Fashion – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 SuperdrySounds – A Global Stage Tue, 01 May 2018 09:57:15 +0000 As we eagerly look towards warm and long hazy days, and whispers of how we want to spend these upcoming months start to drizzle into conversation, global digital brand Superdry announces its new music focus, SuperdrySounds. A 360°, fully integrated campaign packed with a wealth of immersive experiences and activations which will keep us all entertained throughout the summer.

A multi-layered drive to find emerging music talent from around the world, SuperdrySounds will see a range of activity creating noise worldwide. This will include curating music stages and giving the best up and coming acts an opportunity to perform on a global platform this summer.

The hero artists who have been selected to headline this programme include Aaron Unknown, the UK grime star who has worked with Stormzy, Au/Ra, the US Indie singer who is Vevo’s one-to watch for 2018, Santino Le Saint, a multi-talented singer song writer from London, Ami Carmine, a UK-based DJ, Lexie Liu, the up and coming US singer, rapper and dancer, Timmy Xu, the Chinese actor and singer, and Sam Blacky, international DJ.

These chosen lead artists will appear in Superdry’s SS18 season campaign, deliver intimate gigs across the globe, champion Superdry in their music videos and lead emerging artist stages at
festivals such as Field Day in the UK and Melt! In Germany. SuperdrySounds will also be activated through various other festival partnerships globally, and have a presence in countries including Australia, at Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass and in Spain, at Festival de les Arts.

Superdry’s search for emerging talent has been driven by a strong desire to find and support credible, and authentic musicians, especially those who have chosen to have driven their careers
through their digital channels. The SuperdrySounds programme will include engaging experiences and events in major cities to kickstart a whole succession of activity that will continue to evolve and develop as an extension of the brand’s very much cemented roots in the fashion industry.

Santino Le Saint

Aaron Unknown

Timmy Xu

Shop the artists looks here:

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Top Five Tips For Choosing Your Pilot Jacket Thu, 19 Apr 2018 10:13:34 +0000 A pilot jacket represents what a tie is to a suit. This sleek jacket has the ability to tie your whole ensemble together. In addition to this, they automatically make you look more handsome. Maybe it has something to do with the military vibe that they give off, or maybe it is just their outlying potential. Whatever the situation is, you can truly enhance your look and style with the right pilot jacket. However, before you just run out and spend a whole weeks worth of pay on your new jacket, there are five things that you need to be aware of.

A Look At The Overall Fit Of The Jacket

When it comes to any main piece of outerwear, like the pilot jacket, the fit is really important, as it can completely make or break the entire outfit. The ideal fit of your jacket should provide you with enough space to have the ability to layer over a wide range of ensembles. However, the jacket should still fit you snug enough to get your warm. When shopping for a pilot jacket many individuals will shop for a bigger fit, so that they feel like they have room to grow into the jacket, but this is a mistake, because it gives you a sack look. You want the jacket to always look its best and complement your body style.

The Shoulders Of The Jacket

Whether you are shopping for a pilot jacket or any type of jacket one crucial aspect are the shoulders. If the jacket doesn’t naturally fit your shoulder, it is just going to be saggy and look completely oversized. You really want the jacket to give you a clean, smooth look over the shoulder area.

The Torso Fit

Since these jackets tend to be more durable with a padded look, they often times provide a bulkier look that what most individuals are used to. This is why it is important to make sure that you go for a fitted look, otherwise you are going to look overwhelmed and swamped by the jacket. When the jacket is zipped up, you want it to create a flattering V-shape, so that the padded edge fits closely around your chest area. The best way to check for this look is to try the jacket on, zip it up, and perform your inspection. If you have excess material hanging one or two inches underneath the arms, you are going to want to go for a smaller size.

Examining The Collar

One of the most popular looks about the pilot jacket is the kitted collar, which was originally designed to protect wearers from higher altitudes. Most collars will extend in an upward direction, giving them a cleaner look that encompasses the neck. However, you never want to go for a jacket that has a collar that extends too fat up on your neck, as this won’t provide you with the flattering look that you are aiming for.

Exploring The Sleeves

The sleeves of a pilot jacket also have a knitted finish like the collars, which provides a bulkier and tighter fit. When shopping for your jacket, you want to make sure that each sleeve ends right at or above the wrist bone. This will provide you with a clean distinction between the main parts of the sleeves and the cuff.

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Shirt – How A Bespoke Shirt Is Made! Mon, 09 Apr 2018 07:49:53 +0000 In 2018, men are venturing out for bespoke shirts, especially when it comes to red carpet events or weddings. Why would a man go through such lengthy procedures?

Using the finest Italian fabrics to make its shirts, some companies hava a refined offer that ensures style conscious consumers get beautifully designed and fitted shirts, just as they want, from anywhere in the world. So what goes into making a bespoke shirt?

It all starts with the fitting. Customers are involved in every step of the process which begins by choosing the shirting fabric. The material is woven by eponymous labels like Thomas Mason, David and John Anderson, Canclini, Grandi Rubineli, Textiber and Sidogras. Thomas Mason, for example is widely known to have the best and most exclusive shirting fabrics in the world and has been worn by James Bond.

