Hats – Men Style Fashion http://www.menstylefashion.com We Show You How Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:32:45 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 The Iconic ‘KANGOL’ SS17 Collection – Timeless & Trendy Hats http://www.menstylefashion.com/iconic-kangol-ss17-collection-timeless-trendy-hats/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/iconic-kangol-ss17-collection-timeless-trendy-hats/#respond Tue, 11 Apr 2017 09:47:50 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=61336 Today MenStyleFashion teamed up with, the iconic brand ‘Kangol‘. Kangol is known for its timeless & trendy line of clothing and more famously its hats! These hats became famous when movie star Samuel L Jackson began modeling them. Kangol’s showcase items for SS17 are super slick and trendy, some of my personal favourites are the casual caps, trilby style boat hats and of course the Kangol famous bucket hats. Whilst driving through Holland reviewing the Jaguar F-Pace Model S. We thought we would showcase some of the SS17 collection in typical Dutch scenery. As far as the hats go, we can’t get enough of the different looks, let alone the brilliant quality and attention to detail, that is what Kangol is famous for. Enjoy the ride.

The Cut Up

The Cut Up 507 is an oversized jacquard knit combining diagonal & straight lines dissecting the entire cap. The 507 is a modern Kangol cap shape that follows the shape of the head. It’s made from Tropic yarn so the hat is lightweight & comfortable.

Multi Stripe

 The Multi Stripe 507 is a modern & sleek Kangol cap shape that has a similar fit to a baseball. The clean 2 colour stripes are placed vertically on the cap. It’s seamless, knitted and blocked construction allow the stripes to follow the curve of the cap.

Knit Chain Casual

Never drop your hat again with the Knit Chain Bermuda Casual. We have taken our original icon that rocks the beach as well as the dance floor and added a lightweight chunky chain. The Casual shape in our textured Bermuda material is a timeless classic. LL Cool J take notice.

Mix Tape Reversible Bucket

The Mix Tape Bucket is a fully reversible hat with a custom designed print, reminding you of glorious summer days listening to a compilation of tunes given to you by a special someone. On the solid colour reverse side is a Kangol cassette embroidery.

Tropic 504

The 504 cap gets its name from the number assigned to the original block shape that it is made on. The Tropic yarn means that the hat is both lightweight and comfortable.

Indigo Mowbray

The Indigo Mowbray uses high quality indigo dyed cotton yarn, the Indigo pigments only permeate the surface giving each hat a unique appearance after washing. The details are inspired by classic selvedge jeans, with gold stitch and stripe knit sweatband.
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BooM Wooden Brim Cap – The Coolest Cap in the World http://www.menstylefashion.com/boom-wooden-brim-cap-the-coolest-cap-in-the-world/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/boom-wooden-brim-cap-the-coolest-cap-in-the-world/#comments Mon, 01 Feb 2016 15:49:54 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=42895 Boom wooden brim caps

Handmade Cap With Wooden Brim

The Amsterdam based start-up TWO-O will take wearing a cap to a whole new level. The brand that created the first handmade cap with the wooden brim, is about to conquer the world. The founders of TWO-O are confident that this cap is going to be an absolute fashion item, worldwide, thanks to a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Their mission is to change the headwear industry by introducing this awesome cap into the market.

Boom wooden brim caps

Their new endeavour has been stimulated as a result of the great response and acceptance from the public to the product, in the Netherlands and its neighboring countries. Therefore, the founders of TWO-O decided they would take on a new challenge. The Dutch startup has been secretly working and planning the campaign for this awesome cap – known as the BooM collection – since September 2015. This collection represents everything TWO-O stands for: sustainable design and creative thinking.


Boom wooden brim caps

New York

In order to bypass some of the challenges of launching a crowdfunding campaign, TWO-O has put up a team who is working in collaboration with Aimforthemoon and an entrepreneur in New York. Together, they have created new designs for the cap, made a photo shoot in The Big Apple and found a manufacturing partner to produce the cap on a bigger scale. Craftsmanship TWO-O is founded by Rodny Heemskerk and Bob Koning. Beside a solid friendship, they also share their passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability. With their hands-on mentality and critical eye for detail, TWO-O aims to raise consumer awareness through the development of sustainable products. Coupled with their commitment to craftsmanship, TWO-O is a brand that goes against the grain.


