Shoes – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Chamaripa Elevator Shoes – Power Boost To Dream Height, Confidence & Success Wed, 20 Dec 2017 08:50:30 +0000 From New York to Vegas or London to Tokyo, there is no doubt that height is the most important thing when defining a handsome, attractive, confident, and successful man. Well, the debate on why the society is this harsh to men who are not as tall as ‘expected’ has raged with no sign of clear answers in sight. This takes us to the question; what can you do to look several inches taller?There is no point to keep worrying why nature designed you a shorter person while others are exceptionally tall. You can appear taller with 2 to 5 inches with Chamaripa shoes. Its best elevator shoes make it possible to look taller, confident, and successful.

Chamaripa Elevator Dress Shoes – 8CM / 3.15 inch Taller

Elevator Shoes For Men – The Secret Behind Confidence Exuded By Celebrities

Every time that you see them on the favorite television shows, celebrities display special confidence that many can only dream of. The secret is on their looks and appearance. Whether they are shooting films in the field or other areas, the shoes make them look taller, perfect and really desirable.

Many celebrities agree that height increasing shoes make them feel they are at the apex that one can ever aspire to reach. When the elevation is matched with the proper sense of style, the reality is that celebrities end up looking even more gorgeous than those who are born tall.

The discovery of men’s elevator shoes bestowed the power to control one’s height. This means that no matter what people think of tall men, the men’s elevator shoes makes you be counted as one of them.

Chamaripa Elevator Sneakers Shoes – 7CM / 2.76 inch Taller

Chamaripa Elevator Sneakers Shoes – 7CM / 2.76 inch Taller

Rethinking Personal Style To Map Personal Success With Height Increasing Shoes

While some people might think that height is simply used generally to define looks, it is actually more than that. When you pick the right high heel shoes for men to hit that target height, you get extra confident that points to personal success.

Whether you are going to an interview or your company is launching a new brand, the extra confidence will make you exemplary. This confidence will make the interviewer see the self-drive, a unique force, and the perfect fit to move a department, team, or entire organization to the next level. Ask most of the top Hollywood actors, and they will tell you that the greatest pillar of their success is confidence.

Take a look at your best jeans, suit, and other casual wear. Then, imagine where you want to reach. This can be made possible by going for the right high heels shoes for men. The shoes are the lever to catapult you to success.

Chamaripa Elevator Boots – 7CM / 2.76 inch Taller

Rushing Ahead Of Others In Defining Success

To hit that dream productivity level, it must be clearly espoused in mind. But many people fail when they start wondering how their lack of height will play in the scenario. Whether you want to outshine others at work or in social realms, simply check for elevator shoes 5 inches or height increasing shoes 4 inches depending on anticipated personal adjustment.

The elevator shoes for men make it possible to edge right ahead of others because you can finally hit the revered height and confidence level. To get better results, make sure only to select the most comfortable and stylish height increasing shoes for men from Chamaripa.

If you are interested, please visit for more product details.

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9 Ways to Make Your Shoes Last Longer Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:14:07 +0000 We spend a fair amount of time in our shoes and, for those of us with a minor shoe obsession, we can also spend a small fortune on shoes we love. Shoes take quite a beating, over the years, from the weather and from general wear and tear. Therefore, it is important to take a few simple measures to protect them and make sure your favorites can be worn for many years to come.

Invest in Quality

The first step to having shoes that last longer is to invest in high-quality shoes. High-quality shoes have better craftsmanship and a better design to resist wear and tear. They are generally made from finer materials and have been through more rigorous testing. Though they may cost a little more upfront, if you follow some simple care tips, you can keep your investment looking gorgeous and brand new.

Keep Them Clean

This is a no-brainer. Leaving your shoes dirty or wet is an invitation for decay and deterioration. Don’t go overboard and hose them off after you wear them. This is especially important for leather shoes, as the leather can become waterlogged and lose its shape.

Generally, all shoes need is a light dust with a soft cloth or shoe brush. If you have stubborn grime clinging to the soles, use a stiffer brush to remove the dirt, then wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Although it’s tempting, avoid putting canvas shoes and sneakers through the washing machine. The wash cycle and detergents are too harsh on the shoes’ material and may make them wear out faster or loosen eyelets and stitching. Instead, give them a quick scrub with a damp brush and canvas soap, as soon as possible, to stop any stains from setting in.


Our shoes are exposed to all kinds of weather, so it is important to make sure they are protected. Waterproofing your shoes keeps your shoes in better condition longer. However, be aware that different shoes require different weatherproofing treatments.

For leather shoes and boots, choose a waterproofing spray that isn’t silicone-based; these sprays don’t allow the shoes to breathe and can cause the material to break down quicker. Make sure your shoes are clean and dry before applying the spray.

For other shoes, especially heavy-duty boots, silicone-based sprays can be very effective, as they create a protective barrier that keeps out the elements.

Remember, when using any treatment, try to waterproof your shoes as soon as possible after purchase for more effective protection.


Sounds crazy, right? Yet, just like your skin needs moisture to stay soft and supple, so does your favorite pair of leather shoes. Without proper care, leather can become brittle and crack over time. Moisturizers keep the leather malleable, nourish the material, and keep footwear looking brand new.

