Technology – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Wireless Speakers – Freya 2 Reviewed Mon, 19 Feb 2018 07:30:20 +0000 Billed as the speaker that looks and sounds perfect in every room, ‘Clint Audio’s latest offering to the wireless speaker market are the Freya 2.

Freya 2 is part of the ‘Asgard’ range of wireless speakers. Named after the home of Nordic gods and goddesses, the speakers design and usability are based on the godly characteristics of toughness, endurance and power:

“Freya is a petite and propitious goddess admired for her love, beauty and especially her appreciation of music”

The Danish company’s mission is to go back to basics with design and functionality and this is certainly reflected in the robust, simple and elegant look of the Freya 2.

The front grille that wraps effortlessly around the cylindrical shape is striking and the colouring of the unit is entirely contemporary. The front grille reminds you of the exhaust on a big American truck. With this almost industrial design and varying colours you get the feeling that these speakers are both masculine and feminine.

You get the colour options of Misty Green, Dusty Rose, Olive Green, Marsala Red and Powdery Blue. Menstylefashion were also supplied with the special edition, Midnight Black with copper.

How Does It Work?

The operation buttons are located on the top.  Although there is no specific power button, once initially charged you simply hold down the play/pause button for power. Nice and simple. It’s the same with the initial connection to your device. Just hold down both volume buttons for a few seconds and you’re there.

As the speaker is searching, the front line of indicator lights shoots horizontally up from the base of the unit until a connection is made and it then lights in a solid formation. Kind of reminded me of      ’ Kit’, the car from my 2nd favourite 80’s TV series, ‘Knight Rider’ ; Voicing the words, ‘Hello Michael’ to the fully leather clad Michael Hoffman, aka ‘The Hoff’. Really cool.

Once turned on a kindly yet firm sounding female audio message tells you that its either searching for a device or that the device is now connected. Connection from your phone or device is true plug and play. You turn the Freya 2 on let your device find it and you’re effortlessly connected.  Or if you’re really technophobic, Clint audio have helpfully built in an audio jack and provided the necessary jack lead.

I share my four story town house with my family of four women all of whom have varied music tastes.  In my house, we have a couple of blue tooth speakers and our main living area has a blue tooth connection device connected to our amp and wired in speakers.

On a Sunday we try to enforce a no TV rule and listen to our local radio station playing rare disco funk to ease us in to a lazy Sunday afternoon.  On one of these Sundays I replaced my stereo speakers with two of the Freya 2 to get a true feeling of sound in a classic home environment.

The Sound

I started with Alberosie’s live version of ’International Drama’. The track goes from classical opera to Reggae in the course of a four minute track. The punchy base intermingled with the clarity and tone required for classical music and the Reggae deep and clear with bass more than evident and with no distortion. The sound is balanced and has a real depth, given the size of the device.

Singularly, the Freya 2 is clear and punchy and the bass evident.  Perfect clarity and velocity for a rowdy or quiet dinner party, depending on how much volume you need. It really was punching above its weight.

Pairing the Freya 2 is an altogether different sound. Set at the same position as my usual home speakers and at high volume the sound is balanced and clear. You can feel the bass in your ears rather than your body.  Kind of like walking in to a night club before it kicks off.

When walking round the house and in or out of range, the Freya 2 flawlessly connects or disconnects as required or reports with the audio voice that you need to reconnect your device. Our recent party guests found it easy to connect, which is ideal for when you have that annoying person who always wants to DJ….

In a busy home, these speakers really work. When used as a single unit in a teenagers or parents bedroom, even at a low to medium volume the sound fills the room yet is unobtrusive to the rest of the house. When paired together in a room you have fully functioning house party speakers.

The Freya 2’s are perfectly sized, are light and can be easily handled due to the matt paint finish. Put in a tote bag for a speaker on a beach or for a party at home the Freya 2 make the difference to any environment, both for sound quality and look.

The Freya 2 are certainly and eye catching choice for the more discerning audiophile and at a retail price of around £150.00, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth.

Specification :

Wireless Bluetooth speaker with built in battery (2600mAh) for up to eight hours depending on usage

Weight 1kg. Dimensions: Height 210 mm x diameter 100mm

7 Watt amplifier with DSP for optimum sound performance

Wireless technology supported: Bluetooth (TrueWireless)

USB port can handle up to 5v 2.4A output power

Eco save function – FREYA will go to auto standby if not used for 20 minutes

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3 Tech Trends To Expect in 2018 Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:58:47 +0000 Each and every year, tech savvy individuals and casual tech users alike eagerly await new developments. Of course, 2018 is no different and following events like CES many of us are looking forward to the numerous tech trends we can expect over the next twelve months. Will we have AI-powered robots by Christmas? Will Virtual Reality finally lose the high price and the wires? Will we get anything more reliable than 4G? Here are just a few tech trends that are expected in 2018.

An Artificial Intelligence Boom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for several years now, and yet it has remained somewhat under-utilized. Well, that is unless you count the human-like AI robots and helpful devices created by companies like Amazon. Fortunately, in 2018 we’re expecting to finally see AI evolve due to more funding and increased incorporation. It’s thought that AI will be adopted by numerous new platforms, apps and devices to improve user experience – though the specifics are yet to come to light. Still, by the end of this year, we’re being told it’s very likely that AI will be a mainstream part of modern technology.

VR 2.0 Will Change Gaming Forever

For years now, Virtual Reality (VR) has been slowly building a reputation within the world of gaming. Google Cardboard improved smartphone-based VR experiences and PS VR ensured headsets would become a popular gaming accessory. Even the iGaming industry adopted VR tech, such as Mr Smith’s UK based online casino offering live dealer games that stream straight to VR mask-hooked mobile headsets to create authentic casino experiences. In 2018 though, the way VR is consumed will change entirely. Instead of requiring external devices, upcoming VR hardware will have the computing power built-in. The Oculus Go, Oculus Santa Cruz and the HTC Vive Focus are just some of the innovative headsets we can expect this year that are sure to help VR reach the overall goal of becoming mainstream.

Preparation For 5G

Now, unlike AI there’s no way that 5G will become mainstream by the end of 2018, unfortunately. However, we will likely see preparation for 5G networks and 5G devices this year, both of which might be out by the end of 2019 at the earliest. According to some tech forecasts, 5G could potentially be ten times more powerful than 4G and could even overshadow present home internet services. This will no doubt completely change the way we consume mobile data, and therefore the apps and streaming services available on our devices. Needless to say, developers, engineers and mobile providers are seriously going to have to buckle down in preparation.

In addition to these three tech trends, there are rumours of seamless conversation technology evolving, UI overhauls and huge amounts of data becoming available to everyday consumers. Needless to say, 2018 will be another massive year for technology and we couldn’t be more excited. We are also interested to know what you are looking most forward to this year. Are you a VR fanatic or do you just want better, more reliable mobile data? Let us know in the comments below.