BooM wooden brim caps


The Kickstarter campaign will be running from February 1 to March 1, with pledges starting at €18 (approximately $20) – incredibly cheap if we consider the current price of €59,95. What are you waiting for? Go support one of the most creative Dutch startups in terms of craftsmanship before it is too late. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get this really cool cap for a really affordable price.

BooM wooden brim caps

The new caps by TWO-O debuted today on Kickstarter. Go and check them out!


BooM wooden brim caps

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Fedora Hats – For The Rebel & Charismatic Individuals http://www.menstylefashion.com/fedora-hats-rebel-charismatic-individuals/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/fedora-hats-rebel-charismatic-individuals/#comments Thu, 26 Nov 2015 01:16:50 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=20943 Us gents often get a bad rap when it comes to being adventurous in our clothing choices and even less so as far as headwear is concerned; give a man a beanie or baseball cap and he is content with his lot, happy that his head is protected from the elements but also the fact he doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Put a man in a Fedora hat however and the likelihood is he shall freeze to the spot, or worse still, he’ll throw it straight back from whence it came such will be his umbrage towards this piece of headwear.

History Of The Fedora Hat

Yet the Fedora is not only steeped in history, it has also been worn by some of the coolest (and baddest) men ever – both real and fictional. Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones, soccer manager Malcolm Allison, American Football coach Tom Landry, Michael Jackson, Al Capone, Pete Doherty and Beck have all sported Fedoras at one point or another in the past 100 years, making it possibly the hippest piece of headwear ever. The Fedora hat and its name originate from the play Fedora, written by Victorien Sardou in 1882 and it soon gained popularity for its sleek and stylish look as well as the more practical reasoning of protecting ones head of hair from the wind and rain.

Since those early beginnings the hat has found both fame and infamy, most notably through popstars and actors but also with the mafia and the gangsters of the 1920’s prohibition era. Nowadays the classic Fedora is still very much in vogue with major fashion brands such as Prada and Yves Saint Laurent using it in recent menswear campaigns.

The problem with the every day man wearing such a hat – as is the case with many items of clothing that do not automatically fit into male sartorial norms – is they do not know what to wear the Fedora with, yet pull on a pair of skinny jeans, slim line brogues, plain white t-shirt and black blazer and you have the perfect outfit for the Fedora. You don’t even have to go down the skinny, rock’n’roll look; a sharp suit and tie combination and a good pair of shoes teamed with a Fedora is a great outfit for a wedding or formal occasion. You do not have to don the hat all night but it certainly makes for a far more interesting outfit than simply wearing the required suit.

People often look at the Fedora and think fashion but that is a hat of classic style. The Fedora is part of our fashion history and education, it tells the tale of eras throughout time and still finds itself very much entrenched in our style psyche over a century after it first appeared on an American stage. This is the hat of the rebel, the charismatic individuals unafraid of what others think and afraid of no one. And if it’s good enough for Indiana Jones, then it’s good enough for me.

For a great selection of Fedora hats check out the brand Stetson Hats which is a specialist hat brand.

Fedora Hat for Men

Fedora Hat for Men

Fedora Hat for Men



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Stetson Hats – 150 Years Of History http://www.menstylefashion.com/stetson-hats-150-years-of-history/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/stetson-hats-150-years-of-history/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2015 06:36:15 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=29295 Stetson 150th Anniversary

Over the last two years I have noticed men wearing more hats at fashion events. I have also noticed men are wearing hats whilst out and about on the streets of Europe. In fact, I am a huge hat lover, so I can relate to any guy wearing them. When it comes to hat brands, Stetson from Texas US is a huge name normally associated with westerns. I am digging a bit deeper into the history of this iconic brand which is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and then look at reasons why, where and when you should wear hats.