Make sure you select a shoe moisturizer that readily soaks into the leather. Creams that sit on top as a barrier are less effective, and they will leave greasy stains on the hems of your pants.

Get Organized

Storing your shoes properly is an important way to make sure they aren’t subject to scuffs and tears from other shoes when you just throw them in a pile. The easiest way to store your shoes is in their original box. However, this isn’t always the chicest way to display your footwear, and it can take up a lot of room in your closet.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy and stylish ways to organize your shoes. You can purchase shoe storage systems that can be easily installed and hidden if you would rather not have your shoes on display. Other systems make the most of the space you have in your closet by hanging over the back of the door. However, some of the most effective storage systems are equipped with shoe trees that hold your shoes’ shape, which goes a long way to preserving the structural integrity of your shoes.


Protect the Interior of Your Shoes

Though the interior of your shoes isn’t subject to the same weathering as the exterior, they still face some wear and tear from heels and toes rubbing against their material.

One of the best ways to protect the interior of your shoes is to use removable insoles that can be swapped and rotated frequently. Insoles can also help to absorb some of the downward force exerted on the sole, protecting it from wearing down. Removable insoles are also easy to clean. Simply wipe the insoles down with diluted tea tree oil, which will act as a disinfectant and leave your shoes smelling great.


Keep Your Soles Intact

The soles of your shoes take the most damage, so it is important to protect them. Though it may seem excessive, using sole protectors can add years to the life of your shoes. Have your shoe repair shop to put a rubber sole over your original sole, which will not only protect your shoes from the elements but, also, give you added traction.

If your soles are already looking a little worse for wear, have them resoled rather than throwing them away.

Put Your Shoes on Correctly

How hard can it be to put on a pair of shoes? Depending on the style, many shoes can be slipped on easily without damaging any part of the shoe. However, some styles, particularly shoes with laces, don’t slide on as easily as others. Forcing shoes on, or using your fingers to wedge your feet into your shoes, can damage the heel collar. Use a shoehorn to help your feet slip easily inside your shoes and make sure to properly loosen your laces before taking off your shoes.

Get Professional Help

Good shoes are an investment, just like your car. Would you get rid of your car if it had a few nicks and scratches? Of course, you’d take it to get fixed. Repairing your shoes rather than replacing them is an economical and eco-friendly way to keep your shoes in good condition.

Take your shoes to a repair shop as soon as you notice any damage. While the cobbler repairs your shoes, have him buff out any scratches and apply some polish to restore their original sheen.




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Trainers – Seven Must Buys For Summer Sun, 02 Jul 2017 01:26:48 +0000 Air Jordan VI Retro Black Cat   By Nike

Looking as good still as during kinetic movement, Tinker Hatfield’s classic pays homage to the sports cars of yore. A superb Spoiler heel fused with a neoprene superstructure make this look and feel great. A continuation of the Air Jordan Black Cat family in the now striking black and white.

Nike   £160.00

Instapump Fury 58 Bright St. Edition  By Reebok

Reebok seem to be everywhere at the moment like the exploding star of the sneaker world. The addition of the 58 Bright St moniker to its branding turns energy into something that really does matter. Instapump technology bonded with Vibram sole. A rising star!

End Clothing     £180.00

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Summer Shoes – Snazzy Shoes Snazzy Outfits Thu, 15 Jun 2017 04:49:11 +0000 Amazing fact Holmes, gents love jeans. They can be a quick and easy fix for business or pleasure, for week or weekend wear. for PowerPoint or pub. Such democratization of the humble jean may make you think that worrying about footwear is unnecessary; you couldn’t be more wrong. If you avoid the obvious choice of the universally acceptable darker toned brogue what else is available?

Well, a good second fiddle to your bow is the Chelsea boot, which looks good with the proviso the jean, is darker and slim fit .Aim for the classic Levi if in doubt. Distressed rap style, lower waist fans need to pair their look with quality trainers or sneakers and baggy designer T-shirts and loose fitting shirts.

The Chino

The Chino as we have previously discussed is a worldwide phenomenon almost as well known as the humble denim. Suitable from New York to Newbury it’s easy to play the slots with foot fashion pairing classic chinos with a range of footwear from deck shoes to loafers depending on the weather. Darker chinos can look swell with the hiking boot and brogue as long as they are manufactured in a classic leather body and sole. Polish them to perfection although slightly scuffed is acceptable if flashing a little bit of quality woolen socks for that off paste mountain climber look.


Slim fit joggers can often be the sometimes cheaper alternative with the sport lure look being a way of dressing down to highlight smart, expensive statement trainers or sneakers .For a more contemporary look then risk the addition of chukka boots but never fall into the conventional dress shoe look or you’ll lose the credibility factor as you duck and dive around your crib.


Always good if you sport a sickeningly good tanned pair of legs but even better with classic trainers that will help you look like a tennis champion. Other contenders to the field are espadrilles, pool shoes and the classic deck shoe but let your feet go commando leaving the socks in the linen basket.


Thankfully suits are not tied to formal wear any more and can be worn on a variety of occasions other than funerals or work interviews .The unstructured suit looks great with both shirts and Tees and can be dressed up or down with the right shoe .For the casual look thing Youthful time lord white minimalist training shoe, but don’t have the trousers showering the aforementioned with a handful of hem, its supposed to be fun but not circus clown like. For the darker, more formal wear a classic suit always, always looks good with quality leather brogues in black or dark brown depending on the suit – nuff said!