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IFI Nano – Enhance The Sound Quality Of Your Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & PC Mon, 18 Dec 2017 03:38:40 +0000 The ifi Nano Is the world’s smallest, portable digital to analogue convertor that plays all high resolution formats.

I was informed by the manufacturers that with this simple piece of equipment can convert the sound quality and power output of standard audio equipment to a much more premium, high end system for a fraction of the cost of a really decent set of headphones.

In less technical terms, The Ifi Nano converts the digital sound from the output of your music playing device; be that and iPhone, laptop, Tablet, PC,  back in to the original analogue format and adds a lot more power to the output of whatever  your listening to. You should in theory get a much better quality sound by using the Ifi Nano between your device and headphones.

As an avid music fan and regular attendee of festivals and gigs I was excited to be invited to the launch of the Ifi Nano. I generally listen to music on a set of over ear headphones that retail at around £300.00 and to be honest, these outperform much more expensive rivals.

The Launch

I arrived at the launch fashionably late in the day and just as the crowds of journalists were leaving. And after a brief introduction, I was introduced to the Ifi team and the Ifi nano.

Presented with a set of over ear head phones, I was asked to select a track on a standard android phone. Being a drum and bass fan I opted for’ Klax – Hotline’ a proper bassy track that would really test the limits of Ifi’s claims. The headphones were of a premium quality and the sound quality was , as expected, pretty good. I was then invited to plug the Ifi nano in and play the same track through the same set of headphones.

The effect was immediate. The back ground music and chatter fell silent as the audio filled my head with crystal clear sound. Each vocal, beat and melody intertwined with the other instruments and samples that form the track were as smooth as liquid  and punchy. My mouth involuntarily grinning like a Cheshire cat and my head slowly bobbing, I could see the guys from Ifi genuinely looking excited as my eyes lit up as I mouthed  ‘OMG’….The difference was entirely tangible.

So, my immediate question to the team at Ifi was: what is this little black box actually doing?

The ifi Nano is a mobile digital to analogue convertor and a head phone amplifier. Its job is to turn the digital signal you’re your device back in to the original analogue recording and increase the power output of your headphones without compromising on the quality of the sound

As the Ifi guys explained “when you speak or record music through a microphone in a recording studio, the computer cannot understand you because as yet computers are unable to understand humans. So it has to go through a translator. Which in other words is a convertor. So it converts the frequencies that the recording picks up to a digital signal. When you play that back through a digital to analogue convertor it’s converting it back to the original sound, therefore reversing the process and vastly improving the listening experience”

“When you play your music on your phone or device its doing one of three things; Its storing the file, its converting it from digital to analogue and its also doing the application playing the music. So your phone or device is doing stages 1, 2 and 3 all at once and therefore the quality of the audio is diminished. So when you insert the lead from your headphones in to the black label (Ifi) your phone will send the audio file, the Ifi Nano will then separate the stages 1, 2 and 3 and do stages 2 and 3 much better.

By separating these stage’s off the sound becomes much more like the original audio file. And a hell of a lot more powerful”

The Test

Living in a busy household, sometimes the only respite I get from noise is to grab a device and stick my headphones on whether to listen to music or watch a movie

When travelling, I generally use standard phone company issued inner ear headphones due to their size but the sound quality is never as good as the over ears. I was therefore intrigued to see what difference a little black box could make to the sound quality of both these devices and keen to test out Ifi’s claims that the Nano does what it says.

The Ifi Nano comes neatly packaged in a tight fitting cardboard box and has all the required leads for charging and connection to your PC/Laptop as well as the required jack leads to connect to your device. It does not come with the actual leads to connect direct to your phone as these are normally issued by your phone supplier. The matt black and orange detailing of the device complement each other perfectly and you get a black velvet carry pouch for travel.

Having already tested the device on a set of over ear headphones at the launch, I was keen to see how they worked in my home environment. Listening to ‘Alberosie – Natural mystic’ , was as always a pleasure. Keeping the volume on my device to around halfway, I plugged the jack lead in to the Ifi Nano.  I was not quite expecting the difference to be so apparent.  Plug and play is straightforward and with little effort you are immediately launched in to a world of sound. You can literally hear everything that the track has to offer and the volume was only halfway with a lot more to give.

On the inner earphones issued by my phone supplier the, difference was entirely mirrored. Clear, bassy and the surrounding sound pretty much cancelled out. The usual poking in of the inner ear earphones not required as the music took me in to my own arena .As I switched to watching a movie, the Ifi Nano helped drive the experience of fear, adrenalin  and excitement as every footstep, door creaking and dialogue were as clear as day.


Having never played my music through such a device and being a complete novice when it comes to high end hi fi equipment, I was actually quite gobsmacked of the effect this little black box had on my overall listening experience. A serious Jaw dropping difference.

As a regular traveller and commuter, the Ifi Nano is now an essential piece of my audio kit. In terms of practical use, the Ifi Nano is tiny, only measuring around 75mm x 100mm x 30mm deep  and is light yet robust. It has a 10 hour charge time and will fit neatly in to any hand or man bag.

Retail price £200.00

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B&O Play Announces Beoplay M3 – Giving Music A Prominent Place In The Home Thu, 09 Nov 2017 13:13:12 +0000 B&O PLAY today welcomes the most compact member of its wireless home speaker family, Beoplay M3. Powerful on its own, and even more impressive in combination with the range of multiroom speakers from B&O PLAY and Bang & Olufsen, Beoplay M3 is designed by award-winning Cecilie Manz and finely tuned by Bang & Olufsen acoustic engineers to deliver a flexible and immersive listening experience in the modern home.

Our home wireless speakers are designed around the idea that sound should have a prominent place at home. It is about putting people before technology and designing speakers that earn attention for all the right reasons: immersive sound, a simple user experience and a design that adds warmth to the interior. Beoplay M3 delivers perfectly on this vision, and we are proud to extend the family with this compact yet powerful speaker” – CEO of B&O PLAY John Mollanger.

Exchangeable Front Covers To Match Your Interior

The architecture of Beoplay M3 is based on a simple silhouette. Infinite lines run around the oval shape to draw attention to the detail that makes Beoplay M3 confident in its simplicity: the exchangeable cover that adapts Beoplay M3 to your interior style. Beoplay M3 comes with a front cover in either premium, acoustically transparent wool blend fabric – created by the renowned Danish textile company Kvadrat – or a pearl blasted anodized aluminium cover featuring the recognizable B&O PLAY hole pattern.

“Beoplay M3 is all about character; one that can easily adapt to any interior style. We have worked hard to get the very best of the premium materials used and the result is a sleek, hyper simple speaker with a precise shape. Tight, compact and powerful, Beoplay M3 blends in perfectly with your interior”, – designer Cecilie Manz.

Instant Music Listening And Multiroom

Carefully designed for the home, you can choose between instant music listening with Bluetooth, streaming music directly from your smart device to the speaker, or you can connect the speaker to Wi-Fi for a multiroom setup. The latter allows you to broadcast your music to as many B&O PLAY or Bang & Olufsen multiroom speakers as you have in your home, providing simple control of all speakers from a single intuitive app on your smart device.