Stetson History

In 1865, with $100, John B. Stetson rented a small room, bought $10 worth of fur and the John B. Stetson Hat Company was born. John B. Stetson experienced trying times in his life but one thing he did exceptionally well, and that was making hats. Trained by his father, a master hatter, John B. Stetson kept his hat attitude on and led the hat industry. It was his commitment to designing new hat styles for fashion and function so that in 2015, the Stetson hat factory in Garland, Texas is still one of the largest in the country.
In 1998, Friedrich W. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG company got their hands on Stetson as distributor for Europe and the official licensee shortly thereafter. They made the successful development towards European needs from pure classic US western to urban fashion hats and lifestyle demands. If you want to know more about the full history now, checkout the history page on Stetson.


Old advertisement for the Stetson “Playboy” hat

For many men, Stetson hats has always maintained classic styling and premium quality. It is why customer loyalty remains the driving force behind each and every hat that is sold. I noticed this myself in London earlier this year with the amount of men whose eyes burned like fire when I mentioned the word Stetson. It can be said that that Stetson hats are the most well known hats in the world.

Why Should Men Wear Hats?

There is something about a hat which makes your whole demeanour feel a little different, a little more sure of yourself, more confident in your stride. The hat helps you stand out, separates you from the masses, adds a touch of spice to what may be your everyday wear. There is a mysteriousness and a mystique message when you’re wearing a hat. Since they were invented, there is a strong message of sophistication about wearing a hat.

When I was sent the images of the history that Stetson has held through out the years of campaigning men to buy into their hats, I couldn’t help think why we have lost the art of understanding the very essence of men wearing hats. Of course, culturally wearing hats is not seen or embraced on a daily bases. But there are areas within your life where you can and should wear hats.

Business Men & Hats

Walking the streets of Europe and I am referring to Berlin, Milano, London, Paris and Barcelona, it occurred to me, especially in the winter months, that a man should wear a hat everyday. There is nothing more attractive than seeing a man in a suit walking to work. It gives a message of pride and prestige before he begins a hard day’s work. It only gets better when he tips his hat towards you acknowledging he has noticed you and then comes that smile. It’s called professional flirting and on a cold winter’s morning, there is nothing more uplifting than being noticed by a man under his hat.

Stetson hats

Wedding Attire

Is it rude to wear a hat at a wedding? I certainly don’t think so. For me, it’s the perfect platform to really showcase your style on your mate’s wedding day. There are many varieties of hats that you can mix and match with your suit. What an epic way to salute your mate, the groom, by launching your hat in the air as a celebration of approval?


Having A Bad Hair Day

Most sports stars wear hats when they are having a bad hair day. They say their public image is important, and after a match in front of media, it is the perfect accessory to embrace. Some days that wind will toss your hair in ways that only a hat can cover and protect, so make sure the hat fits well or it might get blown away with the wind.
For all the reasons above, it is truly important you understand what style of hat belongs to you. With a history like Stetson, when you’re not sure what hat suits you, their expert staff and on-line services will give you a clear indication of hats that belong to you. Yes, hats are that powerful. If you choose a hat, it’s like a pair of shoes. Instantly, you will know and feel it is the right look for you.

Stetson’s Current Collection

We have taken some the current collection of hats for sale at Stetson.eu. Follow Stetson on Facebook 



Pork Pie Hat – Arnim X Beatsteaks VitafeltDirect link to shop

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Fedora Hat – The Hattitude Is Back http://www.menstylefashion.com/fedora-hat-the-hattitude-is-back/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/fedora-hat-the-hattitude-is-back/#comments Sat, 14 Mar 2015 07:46:56 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=27259 When we in the hat business engage our fantasy of men’s hats coming back in general fashion, what we picture is the fedora. The fedora hat is the everyman’s hat the true successor to the bowler hat. Snap the brim and let everyone noticing that you mean business.

The name “Fedora” comes from the heroine of French playwright Victorien Sardou’s drama presented in Paris in 1882. She wore the hat style that would become the hallmark of movie tough guys, Chicago gangsters, private eyes, newspaper reporters–in fact by the 1930s, virtually every man who put on a suit of clothes topped it off with a fedora.