The Tuxedo

Black tie and smartly attired in designer wear won’t cut it with open toed sandles! If you own privileged velvet’s and embroidery you can confidently slip into a pair of patent leather or bowed slippers as shown by Dolce & Gabbana but for keeping with the traditional black tie and penguin suit nothing says class like lace up patent leathers on a grand night out. Don’t forget to tip.

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Footwear Trends – Top Summer Trends Fri, 09 Jun 2017 07:39:02 +0000 With certain items of a capsule wardrobe the seasons of winter and spring tend to merge into one .Let me explain, while clothing and accessories generally have a well-defined seasonal look there is one item that sticks out like a sore toe. What do you with a climate that is neither too cold for winter wear such as heavier boots nor dry enough to gaily abandon the brogue for casual footwear?

Just as with other items in your wardrobe the idea is to add variety without falling into the doldrums of mediocre boots and heavy soled shoes that make you look like you’re wearing a pair of dodgem cars. Before your wallet starts to suffer meltdown mid month, we would always advise trying to invest in a couple of pairs of quality footwear that will pay dividends back long term in the style department. Good quality brands such as Baker and Church can do you no wrong and like any other brand have sales clear outs occasionally and there are bargains to be had, so it’s worthwhile continually interrogating the websites.

With those ground rules in place lets have a look at some of the styles that will shod some light and keep your tootsies feeling contemporary.

Chukka Boot

All praise to this worthy contender, as it manages to bridge the gap that other footwear dare not tread. If you’re on the town in less formal attire, the humble chukka is just fine for, pub crawls, casual dining and of course the gig trail. It’s neither formal nor sloppy and by choosing dark brown or black leather and keeping them in good nick you’ll be able to stride with satisfaction. Worn with jeans of virtually any persuasion they look great especially by adding an oxford shirt and chinos for the more casual but smart street cred.

Desert Boot

Another chosen hybrid that most men (and women) enjoy wearing. Desert boots need to be maintained with a stiff brush and protective cleaner to keep them looking smart and that’s why they tend to be worn with casual smarter outfits, paired with classic jeans and cardigan combination. The military association is never far away and by wearing them with chinos-shirt white or khaki and a similar toned bomber jacket you’ll definitely be mentioned in dispatches.

Mix N’ Match Brogues

You can’t really beat a pair of quality brown  leather brogues whatever the weather ,but when mother nature eases off a tad  and the day is mild  a change is as good as a rest when out go  the classic leather for a suede brogue that  positively screams spring. Again ensure you take the usual housekeeping precautions of brush and protective conditioning spray to keep them looking good.

Training Regime

With most decent trainers costing the same as a small industrialized nation, its only natural to think we would be a bit less devil may care about investing in such footware. However ,as soon as the sun peeks over the yardarm  decent  white minimalist chunky soled training shoes can emerge like hibernating tortoises and be safely paired with sloppy Joe t-shirts and more standard upper body fare and the inevitably cool quality denim jeans.Dont rule out  the tailored separate look either to accompany low profile trainers but again ensure they are looked after and a decent quality dubbin for leather styles is highly recommended.

Loafing Around

We certainly wouldn’t recommend wearing boat shoes as the temperature hovers around zero, but on warm spring days there is nothing wrong with giving them and your claustrophobic feet an airing. Go for leather quality in safe colors such as black, navy ,grey or white and they will match anything your wardrobe can throw at them.Hygene can always be a problem so unless you have total body confidence and  also to encourage longevity in the leather body of the shoe  ,invest in ankle socks of various subtle colors and style .If your continuing the nautical look topside, try chinos and Breton T-shirt  and enjoy that weather while it lasts.

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Sneakers – Our Top Seven Picks Tue, 06 Jun 2017 10:32:45 +0000 Nike Air Jordan VI Black Cat Retro

Nike are feline groovy having pulled together elements more vehicle design than sneaker with the superb Air Jordan VI Retro Black Cat series. Tinker Hatfield’s thrice winning member of the clan has the now familiar black and white elements that fuse together to give instant brand recognition with that Logoed Black Cat insole and 3 M finish. Ideal sneakers for pussyfooting around in.

Nike £160

Adidas Consortium x Shoe Gallery Climacool Flight 305

Miami bound with a neon body that pays homage to the brightly lit art deco buildings of the south beach by night and may end up being a classic all by itself.

The sneaker is collaboration with Shoe Gallery and is a bond made in heaven.

The Good Will Out £130

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Footwear for Healthy Feet – A Guide to Happy Feet Mon, 15 May 2017 07:58:05 +0000 Our feet are the most hardworking organ of our body. It carries the entire burden of your body and still it is neglected the most. Make your feet happy with shoes that properly fit and provide comfort to reduce sore feet and other feet problems. Choose the right pair of shoes to pamper your soft feet.

Points to be Kept in Mind before Buying Shoes

Shoes are not a common norm with new styles and latest trending fashion that rule the market every day. It not only protect our feet but also give it a unique look. According to history, shoes were designed exclusively for athletes but gradually it changed its form. A new revolution is experienced from simple flip flops to athlete shoes to the latest LED shoes for men and women.

