Male Style Icons – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Jimmy Choo OBE – An Evening With Shoes Thu, 08 Mar 2018 07:29:57 +0000 Working for the amazing Menstylefashion is always a privilege and on this particular evening it was an immense privilege. When you get a call from your CEO and founder of MenStyleFashion, the eccentric Gracie Opulanza, saying you need to step in for her because she’s still in the Far East on an assignment you say!

When she says it’s with Jimmy Choo one just teleports. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, so the saying goes. I suppose when looking at such beautiful things it seems to be true. Having said that it would be great to meet the creator of such pieces.

Jimmy Choo has to be creating the equilvant of diamonds in the elegant form of a shoe. His craft, eye and expertise are ignited by his passion and love for his work. Dare I call it work, as his levels of enjoyment never seem to diminish.
The artist, shoemaker extraordinaire is embarking on a new venture with his incredibly talented and intelligent son. We met in the West End in a wonderful Chinese restaurant. Being one of the first of the invited guests to arrive gave me an opportunity to have an exciting conversation about the art of shoe making and the way he develops his ideas.


The Art Of Shoe Making

The first thing that struck me was how much he worked and created in the London Borough of Hackney, a place close to my heart as I spent many years being creative in that area.

Jimmy Choo’s father was a shoemaker, here is a man who really did follow in his father’s footsteps. His poise and calm is therapeutic and inspirational. He is an artist, a creator a person whose love for his craft is etched in the detail and styling of his shoes.

Here is a man who worked in and out of college, funding himself, drive is an understatement of his attitude. He cultivated a work ethic that demands praise and is the bedrock of his philosophy for working hard, smart and consistently.
A man (or woman) in love with his craft bestows this as a gift through his creations.

I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of women who love his shoes, from those who wear the high end pairs to those who have the special pair in a secure space in a wardrobe, ready to wear for a special occasion. The number of brides to be I have also had fashion discussions with coo at the prospect of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo’s shoes.

Jimmy Choo

Men Know Your Female’s Shoe Size

Men, yes you, you too need to know and love your women’s shoe size and colour scheme. A pair of Jimmy Choo’s, a bit like a good meal for a man, is a wonderful way to a woman’s heart. If not stating you take her fashion and style sense very seriously.

Meeting some of the family was also more than a privilege, his wife, his son who is working in collaboration with. Just like his father, his son shares a passion for beautiful forms and designs. Our conversations were as delicious as the food that was served.

I stagger out of the restaurant stuffed and intoxicated by passionate (oh my goodness I am in danger of over using this word) food, art and design conversations with a tantalizing sprinkling of images of Jimmy Choo’s shoes and his son’s jewellery.


Spoilt on every level and in need to spread the love, joy and artistry of the man who makes women’s and men’s heart skip a beat and beat with joy. Jimmy Choo, thank you.

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Antony Joshua – Confident Effortless Style Tue, 31 Oct 2017 08:41:51 +0000 MenStyleFashion had the pleasure of meeting Antony Joshua at a Jaguar event back in june 2017.  What struck MenStyleFashion about him was his relax nature to life itself. Trending some very cool oversized eyewear, Joshua was a man that oozed confidence. I have met and interviewed many world champions over the years within sport. I find at this level, they have one philosophy in common when it comes to fashion. Most of them keep it simple, they don’t overthink what they are wearing too much. For the simple reason when you are a heavy weight world champion boxer, the story itself stands out more so than the clothes.

On this occasion Anthony trended a white simple polo shirt, white trainers and grey tracksuit. Even though this was a sporting event, over the last several months even on his resting days Anthony opts for a casual white t-shirt.  With such a body such as his, it’s all about showcasing he muscle power by wearing tight t-shirts.

How To Stay Focused

When speaking to Anthony what is infectious is has calm relaxed nature. MenStyleFashion asked him the question regarding how he would stay focused throughout his years leading up to such an epic victory. It seemed that no matter what challenges Anthony faces his focus always is the same. Listen to what he has to say.

Luxury Lifestyle Style

When Anthony is asked to be on the red carpet or modelling for fashion magazines throughout the globe, we certainly see a different approach to what he chooses to wear. He mainly trends a black tuxedo from head to toe and sockless shoes.  My favourite attire for him is the white tuxedo, as it’s the perfect contrast to his wonderful skin colour.

As a sports style icon, Anthony can rock any look and therefore combined with his force of nature as a heavy weight boxer, it comes to no surprise that he is well sought after to model both on and off the red carpet.

Anthony Joshua, wears the clothes not the other way around.

Anthony Joshua’s Love For His Mother

What is amazing about Anthony, is his fierce commitment and respect he has towards his mother, who is an equal part to his success as a boxer. For this reason it is also why Anthony is a pure example of the English gentlemen. Over the years I have experienced so many men within the fashion industry, who look wonderful in a suit but when it comes to their manners, or the lack of them it instantly kills the respect I have for them.

But with Anthony, his true nature and character is apparent from the moment you meet him. He is an extremely well spoken guy and he does not fake or act who he is. For me I can only define him as a gentle giant. His personal style is even more extremely appealing because of the way he acts in public. In fact Anthony is everything opposite to what we expect as a boxer and his public image is pure class.

