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While fashion can be seasonal and expensive, the right style is something timeless and often more affordable than you think. The key to looking sharp is investing in timeless, high quality pieces for your wardrobe. With spring here and summer just around the corner, for men who want to dress sharp for the weather, the classic penny loafer and calf socks are essential pieces to have. The slip-on look of penny loafers can convey a more casual vibe without the regular laces and buckles and to top it off, something like VK Nagrani men’s over the calf socks will pull your silhouette together.

As you will come to discover, over the calf socks are actually quite superior to their mid-calf sock counterparts. Wearing over the calf socks means you’re not at the risk of your socks refusing to stay up throughout the day and having to adjust. It also prevents the age old problem of showing your leg skin when your dress pants or trousers ride up when you take a seat. Having that gap in between your pant leg and your socks may come to ruin an otherwise sharp look.

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What type of outfits can you style for the summer with your penny loafers and calf socks?

But now for the challenge: what type of outfits can you style for the summer with your penny loafers and calf socks? Given that we’ve gotten down to the quality of your socks with VK Nagrani, let us now have a look at outfits that would look great with calf socks.

  •  Trying sporting a casual unstructured coat while pairing it with lighter color pants. Right down the alley of preppy but not too over the top, this look is a great backdrop for your khakis, over the calf socks and penny loafers to make their debut this warm season. You can try brightening up the look by replacing your dark navy blue blazer with something that looks to be more true blue in contrast. In this case, wearing warm tones for your over the calf socks and penny loafers make for a great contrast to the cooler tones of the rest of your outfit.
  • There is no reason you can’t go with a grey monochrome suit this summer either. While the florals and bright colors appear to be all the hype for the ladies this season, there is no reason you can’t wear that spiffy grey summer suit. As long as the monochrome suit you’re going for isn’t super dark, you won’t look too overdressed for the season. The clean look works for any summer engagements and is very well paired with similar colored over the calf socks and a pair of black penny loafers. To keep the overall look more casual, lose the tie and keep the shirt collar more open than usual (just no collar popping, please).

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  • Rock the light colored blazer, tee shirt and jeans combination for casual Fridays at work. It might be difficult to get some use out of your favorite denim on a regular day without looking too casual, but as the weather is starting to warm up, it’s about time you whipped them out. As long as it’s not scorching hot outside, the dark denim and light blazer look will suit you just fabulous. The key is to make sure you’re wearing the right blazer–one that has minimal lining on the inside or even unlined backs. The blazer will go well with the calf socks and penny loafers to give the harsh denim a softer look.
  • Getting too hot for that jacket/blazer style? No problem. Lose the blazer jacket and try the casual black/white combination of collared button down polo shirts and straight legged pants. While this is probably one of the more casual and comfortable looks for the spiffy looking gentlemen, it’s surprising that it’s also the style most are less willing to attempt. Don’t knock out the idea before giving this a shot–trust me, you won’t want to be wearing blazers all summer long.
  • The black and white contrast in the penny loafers, over the calf socks next to oversize light colored clothing pieces are more often than not replaced by brown. If there is one place to start trying something bold, it will be footwear. Not to mention, you can look for penny loafers that don’t give the typical glossy shine for the summer. Go for something with a more lean and matte finish to complete your casual summer look.  Give yourself a little extra boost of confidence in your outfit by pairing it with accessories that you love. How about that leather strapped watch you haven’t gotten decent wear out of?


Pro tip: Designer over the calf socks like those found at VK Nagrani usually fit true to size, so you should feel confident when ordering them online.  You’ll end up with socks that don’t slip down and don’t wear out the way bulk packaged socks will.

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London Sock Company – Sartorial Socks Mon, 17 Nov 2014 10:52:27 +0000 London Sock Company

In the month of June, we had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard at London Collections: Men.  These gents are the co- founders of an establishing enterprise named London Sock Company.  Now as all our readers know, in fashion first impressions count for everything.  What you wear and how you present yourself enhance the karma for opportunities to present themselves (inner confidence with outer style)! A partnership underlining the values of the quintessential British gentleman, I spent several hours in the captivating company of Ryan and Dave before I had even began Gracie´s infamous ´interrogation´ process. Tweeting is one of my fortes (ask any one of my 188.000 followers) so when I saw tweets from both the London Sock Co. and from David Gandy Official about a David Gandy Selection for London Sock Co., I knew that I had once again uncovered a diamond; a dynamic young company embracing all the values of the British establishment, but still able to think outside the (sock) box.