Shoes should be only associated with style and latest trending fashion compromising on an individual’s comfort level. But along with style it is important to keep in mind some points that will be helpful to render healthy feet.

Hard Surface Leads To Foot Pain

When you are standing on hard surfaces, your feet will certainly start paining after sometime. Don’t opt for shoes with hard soles rather go for the softer soles. The shape of your feet is not flat so standing on flat surfaces causes stress that may lead to foot pain and other problems. Wear supportive shoes that provide a cushion like experience by adhering to the shape of your feet.

Try Wearing Lace Up Boots

Laces up boots are designed as such to maintain the alignment of the leg so that the feet muscles and ligaments have equal amount of pressure placed on it. As a demerit, lace-up boots restricts your ankle joint movement. But make sure you wear boots that are ankle length and are comfortably tied around the front of the ankle with a padded tongue located at the center. The biggest advantage of lace up boots is that it reduces sore feet.

High Heels Are A Torture To Your Feet

Women love wearing sexy heeled shoes that might be beautiful to look at but are a torture for the feet. These types of shoes don’t give a comfortable position to your feet which in turn also provides an unbalance to your body. Walking in heels for a longer duration may cause unnecessary stress to your neck and back resulting into permanent postural changes.

Wearing high heel shoes at a regular interval is painful as well as harmful for the feet as well as the body. Such type of footwear creates pressure on the forefoot, forming calluses (hardened skin). The toes may also suffer from permanent deformity, bunions, hardened nails and more. These things can make walking painful and may also form shoe bites.

Play Sports With Proper Footwear

While playing sports, a proper sport shoes are required. Sports shoes come with a comfy cushion for shock cushioning while running, jumping. Standard sports footwear allows to bend easily and is helpful to support your legs from continuous leg movements.

Comfy Inserts and Insoles

A proper shoe inserts provides better comfort and support to the body. Improve your foot posture with a comfortable shoe inserts. Shoe insoles found in sport shoes is a soft material comprising of a generic arch shape. It doesn’t get molded but it quite useful to decrease foot pain. Insoles are designed to divide the body weight away from pauinful foot areas and help to change foot posture.

Change Your Shoes At Regular Intervals

It is advisable to change your shoes every day. Alternating shoes helps to change the posture of your feet to redistribute the load of the joints and muscles. This also helps to keep your shoes providing better breathability. Changing your footwear renders the foam cushion to rebound and will increase its longetivity.

4 Components to Look in a Shoe

Don’t compromise on these four components when buying a shoe. These may sound a bit uncool and unstylish but it is very important to know what a good shoe should carry.

  • Your shoes should be parallel with the ground. This category includes heeled shoes that have a great rage among women.
  • A spacious toe box to comfortably spread your toes so that your foot lands on the ground.
    A flexible bottom that allows the toes to bend at a full 90 degrees with each step.
  • A soft material that attaches with your ankle area.


Heels look great but they also have an adverse effect in the latter stages. Following celebrities wearing stylish footwear may turn into a nightmare resulting in painful legs which might take months to heal. Walk comfortably with flats or sandals and try on a cool pair of high heels during some occasions and not every day.


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Smart Casual Trainers – The Top Eleven Tue, 09 May 2017 04:26:53 +0000 The words ‘smart casual’ can be enough to induce panic in the most street savvy of men. If you’re attending an afternoon vino tasting or an informal soiree with friends or acquaintances the once humble training shoe has become the must have accoutrement accompany tailored clothing .Here’s a comprehensive selection that will make pounding the boardwalk a pleasure;


Adidas Stan Smiths – End Clothing £69.00

They are undoubtedly a modern day icon with the classic lines that are breathable and wearable both on the tennis court or more likely the poop deck. Smart casual never got more casual or smart a choice you can’t go wrong with.


’92 Cornell by Undandy – Undandy £124.00

Beautifully crafted plain monkstrap sneakers in dark blue calf leather with welded trainer sole .Truly a thing of beauty and easily described as a cracking pair. These are comfortable, smart and above all robust with their hand made heritage.




Mango Lace-Up Leather Sneakers – Mango £49.99

 Tasty nappa leather plain white are sneakers lovingly hand made in Spain. If you’re on las Ramblas or on the Riocca they will give you the edge in style.

Lacoste Pique Lace-Up Training Shoes- Dune £75.00

Snapping quite literally hot on the heels of the pretenders, classic French styled casual trainer in breathable pique to compliment the polo shirt fans out there. Tres Bon!

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Sneakers – Spring Into Action Thu, 23 Mar 2017 10:55:17 +0000 With spring officially here, so suddenly you have a reason to go running outside again (if you ever needed one). All the top brands acknowledged this by launching their hottest trainers this week – including the relaunch some childhood hero´s and other legendary classics. Here is what you should be investing in this season.


Adidas Originals Xplr Circular Knit

Also known as the indolent man’s NMD, Adidas’ XPLR model gets one up on its not-too-far-removed cousin thanks to an innovative lacing system that uses elasticated rope tightened and loosened with a toggle pull. Add to that a breathable knitted mesh upper, leather overlays and cushioned midsole and you’re left with a winning combination.