To tailor make the highest quality shirts and give customers over 200 fabrics to choose from.

To design their shirt, customers add their very own personalised touches such as collar type, cuffs, buttons, contrasts and even embroidered initials. All these individual elements come together to create truly bespoke designer shirts not to be found anywhere else. After all a wedding or a red carpet event doesn’t happen every day.


Once the fitting measurements and shirting choices have been made, the order is sent  to be reviewed by expert tailors. They hand cut and stitch the shirt at their workshop to ensure the quality workmanship. The tailoring takes up to two weeks and after passing exhaustive quality controls, the shirt will be delivered a week later in the UK/EU.

Some brands operate, a 100% fit guarantee to assure customers of a perfectly fitting shirt. If it doesn’t fit in any way, it is remade completely free of charge, to the customer’s satisfaction. Can you spot the difference? Of course you can!

This article was brought to you by santamariashirtmakers

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Vape Starter Kit – The Healthy and Affordable Option Thu, 29 Mar 2018 18:55:06 +0000 As sports clubs rely more and more on sponsorship to stay afloat, E-C brands have slowly begun to introduce funding into games as a way of building their brands. Since 2015, Wolverhampton Wanderers were one of the first sports clubs to sign a sponsorship deal with an E-C company, introducing personalised SKYCIG’s to their club-shop and allowing them to use them at selected areas around the stadium, while Derby County signed a sponsorship agreement with E-Lites and had even offered samples to fans at their Pride Park ground.

On top of this, in 2015 there was controversy as Rugby League club Warrington Wolves lifted the ecig ban at their Halliwell Jones stadium but only after striking a lucrative sponsorship deal with Truvape Electronic Cigarettes.

Commenting on the deal and reversal of the ban, Alex Wilson, Wolves commercial manager said in an interview with Warrington Worldwide:

“As a percentage of our fans are already smokers, we are pleased to be able to encourage them to consider switching to alternatives by allowing vaping in certain areas of the stadium, as well as providing a branded vapouriser that can be purchased on site.We initially introduced the vaping ban as a ‘just in case’ measure, but are now happy to reverse this as more news on the industry comes to light.”

Vaper Starter Kits – The Healthy Option

As the health implications around the use of ecigs remain a grey area, and both sides battle for clearer regulations on use, for now the decision remains in the hands of sports clubs to use their discretion on the use of ecig. In 2018, There are so many reasons to leave cigarettes behind and replace them with ecig starter kits. Smoking is always going to be a personal choice and no matter how hard organisations try to highlight the implications of smoking. More so than ever gyms, and sporting organisations are being very creative in using the marketing power ecig has in 2018.

For example, the health benefits are enormous: instantly cut out hundreds of toxins and the tobacco associated with smoking cigarettes and pick up one of our starter kits instead.

So if you are hardcore in giving up smoking, an choose the ecig lifestyle. Then it’s important to buy into brands that you can trust. So not to run out of puff, take the time to invest in some vaping mods.  

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Funky Bunny Bangkok – Bespoke Zip T-Shirts & Long Sleeves Sun, 18 Feb 2018 09:03:44 +0000 Bangkok is one of most the vibrant cities in the world when it comes to trend setting fashion. In my ten years of visiting Bangkok I am always intrigued and blown away regarding new and innovative fashion items. One of my favourite markets to explore here in Bangkok is the Chatuchak market. This is the world’s largest weekend market and between its 8,000 stalls there are so many options in regards to buying lifestyle and fashion items.

Funky Bunny

There is a section that caters for fashion and whilst exploring I came across a shop called Funky Bunny, what caught my eye was the zip inspired, t-shirt and long sleeve shirt design. I am a lover of chunky zips and zips in general. As I explored the shop more and more I fell in love with the concept. I have never come across such designs as with Funky Bunny. The shirts they sell are unisex which mean they can be worn by anyone. It is the perfect travel item as it is very versatile and looks great on any occasion.

Each zip design takes roughly two hours to sew on and over all the finish is very funky. I own several items now and every time my partner or I choose to wear it, we get many comments.

In speaking both to the designer and the owner they have now many bulk orders from Dubai and Europe. As I chatted, many people were buying the items as they thought the whole concept was very different.

Create Your Own Design

At the moment there is a bulk order only option and if there is a design that I would like to create as my very own I have to order in bulk. So you can discuss with the owner your options. I just noticed a bulk order of over one thousand T-shirts were been shipped to Dubai and the design was very culturally cool.

Today I decided to opt for four items that are hugely popular. The skeleton is their best seller and it’s a real edgy t-shirt that looks fabulous with denim, chinos, shorts and leather.

The 2018 new addition is the Eagle which I can relate too. For the simple reason, as growing this brand I have had to soar alone and create my own niche as a female in a man’s world.

The reindeer I chose to get as it’s Christmas and as far as a funky item to wear during the festive season, this is one of the coolest reindeer t shirt out there. I can team this with almost anything.

Finally the long sleeve white shirt with a wolf design is a reflection of how I feel in winter. Fast, powerful and beautiful. 2017 has been one of the most adventurous years for me.