Every month (in Europe) some 514 new fashion brands are born. Many of which pass though our mailbox as a prospective press release. Kick starting your own company is one cumbersome accolade, but convincing an industry leader in digital print is another. Not to mention gaining the support from the pride of the British fashion scene Mr. David Gandy himself.



David Gandy London Sock Company

 My Selection David Gandy

David and I have met and chatted on several occasions previously.  A tremendous voice of traditional values with a succinct knowledge of brand identity, David is not a talent to back a proverbial lame horse. ´I buck the trends´ he once omnisciently stated, without contradiction.  The ethos behind the London Sock Co. is unquestionable; simplicity in design with a deep philosophy of British heritage, quality and a belief that style is about being an individual. It is no real surprise based on Mr. Gandy’s immaculate focus on detail, paired with the persona of the two gentlemen behind the brand, that he felt so confident to be associated with this company.


Working with David Gandy, the London Sock Co. have produced a limited edition 3 pair set of this fine accessory that David has himself selected. This unique set includes a personally signed card from David explaining his choices (already my Christmas gift to all the men in my life)!  These accessories are a playful nature that one rarely sees within such a conservative domain. Only a keen eye for the deeper detail will acknowledge and confirm such traits.

So, what can we say from the head quarters of Men Style Fashion?  They say that a man is indeed noticed primarily by his shoes and his socks. Well done gents for stepping out the comfort zone. Gaining Gandy’s attention is quite an achievement, particularly so early on in your brand journey. From what we have seen from the recent organic growth of these dynamic entrepreneurs, this will undoubtedly be a fitting success story without any holes (unlike my Aunts previous Christmas offering). I encourage all of our Men Style Fashion followers to jump on board with this fast growing brand and stay one large ‘step’ ahead of the curve.



London Sock Company - David Gandy My Selection (1)

London Sock Company - David Gandy My Selection (2)


Photo credit to Rui Jorge


Photo credit to Rui Jorge


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Tunnel Beat – Graffiti Inspired Socks Fri, 31 Oct 2014 06:32:26 +0000 Graffiti Inspired Sock Company Tunnel Beat Introduces New Collection

Tunnel Beat, a graffiti inspired sock company has quickly become one of the leading designer sock brands this year. Serial entrepreneurs like Tunnel Beat founder Jeff Pollack in collaboration with respected graffiti stylist, Erni Vales, have been instrumental in infusing this once shunned art with the ever changing fashion scene. Vales known for his development of 3D artwork graffiti has played a big part in the designs that Tunnel Beat chose for its initial collection pieces. Socks, an often overlooked fashion accessory has now turned men’s fashion into style statements. It doesn’t seem that men have many fashionable accessory choices; however Tunnel Beat is demystifying this thinking.

socks for men

How  To Style Your Socks

The style pieces range from pairings with athletic apparel, to casual polo wearer, to the timeless and classic blazer.How many times have do you recall a man in a nice suit or pair of jeans and blazer with most inappropriate white casual or athletic Hanes socks? It often leaves us scratching our heads as well. “What in the world” is our exact thought as well? Like other patterns such as flowers, pin stripes, polka dots, and animal print, graffiti art has a new artistic influence on what the everyday man wears and it’s through the most subtle of changes, his foot. Tunnel Beat socks are an expression of a man’s personality. The dapper stylist collection also makes a great gift for all occasions.

Socks for men by tunnel beat (2)

Socks for men by tunnel beat (1)

No matter what season we are in, individuality never goes out of style. We invite you to visit the website tunnelbeat and take a look at latest trendy men’s accessories. This new fashion forward look isn’t going anywhere soon. Be on the lookout for the new collection for a limited edition release. You can expect more bright colors and funky graffiti patterns. Think creative chaos with abstract designs to blow your mind.