Available from JD Sports, priced at £70.

Reebok Workout Low Clean X Mita

This is the first official partnership in Reebok’s ‘Year of fitness’ campaign, the sportswear brand has teamed up with legendary Tokyo sneaker retailer Mita to update the Workout Low. The classic cross-trainer has gained a military-inspired vibe, having lifted its brown suede and canvas body and grab-handle heel tabs directly from the rugged combat boot.

Available from Hanon, priced at £95.

Adidas Originals Climacool 1 Camo

This model was adapted from the legendary running model of the early 2000´s, the Adidas Climacool is back for SS17 with a very modern update. Built to keep feet fresh, in addition to 360 ventilation vents, heat-regulating stretch web mesh covers the uppers for a truly wind-between-your-toes feeling.

Available from Adidas, priced at £95.

Hummel Marathona OG

Hummel aren’t exactly known for a stellar sneaker standing, yet these tasty kicks are on par with bacon. First released in 1983, the Danish Marathona OG channels on-track performance and retro appeal in equal measure with a breathable mesh upper and classic colour combo.

Available from Hanon, priced at £109.

Saint Laurent Court Classic Glitter And Leather Trainers

Inspired by the jazzy cards the house’s founder would send to clients, these Saint Laurent white leather Court Classic trainers go babes in toy land glam  in the best possible way. The sleek high-top shape, textured-rubber sole and glitter panels are guaranteed to garner attention – which is a small pay off for having to skip a few meals to afford them.

Available from Matches Fashion, priced at £685.

New Balance Made 1978

New Balance’s all-new Made 1978 model may have only been two years in the making but it’s the result of decades of design know-how. Drawing inspiration from the classic 990 model that debuted in 1978, the low-top lifestyle runner packs in panels of high-quality leather and suede and a perforated toe box on top of a Vibram sole unit.

Available from Hanon, priced at £149.

Karhu Aria

The old-school hero of the sneaker world, Finnish brand Karhu lays claim to a number of firsts, including originating the three stripes logo (which it later sold to Adidas) and inventing air cushioning. Jumping on the appetite for retro trainers, the 100-year-old running veteran has reissued its 1990s Aria model, updated with premium pigskin suede.

Available from End, priced at £99.

Nike x Atmos Air Max 1 Premium Retro

The trainer in the room everyone is talking about. Ten years after its launch and 12 months after being crowned one of the most sought-after sneakers of all time, Nike is bringing back the Atmos x Air Max 1. Staying true to the OG design, the safari textured uppers return with striking jade accents to the tongue, heel and patent leather swoosh.

Available from End, priced at £109.

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Winter Boots – Our Top Picks Tue, 29 Nov 2016 06:39:12 +0000 As the weather turns inevitably sour strutting your stuff with style and without developing trench foot in these harsher climbs can be very difficult especially in seasonal footwear. It’s at these times the superhero of shoes or more precisely boots comes out to play and just because its winter outside that doesn’t mean that in your socks its not spring, providing you select the right style of boot that is, so here are a few ideas to keep you well shod.

Black Chelsea Boot

Having more of a past than an over keen ex girlfriend, these boots have been a favorite since Queen Victoria’s shoemaker devised them in 1851.Far from being a load of old cobblers the style spread from royalty to ahem, well heeled socialites around the capital and the rest is history .They’re practical and comfortable with a laid back style becoming more notorious during the Carnaby street era being paired with anything from mini skirts to military jackets.

The same thing is happening today with black or brown variants in smart strong leather looking good with practically any outfit you can chuck on. Just remember winter takes its toll on footwear so keep em’properly cleaned and maintained and allow that fine patina to develop while you have fun on the town together.

Brown Leather Brogue Style Boot

Another classic that’s been around since before George Hamilton and although less traditional are still accepted in some of the finest fields and urban mulches nature can throw at them. Brogue boots are really robust by nature and their traditional construction and punched leather detail gives them a classic appeal that outstrips today’s fast fashion rivals. They can be worn with more classic clothing and look great with cropped woolen trousers or blazer.

Work or Utility Boots

Without wishing to sound smug, I’ve just buried a pair that after 22 years service finally passed away as the sole virtually disintegrated in the last hard winter .If I’ve learned one lesson its beware of imitations and if you don’t want steel toe capped goodness and diving suit weights on your tootsies and you want to stay casual yet workman like then check out brands such as CAT and Timberland that are light enough and durable for you to skip about in with jeans-shirts and casual bomber jackets.

Hiking Boots

Just like the Range rover, the humble hiking boot is totally acceptable in town or country emphasized by its acceptance to leading fashion houses as yet another cool expression of luxury with Hermes, Bally and Louis Vitton all having their own take on the design classic. Built just as strongly as any 4 wheel drive the butch exterior and multi layer breathable construction laughs at the elements but only pairs well with suitably rugged layers such as heavy jeans and rugged knitwear. Dinner jackets are definitely a no-no here with denim the order of the day.

Desert Boots

Shamelessly evolved for military use and beloved of men everywhere, the humble suede and crepe soled staple spread worldwide from the second world war Burma campaign evolving into the casual rascal we love today. Once weatherproofed properly they only need a sniff of sand to turn their owner into a potential John Mills. Sadly, suede isn’t as forgiving in rain and snow as other more traditional materials and a good treatment with suede protector and a decent suede brush is essential and can help them look good for longer especially if your idea of a trek is going to the beach shop for an ice cream. Works well with denim or for the complete desert look see the movie ‘Ice Cold In Alex’. Stay dry!