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How To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring For Less Wed, 14 Feb 2018 11:59:12 +0000 Every man wants to sweep his bride-to-be off her feet with the perfect ring. But, if you’ve only got a limited budget to work with, then finding ‘the one’ can be quite intimidating. And, given that the average cost of a wedding is at an all-time high (Hitched), you might be better off saving that money for the big day, instead.

But, there’s no need to let money stresses overshadow your big proposal. Even if your partner has her heart set on a particular style or gemstone, there are still plenty of ways to get the ideal ring for less. Here, we’ve shared our top tips to help you find the best sparkler for your budget, without compromising on style or quality. Just read on to learn more.

Work Out Her Priorities

Before you start shopping, it’s important to figure out what your partner wants from their engagement ring: do they have any ideas in mind, and how set are they on getting the materials they want? For instance, does it need to be a diamond, or are they open to a different gemstone? Do they have their heart set on a platinum band, or are they less concerned with a pricey band than a big diamond?

It’s likely that your intended will have a few ideas in mind — she’ll have to wear it for the rest of her life, after all. So, you’ll want to have a conversation with your partner about her preferences (or you could ask her friends, if you want the proposal to be a surprise). This will help you to work out which elements of the ring you need to spend a bit more money on, and which aspects you can compromise on. For example, a diamond set in a more affordable band could skim a few hundred pounds off the overall cost of your ring, so it’s well worth investigating which elements you could substitute for less pricey materials.

Find Pre-owned Styles

It’s still possible to get top-quality diamonds and designer rings without the hefty price tags. Pre-owned jewellery is often much cheaper than brand new designs, despite often being in top condition, and they’re often undistinguishable from new styles to the untrained eye. If your fiancé has a taste for more expensive materials, then this is a great way to get the real deal for a fraction of the cost. With so many high-quality styles on offer, chances are that no one — including your bride-to-be — will ever know the difference.

When shopping for pre-owned jewellery, look for specialists who carefully inspect their stock to make sure everything is genuine and in good condition. This selection of pre-owned engagement rings from Est.1897 includes rings which come with certificates of authenticity from an independent inspector, so you can be sure of their quality and value.

Keep It In The Family

Family heirlooms are a brilliant way to propose on a budget, so it’s definitely worth asking around to see if any of your female relatives have old rings they’d be willing to pass down. Not only can this mean you don’t have to buy a new ring, but it’s also a great way to make your fiancé feel welcomed into the family. And, as vintage styles are highly sought-after at the moment, it’s a great choice if your bride prefers retro rings to modern pieces.

If you’re planning to save up and buy a ring after the wedding, then a family antique is also a good placeholder, so you’ll still have something special to propose to your partner with. Don’t worry if your heirloom doesn’t fit your bride’s ring size, as you can most rings can be resized easily and affordably at any good jewellers.

Consider Alternative Gemstones And Materials

Unless your partner has heart set on the traditional diamond set engagement rings, then a ring featuring a more unusual stone could be a more affordable alternative. Amethyst, morganite, emerald and sapphire all tend to be more affordable than diamonds, but they’re still hardwearing, highly desirable gems.  If your bride likes to stand out from the crowd, then a unique, colourful sparkler is likely to go down a treat: try choosing one in her favourite colour for a more personal touch.

The band the gems are set in can also have a dramatic effect on the overall price, so see what you could save by opting for a less popular precious metal. While gold tends to be the most popular choice for an engagement ring, rose gold is currently a budget-friendly (and highly fashionable) alternative. If your partner would prefer a white metal, then avoid pricey platinum, and instead opt for more affordable metals such as palladium, titanium, and sterling silver.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right ring can be stressful at the best of times, but there’s no need to let money worries take the sparkle out of your proposal. As long as you learn about your partner’s priorities, and investigate all of your options thoroughly, then you should have no problem finding a swoon-worthy engagement ring that won’t break the bank.

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The Best Online Stores for Men Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:33:50 +0000 While some men love the thought of wiling away time browsing the high-street shops, a large portion of men will avoid this at all costs. With more and more online stores cropping up, no matter where we are in the world, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to our online shopping habits. There are online stores that specialise in just about anything from hats to customised hoodies.

With an abundance of online stores, we’ve narrowed it down to a select few to make sure you’re not toiling away hours online. Once you find your own personal favourites, you’ll have your shopping routine down to a T in no time.

The Obvious – ASOS

Although ASOS is the obvious choice, it is an excellent option for something quick and easy. With its superb refund policy, some people even purchase a few different sizes, and return those that aren’t the perfect fit. Opt for ASOS for the basics – jeans, shoes, jumpers, etc. – and for the statement pieces, take your business elsewhere.

The Punctual – Chrono24

Buying a luxury watch online can be a bit daunting: it is a large amount of money to handover online. However, this online watch store has a trusted checkout system, an SSL certificate, buyer protection and authenticity guarantee. Shoppers can get great deals on a specific make of watches – take this line of Seiko models for instance.

The Trendy – Hund Hund

Hund Hund has quickly made a name for itself in Europe. The Berlin-based label specialises in eco-fashion (for men and women) and dogs. It features a very classic style with beautifully tailored staple pieces. What makes Hund Hund stand out from the rest is its use of natural materials – a reaction to today’s fast fashion that we have become familiar with. Their trousers, knit jumpers and clean-cut shirts are all very well done.

