Style – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Your Summer Guide to Denim Wed, 16 May 2018 01:22:19 +0000 You might think that because it’s nearly summer, you have to say goodbye to your collection of denim. After all, surely it’s too heavy for the summer sun. Well, you can change your mind and keep those denim clothes at the front of your wardrobe because denim is actually the perfect choice for your summer style.

When it comes to men’s denim clothing, it’s an incredibly versatile style that can see you through the whole year. But how do you pull off denim in the sunshine? Here are some key styles to help give you a summer guide to wearing denim.

Choosing The Right Jeans

Jeans are a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe, but when it comes to the summer months, you might want to try something different to your usual black or blue style. The increasing temperatures and sunshine might put you off wearing jeans altogether, but by choosing the right pair you can remain both comfortable and stylish.

Looking at alternative options to your standard pair of jeans could be the winning item in your wardrobe this summer. The likes of white jeans or sand-coloured jeans are the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon of sunshine; plus, the science behind light colours keeping you cool is a bonus!

You should also consider extra detail like rips or distressed patches that can double up as extra breathing room for your legs.

Invest In Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are one of the best alternatives to jeans if it really is too hot, or if you’re on holiday. Denim shorts offer a great balance of smart casual, making it easy for you to dress smart or keep it informal. Style with a short-sleeved shirt and loafers, or stick to trainers for a casual appearance.

Men’s ripped denim shorts are a must-have for your denim collection, offering a cool and effortless look that can take you from the beach to the bar very easily. Keep it classic with a traditional blue or opt for the summer-friendly shades again like white, sand or even a lighter blue colour.

Layer With A Denim Jacket

When it comes to the British summer, it’s safe to say that we’re not always promised blazing sunshine and rising temperatures all the time. For the days when it’s on the cooler side, layering is key. This summer, opt for a denim jacket to finish off any look perfectly whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual affair.

Ideal for throwing on over a t-shirt and jeans or even a shirt, denim jackets for men are a guaranteed way to look stylish while you’re out and about. Choose embellished designs with embroidered motifs or go for a retro look with bleached denim.

Whatever your personal style, denim is perfect for any occasion and will see you through summer with no problems!


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How To Properly Measure For A Suit Tue, 08 May 2018 10:48:07 +0000 Whether you’re replacing a worn out suit for work or attending an event that calls for you to wear a suit, it’s important that it fits you correctly as you want to look and feel the most stylish and sophisticated you can. Taking the time to measure yourself properly before purchasing a suit will save you time and money, as well as ensure you buy the appropriate size. With more than 25 years in the tailoring biz, Marc Darcy shares some tips on getting your measurements right.

Top tip: record measurements in both inches and centimetres so you’re prepared for both options when buying.

What’s a good fitting suit?

When you’re trying on a suit, you’re looking for a fit that looks good in your natural stance. This means standing up straight with your arms relaxed at your side – you should also pop on the the kind of shoes you’ll be wearing with your suit. When you’ve got it on, you should be looking for a good fit in the following areas:


Your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar without any significant gaps. A loose fitting jacket is easy to spot as there will be a gap at the back of your neck. A tight collar is a little more tricky to spot but not impossible – when wearing the jacket, turn from side to side in front of a mirror and look for any bunching or folding at the back of the neck.


A suit that fits your shoulders well should lie flat with the seam starting at the top of your shoulder and trace the length of it. The sleeve should begin at the point where your arm meets your shoulder. Anything that hikes up your shoulder bone or dangles down your arm is considered a poor fit.


When you’re wearing a suit jacket or blazer while standing, you should have the jacket buttoned once. This means that while you’re trying on a blazer, you should make sure that you’re able to close the jacket over your body. When you’re buttoning your jacket, you should check to see if the two sides meet neatly with a smooth finish.

In terms of length, a good suit jacket or blazer should fall past the waist and drape over the top of your bottom’s curve, anything beyond this is a poor fit. The hands can be used as a guide, which is why it’s useful posing in a relaxed stance when trying on a suit. The hem of your jacket should stop around the middle of your hand – where the fingers meet the palm.


A good rule to follow when wearing a blazer with a shirt is to have half an inch of shirt visible at the wrist – although there is no need to be too obsessive with this rule. Ensuring the seam where the cuff joins the sleeve is not showing or the jacket sleeve isn’t completely hiding the shirt will be enough.


Well-fitting trousers should have a smooth drape over the shape of your bottom and lie loosely with your underwear without pulling tight around your bum or draping down your thighs. A bad fitting trouser can be identified by either wrinkles under your bum cheeks for a fit that’s too tight or a loose, or a U-shaped sag on the back of your thighs for a pair that are too big.


A trouser break is the small wrinkle that’s caused by your trouser cuff hitting the top of your shoe. This should only be one subtle wrinkle, so too many creases indicates trousers that are too long, while no wrinkles at all means you’ve got a pair that are a little on the short side.

Measuring your body

Checking your collar

If you’re buying a shirt to go with your new suit, you’ll need to measure your neck by placing the tape around the bottom of your neck – where your collar would normally be.

Measuring your chest size

To determine your chest size, you need to measure the widest part of your torso – this is just under your arms and across the chest. When you’re measuring, it’s important you don’t hold your breath as you could end up with a blazer that’s tighter than you intended. Also, it’s important to make sure the tape measure is snug and not tight around your body. 