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Why Every Man Needs a Pair of Chucks Thu, 17 Nov 2016 13:43:43 +0000 Canvas shoes go great with almost any outfit and any occasion you can think of and when you think of canvas shoes, there’s really only one name that comes to mind instantly. Taking a little inspiration from the Couponbox article on 100 years of Converse All Stars, here are a few reasons every man should own a pair.

Converse Go with Anyone and Any Outfit

Yes, nearly everyone has them and there’s a reason for that. A simple pair of solid-colored Converse All Stars are effortlessly casual, signify stylish and can be worn during the day or at night and still make your outfit look on point.

Converse are such a multi-function shoe and are truly underrated. Some may look over them because they think they are only meant for certain people and that’s ridiculous. They are 100 years old! That means the style transcends age limits and fashion fads to be accepted by all generations from all walks of life.

Converse Are Comfortable Shoes

Unlike other types of shoe, there is no need to “break them in.” Converse do not need to be worn for a month until you stop needing to apply band-aids to your aching feet. Converse are the most comfortable straight-out-of-the-box shoes you will ever encounter. The lightweight fabric made Chucks effortlessly comfortable, but after Nike took over the reins and launched the Chuck II, you now have the option to supersize your comfort levels.

The Chuck II uses Lunarlon foam technology that distributes more evenly the force of impact, meaning you can strut all day without experiencing pain in the pressure points of your feet.


You Can Get Converse in Literally Any Color, Style, or Design You Wish

Whether you are punk-rock, athletic or geeky, there is a pair of Converse for you. The simple fabric design means there are oodles of ways to customize your Chucks and make them unique to your style. You can employ the professionals at Converse Custom Products or you can do your own thing with whatever materials you can lay your hands on.

There are few opportunities to own a truly only-one-of-its-kind pair of sneakers, but Chucks give you that prospect. The best part is that no matter how old and tattered your Chucks become, the simplicity of the design means you’ll be able to apply a little effort and spruce them up to be good as new again.


Converse Are Affordable and Last Forever

Considering the brand name and its iconic history, Converse are preposterously cheap. How many products do you own from a brand that’s 100 years old and steeped in sporting and cultural history? The celebrities who have owned and loved their Chucks are also ridiculous. We’re talking James Dean, The Ramones, Guns N’ Roses, Kurt Cobain and a whole host of today’s celebrities from Hugh Jackman to Justin Bieber.

Unlike some other brands, Chucks are also durable. Wear them when it’s sunny, muddy, wet and cold, Converse will last through all the seasons. Nobody wants to invest in something that will break or rip in an outrageously short amount of time, but the single transaction you make for a pair of Chucks almost guarantees a long shelf life for your sneakers.  

If you have even a vague interest in dressing yourself, you need a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors in your life. Despite the obvious differences in taste we all possess, Chucks appeal to all and they’ve been doing it for 100 years now.

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Works Of Art You Can Wear – PHINOMEN Trainers Mon, 15 Aug 2016 09:30:12 +0000 The world of luxury often makes reference to the artisans of Italy and the prestige of ´Italian craftsmanship´, a pedigree which can be applied specifically to the apparel and accessories world. Thanks to the emergence and popularity of the current ´Sport Luxe´ trend, trainers are now being realised as not only fashionable additions to your wardrobe, but more ´little works of art you can wear.´


PHINOMEN is one such emerging premier footwear label which aims to provide a design benchmark for comfort, style and quality. The brand seeks to present a harmonious fusion of technology, innovation and comfort with their manufacturing processes paying homage to the timeless heritage of Italian style and quality.


philipp-puttkammerPhilipp Puttkammer is the brainchild of this selective label, a self-proclaimed sneaker fan who together with this family brand, aspires to combine only the best quality and detail for his contemporary designs. The native Frisian recognised his passion for sneakers at an early age with a strong admiration for the exclusive models that he grew up with throughout the years of his youth. In 2007 he joined his family company which has been an integral part of the sports items and sports fashion field for some 40 years, with the intention of developing his interest in the mail-order division of the business, a goal which he successfully established over the subsequent years before launching his own label PHINOMEN in 2014.

Moving forward to more recent days, August 2016 saw him debut his first mainstream collection, the commercially acclaimed model “PHIsion” which is an eye catching trainer finished in a classic black colourway with co-ordinating gold finished details affording any wearer the ultimate in street style thanks to its premium, classic aesthetic. During its genesis, PHINOMEN invested thousands of hours across a two year development which saw the intricate formation of key details such as braided leather panels and embellished soles to offer a new form of luxury and quality standards.

¨PHINOMEN is the perfect companion for today’s modern individualists and a must have for all sneaker lovers and collectors¨ – Philipp Puttkammer 

The brand looks to re-write the days of the ´sneaker cult´ since its emergence in the 1970´s Bronx where it began as a humble basketball staple before acquiring worldwide status thanks to the Michael Jordan cult of the mid 1980´s and as of more recent, the luxury sport trend of the last several years which has seen a run on popular newcomer models at a greater rate than has ever been achieved before thanks to their fusion of style and luxury associated attributes which are helping to entice a new generation of discerning followers and admirers.