If  your grandfather came from either Europe or North America, chances are he wore a fedora. Today, the fedora is, hands down, still the best selling hat for both men and women we’re talking full size hat-not ball caps.



The safari style, a fedora crown with a brim turned down in the front and the back, received a huge boost with the Indiana Jones movies whereIndy’s hat was emblematic of the man. A style that truly can be worn anytime of the year. It just depends on the fabric.


How To Wear The Fedora Hat for 2015

The problem with the every day man wearing such a hat – as is the case with many items of clothing that do not automatically fit into male sartorial norms – is they do not know what to wear the Fedora with, yet pull on a pair of skinny jeans, slim line brogues, plain white t-shirt and black blazer and you have the perfect outfit for the Fedora. You don’t even have to go down the skinny, rock’n’roll look; a sharp suit and tie combination and a good pair of shoes teamed with a Fedora is a great outfit for a wedding or formal occasion. You do not have to don the hat all night but it certainly makes for a far more interesting outfit than simply wearing the required suit.

Fedora hat 2015 for men menstylefashion maria scard

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Summer Hats – Hot Essentials For Your Head http://www.menstylefashion.com/summer-hats-hot-essentials-head/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/summer-hats-hot-essentials-head/#comments Tue, 03 Jun 2014 08:27:16 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=23532 A Guide To Summer Hats

Yes, men are gradually more inclined now to wear hats of any kind. Far from it’s original attribute when a hat was perceived as a sign of distinction, setting the social castes apart, it still remains a piece of absolute elegance and effortless style. Hats are very much on trend for summer 2014 as they were last year, however the style of the hat were it be a fedora or a frank Sinatra inspired head piece it should always reflect a gents individuality and personal style.

The Fedora

You have probably caught a scene of Mad Men’s Don Draper throwing a fedora hat across the room and thought it’s a look worth trying out. Perhaps you envy the classic elegance of Frank Sinatra or the nonchalance of Johnny Depp in one effortless, pirate off- duty look. This style is adored by many and it involves a simple straw hat typically creased lengthwise down the crown and “pinched” in the front on both sides. Wear it with slim-fit cotton shirts, straight leg trousers and lightweight blazers. Finish the look with suede brogues and light shaded sunglasses.

Fedora hat for men summer 2014

Flat Cap

A flat cap, also going by the name of bunnet in Scotland, or duckbill is a classic piece and a great way to quickly upgrade your style if you do it right. Try a classic pattern or a plain color though, along the lines of beige, tweed or plaid. Brighter colors could make you look cheap and clownish. Pair it up with formalwear, tailored outfits and brogue shoes for a stylish night out.

Paul Newman

The Panama Hat

Also known as a toquilla straw hat, this comprises of a traditional brimmed straw hat of Ecuadorian origin featuring a center crease. Maybe you think it makes the ultimate boat look and you’re right. It’s easy to pull off, stay safe under the sun and look effortless during your summer excursions. Complete the look with your fave summer suit, Bermuda shorts, loafers and aviator sunglasses.

panama straw hat for men 2014

The Snapback

The Snapback comeback and the nineties revival is more than evident the past few years in fashion and music alike. And it seems as if the common baseball cap went from a nineties reference item to a part of an streetwear must have in no time. However, try to avoid flashy coloured and offensive logos and try to go for the authentic vintage option of a nineties cap. A simple NBA logo is a cool way to go. Also, try to keep the rest of the outfit understated, avoid baggy trousers, chains, accessories unless you want to look like an extra of a 00’s hiphop video.


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Tom Smarte Hats – Hat-maker with British Heritage http://www.menstylefashion.com/tom-smarte-hats-hat-maker-with-british-heritage/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/tom-smarte-hats-hat-maker-with-british-heritage/#comments Thu, 03 Apr 2014 09:00:40 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=22411 tom-smarte

Fashion, if we are brutally honest, is a funny old business – one moment an item is ‘in’ the next it’s ‘out’ (even the phrases themselves seem peculiar when you stop to think about it.) There is this ceaseless battle of keeping up with the latest brands, the sharpest cuts, the who’s, the how’s and the why’s. It can all be so exuberant at times.