Fill Your Home With Immersive Listening Experiences

The combination of custom designed drivers, plenty of amplifier power, advanced digital signal processing and the final subjective tuning by Bang & Olufsen’s acoustic engineers, set new standards for high performance from a very compact design.

  • The main body of Beoplay M3 is made of rigid polymer to house and encapsulate the acoustic chamber – with a soft shore polymer on the base of the speaker for stability and decoupling from the surface it is situated on allows the woofer to perform at its most powerful.
  • Beoplay M3 combines features and trickle down technologies from larger Bang & Olufsen and B&O PLAY products, such as advanced digital sound processing (DSP) adaptive bass linearization (ABL) and unique control to protect against thermal and mechanical overload.
  • Beoplay M3 boasts one 3 ½ custom designed long stroke mid/woofer. The unit is front firing, utilizing an acoustical reflector carefully designed from listening tests by the Bang & Olufsen tonmeisters. The mid/woofer covers the frequencies from the base band to the upper midrange, ensuring perfect integration of the individual parts of the spectrum. The treble is covered by a high quality soft dome tweeter utilizing neodymium magnet system.
  • Bang & Olufsen’s experienced engineers fine-tuned Beoplay M3 by ear by to maximise the performance with any music listening experience and offers a three-position switch to fine tune the speaker to the actual position in the listening room.

Ready for Apple AirPlay 2

Beoplay M3 comes with Chromecast Built-in and supports Beolink Multiroom, Apple AirPlay and QPlay 2.0. Beoplay M3 will also support Apple’s AirPlay 2 in 2018 letting you send audio to multiple AirPlay compatible speakers at once, which makes it possible to play music from any iPhone to B&O PLAY and Bang & Olufsen’s range of speakers for the home.

Pricing and Availability

Beoplay M3 launches in two colours: Natural and Black, with seasonal colours to come. Beoplay M3 is available for a suggested retail price of 299 EUR/USD, the wall mount for 49 EUR/USD, the exchangeable wool-fabric cover 59 USD/EUR, and the exchangeable aluminium cover for 69 EUR/USD. All will be available in B&O Stores, on and in selected third party retailers from 9 November 2017.

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10 Amazing Facts About Online Gaming Mon, 06 Nov 2017 14:15:55 +0000 The world of online gaming is an enormous spectrum in the modern age. Not only can you indulge in your favourite video games via a console or computer online; you can also play games on your smartphone, tablet or even via some Smart TVs – here’s some facts that will no doubt amaze you regarding Online Gaming.

1. Online Gaming Welcomes Everyone

No matter how old, or young, the player might be – there is an online game available today for them to enjoy. The ESRB rates every game across every platform to provide a guideline of who can be sold and play the game in question.

2. Additional Content is Worth Millions

A good example of how much additional content (also known as Downloadable Content or DLC) comes in the form of the Geocaching phenomenon: Pokemon GO. The ‘free to play’ app can be downloaded to a Smartphone or Tablet and any player can progress thanks to a levelling up system that offers rewards.

However, the microtransactions offered in the app’s shop earned developers Niantic in excess of £100 million within six months of the game’s release – DLC and additional content are worth mega money.

3. You Can Win on Online Casinos

If you’ve never played at one of many popular payforit casinos, you might imagine that when you play online casino games; you can’t possibly win the jackpot or beat the casino with a system. The latter is quite true, but the jackpots are very real and they’re won much more regularly than you might think.

The record pay out by an online casino was over £13 million was won by a British player via an online scratchcard – proof you can definitely win.

4. VPN Makes Online Gaming Better

This might sound like a sweeping statement but VPN offers so much to the online gamers that it is fast becoming an online essential. Virtual Private Networks offer players total security online and allow a gamer to re-route their connection through a server in a different country should they wish.

Re-Routing a connection through a server that is closer to the game’s central hub will make gameplay much smoother and can even allow early access to DLC and updates.

5. You Have to Spend to be the Best

Many people can’t justify spending a small fortune on their online gaming habit; even the casino players! But those who do will generally do so to ensure they are at the top of the rankings thanks to early access to the best equipment and upgrades.

Accept it and save your money; there’s always someone with a bigger bank balance they’re willing to spend.

6. You Can’t Trust Anyone Online

It sounds very morbid but you simply cannot trust anyone with any of your details when gaming online. You should never disclose any information other than your screen name, which the other gamers will have access to. Naturally, the online casinos and servers will need to take details from you but inputting your information is always handled on a secure server.

7. It’s Easy to get Addicted

Some games are more addictive than others and how addictive they can be hinges on your personality and interests but it’s still easy to get hooked. For example; there are often stories in the media about online gamers who are so addicted to some games that they rarely move from their gaming position and, of course, those who lose everything when they play online casino games.

Know when to take a break.

8. There are More Female Online Gamers than Male

This fact has been recently confirmed and is, in no small part, down to the outrageous popularity of online Bingo. Over 80% of online Bingo players are female and the figure in question outstrips the number of male gamers, across all platforms, by a massive amount.

9. Single Player Campaigns WILL Be Phased Out

When EA were offered the chance to develop and publish the beloved Star Wars: Battlefront series – they jumped at the prospect and released the game in double quick time thanks to the omission of any single player campaign.

Gamers were forced to play online or not at all, to an extent, and this is a clear indication that single player campaigns are not long for this world.

10. Virtual Reality is Finally Here

The topic of several sci-fi films over the years; Virtual Reality is no longer Science Fiction, it is Science Fact. Sony might’ve been beaten to the grand unveiling by Samsung but the tech giants have released the first VR system for a console and the future is very bright for Virtual Reality.

It might not be very cost effective at present but that will soon change when the other companies catch up.

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Ashdown Engineering – Meters OV-1 Headphones Review Sun, 23 Jul 2017 10:21:45 +0000 MenSyleFashion Meets Ashdown

Menstylefashion were recently invited to attend a launch event for a number of high end technical products in Soho UK. In amongst the stalls promoting their wares of dog shaped speakers (where the base tweeters were in the dogs backside!), ‘Wilam’ headphones, human head shaped speakers and wireless modular wall lights and not being hugely impressed (other than the free bar and great food), we stumbled upon the guys from Ashdown Engineering.

What first took my eye was the immediate warmth and familiarity of the look of the earphones. Kind of like the look of the ones my parents neighbour had had as part of the high end 80’s family stereo system with all the dials and monitors. My neighbour only let me wear them under strict supervision and on a Sunday. As the evening went on and the light in the room got darker, I noticed that the headphones were actually lit up on the ears, with a built in VU meter in each earphone. Very Unique. As I approached, I was immediately met with a friendly handshake and smile from Mark and Dan Gooday, the father and son team behind the OV1’s.