Determining your height

You need to measure your height to determine whether you should get a suit that is short, medium or long. This, together with your chest measurement, will tell you which suit will be best for you. For example, men under 5’7” with a chest measurement between 36 and 46 inches should opt for a short suit, while men between 5’7” and 5’11” will need a regular suit. Men who are six feet or taller will need to buy a long suit. 

Measuring your sleeve length

Most suit jackets are fitted using your chest size and height, but it can be useful measuring your sleeve length if you have different proportions. To measure your sleeve length, run the tape from the shoulder to about two inches below the wrist. 

Working out your waist size and seat

When you’re working out your waist size, you should first lean to the side to find your natural crease. You should then measure around your waist at this point, making sure to keep the tape comfortably loose by keeping two fingers between your body and the measuring tape. This will allow a little bit of extra breathing room when you sit down in your suit pants.

Finding the widest part of your hips, place the measuring tape around, again ensuring it isn’t too tight or loose.

Finding your leg length

To find your leg length, you’ll need to measure your inseam and outseam. To get the most accurate measurement, you should wear a fitted pair of pants to get the most accurate measurement and stand with your legs about a foot apart. You’ll also need to recruit somebody to help you with this measurement.

When measuring your inseam, you should start from the crotch and run the tape to the bottom of the shoe – this will ensure your pants won’t be too long or short. For your outseam, run the tape from your belt-line to the side of your foot when wearing shoes.

Once you’ve purchased a suit, you may find that you need to make slight adjustments to get that perfect fit. A professional tailor will be able to help you make alterations to any suit.

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Dress to Impress – The Fashion Looks That Women Love Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:07:15 +0000 Every man wants to cut a suave and sophisticated figure, no matter whether they’re in the boardroom or out and about on the town. We all like to think that other people are looking at us and admiring what they see, rather than turning their noses up in disdain and averting their gazes from our un-ironed shirt and falling-apart-at-the-seams footwear.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. If there’s one group we really want to impress, it’s the women around us. Far more likely to notice the little details of how we dress, they can often prove a discerning audience, but that also means they sit up and pay attention when we get it right.

If you want to wow the next time you’re on a date, here are a few fashion looks that women love, straight from the horse’s mouth

Well-fitted Suits

We know you don’t always want to don an uncomfortable suit when you’re out of the workplace and away from your day job, but should the occasion arise, it’s a good idea to dust off your two-piece when you wish to dazzle. Not only will that extra bit of effort be appreciated, but suits help to create a seriously silhouette-enhancing outline that will show off your hard-won physique to perfection.

Smart Watches

Source: Max Pixel

No outfit is complete without the addition of a chic and sophisticated chronometer. Thanks to smartphones, they can seem a bit redundant, but their sole purpose isn’t just to tell the time. They say a lot about the man who’s wearing them, and save you from having to make the social faux pas of whipping your phone out to check the clock whilst you should be paying attention. They also indicate that you give some thought to the little details, which is a very attractive quality as far as most women are concerned. Besides, if you can pick out a nice wrist piece for yourself, it says a lot of good things about your gift giving potential.

Pink Pieces

This one might surprise you, but according to research, it also turns out that women are attracted to men who wear pink, specifically pastel shades. Ladies tend to correlate the colour with confidence, because it flouts socially constructed views of masculinity. What’s more, it’s apparently associated with positive emotions, with scientists from the University of Poitiers showing that those who wear it are perceived as being happier and more positive (the same is true of those who dress themselves in white or green).

Chic And Stylish Footwear

Source: Max Pixel

The next time you’re meeting up for a date with a match from Badoo, you’re also going to need to pay attention to what you’re wearing on your feet. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then shoes are the windows to your style, so make sure they say only good things about you. They ought to be stylish, chic, and sophisticated, and mud and marks are an absolute no go!

How will you dress to impress?

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Muscular Men – Top Five Fashion & Fitness Frustrations Wed, 14 Mar 2018 06:03:03 +0000 Being a thirty-something ‘metrosexual’ male working in an industry where presentation matters I find it a complimentary essential to keep up my fitness. After all, a man who is meticulous about his appearance usually means he is probably just as meticulous about how he conducts business.. well, something like that anyway.

There is no doubt that we live in a time where self-image is paramount in a society that celebrates those who are lucky to be genetically gifted in some way. I can’t change my teeth, my nose or my height unless I am willing to resort to putting myself through expensive and painful cosmetic treatment. There is however one thing that I can control and change without specialist intervention and that is my overall aesthetical appearance.

The thought of pounding the treadmill or cross-trainer bores the hell out of me so I keep my cardio to a minimum. I opt for lifting weights instead because I get more of a buzz out of it. I enjoy the contestant challenges I place on myself to increase the amount I can lift.

I enjoy the variety of different exercises and the way I can manipulate my physique over time with a good training regime and a good diet.

Those of us that opt for the weights rack in the gym will know that maintaining sartorial elegance out of the gym can often prove somewhat difficult when finding clothes for the office. So here are my top five frustrations for muscular gentlemen when shopping for clothes:

The Gun-No Show

We all know that a brand sometimes has its own definition of what a small/medium/large is. Shopping for clothes such as casual short-sleeved and polo style shirts can be frustrating. For the Mr. Meatheads out there it is all about finding something that comfortably fits your torso and compliments all that hard work you’ve put in. The problem comes when the shirt fits your shoulders, back and torso just fine but you are left disappointed by the serious lack of fit around your now strangulated biceps.