Thankfully, and to paraphrase the legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent, unlike fashion, style is eternal. Great style is a grand composition fusing the classic with the contemporary, somehow eschewing the crazed maelstrom of fashion to retain a sense of class and decorum. Which is exactly what the hat designers over at Tom Smarte’s manage to achieve.

Tom Smarte’s Heritage

Taking their name from Devonshire born hat maker Thomas Smarte, who was making hats in as far back as the 1770’s, these London based hat makers are proud to say they still use the same tools and methods dating back to 18th Century. This is very much a brand that places good old honest traditional hat making at its core but at the same juncture updates said hats to ensure they are befitting of the modern gent.

The beauty of the Tom Smarte brand is that while a genteel doth of thy cap is tipped towards traditional values and retaining their British heritage, they are unafraid to move with the times, offering hats that no matter the shape of ones head, will suit every man. In fact in this is where their beauty lies.

We here at MSF often hear men saying hats simply don’t’ suit them but the gents over at Tom Smarte can prove this is simply not the case. Offering a wide range of styles – from Trilby’s to Fedoras and flat caps – in an array of colours, the fact all of their hats are painstakingly crafted by hand and with each individual customer in mind, helps to ensure there is a shape and style for all us men.

We live in an age where the beanie hat has become the go-to piece of headwear for young men but that needn’t always be the case. In this modern world where we want everything here and now and our fashion choices are endless, it is refreshing to know brands such as Tom Smarte are ensuring the skills of great craftsmanship and traditional styles are not being lost.

With the renaissance of workwear as a fashion trend and with more men stepping foot outside of their comfortable clothing norms now is as good a time as any to invest in a hat that will last you a lifetime. The hat is the companion of respectable gents, rock ‘n’ rollers and workwear hipsters so there is really no excuse for not owning one. And of course, the hat is the Smarte choice.


Fedora - Wool Felt - Grey

Fedora – Wool Felt – Grey

Drivers Cap - Tweed Wool Brown

Drivers Cap – Tweed Wool Brown

Newsboy Cap - Tweed Wool

Newsboy Cap – Tweed Wool

Trilby Hat Herringbone Brown

Trilby Hat Herringbone Brown

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Hats For Every Man – How To Choose Your Hat http://www.menstylefashion.com/hats-how-to-choose-your-hat/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/hats-how-to-choose-your-hat/#respond Thu, 22 Aug 2013 07:55:13 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=15536 Pola hats for men black

Hats For Every Man

As men become more fashion savvy than ever, experimenting with new looks and styles, there has been a huge boom in the accessories market. Hats are a great way to change up a look, adding to your clothes to make you look smarter or more casual as you desire. There is a huge selection of hats on offer to buy now, and here is just a small selection of the styles available on the market and how to wear them.

The Beanie

Incredibly versatile and a go to style for when you are having a bad hair day, or simply feel like looking more casual, as sported by David Beckham dressed down in denim and a leather jacket. Beanies are also worn in this image taken backstage at a show at London Collections Men, matched to the colour of suits which would look great on the way to work.

Beanie - David Beckham wearing a grey beanie

The Boater

Boaters have experienced something of a comeback this year, partly due to the film The Great Gatsby where they are worn by Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire. They are great for Summer, are a great shape and smarten up a casual outfit. The colour of the boater works really well with the bright orange of the jumper in the first image, from the French movie Heartbeats, and the second image shows just how smart the boater can be.

Boater Hats for men beige

The Baseball Cap

Probably the most popular hat today. Traditionally worn by younger guys, it is now worn by a huge range of people. Pharrell sports a geek chic look, pairing his red cap with thick rimmed glasses, and a model on the streets of Paris shows how to wear it backwards.

Baseball caps red

The Flat Cap

Traditional, English and old fashioned, this is another style that is popular once more. Again worn casually by David Beckham and a smarter look on the Burberry catwalk.