Being a bit talked out, but at the same time enthused by the guys warm approach, I cut to the chase and asked to try the headphones on. I requested Mark to stick a reggae tune on – he politely but firmly refused and suggested he chose a track for me. As the foam and protein leather ear cup softly cushioned my whole ears, I was immediately taken in to a silent world. The chatter and sound dissipated as my ears felt like they were in a warm ear muff heaven. Or feather down duvet.

Then the sound. I was immediately transported next to a speaker at a festival or concert but without the pain. I literally had goose bumps as the bass and funk reverberated around my ears. The sound immaculately clear, the instruments, drums and vocals coming from all directions. As an avid gig goer and festival attendee, I know when the sound engineer is good. This was like being at one of the best gigs of my life but with supersonic sound. And on my own.  Proper silent disco.

Being so impressed with the quality of these earphones and the enthusiasm from Mark and Dan, as well as being intrigued by the heritage and names these guys have worked with, I invited myself up to see them at their HQ in Colchester, UK.

Mark has designed and built guitar amps since 1982 and his son Dan has been a part of the company since an early age, helping to build the early guitar amps in the family living room.

Ashdown Engineering’s Facility

Driving through the beautiful Essex countryside and after a few wrong turns, I came across the farm like structures that comprise Ashdown Engineering’s facility.

Upon first entering the first building, the workshop, I was met by Dave. Long haired and bearded, this guy looked like a proper roadie. He was sat at a computer designing circuitry for guitar amps for some famous artist, while his wife was sat across the room soldering the circuitry for a bespoke guitar pedal. The walls filled with technical equipment and stacked to the rafters with past and present works in progress.

I was then given the grand tour by Mark and Dan. As they talked enthusiastically and pragmatically about the development of the OV-1, it became clear where the inspiration and quality behind the design comes from.  The walls and shelves were filled with previous and current projects and concepts, as well as signed guitars from grateful artists along with signed Gold discs adorning the walls – The calibre who these guys have worked with clearly evidenced.

So, given the success of this side of the business, I posed the question to Mark Gooday, Director ; ‘What prompted the move in to developing earphones?’

“The big thing was that our own AMP world has been in decline since the appearance of the I phone.  So if sales are going elsewhere we needed to look ourselves. So the mad idea from years back made sense. 

We are good with sound and when you think of the massive percentage of music you have listened to since the mid to early 80s that has an amp in it that I have built or designed, it was a natural progression to develop the OV-1s  Then with our artist friends help we should be able to make a Headphone they want to use as well. This has come off nicely for us with great feedback from Travelling artists who love the SOUND and the ANC, which they say is better than the so called BEST out there today. Great to get this feedback”

With this heritage, knowledge and expertise you would expect the OV-1 earphones to be something pretty special. I was not disappointed

Quality and Fittings

As well as engineering the hell out of the sound, Ashdown have taken the same approach to the build quality. The headphones come packaged in a robust easily open able cardboard box, fully covered with graphics. Within the packaging is a beer mat with the Meters logo (a nice little touch), a warranty card and obviously the headphones themselves. The headphones are snugly placed in a high quality pod like Zip case and come with all of the leads you would require to plug and play on pretty much any device, as well as a USB charger for the EQ and ANC settings. The colour options are Black, Tan and for the more feminine, Rose gold and pink. These headphones are solid, yet lightweight. Chunky, yet elegant. Robust and sleek. The ear pads easily un curl from the carry case position and the adjustment for head size on the head seat is effortless. Everything adjustable clicks in to position cleanly and doesn’t move. Even plugging the jack lead in is a pleasure. The lightweight alloy steel frame and protein leather perfectly complement each other in terms of quality and design.

On the left earphone is a three way switch with options for passive use, noise cancelling and an EQ setting.  All of these settings made a difference to the listening experience. The ANC setting particularly made you feel like you were in your own little escape capsule. The EQ setting being more raw and real. Pretty much like the sound at a live gig.

Road Test 

At the time of receiving the earphones, the Godfather of Drum and bass, Goldie, had just released his latest album, ‘Journey Man’. A great opportunity to properly test these out. Right from the first Track, the crystal clear sound and definite drum beats, complemented by the punchy bass. The various instruments, samples and vocals coming from all directions. Like being in a vortex of sound. The rising and falling of the melody and clarity even of percussion instruments, passes from left to right ear and vice versa effortlessly.

As I switched to Goldie and The Heritage orchestra playing a live version of ‘inner city life’ to experience a more classical type of music, the ANC setting really came in to its own. As I closed my eyes it was like I was there. I could even hear the clear chatter and wolf whistles of the audience as the track slowed before a crescendo of drum beats filled the venue. I was air drumming like a mad man.

As part of my alter ego, my crew and I are part of an outfit that organise parties, primarily to raise money for charity and using professional DJs. We took these earphones down to one of the parties hosted by The English Disco Lovers, on Brighton Beach, UK, to get a review in a ‘working’ environment.

In short, the DJ’s appreciated the build quality, sound isolation and the comment that the sound comes from every angle and travels from ear to ear was familiar. As one of the Djs played the classic disco funk track, Todd Terjay , ‘Inspector Norse’ prior to the party starting he was lost with his eyes closed  for the full 6 minute track in a world of silent disco.  As the party ended for the night, I had to wrestle them off of him.

The History

Ashdown engineering have been at the forefront of sound engineering, earphone and guitar and Bass amp technology for the last 40 years. This company have  provided bespoke Bass amps, Guitar pedals and acoustic amps  to the likes of U2, Bastille, The 1975, Biffy Clyro, The WHO, System of a Down,  Green day, Arcade Fire, Black Sabbath, The Blockheads, Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters and even Rick Astley.  The company was established by Mark Gooday in 1997 and was built on the success of his former Amp production company, Trace Elliot.

Mark has designed and built guitar amps since 1982 and his son Dan has been a part of the company since an early age, helping to build the early guitar amps in the family living room.


Although I have tested a few earphones from other manufacturers, I am yet to offer a formal comparison. However, compared to other products out there. One thing I would say is this: these guys are not just endorsing a product:  they live, breathe and eat sound. The OV-1 earphones take you In to your own world of sound.

If you’re a serious music fan or just want to look uber cool, get a pair. Whack the volume up full to your favourite track and you will hear things unheard of before. I dare you not to smile.

The OV-1 earphones retail at around £280.00 per pair and are currently available on Amazon.


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B&O PLAY Announce World’s First Beer Infused With Music Wed, 24 May 2017 11:37:38 +0000 A beer is probably not what you would expect as the next product to come out of B&O PLAY, the playful sister to world-renowned high-performance loudspeaker brand Bang & Olufsen. But in an effort to further connect with its audience of urban creative music lovers, while still respecting the tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, B&O PLAY has teamed up with one of the world’s most innovative and highly respected breweries Mikkeller to create Beobrew – a beer that is infused with music.