The Designer – Farfetch

This online luxury shopping platform has really made itself known recently. Farfetch features hundreds of designers and boutiques all across the world and offers express worldwide delivery. The selection of boutiques and contemporary designers is carefully curated and claims to provide shoppers a variety of fashion that they would not find elsewhere.

The High-Fashion – Mr Porter

Mr Porter has been a serious player on the men’s online fashion scene for quite some time. It has an excellent selection of brands and a very well presented array of editorial content that will fill shoppers with inspiration.

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Avana Vietnam – Unique Clothing & Shopping Experience In Hoi An & Da Nang Sun, 14 Jan 2018 04:48:34 +0000 I am staying in Hoi An which is a city on Vietnam’s central coast known for its well-preserved Ancient Town, cut through with canals. The former port city’s melting-pot history is reflected in its architecture, a mix of eras and styles from wooden Chinese shop houses and temples to colorful French colonial buildings, ornate Vietnamese tube houses and the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge with its pagoda.

Hoi An is also famous for endless amounts of tailors that can create what ever you like. Saturated with the same same outfits, being bought by tourists. In my observation, I can truly see the demand tourists crave here for very cheap bespoke tailoring. I can see that the international tourists love the experience which is still strong no matter what the quality let alone outcome is when the clothes are fitted.

However that has never ever been me when it comes to the love of clothing. Clothing for me is a lifestyle and an endless passion of communication in an art form. It is for this very reason that in 2018, I am going to continue to trend that less is more and quality, individual clothing can have an impact in business. – Gracie Opulanza

As the years go on and my journey of marketing and promoting fashion designers continues. There has been one consistent passion I have always trended and wanted to communicate to my readers. Is that, I have always loved the hunt and the adventure of connecting with unique and very exclusive one off pieces of clothing created by the hidden jewels of fashion designers.

Aldegonde Van Alsenoy

I love searching and learning from fashion designers why they work so hard to create what they do. For this reason let me introduce you to designer called Aldegonde Van Alsenoy who trained in the city of Antwerp and is now residing in Hoi An Vietnam for many years. Most successful Antwerp designers decide to remain in Antwerp however Aldegonde is an adventurous woman who wanted to be a designer in her own right.

Aldegonde’s passion for fashion is to create one off pieces. In her boutiques both in Hoi An and Da Nang all of her collections are unique and once bought no two are the same. This is rare to find in a saturated market as fashion. However it is the core essence and the key to her success.

To be able to create designs, from start to beginning, using local produces and sellers of fabrics. I love that I am in control as the designer and it’s the core essence in creating clothing that customers from around the globe continue to return. I am very committed in preserving the art of what is left here in Vietnam regarding skilled craftsmanship. Supporting the local community in regards to weaving techniques. A room full of empty looms, leaves me with an empty heart! – Aldegonde

Avana Concept Store Da Nang

So committed to local craftsmanship, Aldegonde decided to team with artist Nguyen Quoc Dan. Together they began a journey and spent pain staking months scouting, collecting empty looms and recycled wood from Vietnam to create a unique and well thought out concept store in an up and coming area of Da Nang. In fact it’s such a rare store that has not seen anything like this anywhere else in Vietnam. It is more like an art museum than a boutique. The attention to detail using recycled goods from around the country is why the Avana Concept Store is so unique.

Life and business always comes with risks. Showcasing my one off pieces in an inspiring room of art is all about the buying experience. Who am I to dictate what a man or a women should wear. My collections offer the freedom for the buyer to buy into what I call a gender neutral era world of fashion. In my store, time is no factor my customers can have a local beer or coffee and play dress ups. In that freedom of exploration, my clothing comes to life. – Aldegonde

Environmental Message

Here in Vietnam Aldegonde has the control to choose from end of change fabrics, found in the factories. Aldegonde also travels around the globe to source the finest fabrics. From South East Asia, Europe or Africa nothing limits her to her commitment to the world of fashion. Aldegonde lives the lifestyle by embracing the culture of weaving and textiles around the globe. This is fun and exciting as the fabrics are luxury and high quality, therefore nothing is wasted and the quality of fabrics are not compromised. She caters for a niche market and is loyal to her customers.

Tribe Collection

It is one of the most interesting creative stores I have seen here in South East Asia, right here in Da Nang, Vietnam. If I had to describe Aldegonde Van Alsenoy in an interior art form this is it. The shopping experience here is just fabulous, edgy and chic. A collision of fashion and art, the AVANA Da Nang store is the result of a rich collaboration between the Belgian designer and renowned Vietnamese artist Dan Quoc Nguyen. Drawing inspiration from the Co Tu tribes of the Central Highlands, Ava and Dan have created a masterpiece of fashion, wood, art and craft.

I loved the rhythmic tribal carvings that formed the perfect backdrop for Aldegonde’s singular pieces, crafted from the finest handmade fabrics and brocades to create unique and sustainable fashion. The clothes are also hang on beautifully wooden carved coat hangers which is how meticulous Aldegonde is when it comes to her Avana boutique.

The whole exploration as a customer is relaxed and the store allows me to search at my own leisure. The more I delve into the world of Avana, the more I realise that these one off pieces, stand alone in this world of saturated fashion.