Flat Cap Berets David Beckham

The Fedora

Super cool, rakish and smart. Worn in so many ways – Don Draper of Mad Men pairs his with a suit, while Harry Styles and Johnny Depp wear it casually. Douglas Booth wears a straw, navy version which really suits his festival look.

Fedora hats for men


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Hats for Men – Tips In Choosing Your Hat http://www.menstylefashion.com/hats-tips-in-choosing-your-hat/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/hats-tips-in-choosing-your-hat/#comments Mon, 11 Mar 2013 07:26:33 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=8811 London Fashion Week - Hats for men 2013

Hats – Tips In Choosing Your Hat

I have always had a soft spot for hats in my wardrobe; as a teen I used to live in baseball caps that relatives who lived in Canada would send over: Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs fitted New Era hats that were – back before the internet had ever been heard off – impossible to obtain unless you happened to be a resident of London.

Thankfully, as I have grown older, and I’d like to think slightly more sophisticated (some of my friends may disagree), my choices in headwear have developed somewhat but I still thank my Canadian family for sowing the seeds of my love affair with hats.

There is something about a hat which makes your whole demeanour feel a little different, a little more sure of yourself, more confident in your stride. The hat helps you stand out, separates you from the masses, adds a touch of spice to what may be your everyday wears.

With winter still very fresh in our minds, the beanie hat is still very much at the front of my sartorial thinking. In recent years the beanie has shrunk in size – a higher turn up, more fitted atop the head, less about covering the ears – and I am huge fan because it not only saves you from a bad hair day but it has a logical purpose as well as a fashionable edge. Warm and cool at the same juncture, you can’t ask for more than that.

Russian Hats

Still very much the domain of female fashionistas, the large Russian hats designed for Siberian winters are slowly making their way into the male fashion consciousness. And about time too. Incredibly warm, if you can pick yourself up an original, resplendent with Russian military insignia, you really will be able to stand out in the crowd.

London Fashion Week -  Russian Hats for men 2013

The Amish

I may be renowned for denouncing all material wealth but if one hat has immersed itself in the psyche of the fashion savvy in recent years, look no further than the wide brimmed black hats. They have become synonymous with brands such as Dior and have found their way onto the high-streets of any leading retailer becoming very much a statement hat. If you are going to wear a wide brimmed hat, I suggest keeping the rest of your outfit sleek and simple and let that hat have its moment. In fact, when I wear mine I’m clad head to toe in black.

 wide brimmed hats for men

The recent rise of street style and its merger with high-end fashion has seen the baseball cap move away from sports stadiums and into the realms of everyday wear. Personally I am not a big fan, may be that has something to do with them conjuring up times of teenage angst, but worn with a good pair of trainers, a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt that doesn’t make you look like a 30-something going through a premature mid-life crisis, the baseball hat looks like it is here to stay.

London Fashion Week -  Fedora Hats for men 2013


London Fashion Week - Hat's for men


London Fashion Week - Hat's for men


London Fashion Week -  Hats for men 2013


Savoy London - Top Hats

Savoy London – Top Hats


Image Credits: Maria Scard

Inspirational Buys

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Hats and Berets – How Men Are Wearing Them Right Now http://www.menstylefashion.com/hats-and-berets-how-men-are-wearing-them-right-now/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/hats-and-berets-how-men-are-wearing-them-right-now/#comments Wed, 12 Dec 2012 23:13:24 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=6141 hats for men 2013

Hats and Berets

Winter has well and truly settled in and the hats are out in mass. In these pictures the men are wearing their hats so well, so if you’re looking for inspiration you’ve come to right place. They are showing us that it’s imperative you have the right HATtitude – were so funny here at MenStyleFashion.com. Hats for men is about “uping” your style and setting yourselves apart from other men. For example; if you’re trying to impress somebody, you can’t go wrong with a  fedora. Experiment with different materials, colours and patterns to coordinate with different types and styles of outfits.  These days it’s not what style hat you go for, it’s about how you wear it!  Confidence is key and nothing says self-assured like a bowler hat.

The beret is very underrated when it comes to being classed as sexy. It’s oozes style, fashion and confidence. When I see men walking with a beret they exude HATtitude. The beret looks street-smart and my favourite complete look is when men wear it with a pinstripe suit.