Blazers and Jackets

Almost every muscled gent out there has experienced this particular let down on more than a few occasions. You find a blazer that you really like and, despite your pessimistic beliefs that nothing ever fits right, you try it on. There is always a sense of expectancy when you look in the mirror to find your shoulders protrude at the side’s way more than they should and the torso is so loose and baggy you could probably fit the shop assistant in there with you.

Living The Thigh Life

Having proportionate sized legs that compliment your physique shows that you take pride in your overall aesthetic appearance. Unfortunately this usually means you will often find it difficult to fit your thunderous thighs in to anything that remotely resembles the word “fitted” on the tag. This is all the more frustrating when you desire the fitted look rather than a straight legged trouser.

Suit you Sir

One sure fire way for muscled men who desire the perfect fit when it comes to wearing a suit is to get custom fitted threads. The most expensive option is to visit a reputable tailor who will provide the most accurate measurements possible and should always guarantee a perfect fit. The other less expensive option of course is DIY tailoring which of course always lends itself to the risk of nervously waiting for two to three weeks for a suit that might fit horribly.

Collars and Cuffs

 If there has to be one universal frustration on this subject it has to be long sleeved shirts. Keen lifters will unintentionally develop thicker necks, no question about it. Factories tend to use overall average measurements when producing shirts which is no good if you need to wear a shirt with the top button fastened. What usually follows is a shirt that fits comfortable round then neck and about two-too-many inches of shirt cuff dangling from your hands.


The above frustrations are but just a few for the most muscular of the male species out there. I guess the obvious question would be “why don’t you just stop working out then?”. My response is simple one I once read in Exercise Habit by Jim Gavin

“The easiest way to stick to an exercise program is to find a sport that complements you.”

I think it is high time we saw more high street retailers out there to cater more for ‘muscle fit’ clothes which I have noticed does seem to be happening lately. Just not quick enough! In the mean time I am pleased to say that I will soon be experiencing MenStyleFashion’s first ever bespoke suit fitting experience to alleviate some of these frustrations so watch this space for my review guys…

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Jimmy Choo OBE – An Evening With Shoes Thu, 08 Mar 2018 07:29:57 +0000 Working for the amazing Menstylefashion is always a privilege and on this particular evening it was an immense privilege. When you get a call from your CEO and founder of MenStyleFashion, the eccentric Gracie Opulanza, saying you need to step in for her because she’s still in the Far East on an assignment you say!

When she says it’s with Jimmy Choo one just teleports. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, so the saying goes. I suppose when looking at such beautiful things it seems to be true. Having said that it would be great to meet the creator of such pieces.

Jimmy Choo has to be creating the equilvant of diamonds in the elegant form of a shoe. His craft, eye and expertise are ignited by his passion and love for his work. Dare I call it work, as his levels of enjoyment never seem to diminish.
The artist, shoemaker extraordinaire is embarking on a new venture with his incredibly talented and intelligent son. We met in the West End in a wonderful Chinese restaurant. Being one of the first of the invited guests to arrive gave me an opportunity to have an exciting conversation about the art of shoe making and the way he develops his ideas.


The Art Of Shoe Making

The first thing that struck me was how much he worked and created in the London Borough of Hackney, a place close to my heart as I spent many years being creative in that area.

Jimmy Choo’s father was a shoemaker, here is a man who really did follow in his father’s footsteps. His poise and calm is therapeutic and inspirational. He is an artist, a creator a person whose love for his craft is etched in the detail and styling of his shoes.

Here is a man who worked in and out of college, funding himself, drive is an understatement of his attitude. He cultivated a work ethic that demands praise and is the bedrock of his philosophy for working hard, smart and consistently.
A man (or woman) in love with his craft bestows this as a gift through his creations.

I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of women who love his shoes, from those who wear the high end pairs to those who have the special pair in a secure space in a wardrobe, ready to wear for a special occasion. The number of brides to be I have also had fashion discussions with coo at the prospect of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo’s shoes.

Jimmy Choo

Men Know Your Female’s Shoe Size

Men, yes you, you too need to know and love your women’s shoe size and colour scheme. A pair of Jimmy Choo’s, a bit like a good meal for a man, is a wonderful way to a woman’s heart. If not stating you take her fashion and style sense very seriously.

Meeting some of the family was also more than a privilege, his wife, his son who is working in collaboration with. Just like his father, his son shares a passion for beautiful forms and designs. Our conversations were as delicious as the food that was served.

I stagger out of the restaurant stuffed and intoxicated by passionate (oh my goodness I am in danger of over using this word) food, art and design conversations with a tantalizing sprinkling of images of Jimmy Choo’s shoes and his son’s jewellery.


Spoilt on every level and in need to spread the love, joy and artistry of the man who makes women’s and men’s heart skip a beat and beat with joy. Jimmy Choo, thank you.

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Top Fashion Tips For Inbetween Seasons Wed, 28 Feb 2018 15:34:26 +0000 If there’s one thing we can count on here in the UK, it’s that the weather between seasons is often completely unpredictable. The late winter and early spring periods will often throw a huge variety of mixed-up weather conditions at us in March, it’s not unusual to see warm sunshine one minute and hailstones the next.

When we’re experiencing multiple seasons all in the same day, it presents the stylish man with a difficult question: how do you dress for the weather and still look sophisticated? To help you plan your between-season wardrobe, we’ve shared four tips to help you figure out what to wear on those awkward days when the climate can’t seem to make up its mind. Just read on to find out more.