Don’t limit yourself, my clothing are a universal shape for men and women. I don’t work in sizes, I create being lead by fabrics and textiles around the globe, it’s gender neutral. – Aldegonde


Hoi An Store

  • Address: 57 Lê Lợi, Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0235 3911 611

Da Nang Store

  • 260 Đường Trần Phú, Phước Ninh, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0236 3525 260
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Chamaripa Elevator Shoes – Power Boost To Dream Height, Confidence & Success Wed, 20 Dec 2017 08:50:30 +0000 From New York to Vegas or London to Tokyo, there is no doubt that height is the most important thing when defining a handsome, attractive, confident, and successful man. Well, the debate on why the society is this harsh to men who are not as tall as ‘expected’ has raged with no sign of clear answers in sight. This takes us to the question; what can you do to look several inches taller?There is no point to keep worrying why nature designed you a shorter person while others are exceptionally tall. You can appear taller with 2 to 5 inches with Chamaripa shoes. Its best elevator shoes make it possible to look taller, confident, and successful.

Chamaripa Elevator Dress Shoes – 8CM / 3.15 inch Taller

Elevator Shoes For Men – The Secret Behind Confidence Exuded By Celebrities

Every time that you see them on the favorite television shows, celebrities display special confidence that many can only dream of. The secret is on their looks and appearance. Whether they are shooting films in the field or other areas, the shoes make them look taller, perfect and really desirable.

Many celebrities agree that height increasing shoes make them feel they are at the apex that one can ever aspire to reach. When the elevation is matched with the proper sense of style, the reality is that celebrities end up looking even more gorgeous than those who are born tall.

The discovery of men’s elevator shoes bestowed the power to control one’s height. This means that no matter what people think of tall men, the men’s elevator shoes makes you be counted as one of them.

Chamaripa Elevator Sneakers Shoes – 7CM / 2.76 inch Taller

Chamaripa Elevator Sneakers Shoes – 7CM / 2.76 inch Taller

Rethinking Personal Style To Map Personal Success With Height Increasing Shoes

While some people might think that height is simply used generally to define looks, it is actually more than that. When you pick the right high heel shoes for men to hit that target height, you get extra confident that points to personal success.

Whether you are going to an interview or your company is launching a new brand, the extra confidence will make you exemplary. This confidence will make the interviewer see the self-drive, a unique force, and the perfect fit to move a department, team, or entire organization to the next level. Ask most of the top Hollywood actors, and they will tell you that the greatest pillar of their success is confidence.

Take a look at your best jeans, suit, and other casual wear. Then, imagine where you want to reach. This can be made possible by going for the right high heels shoes for men. The shoes are the lever to catapult you to success.

Chamaripa Elevator Boots – 7CM / 2.76 inch Taller

Rushing Ahead Of Others In Defining Success

To hit that dream productivity level, it must be clearly espoused in mind. But many people fail when they start wondering how their lack of height will play in the scenario. Whether you want to outshine others at work or in social realms, simply check for elevator shoes 5 inches or height increasing shoes 4 inches depending on anticipated personal adjustment.

The elevator shoes for men make it possible to edge right ahead of others because you can finally hit the revered height and confidence level. To get better results, make sure only to select the most comfortable and stylish height increasing shoes for men from Chamaripa.

If you are interested, please visit for more product details.

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VAMATIC Watches – Review on Swiss Made Timepieces Available Now On Kickstarter! Tue, 05 Dec 2017 14:31:05 +0000 Pleased to do a review of Vamatic watches, high quality timepieces now seeking funds on Kickstarter, I was more than impressed. At first not a person you will consider a watch enthusiast, but later, a person that started to look at a timepiece as a stylish accessory that will class up your wrist in any occasion!

Being a victim of the accelerated way of living, I have been given Vamatic watch at the perfect timing. The day when me and my Vamatic watch fit together was the day I had to attend several meetings, but end the day with a casual match night with my friends. Keeping style at the highest level during the whole day was struggle of the past, as now Vamatic took care of style with its 2 stories timepiece.

Vamatic Swiss Made Timepieces Review

Brand Vamatic, which is relatively new to the luxury watch industry, just launched its campaign on Kickstarter. Offering the market Swiss made timepieces which are setting price lower and quality higher, Vamatic is seeking funds to start the production of 2 collections of stunning and high quality Swiss watches.

Blending classy, minimalist design with a high-quality watch counterparts, Vamatic created timepieces that are without a doubt to create a new chapter in luxurious watches.

2 Collections

To my delight, Vamatic team has prepared 2 watch collections to choose from. Winston quartz collection is precisely designed collection that uses an electronic oscillator which is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. Quartz Swiss Made Ronda movement ensures the highest accuracy of the timepiece.

On the other hand, Vauclain Automatic collection will delight you with its Automatic Swiss Made ETA movement, which winds itself automatically as the wearer moves the wrist.

Both collections are embellished with a sapphire crystal glass, 5 year warranty, butterfly clasp and a quick change spring to adjust your look! On top of all, both collections are having a Swiss made certificate, are water resistant and controlled numerous times before coming to you.