To infuse the beer, Mikkeller has lowered a Beoplay A1 speaker into the fermenting tank and cranked up the volume during the two-week conditioning process. Head Brewer Kyle Wolak explains:

“By playing music in the fermenting tank, we are adding a fifth ingredient that takes the beer to a new level. As the music plays, it pumps out a unique pattern of vibrations that assists the yeast during fermentation and encourages the yeast to produce more flavourful esters that it would have without the presence of music.”

The result is a refreshing 6.8% American style IPA beer that boasts a bright and aromatic taste with citrus fruit and floral notes. The beautiful flavour is not only attributed to the music, but also the delicate Simcoe and Centennial hops sourced from Yakima Valley, which is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. To cap things off, Beobrew is presented in an amber glass bottle with an eye-popping hand drawn label by Philadelphia based designer Keith Shore, reflecting the craftsmanship of the beer itself and also including the artists that have contributed to the taste.

Infused With Homegrown Talent

To tailor the music to taste, B&O PLAY and Mikkeller have worked closely with Danish music curator Le Gammeltoft from Heartbeats to hand-pick a selection of Danish talent for the beer. This includes Balvig, KIKOS, Louis Petri, Moody and October Dance. For the full-on sensory experience and to experience the emerging Danish music scene, you can listen to the music that Beobrew is infused with on


Price And Availability

Beobrew will be rolled out to Mikkeller bars in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and the US during summer for a recommended retail price of 70 DKK. If you are not near of these locations, you can order Beobrew to your doorstep at today.

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Audeze – The World’s First in-ear Planar Magnetic Headphones Wed, 17 May 2017 11:31:25 +0000 Audeze, the award-winning California-based audio manufacturer, is excited to announce the UK availability of its award-winning in-ear planar magnetic earphones, the iSINE 10 and iSINE 20. These groundbreaking designs – weighing from just 20g – illustrate Audeze’s never-ending devotion to research and development. Not only are they the world’s first earphones to use full-range planar magnetic technology, they also come with the option of direct Apple Lightning connection.

Audeze Rewrites The Rules For in-ear Headphones

The iSINE 10 and 20 sound and look like no other headphones. Fluxor™ Magnets, and large 30mm planar magnetic diaphragms featuring patented Uniforce™ Voice-Coil technology, deliver precise control and fast response times without distortion. Add the included Lightning cable with DSP and there’s no other in-ear headphone that even comes close to its performance. To ensure all-day comfort a pair of transparent Ear Hooks and EarLocks® are provided along with silicon and Comply foam tips.

The iSINE 20 is one step up from the iSINE 10, featuring an even longer Uniforce voice-coil, which covers the ultra-thin diaphragms to a greater extent – enabling better control and responsiveness for enhanced bass, clarity, and imaging.

Audeze iSINE 20

These near-zero distortion headphones deliver a wide soundstage and a stunning sense of the original event. The iSINE has excellent transient and impulse response for better clarity and imaging. As it’s a semi-open planar magnetic design, there’s less buildup of air pressure and therefore less listener fatigue. The bass is extended, flat and linear for greater impact and drive; the iSINE delivers the pace, rhythm and timing of music without effort.

The new Audeze iSine 10 is on sale now, with the iSine 20 available for pre-order – UK stock is due in April. The basic editions come with a super-slimline regular headphone cable, while the Lightning versions also ship with Audeze’s acclaimed Apple Lightning CIPHER cable. Suggested retail pricing is £349/£399 for the iSine 10; £549/£599 for the iSine 20.

Audeze iSINE 10

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Audi Moon Rover – Heads To The Moon Literally! Wed, 10 May 2017 08:40:28 +0000

Under the watchful eyes of prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge one of Audi’s latest cars was unveiled to the 300 VIP guest attending this years Audi Polo Challenge 2017. This car does not carry passengers and it weighs only 35 kilos, it is the Audi lunar quattro. This Moon rover had last Thursday its red carpet debut starring in the latest Alien franchise, Aliean: Covenant.

The Audi moon rover on display at the Audi Polo Challenge 2017 Coworth Park.

The Audi Quattro Mission to the Moon – Moon Rover Robot

The Audi brand has been involved in many movies, becoming car of choice for billionaire playboy Robb Stark in the “Iron Man” franchise and the brand also featured heavily in the movie “I Robot” with Will Smith battling artificial intelligence in the year 2035. On May 19, Audi will share the big screen with Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride, but none of these actors will be behind the wheel. Instead, the German automaker has built an unmanned moon rover that will make its debut in “Alien: Covenant.”Dubbed the “Lunar Quattro,” the only way it resembles an Audi is via the logo, the Audi Quattro technology and the four wheels. Actually the three cameras make it look much more like an upgraded version of Wall-E. However this vehicle is more than only material for movies, it will actually make its way to the moon in 2018.


Interview With Karsten Becker

MenStyleFashion had the privilege to interview Karsten Becker from German Engineering firm Part Time Scientists who worked in partnership with Audi to built the lunar rover. This lunar rover which is equipped with a solar panel, 360 degrees rotating cameras, Audi E-tron engine and 3D-printed components will make a mission to go to the location of the Apollo 17 lunar rover to examine its condition.

The Apollo 17 Lunar rover, what will it look like 46 years later.

In 2018, a Spaceflight Inc. rocket will deliver two Audi Quattros to the moon, said Karsten Becker, Audi Part – Time – Scientists GmbH, in this exclusive interview. When asked why a car company was setting its sights beyond Earth, Becker repeatedly cited “innovation.” “It’s in the Audi DNA to be innovative.”

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B&O PLay Introduces Beoplay P2 – Amplifying Moments Through Music Fri, 28 Apr 2017 13:33:27 +0000 Double tap on the anodized aluminium grill to play or pause music. Shake to skip track. Beoplay P2 is an intelligent and unapologetically beautiful portable speaker that easily slips into your bag or pocket to take anywhere – always ready to amplify moments with goosebump inducing Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.  

B&O PLAY continues to empower the transformation of everyday moments with the introduction of Beoplay P2. Beoplay P2 is the smallest and most intelligent member of the B&O PLAY range of wireless Bluetooth speakers and is designed by award-winning Cecilie Manz for a spontaneous and spirited approach to life. It comes in premium materials such as pearl-blasted aluminium and real leather, with customizable and intuitive control features via Beoplay App and, despite its minimal footprint, renowned Bang & Olufsen sound engineers have packed Beoplay P2 with power and stamina to punch out the rich, clear and crisp sound that you would expect from a B&O PLAY speaker.

“Music plays a big part in amplifying everyday moments, so we made a personal speaker that you don’t want to leave your home without. Beoplay P2 is a stunning piece of Danish design, a study in stupendous craftsmanship and the accumulation of 90 years in sound and acoustics with a sound quality that is second to none in this category”Director of Concept and Design in B&O PLAY Matthias F. Ørum-Hansen.

“We decided to remove all switches and buttons for a beautiful exterior and a simple and magical user experience that can be customized in Beoplay App. With just a double tap or shake, you can play, pause and skip track, launch your favourite personal assistant, change sound profile in ToneTouch and you can set up Beoplay App to wake you up with the same music that concluded a beautiful evening – reliving your latest goosebump moment as you wake up and get ready to chase the next”.