Stock Up On Some Clever Adaptable Fabrics

Chunky knitwear might be a dependable choice during the coldest winter months but, as we head towards the spring, it’s probably much too warm to wear all day. Instead, look for lightweight, finely knitted clothing in breathable, adaptable wools. Merino is a brilliantly insulative material that will keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm. It’s also very effective at wicking moisture away from the body, so will help to draw sweat away from your skin, too. You’ll want to stock up on a few jumpers, cardigans, vests and polo-necks in this versatile material.

Invest In A Pair Of Boots

Choosing the right footwear for transitional weather can be tricky. It’s too chilly for summery options like sandals, loafers or boat shoes, but sometimes trainers are just too casual. A pair of lace-up or Chelsea boots would make the perfect mid-season solution: they should be warm and comfortable on chilly days, but can still be worn on milder days, too.

Pritchards offers a huge choice of smart-casual boots, including styles crafted using high-quality genuine leather that will see you through all weathers in style.  Try wearing yours with jeans or chinos, a long-sleeved polo shirt, and a jacket for a casual but stylish weekend look.

Carry A Pocket Waterproof

If it’s too warm outside to keep rocking your winter coat, but you need a waterproof layer in case of spring showers, a light, portable anorak will keep the rain off when you need it without being a burden during sunny spells.

If you thought that mac-in-a-sack style anoraks were just for school geography trips, then think again: there are now a number of innovatively designed versions on the market for fashion-conscious men, too. This selection of packable waterproof jackets from K-Way includes zip-up macs in a range of stylish colours, which can easily be stowed away in a bag or pocket during fine weather.

Layer Up For Maximum Versatility

One of the best ways to beat unpredictable weather is also the simplest. Layering clothing is a tried and trusty method of mid-season dressing, so you’ll want to plan outfits around wearing two or three layers. This way, you can take off items when the temperature rises and throw them back on if it gets chilly.

When layering clothing, try to keep each individual layer relatively thin and lightweight: this will stop your overall outfit from becoming too bulky or restrictive. It will also keep you warmer than wearing one single, thicker layer, as the air trapped between each item of clothing will act as insulation.

As winter gradually turns into spring, we Brits can look forward to a whole host of unusual weather conditions, and dressing for these can be a real challenge. But, as long as you take our advice on board, you’ll be set to look stylish come rain or shine.

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Photoshop Altered Models – Do We Need Warnings Signs? Sun, 18 Feb 2018 04:06:32 +0000 Photoshop Altered Models – Do We Need Warnings Signs?

Magazine advertisements for alcohol and cigarettes come with warning labels. Now, some groups suggest that the celebrity and fashion photos should, too. A number of researchers and government regulators want photographs of movie stars and models to come with warnings that say the photos have been extensively altered with retouching software, such as Adobe Photoshop. The idea stems from scientific research that found that vulnerable consumers, particularly children and teens, might be fooled by the photos’ convincing illusions of perfection and suffer negative physical and mental health consequences as a result.

“Children and teens are particularly vulnerable to ‘perfect’ models of adults and children their age in the media,” Carolyn Landis.

So far, the most notable calls for Photoshop warning labels have come from Europe. Legislators in France, Britain and Norway have supported government efforts to slap warning labels on photos to alert consumers when they have been digitally altered.

How to Protect the Public

But in June, an American medical association denounced the doctoring of photographs, urging advertisers to work with child and teen health experts to set limits on Photo shopping. Two Dartmouth researchers have come up with a novel solution — a software tool that would detect how much fashion and beauty photographs have been altered, assigning them a rating from one (minimally altered) to five (starkly changed).

Photoshop enhanced Model

In general, contact with fashion and beauty magazines regarding their policies on retouching photographs or their thoughts on photo warning labels are not well received.

Research indicates that there is cause for worry about how celebrities and models, who appear forever trim and blemish-free, may affect how people view their own bodies. Several studies have linked manipulated photographs to eating disorders and other health problems. But psychologists say the most effective solution to helping children and vulnerable people develop healthy and realistic body images comes not from warning labels and photo-rating systems but from active communications and awareness.

Janis Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist said parents could start by not focusing too much attention on a child’s looks or appearance.

“Children are normally not aware of physical traits until their attention is brought to it,” Rosenberg said. “People who draw too much attention to beauty, comparing their children’s physical attributes and causing a child to be overly aware of physical traits can be a great source of anxiety for a child or even, in some cases, a vulnerable adult or teenage model.”

Photoshop enhanced model
Parents may be able to spot a few warning signs if their child is becoming overly fixated on looks. Kids may start making negative comments about their appearance, compare themselves unfavourably to others or begin restricting what they eat to avoid ´getting fat.´

While parents should certainly encourage children to eat a healthy diet, avoid oversize portions and exercise regularly, Landis said they can also restrict their comments about physical appearance in the light of what is healthy, not what looks attractive or desirable.

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Numerology – Numbers Equals Your Future & Destiny Thu, 15 Feb 2018 05:45:55 +0000 We travel for two reasons. The first is, of course, to discover new things and go off the beaten track in a way that, at its most extreme, is somehow transcendental. The second is more vulgar, but ultimately far more important. We travel in order to gorge ourselves to flood our sense with food and drink, music and sunshine. That’s why we demand to know which is the best place to buy food or the best place to find the finest stretch of sand.

Deep down we all desire to kick back, relax and overindulge ourselves. In this quiet time we also begin to reflect on work. What defines us and what consumes the endless amount of our personal time. We ask ourselves and begin to ponder. Where’s your spirit of adventure?