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5 High End Designer Socks for Men Thu, 18 Sep 2014 08:41:17 +0000 5 High-end Designer Socks for Men

While many men are ultra-conscious of their fashion choices in day to day life, they often neglect the smaller details such as the type of sock they are wearing. No one would suggest that a sock is more important than the type of jacket you choose to wear, but showing off a brightly colored sock with a fun pattern can be a great way to enhance an otherwise bland outfit. Whether you choose athletic, mid-calf, or over-the-calf socks, the most important factor is the high quality comfort and style you get from top designers. For high-end designer socks, look no further than this guide to five of the finest:


Founded in 1970 by Mario Bresciani, the staple of fine socks for men has staying powers drawn from its commitment to using fine materials and attention to detail. The Italian company is based near Milan and sells designer socks for a variety of price points, ranging from $25 dollars to $115 dollars.


Since 1937, the British company, Pantherella has been selling socks and hosiery with fine quality. Louis Goldschmidt, the company’s founder, wanted to manufacture an upscale lightweight sock for men, and the company was born. He initially began the company under the name Midlands Hosiery Mills but changed it to Pantherella Fine English Socks in 1945. The company grew as he began to export his socks to North America and Australia in the 40’s. The socks available in today’s pantherella are sold in the price range of around 10-60 pounds, depending on their style. The brand has expanded to sell a wide variety of styles for both men and women from department stores all over the world.

The company continues to manufacture its socks from a family-owned factory in Leicester, following its philosophy of ‘provenance, design & quality’. In 1990, Burberry purchased Pantherella but the sock purveyors continue to operate under the same name as they enter their 77th year.

VK Nagrani

Vivek Nagrani founded the high-end sock brand, VK Nagrani in 1999. The charismatic founder comes from a family of luxury clothing business with his grandfather, the owner of India Silk House. Nagrani brings that traditional sensibility and attention to craftsmanship to his modern brand, saying, “Quality trumps quantity. I knew who I was catering to — I was catering to the truly elite. Rather than selling it as a product, I was selling an experience, a philosophy — a way of life to customers.” Nagrani has managed to keep the company exclusive as a higher-end lifestyle brand, only available from select retailers in order to maintain the brand’s integrity.

As Trevor Furbay of Romualdo in Ohio explains, the trend of wearing flashier socks has taken root among men. Speaking of Nagrani, he says, “As a long time retailer of your socks, it all started with a few guys collecting fun socks and now normal fucks that wear navy blazers and charcoal trousers are spicing up there look.”

The luxury purveyor of socks and underwear has expanded to offer a full range of clothing options, all made in Italy. From the company’s headquarters on the elite Upper East Side of Manhattan, they’ve created a social club with cocktails while you shop in the eclectically styled, converted home.

The sock collection from VK Nagrani spans understated formal styles, as well as funky statement socks with fun patterns. They are primarily a cotton blend to provide comfort and durability alongside the aesthetic. In terms of pricing, the socks tend to run around $35-$40 dollars a pair, so you won’t break the bank unless you buy a large number. But trust us, after spending some time in their effortlessly cool space, you’ll be tempted to.


If you’re looking for the ultimate in absurd luxury, Zimmerli is probably the brand you should check out. Zimmerli is famous from their pair of 100% cashmere socks. As comfortable as those cashmere socks may be, they come with the substantial price tag of $200 dollars a pair. In addition to the eye-popping price tag for a pair of socks, they come with a little expiration date as well. Because the socks are made entirely from cashmere without any cotton or spandex, the socks can only be worn around six times before they will fall apart. Apparently it’s true what they say,” nothing gold can stay.” You might need to be cautious of whose company you’re in before you reveal the price tag for your hosiery, as that kind of cashmere luxury might lead to some jealousy from your peers.


Another Italian-made sock maker that has captured the attention and adoration of sartorially minded Americans, Gammarelli offers a bit of prestige by association with its brightly colored sock collection. From its primary storefront in Rome near the Vatican City, they design custom socks for the Pope himself. At around $27 dollars a pair, the shoes are not terribly expensive when compared with other high-end brands.

Each of these brands provides a high-end designer sock for men to try, from VK Nagrani to Gammarelli. Whether you want the moisture wicking capabilities of a wool sock, the flexible durability of a cotton blend, or the luxurious warmth and softness of cashmere, there’s a high-end sock for you.

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Luxury Socks For Men – Mes Chaussettes Rouges Sock Couture Mon, 28 Jul 2014 08:10:42 +0000 Luxury Socks

When it comes to socks for me you  have to come up with something innovative to stand out from the crowd. So when I received a package in the mail from Paris from a French brand called Mes Chaussettes Rouges, I was in for the best sock experience I have ever had.