The showcase model of the brands range “PHIsion” is presented in a classical black colourway with golden coloured accents which are embossed into the leather as decorative elements emphasising the premium importance of an alternative, yet valuable look. Seasoned trainer enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail that has been spent on these trainers, notably in the sole region which was engineered in collaboration with industry experts to fulfill one of the brands biggest challenges ensuring that everyone achieves the perfect fit.

¨The name comes from my own first name and the Greek letters “PHI”, which later became the figurative mark of the logo in a modified form. I added the English word “phenomenal” as well because I intended for the label to represent luxury sneakers that are “made in Italy” with selective materials and particularly innovative ideas to conform to the current zeitgeist for discerning individualists¨ – Philipp Puttkammer

The trainers feature a host of exclusive manufacturing details such as golden finished leather insoles which have been engineered through extra special manufacturing techniques to bond with the external trainer body by a continuous circular seam, giving the trainers their characteristic look and an aesthetic that is more than comfort – it´s sheer luxury. This creative flair is also utilised in the trainer’s upper body materials which feature the finest dyed calf skin with hand graded and finished detail panels for a contemporary look which acts as one of the visual highlights of the ´PHIsion´ model. The trainers feature additional design details such as reinforced co-ordinating padding on the high top and tongue to offer an unbeatable support for feet under all conditions of wear alongside an optimum climate control to effectively regulate their temperature from day through to night.

As PHINOMEN operate on a philosophy of “Be exclusive, keep it exclusive”, all new models are only available to purchase through its exclusive on-line store at, as opposed to retail concessions or on-line stores for the ultimate in exclusivity.



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The Best Flip-Flop And Pool-Sliders Of Summer Fri, 29 Jul 2016 04:18:50 +0000 The Best Flip-Flop And Pool-Sliders Of Summer 

The most recent instalment of London Collections: Men saw fashions current love affair with all things military reinforced. Right now, the hottest trends are in fashion where form follows function; with everything from the beloved bomber jacket to the sartorial sneaker getting a revamp for 2016´s style files. Celebrating close to its 6000 year old birthday (thanks to the Egyptians), the flip flop is one of the more surprising elements that have undergone a recent overhaul. Not normally recognised for their style attributes, the clandestine flip flop has always been identified as well, not very stylish when not in their natural habitat of the gym or shower room areas. However, these notions are now based on the past thanks to the recent SS´16 runways of Milan, all the design dictations changed alongside a guest appearance with, wait for it – knee high socks.

All the top brands have jumped on what is developing as a rather substantial summer trend. Forget the neon plastic flip flops, sliders and their associated versions which frame the Chinese bazaars in Blackpool´s Ocean Boulevard (you know, the moulded foam type with the unforgiving plastic straps which remove the skin from between your toes whilst their soles slap against your feet).

Thanks to the progressive visions of many designers, the flip flop has undergone a serious re-design with some opting to drop the traditional toe-rope and replace it with a very trendy strap detail that confidently supports your toes as well as giving a little more protection. These half sandal, half flip flop versions are one of the top styles that a lot of designers are implementing.

With monochrome being the popular colour-way of choice, todays flip-flops and sliders can easily compliment golden, tanned feet as well as pairing excellently with adjacent trends such as sports socks and jersey shorts (as seen at Calvin Klein). With all this in mind and a veritable bounty of styles available, here is my second instalment of the best offerings from this summer leisure footwear;


New Look Navy Colour Block Flip-Flops

Whether you shop exclusively for a summer holiday or for the months (or weeks) of good weather that summer claims to offer, this is a time which sees may men venture into the world of colour and experimentation. If the tropical print Cabana shirt is still a little too much for you, then a safer option may be to turn your attention to these economical flip-flops from high street favourites New Look. They won´t burn a hole in your wallet or retina thanks to their excellently priced and demurely patterned summer essentials – just the thing for a last minute buy.

They are available from New Look at £4.99.

Adidas Originals Adilette Slides

Within a short period of time, the Adilette Original slide has achieved somewhat of a cult status from Adidas brand followers which has been partly due to two factors; an imposing advertising campaign to promote the pool slide revival from the realms of the anti-verruca squad to the inner sanctum of style guru Tommy Ton and his millions of followers. Some say this is the slide of the year, but for me this is the marketing campaign of the year so look out for it.

They are available from Surfdome at £18.99.

River Island Faux Leather Sliders

If you want to adapt to the philosophies of left-field design with paying over three figures for the designer alternatives, look no further than these offbeat slides from River Island. Sporting details such as a neutral colour palette and jagged sole (think the philosophy of Rick Owens) these will get you discreetly noticed for all the right reasons and they are just the thing if you want to chill out with an off duty style instead of being Instagramed to death by the fashion forward set.

They are available from ASOS at £30.

Dan Ward Bi-Colour Crossover Flip-Flops

In the world of swim and beach wear, Dan Ward is another name alongside Orlebar Brown which is recognised for a more design led approach. His flip-flop collections look more at home in Capri than Cantabria thanks to the subtle makeover that Dan imposed on them. These crossover thong flip-flops make a very good argument for investing in mid-range resort basics. Their re-take on the traditional flip-flop model sees the toe supports redesigned to encircle the big toe for greater visual interest and more surprisingly, comfort.