Where’s Your Spirit Of Adventure?

I find I am asking myself this more and more. It’s when I am getting a massage that my mind begins to wonder. I start to calculate in my mind the numerology formula of what I need to change in order to create a better life for both my family and me. I reflect on my date of birth and what it means? And if in some way the numbers are significant? I am trying to decode my future and destiny through a numerology report.

Discovering how my name is significant in being in tune with my inner self. Understanding the inner skills, that are required so I make the best possible choices for life. To learn the key tools of how to unlock my mind to reach my full potential both personally and within my work place. By developing insight, self-understanding and wisdom, I found that it’s much easier to discover solutions for the problems that challenge myself.


It’s for this reason in 2018, me and my family chose a huge life change. I understood by taking a numerologist approach, I had to create a different set of numbers that would change the course of my future destiny.

Numbers can actually guide you to greater self-knowledge by revealing hidden patterns and empowering you to make sustainable, positive choices for your life.

I am travelling around the globe because I understand what my DNA is made of and what my mind and soul need right now. I am seeking an adventurous life, because my spirit is demanding it. As the female voice for menswear since 2012,  travelling is now the key to my success.


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Real Fur Versus Faux Fur – It’s Your Choice Thu, 15 Feb 2018 04:30:01 +0000 Lets be clear, in no way does this article condone the use of real animal fur in fashion items. This feature is simply to make you good folks aware of some of the current fashion trends and suggest ideas to enhance your wardrobe and make you feel good.

Now before you start writing letters of complaint to ‘The Times’ please note that for reference terms within this article the word ‘Fur’ applies to fake or faux fur thus leaving the professionals to gad about the countryside in the real thing.

Faux fur is back in a big way from simple embellishment to full length Harpo Marx replicas that are now completely gender neutral and should help you feel confident wearing it but sadly won’t help with your piano playing unless you are already suitably gifted or perhaps a trainee starlet in waiting.

Let’s remember ‘real’ fur as such originated and evolved from a huntsman method of keeping warm to a luxurious yet controversial symbol of luxury for those that could afford it post world war two. As the demand waxed and waned fashion houses sensibly discovered that faux fur could be fun for all concerned especially if you are bold enough a guy to want to give off the rap star vibe.

Being a Minx

As Milan catwalks showed this season and other fashion weeks joined in the trend the popularity of faux fur continues unabated with trends percolating down to high street fashion chains. Once Joe or Josephine public got a handle on the fact that no animals are harmed, the moral and ethical implications of wear ability have vanished and confidence in the style have come to the fore that making affordability not so much of an issue.

This seasons faux fur is best in full length, full fat glamour style, which although initially intimidating, can and has been investigated by the houses of Milan to a great deal of accord from the press and knowing public alike seeing more than a passing trend and encouraging gentlemen with confidence and not necessarily bulging designer wallets to take the plunge on the streets of the world’s leading cities.

Leading By Design

Houses such as Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Dior Homme all exhibited full faux furs that are credible. Homage in many areas of design has been paid to the more historical aspects of fur wearing amongst men, with more than a passing nod to the current media frenzy caused by the ever popular ‘Game Of Thrones’; Dolce & Gabbana going all other world kingdoms on our asses with crowns, faux fur sweaters and full length furs over gothic style prints.

For the more traditional ‘Ice Station Zebra’ look, faux fur paneled khaki and jacket hoods had been reworked by Dior Homme to give a fresh approach to this ever popular classic, giving a more luxurious rather than utilitarian feel to the garments that dressed down other tailored items with starlet Astrid Anderssen leading the pack with a visually stunning yellow parka with blue grey fake fur hood. Whatever the take, the exciting world of faux fur can raise its head as a respected new kid of the fashion world. Long may it continue.


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Wedding – Top Tips When Proposing To Your Man Fri, 12 Jan 2018 00:41:13 +0000 Ladies, gone are the day when you would just sit and wait for the guy to pop the question. It is very okay and in fact sweet for ladies to propose to their men. So, have you found your Mr. Right? Do you keep dropping some marry me hints and he doesn’t seem to get it? Well, it’s time you popped that question.

Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise the man of your dreams with the most romantic proposal of all time? The truth of the matter is, just because he is the guy doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t appreciate some romantic gestures. And because you want this marriage proposal to look and feel right just for him, you must plan and strategize. Make everything about it and the things he loves and by so doing, you will be planning a wedding sooner than later.

Well, ladies, here are 6 things that you must do when proposing to the man of your dreams. Read on and make that proposal perfect.

Be Sure You Want To Do This

Proposals are very important in one’s life; man or woman. When you decide to propose to your love, it means that you have decided to settle down with this person. So, if this is not the case for you, take it slow and just enjoy where your relationship is at the moment.

Get Him A Symbolic Gift

Engagement rings are the best symbolic gifts that anyone could ask for. Fortunately, there are so many options for you when it comes to choosing wedding bands for both men and women. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ring. You can get your love a wrist watch    because it is considered the perfect jewellery piece for men.

Be Sensitive About His Feelings

Congratulations for choosing to take that step and deciding where your future lies. However, some men are too old fashioned and would not appreciate their ladies stealing the moment like this. So, whether he was planning to propose to you or not, let him know that it is very okay for him to ask you back whenever he is ready.

Talk To His Friends Or Family

If there are people who know your man better that you do, that would be his close friends and family. Therefore, it would be thoughtful of you to talk to them and let them know what is going on. As a matter of fact, they will be of great help when it comes to personalizing the proposal to your man’s liking.