A highly tactile and refined appearance

Like a pebble you find on the beach, the appearance of Beoplay P2 is rounded, smooth and desirable and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. A basic geometrical shape with a defined rim separates the pearl-blasted anodized aluminium top from the soft and warm polymer that make up the underside. The curvature of Beoplay P2 has undergone endless fine tuning to give it a highly tactile and refined appearance. The perfect shape to slip easily into a pocket or bag with a genuine leather strap to add an extra layer of portability.

“The closer a product gets to the body, the more refined and detailed it should be. Beoplay P2 is smooth and desirable, a compact with great sound and a companion wherever you go”, – designer Cecilie Manz.  

Leveraging learnings from Beoplay A1

The sound character in Beoplay P2 is rich and spacious with a 360-degree dispersion that provides listeners with the same beautiful sound experience wherever they are located. Beoplay P2 builds on more than 90 years of Bang & Olufsen sound expertise and the engineers have leveraged the learnings from its award-winning bigger brother Beoplay A1 that set new standards for portable Bluetooth speakers in 2016:

  • The Bang & Olufsen acoustics looked to Beoplay A1 for the reproduction of bass out of such a small product. They elaborated on Beoplay A1’s mid-woofer and designed a new one for Beoplay P2 using an anodized aluminium cone structure.
  • The tweeter in Beoplay P2 is the same ¾” fabric soft dome used in Beoplay A1 assuring excellent detail and smooth reproduction of the highest frequencies.
  • The DSP is advanced, highly capable and enables use of high slope filters and advanced character control to facilitate the excellent personal sound amplification experience in Beoplay P2.
  • Two 15W RMD Class D Amps are used with a peak power of more than 2X50 watts do drive it all – to assure you get the beautiful sound always associated with a B&O PLAY product.

Built-in microphone

Beoplay P2 has a built-in microphone for taking calls out loud, and the rimmed design on the speaker’s bottom edge enables the microphone to provide uniform 360 speech sensitivity. This enables the person listening to recognize voices perfectly, no matter where people are speaking in proximity to the microphone. 

A leather sleeve for extra protection

As an extra accessory to protect Beoplay P2, you can purchase a black lambskin leather sleeve. The Beoplay P2 sleeve provides a layer of protection to keep your Beoplay P2 safe when you are on the go, while still maintaining the beautiful and authentic B&O PLAY design.  

Price and availability

Beoplay P2 comes in Black, Sand Stone and Royal Blue and is available for a suggested retail price of GBP 149. The Beoplay P2 Sleeve is available for a suggested retail price of GBP 29. All colours will be available in B&O stores, on and in selected third party retailers from April 27 2017.

Launch Event

MenStyleFashion was part of the exclusive UK launch party regarding the Beoplay P2 a beautiful portable speaker from Danish audio design company Bang & Olufsen. We had first hand experience of this remarkable piece of design.

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Orbitsound One P70 Soundbar Reviewed Tue, 04 Apr 2017 18:24:20 +0000 Last year MenStyleFashion reviewed the Orbitsound Bar A60 a soundbar with separate subwoofer and with the acclaimed airSOUND technology. This March UK based Orbitsound launched a new product that I am pretty excited about, it is the Orbitsound One P70. This is not your usual TV style soundbar, this product is designed to compete with both the TV soundbars as well as the standalone docking stations. The separate subwoofer has gone and is now integrated into one neat package hence the name. The One P70 comes in three different colour options, black, bamboo and white. I am reviewing the black version.


I loved when opening the box that the soundbar was covered in a beautiful cloth fabric bag with the Orbitsound logo printed on it. Packaging it this way adds to the overall premium feel of the product. Upon taking the cloth bag off, I grabbed a solid product that felt pretty heavy at 5.1 Kg. The One P70 is 700x77x173 mm in size. The front of the One P70 has LEDs that show the volume, bass & treble and the input option used.

On the side of the ONE P70 are 5 buttons. One to activate the Bluetooth, one to select the input source, two for volume up and down and one on/off button. A combination use of these buttons also does things like learning TV remote controls, bass and treble settings etc. The One P70 has two front facing speakers, one in the front and one on the top and two airSOUND speakers one on each side of the bar. It also has an integrated 5.25 inch low profile bass driver.

On the back there are the two audio inputs, Aux 3.5mm and optical. There is also the connector for the power supply here. On the far end sides are the holes to mount the One P70 on the wall.

All in all the product feels well made and it looks expensive, it is a nice design piece to have in my house.

What Is In The Box

  • Power supply with both UK and European powercord
  • Remote control
  • Aux Cable
  • Wall mount kit
  • VESA hex head bolts
  • Storage / transport bag
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety and Warranty guide

airSOUND Explained

airSOUND works differently then stereo. The sound that is intended for both ears comes from the front, in case of the One P70 that is the front and the top side. Side speakers produce only the spatial information, and do not need to be heard independently by left and right ears, so, a listener will hear a complete stereo image from the front and either of the side speakers. This is how airSOUND overcomes that fundamental limitation of 2 speaker stereo, allowing true freedom from the stereo sweet spot.

Reversible Design – Flexible Positioning

The Orbitsound One P70 has a design that makes it reversible. If you want the front speakers to face upwards you can change the logo and turn it 180 degrees but you can also set the LED bars to reverse so the volume, base and treble strength still go from left to right. This reversible design means you can mount the P70 high or low on the wall depending on how you want it e.g below the TV or above the TV.

Living With It

First I used the One P70 as a surface mount option on my sideboard connecting via Bluetooth to a phone. Setup was pretty straight forward, holding the bluetooth button on the side of the box for a few seconds until the blue light flashes. My phone, a Samsung Note 4, found the signal easy and so was the pairing with the One P70. I was impressed by the punchy sound, the pretty powerful bass and how loud it could go without any distortion. I tried to walk from left to right and from high to low to find out if I would hear any difference. The sound is almost equal everywhere thanks to the airSOUND technology. I also connected the One P70 with my laptop via bluetooth and again it was all straight forward with no problems at all.

My next session involved using the One P70 as my TV sound bar. I connected it via the optical cable that came with it. Here I first had some issues with the optical signal not being loud enough, however this was easily fixed by using the extra optical gain that can be enabled by holding the maximum volume button for longer. Once this setting Optical gain setting is enabled it will stay that way until a full system reset. I had to read about this setting in the downloadable advanced guide, this is not explained in the quick start guide. I watched an episode of Billions and was again impressed with the sound quality but also with how clear the voices were.

So living with the Orbitsound One P70 was easy, setup not hard at all and most import it sounded great.