Whatever hat you choose, make sure you coordinate it with what you’re wearing and where you’re going. Be inspired by the men below and go get your hat on.


The Expendables Film - Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham in the latest movie, Expendables 2 rocked the beret style through out the movie.

bmx boy style - three piece tweed suit - barret

Nice stylish rider with his HATtitude.

Blue Barret

Cool super cool and loving that bakerboy cap.

men's hat

Make sure you are waiting in style with your hat.

Brown hat and suede bag

Loving the look and hat – eapescially with the bag

brown wool hat and velvet jackets

How stylish are these two and that hat just completes the outfit

Manners Marketh The Man pinstripe hat suit black

Pinstripe suit looks perfect with hat’s

black hat and black cape for men

Black on black looks amazing

red shoes for men and hats

Loving this look and those shoes are just fabulous

blue hats for men wool

Well blue on blue looks just great with those shoes.

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HatQuarters – Tips in Choosing a Hat That Suits You http://www.menstylefashion.com/hatquarters-tips-in-choosing-a-hat-that-suits-you/ http://www.menstylefashion.com/hatquarters-tips-in-choosing-a-hat-that-suits-you/#respond Tue, 17 Jul 2012 21:21:35 +0000 http://www.menstylefashion.com/?p=2231 hat-quarters,-bracelona.2

HatQuarters started in Barcelona as the exclusive retailer of the world famous hat brand from San Fransicso, Goorin Bros. Whilst browsing the El Born area in Barcelona I instantly loved  this shop. It’s very male friendly, super easy to try on as many hats as you like. Its range of footwear also blends in very well with the hats. So you can walk out in a complete new outfit from head to toe.

HatQuarters is becoming a fast growing brand, they are adding a retail location in Istanbul with several further locations now in construction throughout Europe and the world.

How to choose the hat for you?

Simple get with some friends head into the shop and try on as many hats as you want. By everyone’s reactions including your own.You’ll instantly know you’ve chosen the right hat for you.



Staff member looking funky with his hat








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A hundred years ago in 1912 men didn’t leave home without a hat. Boys wore caps. See the image above.

Why did men stop wearing headgear in mid century America? The turning point, most people say, was John F. Kennedy’s inauguration. Before Kennedy, all presidents wore top hats on their first day at work. Kennedy brought one, but hardly ever put it on. Fashionistas say Kennedy, one of our most charismatic presidents, made hats un-happen. And, chronologically speaking, after JFK, guys everywhere, even balding ones like astronaut John Glenn, went topless.

Are hats dated for men? How can we bring back the fabulous hat trend back for men? When should you wear a hat?

What Hat To Chose

Wearing a hat is generally determined by type of clothing or the face. Each hat is unique to determine a person’s attitude.

  1. The colour hat you choose should come down primarily to the type of clothing you tend to wear on a daily basis. For example, those who work in the professional sector and are looking for a great winter hat for daily wear should consider wearing a hat that is neutral in color, which can be paired with a variety of different types of clothing.
  2. Those interested in wearing more stylish attire will do well by purchasing a hat that is neutral in colour; shades of black, brown or beige come to mind, and can be very attractive.
  3. Choosing a hat made out of the right fabric for the right season.
The only way we can bring back the hatittude is by setting examples of when and wear to use them. Be inspired by the fashion icons below and make sure when greeting a lady you take your hat off.
sandro dolce and gabbana hats - D&G
This is how every men should wear a hat
Men wearing hats
Mada Uomo Autunno Inverno mens hat
Embrace the hat
Brad Pitt summer hat 2012
Brad Pitt,summer-hat-2012
Hat for men with prints and brown stripe
Don’t be afraid of different prints
Men wearing hats in Florence
Embrace colourful hats this summer like these gentlemen in Florence
mens hat,royal ascot 2012
The main event you will see men wearing hats is at Royal Ascot 2012
johnny depp wearing his favourite fedora hat
Johnny Depp loves the fedora hat. Why? Because it suits his face.
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