Keep It Simple

Proposals should be about the two of you. Even when you bring in his closest friends and family, don’t forget to keep it simple but unique. Overdoing it would cause so much distraction and steal the moment. After all, what matters is what you are going to say. So think about why you want to spend the rest of your life with this man and plan what you will say to him before popping the question.

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Catwalks – How Disconnected Are They For Menswear? Fri, 05 Jan 2018 02:03:47 +0000 Why in the last two years has MenStyleFashion not attended a menswear fashion week around the globe? Should we with over 900,000 followers across all our social media dedicated for menswear, and recently ranked as the third best Mens Fashion blogs from thousands of top Mens Fashion blogs in the world. 

Why did this image go viral? Why did it get over 7 million views, 750,000 comments and 18,000 shares?

Why Are We Not At Catwalks?

Over the last few months I have tried to find out what the most engaging post are for MenStyleFashion’s social media. And, it all comes down to the following. With over 155,000 people reached in less than 24 hours of Facebook, MenStyleFashion’s  followers are truly commanding how disconnected fashion weeks have become as seen by the comments. I am known as the female voice for menswear since 2011, therefore it is important I continue to understand what my followers are seeking regarding men’s fashion.

For me catwalks are not only the true back bone of where menswear fashion trends are heading and what my followers want to buy into.

On this occasion and on many occasions, my followers are hating what they are seeing on the runway shows for men in 2017. Why is it that the designers are looking after the shock effect more apposed to what men are wanting to buy into?

Your Fashion Opinion Please?

Yesterday late afternoon, I placed the following image on our Facebook. It’s important to understand that MenStyleFashion is a platform in where anyone, any fashion brand can promote, highlight and share their fashion opinion. All we simply do is ask the same question day in and day out. Your #fashion opinion please? #WeShowYouHow

So why has this image below attracted over 2000 negative comments and 257 shares, towards the designers way of showcasing his collection on the catwalk for 2017?  I encourage anyone to take the time to read the people’s reaction.


My passion since 2011, is to encourage any man, of any age to dress well and creatively. It is clear on this occasion, that this catwalk clearly demonstrates, the disconnection towards fashion weeks and what men and women are wanting to buy into regarding their personal style.

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What To Wear For Every Dress Code This NYE Fri, 22 Dec 2017 14:32:33 +0000 It’s said that the way you ring in the new year is an indication of how you’ll spend the next 12 months, so start 2018 as you mean to go on: looking good and feeling great. What you’ll be wearing come midnight on December 31st will depend on the dress code of the event you’re attending — you don’t want to look under or overdressed, so be sure to find this out in advance.

Getting your outfit right can be tricky, especially if the event’s black-tie or smart-casual, which can have specific requirements and rules. To help you out, we’ve shared three tips to help you nail the dress code for any event. Whatever your plans, just read on to find out how ring in the new year in style.

Find a tuxedo or dinner jacket for black-tie events

If you’re off to an event at a high-end venue, or you’ve got a black-tie-only invitation, then you won’t be able to just roll up to the party in jeans and a casual shirt. This is an opportunity to get really dressed up, so make the most of it with a tuxedo, dinner jacket or formal suit in a dark colour. Black is a classic shade that never goes out of style, but dark grey and deep navy tones will also work if you’re looking for something a little more unusual.

To add a contemporary twist to your look, opt for a velvet dinner jacket, which will add a luxe feel to your outfit. Just remember to pair yours with a smart pair of dress trousers, as an all-velvet suit could be overkill.

…and make sure you style it to perfection

You don’t want to wear a shirt with a bold or colourful print with your dinner jacket, so team yours with a simple shirt in black or white. Pick a pair of shoes that will pull your outfit together: a pair of patent-leather evening shoes are a great way to add a touch of shine to an all-black outfit. A traditional dress shirt for a tuxedo should always be worn with cufflinks or studs, so don’t forget to pick out a stylish pair with an understated design.

Rock a smart-casual outfit for low-key celebrations

For casual events, like a house party or celebration down at your local pub, then it’s likely that you’ll be wearing smart-casual dress. To pull this look off, you’ll need to strike the right balance between looking laid-back and dressed up. It can be tricky to get this sort of dress code right: a full tuxedo or dinner suit can look over the top, while jeans and a T-shirt can make you look scruffy and underdressed.

When it comes to smart-casual dressing, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic combination of smart jeans, an eye-catching shirt, and a sharp blazer. Pick a shirt in a high-quality fabric and attention-grabbing colour or print: a formal shirt from this colourful selection by Joseph Turner should tick all the boxes.

You can afford to be flexible when dressing for this kind of event, so let your personality show with some interesting and unique colours, textures and styles. When wearing blazer with jeans, you can afford to experiment with some unusual textures or fabrics, like corduroy or wool — just make sure that whatever you pick is sharply tailored and a great fit.

Wrap up warm for outdoor events

If you’re heading out to watch the fireworks this NYE, then you don’t let the cold weather cramp your style. The key to staying warm is clever layering. Some lightweight thermal underwear, like these base layers from Under Armour, can be worn discreetly under your partywear, and will keep you warm all night long.

In terms of outerwear, you’ll want to avoid parka or puffer jacket styles, which tend to have a distinctly casual feel. Instead, a tailored overcoat will look sharp without weighing you down. Try a coat in an on-trend colour like camel for extra style points: the understated shade has been a key look this year.