The Airsound One P70 is a box that can do it all. This is a serious competitor for both TV soundbars as well as the various docking stations that are out there for iPods and iPhones. The design feels solid and the product looks well made, it looks and feels expensive. The sound with the airSOUND technology does lack in pure stereo qualities, so for pure audiophiles this could be an issue, but then you should not buy a soundbar. What you gain is a sound that is equal all around the room, there are no weak spots. The sound is punchy with the bass not lacking even though it does have an integrated subwoofer. Of course a dedicated sub woofer will give you more but that is not the market for this product. I would rate this product a 9 out of 10.


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Thinkware X550 Dash Cam Review Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:56:26 +0000 I was in a bad car crash 4 years ago on the ring road of Barcelona. I had a truck driving into the back of my car at 70 Kmph whilst I was stationary. Luckily I saw it all happen whilst looking in my revision mirror and I braced myself for the impact. I got out of the car with no injuries bar a shock of just realising what just happened. I took photos of the accident on my phone which I was glad that I did, as some Spanish officials made me sign a form which demolished the car before the insurers could asses if it was a write off or not. It took me almost a year to get my final payout.

I did realise that had I been injured and if I was taken away in an ambulance. I may never have had the opportunity to take the photo’s of the car. As a result I would never had any payout. I was in a state of shock and therefore, looking back, a dash cam would have proved the accident and also the criminals would have been prosecuted.

A dash cam could have provided the vital evidence. Four years later I am finally installing and using my first dash cam in the Thinkware X550 thanks to a review model sent to me. For me there is no turning back.

Key Features

  • 1/2.9-inch 2.4-megapixel Sony CMOS
  • MP4 recording at up to 1,920 x 1,080 and 30fps
  • 2.7-inch display with 320 x 240 pixels
  • GPS sensor with GLONASS
  • G-sensor to detect accidents
  • Speed-camera alerts
  • Parking Surveillance mode
  • Manufacturer: Thinkware
  • Review Price: £169.00

Whats Is In The Box

The X550 comes in a square box which includes the following:

  • Main dash cam unit
  • Mount with 3M tape
  • Car charger
  • 5 adhesive cable holders
  • A 16Gb MicroSD memory card with SD adapter
  • USB MicroSD card reader
  • Quick start guide
  • Some quick UK specific mounting instructions

A full manual can only be found in a downloadable PDF file on the Thinkware website.

Thinkware X550 Specs

The Thinkware X550 is a dashboard camera that can record in Full HD. From reading the specifications this dashcam has Super Night Vision and a built in GPS which will warn for speed cameras. The X550 allows for a second camera to be installed to record what is behind you. The X550 has a 1/2.9 inch sony Exmor sensor with 2.4 megapixels. This is a good size sensor, which allows for greater recording in dark situations. This Super Nigh Vision is even further enhanced with some image processing to make the footage brighter. The 16GB Micro SD card is good for 2hrs and 4mins of continual recording before looping occurs. The maximum size MicroSD card that can be used is the 64GB size. When an incident happens the recording is also stored on the camera’s internal memory. This greatly improves the chances of data being recovered in a severe crash.

The built in GPS comes with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), which means it uses both the American GPS as well use the Russian one for faster lock-ons and better accuracy. It also helps in Russia where dash cams are in almost any car and is a huge market for this industry.


Installation of the Thinkware X550 was pretty straight forward. There is a mount which uses double-sided 3M tape to stick it to the window. The camera easily slides into the mount. There are two options to power the camera, one in which the power comes from your cigarette power socket or the second option which is a bit harder in which the X550 is permanently powered via a direct wire. The second option can also be installed by a company called Chamelon which can do this for £59.99. I used the easy option which was to route the cable with the provide clips along the edge of the window and below the glove box compartment to the cigarette power socket.

Parking Mode

With the permanent wiring, the unit automatically switches to Parking Mode when you turn off the ignition and switches to full recording when you start up. With this mode enabled, when a shock is detected, the camera will store a recording. It will then notify you how many times this has happened when you start up. It also has the option of recording a time-lapse series of images of one image per second. If you are hit whilst parked you might get a recording of the offender. To prevent battery drainage there is a battery level which you can configure so the camera will automatically switch off. With my next car I will definitely go for the direct wire option and enable this useful feature.

Second Camera

The X550 has the option of attaching a second camera to record what is happening at the rear of the car. This secondary camera cost around £65 and comes with a long lead with a micro USB connector to connect to the main camera unit. With the second camera attached the total recording time will be halved, so better to go here for a 64GB MicroSD card.

Optional 2nd Camera for the Thinkware X550

Connecting to the Computer

To read the files on your computer you will need to use the MicroSD to SD adapter that is supplied or the MicroSD USB card reader which also comes in the box. Upon viewing the recorded footage on a PC I find it to be of good quality and very smooth. Thinkware has an excellent PC viewer application that can match the recorded video to your speed, impact sensor and the location with the use of Google maps. You will hardly use it but it is perfect when you are in an accident and you need as much proof as possible.

Using It

When I start the car the camera turns on and a voice will tell me that the GPS is connected. It is that simple, once every few weeks I get a voice reminder telling me that I need to format the MicroSD card for data integrity, which is done via one push on a button. There is a warning beep when you get too close to the car in front, this gets triggered a lot by overtaking cars that suddenly come in front of the car. It also gets triggered a lot if you take windy mountain roads, with trees our rocks triggering the alarm. I find it beeps too much for me for the wrong reasons for me to want to change my driving. There are quite a few triggers warning systems that can be enabled, like Lane Departure Warning and Front Vehicle Departure Warning. You can turn these warning systems on or off.

The speed camera warning system comes from the GPS position which maps it to a speed cam data file, which can be downloaded from the Thinkware website. This is handy when there is no Sat Nav in the car, which also can provide you with speed camera data.


The Thinkware X550 has everything you want in a dash cam, maybe too much when it comes to similar features that are now introduced in new cars. The option of a second camera is very useful and something that I would consider to record those accidents or tailgaters behind my car. The Thinkware X550 is easy to install and easy to operate.

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Four Activities To Do On Line Now Wed, 08 Feb 2017 08:59:03 +0000 In today’s digital world we all have the luxury of accessing a huge range of services. The digital age has seen people able to do things like shopping, working and communicating with the other side of the world in a way that would have been difficult to even imagine only twenty years ago, and the rising popularity of streaming sites like YouTube has given users free access to a massive collection of music and film for free. However, there are a few things that you might not have known you could do online and we take a look at a few of them here.

Design and Print 3D Items

3D printing technology has come a long way since the very first 3D printer was made in the 1980s. But 3D printers can still set you back a fair bit – with the cheapest low-end one going for about £500. If you’re a design buff and you want to get into 3D printing without breaking the bank, try the online 3D printing service With this site you can either print out your own designs or choose from a range of products including toys, gadgets, and jewelry, and then customize them yourself.

Feel Like You’re in Vegas

Why would you head to the casino in town or your local betting shop to have a go at winning big when there are jackpots to be won while sitting on the sofa? Glitzy slot machines and poker games played with live dealers are just a click of the mouse away. With so many options, it’s important to find a reliable online casino and review sites like give you a directory of the best casino games sorted in order of payout bonuses so you know which ones are worth putting money into and trying your luck.

