Options for Winter http://www.menstylefashion.com/sunglass-shopping-try-one-of-these-trendy-options-for-winter/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/sunglass-shopping-try-one-of-these-trendy-options-for-winter/#comments Tue, 05 Nov 2013 15:39:56 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=17372 Sunglass Shopping - Try One of these Trendy Options for Winter

Sunglass Shopping

Winter is upon us, and while that may mean an end to the summer staples of shorts and sandals, sunglasses will still dominate the streets and sidewalks blocking harmful rays from men’s eyes. Not sure what styles to sport during the winter of 2013 and 2014? The below suggestions will help men select the most stylish sunglass silhouettes of the season.

Opt for Classic Shapes and Colours

For the man who wants to remain stylish without loud fashion accessories, choose more classic sunglass options, such as aviators or wayfarers, and neutral colours.

Aviator Style Sunglasses

Aviator options, with their typical wire rimmed frames and metallic hues, may have become popular thanks to the fighter pilots of the 1940s, but  these styles are still going strong, and are perfect for the current winter season. While these will obviously look impeccable with leather bombers, this silhouette will work with other men’s coats as well, including quilted and wool options.

wayfarer style sunglasses

Another trendy yet classic sunglass option for men comes in the form of wayfarer possibilities, as these glasses look sharp on a variety of face shapes and complement men’s distinct bone structure. An original option from Ray-Ban, wayfarers are generally done in all black with matching black lenses, making them easy to wear with other neutral colors including denim or khaki.

Be Bold – Choose One of these Trendsetting Styles

Trendy sunglass selections aren’t just for women. Men can also select a trendy set of shades in more modern silhouettes and colours.

Trendsetting Sunglasses 1

Tortoise frames have increased in popularity in the past year, and this winter, they will be exactly on point. Because the colors take on a more natural tone, although trendy, they aren’t obnoxious and once again can be worn with a variety of clothing possibilities, including dressy or casual apparel.

Trendsetting Sunglasses 2

Maybe to some this comes as a surprise, but men, just like their women counterparts, can easily sport cateye frames. Instead of a sharply extended rim, men’s cateye frames have a smaller and softer extension that still lengthens the silhouette, but in a less obvious manner.

Trendsetting Sunglasses 3

Mix It Up

With so many styles and silhouettes, it’s easy to find a pair of sunglasses that will fit every man’s fashion personality. Whether sporting a bold pair of round frames or a classic pair of aviators, there are plenty of options in men’s sunglasses to block rays, while keeping men stylish and looking their best.

Neil Hanks is a freelance writer and fashion blogger offering his perspective on men’s fashion trends. He recommends www.coastal.com to find the most stylish sunglass of the season.

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Cutler & Gross – Unique Men’s Eyewear Collection 2012 http://www.menstylefashion.com/cutler-gross-unique-mens-eyewear-collection-2012/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/cutler-gross-unique-mens-eyewear-collection-2012/#comments Thu, 31 May 2012 03:22:57 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=667 Cutler and Gross 2012 Eyewear

Cutler & Gross

If you need a variety of  sunglasses then this label is for you. British Cutler & Gross’s eccentric, chunky sunglasses have been embraced by the international fashion world. The retro appeal and signature quirky colors of these exquisitely made sunglasses are a must have this 2012.

Cutler & Gross is only one of the few global eyewear companies still manufacturing entirely in Italy in its own controlled factory. It bought a 25yr old family run factory and have reinvented as their own. To avoid any confusion, “handmade in Italy” is no longer used to label products, but reference is made to the unique factory in italy where frames are produced: “handmade by C & G Italy”.

Its manufacturing process adheres to the tradition of handmade eyewear, each pair undergoes a painstaking three-week hand-finishing process that gives them a distinctive, rough-hewn, one-of-a-kind quality. Their core designs focus on timeless and classic eyewear, so you could wear them year after year.

Cutler & Gross, have created four new styles for men called the, Hong Kong Motorcycle Club collection. This is including a series of unique aviators as well as some eye eliminating looks including the 1057 model based on 1960’s French policemen sunglasses. It is available in multiple lens shades, the 1057 is meant to tuck nicely into a motorcycle helmet. The collection is part of its premium high end offering and available exclusively for the gentlemen.

johnny depp, cutler and gross 2012

cutler and gross sunglasses 2012 hong kong motorcycle club

cutler and gross sunglasses 2012 hong kong motorcycle club

cutler and gross 2012, mens eyewear rayban

cutler and gross eyewear. mens 2012

Johnny Depp look

cutler and gross eyewear. mens 2012

A real crowd puller this 2012

cutler and gross eyewear. mens 2012

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