One Watch, Two stories

By wearing it, Vamatic watch doesn’t just fit one occasion or creates one look that makes you feel confident. It makes 2 styles which are narrating 2 different stories. Coming with an easy quick change spring and 2 straps: genuine leather and stainless steel strap, I was able to change my style and give an accent to my outfit in a matter of seconds!

Swiss Made

Every Vamatic watch is being adorned with Swiss made label, marking the Swiss movements origin as well as the Swiss manufacturing and assembling process. Swiss made certificate is the highest quality recognition in the watch industry.

Direct To Consumers Business Model

Focusing on different pricing strategy, Vamatic is offering you a luxurious watch at an accessible price. By skipping all the intermediators between the producer and consumer, high quality Vamatic timepieces will be delivered to you at lowest price possible, bringing luxury closer to the general public.

On top of everything, Vamatic is now live on Kickstarter which means they dropped prices in order to seek funding for the start of production!

Kickstarter Launch

Kickstarter campaign is now live, so everyone interested are welcome to support this project and buy a stylish, high quality, 2 stories timepiece I am highly recommending to you (I am about to buy one as well). The link to the campaign is here, so feel free to back these guys up.

Vamatic Acronyms To Round Up The Story

To sum up what does this brand has to offer, I will use their acronyms in order to mention what I like the most about them.

V – Vigorous Swiss movements and variable straps

A – Accessory that adjusts

M – Modern design

A – Accent to every outfit and occasion

T – Time mastering

I – Impeccable quality

C – Confidence by wearing it


Blend of high-quality timepiece, timeless design and 2 different straps showed up as the perfect combination for me. Everything being perfectly united in one watch that is here to follow you to every occasion, no matter day, time or dress code. After trying these timepieces, I am more than confident to say that Vamatic watches will reach its Kickstarter goal and really change the luxury watch industry setting price lower and quality higher elevating style to the highest standards!


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Tips On Creating A 21st Century Bachelor Pad Mon, 04 Dec 2017 12:37:23 +0000 When it comes to interior design, many modern males still feel fairly unconfident about how to make their homes somewhere both functional and stylish. So rather than wasting your money on any chintzy home stylings, here’s a look at how you can upgrade your living space in a contemporary and stress-free manner.

Keep It Minimal

All guys will be glad to know that minimalism is still hugely fashionable in 2017. This means that you don’t have to worry about any fussy and flowery colour schemes, as neutral colour tones like grey and white are a great way to streamline your home and keep things smart.

But in order to stop this look from feeling too much like an office, it’s a good idea to use contrast. There’s nothing like getting a big pop art wall print to create a big impression. And as the Dude in The Big Lebowski says, a decent rug can really tie a room together!

Brutalist Styles

The brutalist look is a great alternative to minimalist chic. You’ll have seen this in most coffee shops and city centre bars in the UK, as it uses everything from filament light bulbs, to distressed wood, and even bare brick walls to get that contemporary urban look.

What’s great about this brutalist style is that it means you don’t have to cover up any imperfections in your home. So that whether you’ve got a platform top base or a sprung edge bed from Bedstar, you don’t have to cover it up in lots of soft furnishings to get that very trendy brutalist style. Instead this look is about being bold and edgy – perfect for the 21st century male.

Classic Mid Century Modern Aesthetics

Anybody who’s seen the hit TV show, Mad Men, will know exactly what the mid-century modern look is all about. With iconic furniture like bean-shaped coffee tables and egg chairs, it might seem perilously close to turning your home into an Austin Powers shrine, but it’s a great way to transform your interiors.

Colour is especially important in the mid-century modern look with unusual hues like flamingo pink, gold yellow, and olive green being fun ways to brighten up your home decor.

And whilst some mid century modern furniture is selling at record prices, it’s always a good idea to hunt around charity shops and online auction sites to see if you can pick yourself up a bargain.


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Shopping For Holiday Gifts On A Budget Thu, 30 Nov 2017 02:29:00 +0000 Christmas décor lines the shelves at local stores, temperatures are dipping, and advent calendars are ready to go. Holiday shopping can be enjoyable for some, while others find it stress-inducing—oftentimes thanks to skyrocketing prices. If you’re on a strict budget and want to keep costs low this holiday season, keep these tips in mind as you head out to shop.

Create a Detailed Budget

You can’t stay on budget if you don’t have one. Use budgeting app Mint to create a detailed view of the money you can spend this holiday season. With a specific number in mind, you can avoid the holiday spending hangover.

Make a Shopping List

Create a master list of all the people you need to buy for: family members and friends that you exchange gifts with every year. Don’t forget to consider the add-on presents that tend to come up during the holiday season, like hostess gifts for the holiday parties on your agenda and white elephant gifts for the office exchange. Next to each gift recipient’s name, write out a specified budget for the gift. Further breaking down your spending plans this way can save you a lot of money in the long run. Don’t forget to bring your list with you as you head to the mall. With a list on hand, you can take advantage of any deals that pop up during your shopping adventures, and help you avoid buying all of your gifts at the last minute.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Don’t wait until Christmas Eve to start your holiday shopping. Spend the weeks leading up to Christmas wisely. The sooner you have your gifts purchased and wrapped, the better you’ll feel. A last-minute rush may see you ignoring your budgetary concerns in favor of speed, so start early.