The philosophy behind the socks is by a famous tailor called Gammarelli, who was the tailor of the pope since 1798. You can read more about this mythic story of Gammarelli here.  The sock tailor today, is renowned for selling the most emblematic red socks of the world. And guess who was sent a pair to test out, yes MenStyleFashion had the chance to test the papal sock experience.

Mes Chaussettes Rouges –  Le Chic Socks

It is an absolute luxury when I get products sent to me that are presented in a very sophisticated way. In opening the package the socks were enclosed in a cloth bag  accompanied with a super chic elegant card.  The glossy card gave you a history of why this brand literally will knock your socks off. The socks look and feel amazing, you can see it is a luxury product.

The boutique Mes Chaussettes Rouges has a world wide exclusivity for these socks so it is an experience that is well worth exploring.

One of the other popular brands, called MAZARIN grand faiseur, are socks so respected they are worn by people elected in the Académie Française and many effluent people in France.  Among others, these socks are loved and worn by the very fashionable French Prime Ministers François Fillon and Edouard Balladur.

If this is not to your taste they also stock a wide variety of socks  from best world socks maker such as: Bresciani, Gallo or DoréDoré.

For me this whole sock shopping experience is one that you must try because when it comes to your socks. You will be amazed how many people will judge you by your socks. So give your feet and shoes the sock couture respect and order a pair from Meschaussettesrouges.

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Socks Should they Match Your Jocks Wed, 09 Jul 2014 07:14:21 +0000 Socks Should they Match Your Jocks

One of my powerful articles is about dull underwear for men and how I am bored with it all. I am glad to see that men’s underwear is now getting more exciting. After seeing David Gandy the famous underwear model flaunting his socks, it occurred to me I wonder if his socks matches his jocks? Does it really matter? Well from a women’s perspective it certainly would make it a tad more interesting. A nice ice-breaker if you get my drift.

Flaunting Your Underwear

Flaunting your underwear is it sexy? For me unless you are a boy, I think it’s cute and somewhat appropriate because the boy is trying to identify his peacock feathers. At this stage he is just experimenting and trying to see what gets him noticed. Lets face it the teenage hormones are out of control and  it’s a  natural  process of a boy growing into a man. For me there comes an age where we really don’t want to see underwear on public show. Otherwise where is the excitement in that. It’s dated and shows no imagination. We don’t mind seeing the six pack though.

Your Underwear Message

It’s a very personal message what your underwear says about you. The way it fits, the patterns or in most cases no floral on them at all. Saggy is not a great message at all and don’t get me started if your jocks have holes in them. For me the state of your underwear tells a lot about who you are. The hygiene aspect, the way you feel about yourself. More so how much respect you give when it comes to sex.  It’s very unattractive and displeasing to the naked eye.

Your Sock Message

Your socks on the other hand should be shown because it makes me think. Wonder if his socks matches his jocks? Why has he chosen to wear those socks. How is he feeling today? Nice to see he has made an effort, his attention to detail is good. More so it’s flattering to see nice clean, well looked after socks. We certainly hope those feet and toe nails are well looked after. Yes the way you take care of your feet says a lot about your personal hygiene. Also foot sex is a lot of fun. However there is nothing worse, when you are messing about with his toes and you end up leaving with scared feet. More so annoying,  his feet feel like sand paper.

Socks Should they Match Your Jocks?

For me it’s a BIG yes! You will be surprised where it will take you?

Epic images by Maria Scard

David Gandy - London Collections Men 2014 MenStyleFashion Maria Scard (1)

DGandyOfficial - London Collections Men June 2014 Photography by Maria Scard (11)


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Emilio Cavallini – Why Men Are Wearing Stockings? Sun, 29 Dec 2013 06:35:59 +0000 stockings for men

Emilio Cavallini Male Stockings

After high heels as well as clutch bag, another women’s piece of clothing is more and more in demand simply by adult men.That stocking manufacturer is an Italian fashion house named Emilio Cavallini. The fashion house Emilio Cavallini designed a variety of stockings that can be used both for men and women.

Men stockings were launched in 2009 and are now increasingly bought by men. There are at least 2-3% of men from 30 thousand customers of fashion house Emilio Cavallini. Cavallini sold men stockings in various models. That being  black, white, patterned stars, stripes, polka dots, and the skull.