They are available from Matches at £75.

Havaiana’s Brasil Flip-Flops

Brasil is famous for many things. From Gisele and coffee to Samba and you guessed it, Havaiana’s. This cult flip-flop has been in practically everyone’s suitcase at some point way back since 1962. With a simple yet sharp aesthetic simulating something comparable to a Japanese straw sandal; this brand was, is and thanks to increasing yearly sales, will be iconic for many more years to come.

They are available from ASOS at £20.



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Mahabis. Slippers. Reinvented. Tue, 19 Jul 2016 13:15:15 +0000 Designed in London and made in Europe, Mahabis is the new unisex brand of lifestyle slippers adopting a Scandinavian-like clean and minimal look. Their philosophy being the ‘Essence of Chill’, Mahabis is on a singular quest to create simple, and beautiful products to help you relax.

Mahabis Slippers

Inspired by the everyday and driven by the idea that by improving the small experiences you can better the whole, Mahabis set out to reinvent an age-old product: the slipper. Worn for centuries, and often taken for granted, slippers have long escaped design innovation, until now. Mahabis are slippers for the 21 st century, redesigned from the ground-up.

Mahabis Slippers

Fusing form and function with design influences from Scandinavia, India and Morocco, Mahabis create slippers that blend together a heritage- soaked aesthetic with modern design. When you wear them you’ll be guaranteed to experience something timeless.

Mahabis Slippers

The brand’s most remarkable signature detail comes in the form of a detachable and interchangeable outdoor sole, which flicks-on/clips- down in seconds. This detail paired with a collapsible neoprene heel, make the slippers effortlessly adaptable to your everyday life and suitable all-year round, there’s a choice between classic and summer edition Mahabis.

Mahabis Slippers

Featuring a soft and sculpted wool lining, the classic edition offers maximum comfort and warmth, yet is light enough to prevent overheating. The summer slipper is crafted from a lightweight, breathable mesh, designed to keep your feet cool in the heat. Both ranges and soles are available in a choice of colours, and customizable bundles.

Mahabis Slippers

Firmly carving their name in to the slipper and design world, Mahabis are now one of the fastest growing new casual footwear brands in the world. Available exclusively online, and shipping to over 70+ countries, Mahabis are appreciated worldwide, with customers from across the globe sharing their passion for downtime.

Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers Mahabis Slippers

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BMW & Puma Made A Shoe and It’s Amazing Fri, 01 Jul 2016 18:13:17 +0000 In 2008 BMW Group Design unveiled the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model: a concept car with a seamless, flexible, fabric outer shell stretched over a movable substructure, whose functions were only enabled when actually needed. Its interpretation of familiar functional and structural concepts boldly questioned the philosophy of car design.


Now GINA has acted as the inspirational force behind a creative collaboration between Designworks and Puma. The result is the X-CAT DISC, the latest addition to Puma’s DISC footwear range. Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, provided the link between the partners and was charged with leading the design process in the development of this visionary shoe. “The approach was to look at every aspect of making a shoe and to try and reimagine it. Freeing yourself of what is here now can be an enjoyable and rewarding exercise. Typically, it also speeds up change,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design.


DISC Technology Meets GINA Material

The starting points for this innovative project were the flexible, ergonomic and lightweight GINA material as well as Puma’s reinvented, lighter and faster-working DISC technology. Instead of using laces, this system works with a rotating disc that pulls internal wires to close and open the shoe. Using only one thin layer of stretchable and super-light GINA material, the shoe wraps around the foot like a second skin. Additional seams are no longer necessary and dynamic movement feels very natural. Since a new material not only allows new shapes but also enables a different way of thinking about movement, Designworks embarked on a new approach to motion. “With the X-CAT project, we wanted to unleash the innovative power of BMW and PUMA. We have transformed the essence of the shape-shifting GINA car into a streamlined and elegant shoe,” says Torsten Hochstetter, Global Creative Director at Puma.


The X-CAT Design: A shoe that envelops the moving foot

The X-CAT DISC is about essential character, lightweight design, adaptability and performance. In the spirit of GINA, the designers treated the foot as a kind of chassis in itself. They re-engineered the original automotive material to ensure it was breathable and sufficiently durable to meet the needs of a shoe that wraps around the foot in a single piece. Uniting beauty and performance, they created a light shoe with a very simple design gesture. Automotive design thinking is immediately evident in the proportions that make the material shine – and in the simplicity that prevents it from competing with too many other design features. Fine, laser-cut perforations flow across the front of the X-CAT, underlining the impression of motion while adding ventilation.


Another design cue taken from the original GINA concept is the functional aesthetic of revealing the underlying structure when tightening the shoe. The designers also re-thought the concept for the sole and the Puma DISC, applying BMW engineering approaches to add greater precision. They viewed the sole as the engine of the foot, the driver of movement. This produced a unique design which was inspired by interconnecting gears and integrates both engineered flexibility and interlinked stability.


The BMW X-CAT DISC will be available in selected Puma stores across the world from 1 July 2016. design.


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