Get Rewards for Your Spending

You’ll do a great deal of shopping this holiday season, so make sure you’re getting rewards from your credit card. If you don’t already have a card that offers spending benefits, check out the Chase Sapphire Card.

Take Advantage of Free Gift Wrapping

If you’re shopping at department stores that offer free gift wrapping, wait a few extra minutes and have your presents wrapped up and ready to go. Don’t waste money buying rolls of wrapping paper that you won’t use, and save yourself from the hazard of paper cuts.

Keep Shipping Costs in Mind When Online Shopping

It might seem like online shopping offers better prices, but you have to factor in the cost of shipping your presents (and consider how long it’ll take for these gifts to be delivered). Take note of delivery fees or shipping costs to avoid any unsavory surprises.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Coupons

There’s no limit to the discounts and coupons available around the holiday season. If you’re looking for fashion gifts, take advantage of Burlington Coat Factory coupons to find something stylish for everyone on your shopping list. If you’re searching for gadgets that don’t break the bank, shop

Re-Gifting Isn’t Off-Limits

If you received gifts last year that remain unopened or unused, consider re-gifting these presents. Have an unworn watch that you know your cousin would appreciate? Wrap it up and gift it this Christmas Eve. It’s not the money spent—it’s the thought that counts.

Consider Homemade Gifts

If you want to keep costs low, consider gifting your loved ones with homemade presents. Consider your skills; do you make a mean salsa that friends and family go crazy over? Spend a Saturday cooking up a big batch of your salsa recipe, and place it in individual mason jars. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can create a jar label and adhere it for a specialized touch that your loved ones will appreciate.

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What To Look For When Buying A Leather Wallet Wed, 29 Nov 2017 04:38:33 +0000 Just about every man carries a wallet, whether they are going to a casual or corporate event. Since you probably already own a wallet, it is highly likely that you have been out of the wallet-shopping scene for quite some time. Well, you will definitely be shocked when you find the many different available options, offering more modernity, convenience and comfort. Below, you will discover several tips to help you find the perfect wallet.

Space-Efficient Storage

There is no doubt many designers have added so many new features that the size of the wallet has become an issue. In fact, many modern wallets are now so large that they will barely fit into the back-pant pocket. If you are looking for a professional styled wallet, you will definitely want to avoid wallets that stick out the back of your pocket. Instead, you should gear your shopping toward wallets that provide space-efficient storage.

Such wallets will offer plenty of space for your credit credits, photos and cash. This design is more suitable for men who do not carry a lot of accessories in their wallet and want to look coordinated and professional.

Keep Money Flat Or Folded

With the invention of the convenient debit and credit card, consumers have steered farther away from utilizing cash to make purchases. With this said, it never hurts to have a little cash on hand for emergencies and other purposes. Now, to decide how you want to carry that cash will determine what type of wallet to purchase. Ask yourself do you want to keep your money folded or flat. If you choose flat, which is more convenient and neater than the folding option, you will need to purchase a large bi-fold wallet.

The bi-fold long style wallet may be your best option. However, it is important to note that this wallet will stick out of the top of your pocket, whether you are wearing it in back pant or shirt pocket. These wallets are available in a variety of styles and designs, so you will easily find one for your casual and business attire.


There is absolutely no doubt that wallets are made from a wide variety of materials. Leather is definitely one of the most popular. You can learn more about leather wallets here. Just remember that leather is not your only option, but it is one of the better options. When attempting to choose a wallet, you will want to choose a material that will last a lifetime. You should also make sure that you do not have any allergies to the material in question. Do your best to choose a material that will last a lifetime, while also avoiding any materials that may cause your skin to develop a rash. This will help to ensure that you’re able to use the wallet for the rest of your life, without any troubles.

Carbon Wallet

Bifold Or Trifold

Another thing to remember is that wallets are available in various styles. Bifold and trifold wallets tend to be the most popular. Trifold wallets fold three times. They usually have a stable center and two sides that open. A bifold wallet will only open once. Each option is acceptable, but only one will be right for your individualistic needs. Bifold wallets tend to be smaller and more compact. Trifold alternatives are bigger and they usually offer more storage space. With that being said, you will need to find a middle ground and choose the option that works best for you.

Trifold Wallet

Driver’s License Holder

Finally, you should definitely make sure that your wallet has a driver’s license holder. There is a good chance that you’re required to show your driver’s license to someone on a daily basis. It might be a cop, a security guard at work, or a local clerk behind the counter. With a clear license holder in your wallet, flashing your driver’s license will be quick and easy. It is truly in your best interest to make sure that your wallet has a clear driver’s license holder!

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The 4 Most Annoying Things About Wearing Glasses Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:58:09 +0000 When nerd culture came to prominence in the early 2000s, there was a sudden proliferation in large, horn-rimmed frames without lenses in them. Was it all harmless fun that people simply wanted that look and were willing to wear a pair of plastic frames on their face, even if their eyesight was perfectly fine? Maybe, but an entire community of glasses-wearers with sub-optimal eyesight might beg to differ. After all, they have to suffer through all of the annoying tasks and routines that come hand in hand with having to wear glasses constantly.