Country Breakdown

These men stockings are more popular in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada and the USA,” Cavallini closed. In an interview with WWD, Francesco Cavallini said he was aware now more and more men love their products as men’s fashion trends for 2013. “When we started to create an online shop, we noticed that a lot of medium or large size stocking were purchased by men.

It’s all about personal taste and one thing for certain, I’m off to buy the skull head stockings for myself, let alone for my man.

emilio cavallini - stockings or hosiery for men 2013

emilio cavallini - stockings or hosiery for men 2013

emilio cavallini - stockings or hosiery for men 2013

If stockings are a tad too much. Go for the socks

Emilio Cavallini men stockings

Emilio Cavallini stockings pantys for men

It is all about wearing them with confidence

Stockings for men emilio cavallini trend

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Socks – A Timeless Powerful Accessory Thu, 01 Aug 2013 09:07:00 +0000 socks

Cole and Parker have designed their socks with an intention, to start businesses. Intentional design has always been present in men’s fashion. Understanding what you intend to accomplish is critical in putting together a confident and quality style.

This Is about Rad Socks!

For example, a young entrepreneur is set to pitch three very influential business people. His start-up model is cutting edge, and he believes in it vehemently. The stakes are extremely high, and these people value their time above all else. He has no choice but to set the tone for this meeting immediately. The old adage never judge a book by its cover is lost on three individuals whose keys to success have been making split second decisions following only their gut. If this entrepreneur shows up wearing an outfit that does not match his intentions, he has missed a crucial opportunity to grab the attention of the people whose approval he desperately seeks. His inability to set the tone by putting together a strategic intentionally designed outfit has undermined his ability to prove the authenticity of his vision.

Now, this isn’t an article about how to properly match a purple tie with a grey suit to show your audience that you are level headed with creative vision. This isn’t about pairing the black suit with the red power tie to set the tone at the Monday morning sales meeting. This is about truly understanding what you intend to accomplish, and wearing those intentions with style and confidence, in any situation. This is about rad socks!

Get Noticed

In today’s market, you must be bold and creative to get noticed. In order to be successful you have to develop authentic relationships with everyone you deal with, and that means always delivering a top quality product that people can trust. Most important of all, you must appeal to what people truly care about, and offer them something they truly value. Cole and Parker have captured these imperatives to success and integrated them into a truly unique collection of designer socks. They are bold, colorful, and creative. These socks will get you noticed. And what makes them so unique is that they actually start businesses!

Entrepreneurship is at the core of Cole and Parker. Founders Jeff House and Diana Charabin started the company with the intention of supporting entrepreneurs both locally and abroad. Proceeds from the sales of Cole and Parker socks are loaned through their partner Kiva to fund entrepreneurs in the third world. Once these initial loans are repaid the money is re-invested, creating a continuous cycle of support for entrepreneurs in need. This model is a true example of how much impact ones intentions can have when paired with quality design.

Importance of Socks

Remember, whether you are putting together an outfit for the biggest meeting of your life, or just getting together for a drink with friends, style comes from confidence, and confidence comes from conviction. Take the time to analyse what you intend to accomplish in each situation and how you intend to get there. Focus on what motivates you, and the things you care about most. When you begin to understand those things, your style will fall effortlessly into place. That being said, NEVER forget the importance of a good sock!

coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men


coleandparker socks for men

Inspirational Buys

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Socks For Men – Four Different Styles To Choose From Sun, 04 Nov 2012 06:08:04 +0000 socks Paul Smith 2012

Socks For Men

When you think about putting an outfit together, where do you start? The shirt or t-shirt? The jeans or trousers? Maybe if you want to wear a particular pair of trainers or brogues you might start down at the bottom. Well, how about moving upwards a minuscule and starting with your socks.

Socks can say as much about your persona as any shirt can. You may think they are there simply to keep your feet warm but team up the right socks with the right top and trust me, the first thing anyone walking the opposite way down the street will look at is your socks.

With the current trend for a hefty roll-up on your jeans or trousers – that’s an altogether different article – now is the time to show off those socks. So forget about the traditional black (although I would suggest wearing black at least once a week to keep things fresh and retain those classic roots) and unleash the sock from the bottom draw and into the eyes of the general public. And remember, if they are looking at your feet, you’re doing something right.

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