 Earn a University Degree, the Open University site, offers a huge variety of online university courses ranging from foundation courses to postgraduate study. The Open University revolutionized the way that the world studied and gave new opportunities to those who were unable to physically attend a university. Whether you study photography or retail management, you’ll find a lot of support from lecturers and other students as the website offers online conferencing, study networks, and course forums on top of regular meet-ups. Open University also offers a range of free courses for those wanting to try out learning something new.

 Check Old Versions of Websites

It’s all well and good talking about the newest things you can do online, but some of us get nostalgic about the old days of the web. If you want to take a trip through time to remember how weird YouTube used to look in 2006 then check out‘s wayback machine which shows you snapshots of the internet throughout history.

Remember the days when being glued to the computer was seen as a waste of time? Technology has actually made our lives much easier – sites like remove the hassle of having to go through hundreds of casino sites before finding the one that suits you. The days of tech seen as something for unfashionable geeks is long gone – if you don’t believe us, check out our article about technology and fashion at!

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Uplond – Luxury Bespoke Portable Power Bank Thu, 19 Jan 2017 14:28:19 +0000 What is the most common digital object we do see nearly everyone holding in their hand around the globe? Yes a mobile phone. Why are Iphones still one of the best selling items on the market for many years now? It’s simple, Apple understood from the onset that design is a powerful statement for people. So let me introduce you to Uplond, a company that designs beautiful portable power banks. In their own words.

People are identified by the objects they own but these objects are owned by millions of people. You are not unique. But with UPLOND’s first product LOR.  A power bank that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish, luxurious way that whispers to the world your appreciation of the finest things in life.

I certainly have noticed with guys over the years that public image for men has become, just as important as the very smart devices themselves. Take a look at your current power bank and ask yourself. Would I showcase my power bank in front of a very important business client? Would I showcase my current power bank whilst on a first date? If you said no. There is a very simple logic reason for this. Uplond, was created because of this.

The contrast between each person’s unique dress style and their ordinary phone was striking.

Uplond The Story

A summer night in 2015, a group of friends, later to become the founders of UPLOND, were having drinks in Mayfair’s Lancashire Court, in London. They were facing an alley full of tables and well dressed people. Some of them were interacting with their smartphones, some others were frequently checking their phone on the table. All phones looked the same: Industrial made, plastic electronic devices with no soul. This was the moment UPLOND’s first product LOR was conceived: A power bank that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish, luxurious way that whispers to the world your appreciation of the finest things in life.

High Technology Versus Style

For guys its the detail that counts. I admire men dissecting objects drawing attention to detail what they love about their mobile phone designs.  But I also notice they won’t compromise the design with its functionality. With Uplond, the battery capacity of 2000 mAh is why your smart device can be charged on a daily basis anytime you need too. Regarding the cable. With Uplond, it is intended to be highly portable, the charging cable is embedded into the product.
Guys this is one thing you don’t have to worry about. With Uplond, you won’t be losing your cable.
At the same time, with Uplond, the materials used for making the LOR power bank are all chosen by you the customer. You can create your own very bespoke power pack that represents your personal style let alone your personality. The leather used for the back side and the charging connector is made of one piece. This allows the connector to have one colour on both sides.

Manufacturing Time

Manufacturing only begins only after an order has been received. The expected delivery time is about 4 – 6 weeks. Guys this is like ordering a suit. Attention to detail, exact personal bespoke item for you and only you. Throughout this process the same person is making you your very own power bank. Once completed, a nice personal message from the Artisan themselves will be included. Over the years, I have noticed with guys. They love personal messages with their own exclusive devices. It just makes it that much more special and fun.


I am very excited about this new product and what its future holds. If you have chosen to purchase your very own Uplond after reading this article, please do tweet your design to us. We want to know more about your power bank style.

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How To Iron Clothes In Less Than 5 Minutes Sat, 07 Jan 2017 15:27:01 +0000 Ironing like death and taxes, is inevitable. Even us singletons from time to time face this seemingly daunting and irrelevant task .If you aren’t blessed with a set of treasury printing plates and a press or have intimate relations with your local dry cleaner, then I’m afraid you have to face checking in to hotel reality and try and tackle the task that polarizes the nation between being therapeutic and reviled.

Iron Will

It may sound blatantly obvious, but if you are going to face up to the problem, you need to purchase a good iron and the heavier the better so that you can glide through wrinkled fabrics like a knife through butter and keep difficult fabrics under control. There is nothing worse than a slept in looking cotton shirt at a business meeting.

Neither Sackcloth Nor Ashes

Even if you buy an iron with a hotplate with the mass of the sun, what it boils down to (sorry about the pun) is temperature versus fabric .You needs to not only read the instruction pamphlet but also ensure you don’t over compensate with too high a temperature especially with man made fabrics such as polyester. Always test a small non-visible area of the garment first to ensure heat or pressure doesn’t cause the garment to suffer sheen or melting as the fibres bond together.

Follow dear old grans method and if in doubt use a clean cloth over the garment to absorb the initial heat and pressure. There is an internationally approved label schematic on most garments showing what cleaning procedures can be safely followed. Make sure you use it! But remember raised pile, napped, velvet or embroidered garments should never be ironed and like wool and silk should be steam treated.


Avoid Being a Drip

Many modern irons can use standard tap water and there are descaling functions on most good quality, modern irons and many anti scaling products to stop your precious pieces becoming water stained by mineral deposits in the water. Most purists still use de-ionized water, that’s the type that used to top up car batteries but now can be found in most stores as an add on to the iron purchase if you’re not sure.

Failing that visit your friendly local garage. You can use a spray bottle to slightly dampen the fabric before ironing ,but if you crease the wrong area you can re visit the area by using either a slightly damp clean cloth over the affected  fabric area or re-blitz tougher creases with the spray bottled water again. Always test a non visible area if not sure. The spray bottle can be revitalized with a touch of rose water, not in the iron.

 Don’t be Board with Results

The narrow end of the ironing board is most useful for flattening out seams and borders while the main flat surface is for the main body of the garment and sleeves. Some boards are provided with a narrow mini board that is for sleeves only and its narrow length is self-explanatory. Pleated items can be easily managed by pulling the pleat tight before ironing.

Let Off Some Steam

An old trick of travelling salesmen used to be leaving garments hung up in a bathroom full of steam, but now thankfully less messy and more reliable technology is out there with dedicated steamers. By hanging the garment on the back of a door say, and being gentle with applications even delicate items such as velvet can be tackled safely, but never touch the garment directly with the steamer and always ensure sufficient protection behind the garment to protect doors and walls. Never point a steamer at yourself or anyone else as sometimes they can have a tendency to spit like a cat and hot water in the face can ruin your day.

Hang and Be Damned

Keep freshly steamed or ironed garments hanging on decent clothing hangers in and open area and viola you’re ready to go and brag to your friends about your new found prowess and you’ll have the evidence to hand.

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