Other than handsome celebrity men with glasses helping the cause, perhaps the only saving grace when it comes to owning glasses is how easy it is to find decent frames and good brands nowadays. Back in the day, you would be limited to what your optician had stocked in their store, and you’d need a small loan just to be able to afford them considering that they were being sold through a third party. Now, thanks to the internet and websites like Edel Optics, you can browse a huge range of glasses and try them on at home to see if they suit you. However, this doesn’t change the fact that wearing glasses can be damned annoying. Check out the some worst pet peeves below.

Watching TV On The Couch

Everything’s all fine and dandy when you’re sitting upright, but the second you want to get a little bit more comfortable and lie on your side with your head resting on the couch’s arm, it all goes pear-shaped. Suddenly your glasses are sitting askance on your face, your left lens is no longer aligned with your eye and your right one is sitting far enough away to make it seem like you’re looking through a reverse telescope. If you do adjust your specs it’s only a matter of time before they’re digging into your temple and making you wonder if you shouldn’t just shell out on the LASIK already.

Riding a Bike In The Rain

This one’s potentially life-threatening. One minute you can see sharply into the distance, the next the heavens open and suddenly your life becomes one big kaleidoscope while you speed down that hill at lightning speed.

Kissing Someone

Sure, it looks great in the movies, but in reality, you risk poking your partner’s eye out. If they happen to wear glasses too, then your kiss comes together like a pair of jousting knights. If there was ever a time to switch to contacts, then it is this.

Waking Up And Looking For Your Glasses

Just waking up and staring at the blur of color that is your immediate foreground can be annoying. It’s the same scenario every morning, groping blindly with one hand while you look for your glasses like Hans Moleman in The Simpsons.

Still though, once you glasses to suit your face and frames that match an outfit, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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A Short History Of The Leather Jacket, From Wars To Catwalks Wed, 22 Nov 2017 00:37:27 +0000 We do not exaggerate when we claim that every man (but also every woman) has had at least one leather jacket in his wardrobe.

An item that is now considered as a classic garment, a must, something as necessary and basic as a t-shirt or a pair of jeans, the leather jacket is also a garment that is always stylish and fashionable, and never goes out of fashion. You just need to have a look at the catwalks all over the world and at the collections of the main fashion designers to understand that this piece of item of clothing is held as a must-have and as an object that can inspire both the designers that create it and the people who wear it. Lambskin, buckskin and sheepskin leather hides are the main types of leather used for the creation of jackets.

Nowadays the leather jacket is a fashion item that each man wants to have in his wardrobe to show it off when he wants to feel a bit rebel or simply to stand out as a strong and decided person, but this special jacket was born many years ago for completely different reasons.

War Clothing

The leather jacket, indeed, fist appeared during the First World War as a garment used by German fighter pilots. Used as outerwear layers of uniforms, leather jackets had a protective role. They were called bomber jackets and were very appreciated especially for their insulating capacity and warmth. Leather jackets were also used during the Russian Civil War, so we can certainly claim that their first field of application was the military sector.

Soon this garment began to become more popular also outside the military sector, in particular in the 1920s, when the first leather jacket for Harley Davidson was designed by Irving Shott. Unlike the military jacket, this model (named “Perfecto” after a cigar) had a zipper instead of buttons and was a shortened version of it. However, the leather jacket did not dismiss its military role and appeared again during World War II, worn also by members of the USA Army. The legendary A-2 model is still seen as an icon, and some clothing companies still reproduce these jackets, after so many year.


A boost to leather jackets as fashionable garments was certainly given by Hollywood and the many movies that featured stars and unforgettable characters wearing this item of clothing. Movies dating back to the 1940s and 1950s, like For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Wild One and Rebel without a Cause, just to make few examples, contributed to the launch of the leather jacket as an item used by beautiful and charming boys (just like Gary Cooper, Marlon Brando, James Dean and other movie stars), most of them rebel and unconventional. This is how many boys began to conceive this garment as something that could enhance a person’s charm (and maybe attract girls!), as well as a sort of symbol for rebellion.


Marlon Brando

In the following decades the leather jacket affected also other sectors, in particular fashion and music. The Beatles first (in the 1960s), the Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash then (form the 1970s on) contributed to associate the leather jacket to rock and punk music. As far as the world of fashion is concerned, we cannot forget the contribution given by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent. The girlfriend of Malcolm Mclaren (manager of Sex Pistols), Vivienne Westwood transformed the leather jacket into a trendy garment, while Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to insert leather in his collections not only for jackets, but also for trousers, skirts and so on.  Leather became a fashion material and was then used in the collections of many other designers.


Elvis Presley

Modern Days

Nowadays the leather jacket is seen as a fashionable and classic garment, and designers evidently like to reinvent it and give it different shapes. Although the basic model is still appreciated, the leather jacket is now something that can vary a lot depending on designers’ creativity, on contemporary trends and on personal taste. Leather jackets are realized in different colours (not only black or brown!), and shapes, for both men and women, and can be either elegant or casual.

LAS8 paris french leather haute couture 2

The leather jacket is an item that has gone through the decades and has been protagonist in many different fields, and what is certain is that it will accompany us for a lot of time!

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