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Braces (English) or Suspenders (American English) are fabric or leather straps that are fabric or leather straps that are worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers. These straps can be elasticated (entirely or at the attachment end) and most of these straps are of a woven cloth forming into an X or Y shape at the back. Braces are typically attached to the trousers with buttons (using leather tabs at the ends) or clips.

Image-Y-Braces Image-X-Braces

Braces should be finished with the traditional button fastenings, not the clips! A true gentleman would never wear clipped braces; it’s simply not the done thing (The Gentleman’s Guide To Dressing)

There have been several predecessors to braces (or suspenders) during the past the past 300 years. The type that we know and use so much today (thanks to the resurgence of the Hipster) are known as the ‘modern type’ and were invented in 1820 by Albert Thurston. Braces were worn almost universally quite simply because of the high cut of mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century trousers, these made wearing a belt uncomfortable, impractical and unstylish.

During the nineteenth century, braces were sometimes called gallouses. It was Samuel Clemens who patented “Adjustable and Detachable Straps for Garments,” becoming one of the first to receive a United States patent for (suspenders / braces) in 1871. After losing popularity during the first world war, as men became accustomed to uniform belts, braces were still regular attire throughout the 1920’s. Because of their image as ‘underwear’, some men switched to belts during the 1930’s as the waistcoats which had hidden braces became worn less. This also heralded the switch of position of the securing buttons from outside of the waistband to the inside.

GQ magazine stated in 1938 that 60% of men chose belts over braces. Though the return of fuller-cut trousers in the 1940’s revived braces, they did not dominate over belts again to the same extent, however in the UK they remained the norm to wear with suits and dress trousers, right up until today where they are still the darling of the ‘Saville Row’ set as well as those Hipsters.

Rhatia Renee - Dami Red Braces for men 2014 (7)

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Suspenders / Braces – Time To Embrace The Brace Tue, 31 Dec 2013 05:19:49 +0000 Braces or Suspenders are making a come back this year

The modern Braces (Uk English) or Suspenders (American English or Canadian English) were first invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston, since then they have been in and out of fashion over the last two centuries. I have noticed they are stretching their presence once again on fashion conscious celebrities. Have braces weathered the unsavoury associated storm of the Eighties to shine through in 2012 / 2013 as an on-trend “boardroom-chic” accessory?

Braces Or Suspenders?

Here in the United Kingdom men put on braces to hold up their own trousers, suspenders are a belt used to hold up ladies’ tights. To our friends from the United States they are a means of avoiding men’s pants from slipping down. Are you confused, I am.

How Do You Wear Braces

The latest materials used for braces are very exciting for the fashion adventurous this 2013:

  • The Black grosgrain (non-stretch) braces with brass hardware and embossed leather fittings are very appealing. The elastic with character images are always a hit.
  • Attach braces to jeans opposed to trousers. The image they still present is an element of middle to upper class.
  • If you were to only own one pair, then go for the manufacturers like Albert Thurston. They also create, braces that are made to attach to trousers by buttons only.
  • If you want to be remembered in interviews right now then embrace the brace.
  • The One Direction band members wear loads of braces and in many colours.
  • In the last James Bond movie Craig certainly stirred the room with his white braces outfit. If it’s good enough for Daniel Craig, then it’s good enough for you.
  • Casual looks can be accessorised with pork pie hats, skinny ties, and even skinnier braces.
  • You can find fabulous vintage braces on eBay, Amazon, Topshop, Asos and vintage shops.

If you want to stand out from the norm it takes a real fashion guru to wear braces and make sure you wear them with macho attitude.

Braces Suspenders for men

Braces Suspenders for men with pink shirt

Braces Suspenders are very cool - guy with shirt braces and tattoos

Who says braces are uncool

Fashion label Iceberg shows of its suspenders at a catwalk in 2013.

Iceberg 2013 men’s braces / suspenders

Fashion label G-Star shows of denim braces / suspenders to match the jeans.

G-Star Raw, loving this.

Thin braces suspenders on skinny jeans looking great

They look great with skinny jeans

One Direction band members wearing braces suspenders 2012

One Direction embraces the braces

Braces Suspender making a comeback in 2012 2013

Vintage Leather braces / suspenders with bow tie and cool hat

Vintage and leather braces are the way to go.

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