Chances are you’ll also be heading to a bar to raise a toast at some point in the evening, so you’ll want to be sporting something stylish underneath your coat, too. For extra warmth, look for a suit or blazer in a wool-blend, which will keep you cosy in addition to looking sharp.

If you’re not sure what to wear this New Year’s Eve, then we’ve got you covered. These simple guidelines will help you to nail the dress code for any event, meaning you can look forward to ringing in the New Year in style.

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The Ultimate Guide to Wool Sweaters This Season Wed, 20 Dec 2017 15:29:19 +0000 Cooler weather is here and wearing sweaters is back in style once more. It’s easy to think of sweaters as accessories, but the truth is they are a pivotal piece of your wardrobe and wearing the right sweater can mean the difference between being seen as Old Man Parker of A Christmas Story and John Robie in To Catch A Thief. In order to help you keep looking sharp, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to wearing sweaters.

Picking The Material

The first thing to do is choose the right material for you. There are many different types of wool. Here’s a list of the most popular types.

Sheep’s Wool

This is the traditional material made from sheep’s fleece. It’s the most common and inexpensive material to make a sweater.

Merino Wool

This is a specialized wool from the Merino Sheep. The most defining characteristic to this type of material is its resistance to pilling. It’s quite expensive and rare.

Mohair Wool

This wool is taken from the Angora goat. It has a characteristic stiffness and when worn next to the skin can be itchy.

Angora Wool

Not to be confused with the above, Angora wool is from Angora rabbit hair. It tends to be fluffy and soft to the touch. Because it tends to be an unstable fabric, it’s often blended with Nylon.

Alpaca Wool

This fabric is usually made from the hair of Peruvian alpacas is a luxuriously soft material that is warmer than usual wool as well as being less prickly. It also doesn’t contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic.

Cashmere Wool

This fabric is silky soft, easy to care for, and versatile. It comes from the Kashmir goat and is known for its comfortably lightweight and silky feel. Cashmere wool is like fine wine, it gets better with age.

Choosing The Style Of Sweater


A Cardigan sweater is an open front sweater with buttons and long sleeves. It’s best worn over another shirt, sometimes a t-shirt. It’s best for casual to semi-casual occasions.

Crew Neck

These are the typical sweaters most men wear during the colder weather. It is versatile and depending on the occasion, can be used under a dinner jacket or with a pair of jeans on the soccer field.

V Neck

Bill Gates made this a type of sweater a household name in the nineties. It’s still a staple for those occasions where you want to channel their inner tech geek.

Roll Neck

On the opposite side of this spectrum from V Neck is the Roll neck, made famous by the other tech mogul in the nineties, Apple’s Steve Jobs. His signature style conveyed high end tech with edgy forward thinking.

Polo Sweater

The Polo sweater is perfect for those days when you are teed up on the first hole of your favorite golf course. The five o’clock tee time can be chilly in the fall so be sure to wear this staple of high class menswear.

Final Thoughts

Choose the most comfortable and affordable material for you. Finally, don’t forget to fill your closet with different styles to round out the season and you’ll be ready to tackle.

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MrQuintessential – Winter Style Tips For Thirty Plus Men Tue, 07 Nov 2017 13:52:27 +0000 What are the style rules when you are thirty plus? How do you dress your age without looking like a middle-aged man? At this age personal style is about experimenting with colour and choosing items that are all in the detail. How does a guy purchase items in where he is wearing the clothes and not the other way around?

Who is MrQuintessential and what is its fashion Journey all about? The key for guys as they get older is that they are more confident in choosing items that will blend in to their existing wardrobe. They don’t want to throw clothes out, they just want to add to their personal style.

MrQuintessential Autumn Winter 2017 collection is about items that fit comfortably into any man’s wardrobe.

Weekend Pieces To Wear

There is always that challenge where a guy wants to wear other clothes on the weekend as apposed to work attire at weekdays. Guys I find do not have the time or the energy to go and buy a whole new look for over the weekend, it is just not in their DNA. Thanks to MrQuintessential, who has created pieces to wear at the weekend with jeans or chinos. These pieces look just as good in the office over a crisp white shirt, or as pieces that fit neatly under a blazer on a night out.

In 2017, guys are so confident in showcasing their toned bodies but are not sure how to  choose items that balance their ego. So at MrQuintessential the collection is about items that fit well and wear well in a range of blues, greys and shades of black combined tactile textured knitwear.

Investment Pieces

Over the last five years, I have heard guys making it very clear too me, so many times.

I want to purchase investment pieces with a hint of detail. 

MrQuintessential has created items that stand out as classic and edgy, but without compromising comfort. I find when styling guys that knitwear can be hard to wear, without them looking like their grandpa. When men hit their thirties, I find self-image shifts and so does their fashion sense and personal style. MrQuintessential is not interested in age, you are as old as you feel, not ready just yet to dress like your father or your grandfather did.

You Can Buy Fashion But You Can’t Buy Style

MrQuintessential collection is about men who want to stand out, look good and showcase their identity. Men need clothes that are considered investments items that fit perfectly and show a degree of power when in public.  Having these timeless investments is why MrQuintessential offers a range of beautiful knitwear that looks relaxed and modern.

Items such as a classic crew and V-necks, sumptuous Roll Necks in Silk & Cashmere, T Shirts in Cotton / Cashmere blends, as well as a range of luxurious accessories are all items that  MrQuintessential offers. Items that can breathe new life into an existing wardrobe. Items in where a guy can take on the world and he sees fit.

The collection is available at MrQuintessential as well as at Fenwicks

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Fashion Photography – Confessions From A Male Model Wed, 01 Nov 2017 04:56:33 +0000 I am a very famous male model and have been for several years. I want to share my story and encourage any male or female model that. For without the camera what does this become?  Sexual abuse within the fashion industry, especially at the hands of a professional photographer. Should never be tolorated at the expense of anyone wanting to become a famous fashion model.

The Flight To Mexico

I abuse the endless supply of salted nuts and can’t stop adjusting my fully reclining seat. The flight from Mexico is long and I’m tired and I should probably sleep but I’m so excited about the massage button on the seat controls and the free nuts that I don’t even bother. I’m wearing a hoodie/sweatpant combo and the rich businessman who’s wearing a suit sat adjacent from me keeps looking at me funny. I want to flick a peanut in his face. The flight attendant in First is all “Yes Sir, Of course Sir” and I find his pomp contagious and begin to say stupid shit like ‘splendid’ as he brings me my fifth bowl of nuts. I’ve just made 30,000 grand.

Treat Me How I Deserve to Be

We land late, my bags come out first and the rich businessman who deserves nuts in his face eyes me with what I think is contempt. In arrivals a man holding my name on a whiteboard meets me and he guides me to his black Mercedes that ferries me to a generic looking studio. Lightly varnished wooden floors meet white painted brick walls. A colourama is in one corner lights being set up.

Some semi-naked girl struts in front of me taking up a pose against one of the walls. I’m told to dig in to breakfast, a massive spread of everything, but before I can even start on it I’m ferried into make up where I’m oiled, tanned four shades darker and then handled through to wardrobe.

I’m basically going to be naked all day.

What a surprise. I chat to the other model dude. He sounds like a sure as shit douchebag, a European with an American accent who tells me the sort of stuff that’s been going on already. ‘Dude I’ve been like grabbing her ass, practically fingering her, she’s had her tits in my face whist she’s been like grabbing on her pussy.’ Yep. That’s how douches talk.

The Sleazy Fashion Photographer

The photographer introduces himself, he’s a douche too, a sleazy, cocksure Yank who arms himself with two compacts, one in each hand, who fires off the flash on both cameras alternately as if he were in some shit action film and the cameras were his guns. The makeup artist hates him. The production team hate him. We all hate him. At one point in the shoot he even stops and crosses over to the speakers to turn up volume of a song about having a massive penis.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. What a dick.

I resume breakfast sitting in the studio, sort of not knowing where to look, as the babe with her breasts out writhes on a beat up leather sofa whilst the douche with a camera leans over her and snaps away saying things like, “Yeah, real sexy, bite your lip, yeah, now look at me like you love me.” What a fucking douche.

I barely eat any breakfast because I want to look ripped in the picture. The girl wraps herself in a gown. In front of my eyes she’s just been totally sexualized and I can’t help thinking she’s a total fuck minx who would eat me alive. She kinda scares me. But when I finally pluck up the courage to talk to her, distracting her from the book that hides her face by enquiring about its contents, I realise that she’s shyer than I am.

She’s young, inexperienced, impressionable, and she’s really really uncomfortable doing what she’s doing. Her makeup is plastered on as thick as card and I can tell that under it all she’s quite plain looking and really insecure. How could my perceptions have been so wrong? Oh how quick we are to judge. It feels to me like she’s hating this.

There is only one reason why you close the set?

In the next shot I’m spread on a couch like jam, arms over my head, all my muscles pushed out. After this me and the other dude model pose awkwardly on a steel ladder before he’s instructed to climb atop my shoulders, his cock digs into my neck…But this is fine… I’m prepared for this. I’ve had worse. What I’m not prepared for is what happens next. The dickhead with the cameras closes the set. Completely. Not even his assistant is allowed behind the white polyboards that completely annex off a section of the studio. The fragile girl is somewhere behind there too. Hidden from us all. The entire team sits outside waiting for them to come out the only thing we can see from behind the polyboards is the flash that at least signifies that some photos are being taken.

There is only one reason why you close the set: people are getting naked. I’ve never seen a photographer abolish even his first assistant from attending. I ask his assistant whether he does this often. Apparently he does. I begin to fear the worst, I begin to fear that the young 16 year old behind the screen is being taken advantage of and were all just sitting here waiting for it to stop. A weird silence settles over us, our glances convey what can’t be said, and the only thing that breaks the tension is the momentary flash that outlines the polyboard walls.

Walls That Block Us From Seeing With Our Own Eyes

Walls that block us from seeing with our own eyes what cannot be worse than the images our collective imagination hold. Gradually the flashes become more intermittent and eventually stop altogether. For a long awkward time, we all sit there and wait. Wait for the flash that justifies us sitting here.

I’m holding my breath waiting for the next one to come. The silence becomes sinister. I can no longer hold back my imagination that now sees the photographer breathing onto naked flesh, whispering explicit, his subject held in the inhumane-eye of the camera, the camera that justifies all of it.

For without the camera what does this become?

The girl steps out from the behind the polyboards. The photographer follows kicking his feet guiltily after a period of time that feels too considered. The girl leaves the studio without saying goodbye to anyone. Maybe nothing happened? May!

Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Out

Next week I fly to the Maldives for a week to shoot a campaign with a photographer who loves me, though he says “amazing” far too much. It’s one of the places I’ve always wanted to go. I know I’m lucky.

Am I deserving?

How about the girl who left without saying goodbye.

Was she?

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