A Man Maketh The Clothes

I have been the female voice for menswear since 2012, I trully will always vouch that a man maketh the clothes.

It is the very person who chooses to create his own personal style, through the way he composes himself within the public eye, is the key to modelling fashion.

In 2017, what is trending for the marketing of menswear and fashion generally is celebrity status. They are as equally s as powerful as the male models themselves on the catwalk. At every high profile event let alone a fashion week for 2017, it is the celebrities and sports stars that are they key aspect of getting out the right message for that particular fashion designer.

In this saturated market in where fashion designers are fighting for success to get their label noticed, it comes to know surprise that Anthony Joshua is sought after outside the boxing ring when it comes to modelling fashion.

BBC Sports Personality Of the Year Award

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award is coming up and I am an advocate of actions speaks louder than words.  For me Anthony Joshua, is already a winner because of his relationship with his mother the way he respects her.

In his mother’s own words.

“When he won the Olympics, I didn’t really want to watch it, because I don’t really like watching him, I was sat down and that was the longest nine minutes of my life. I had the paper over my face until the end then when I heard he won I was just so excited, so excited and I started jumping up and down. It was very nice, a very proud moment.”

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Ageless Style – The Art Of Dressing Well Sun, 17 Sep 2017 06:15:23 +0000 Why is it that when it comes to fashion anyone can buy into a trend. But when it comes to personal style, it’s a skill that can only be mastered over time and age. Due to the engagement of this tweet, I am being forced to reinforce that Gunther Krabbenhoft, will always stand alone from others. Guys like, Gunther Krabbenhoft don’t care what is trending on catwalks.

Gunther Krabbenhoft is the trend, he is the gateway treasure for menswear.

Let the Clothes Inspire You

It’s not the clothes that drew my attention to Berlin based style tycoon called Gunther Krabbenhoft. What drew me to this man, was I could clearly see, he had the skill in looking this dapper. I could see he understood the art of layering, by combing colours that complimented each other. Each time I took a closer look, the complexity of layering and combing the shoes, hat, bow-tie eyewear, jacket and overcoat, was an art in itself that could only be learnt over years.

If I wanted to define effortless fashion, let alone the true meaning of dapper, it was Gunther Krabbenhoft himself.

Over the years, as a woman, I have been asked how I just put it all together. How do I make it look so easy and turned heads on the streets.

It is very simple I do it, for the pure gift of wearing clothes from the heart.  I wear the clothes, they don’t wear me.

What Can We Learn From Gunther Krabbenhoft?

Age had no limits, regarding style icons such as Gunther Krabbenhoft. He clearly knows what works for his body type, skin tone and image. He is a master of wearing and choosing high quality fabrics. I can see he loves dressing up, dressing well and has a passion for fashion. His face tells the story of showcasing confidence as a man when it comes to style and clothing.

His choice of shoes, are quality and comfort. Keeping it simple, keeping it tidy. I can see he is a lover of leather boots and he understands that it is in the detail that counts regarding street style. Gunther Krabbenhoft lives the lifestyle of choosing to look his best every day, all day.

Facebook Comments

With a whopping, 22,000 views, 49 shares, 40 comments, I can see that Gunther Krabbenhoft has left an impression. No matter how fashion designers try to reinvent the wheel regarding new trends for menswear. Thanks to style tycoon, Gunther Krabbenhoft we can only sit back and admire the commitment it takes to look this dapper.


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The Oscars – We Show You How 2018 Wed, 01 Mar 2017 13:16:13 +0000 Black Carpet Bravado

The type of event that you will attend will dictate heavily what you should wear. The key to finding out everything about how the night will run will be on the invitation, or precedence’s from television archives (if you´re lucky).  If it’s a formal sit down dinner, then you can wear angular shoes that kill your feet as you won’t be standing all night. If it’s more of a cocktail soiree, then it’s a good idea to wear shoes that are a little more comfy because you could be standing for a good part of the evening. The whole trick is in de-coding the dress code to what you can and can´t get away with.

Who ever came up with this idea. Needs to fired! It’s 2017 for goodness sake. Menswear has come a long way.

Back in 2014 I interviewed Oscar winner Glenn Freemantle. Listen to what he had to say when the other film stars saw his suit on the red carpet.

The Women Have The ´Carte Blanche´

How men dress for different types of events is a very traditional affair. Of course, as is very notable with the past decades awards ceremonies from The Academy Awards and The Oscars – women really do have the ´carte blanche´ when it comes to dressing. They are encouraged to stand out and are suitably awarded for it in the press. However, when it comes to men – they have two options; formal suits and dark colours. During the Oscars awards ceremony this week, a friend put on Facebook ´why do the women look like flowing blossoms and the men like starched Penguins?´ When you think about it, there really is something in that narrative. It´s not only televised awards ceremonies that demand this style of dress, as there are many other special circumstances that do as well.


¨Traditional red carpet dressing has been around for decades of years, and has not really changed at all in its set-up. These dress codes have rarely changed over the sands of time because of demands from (or to pay respect to) the more traditional establishments and hierarchies. Anyone seen to be straying from these many not be invited back, or even worse, sent away at the door.¨ 

Sharp Rules For Men

There are three short, sharp rules for men and formal dressing; for cocktail events – men should wear suits, but not necessarily jackets and ties. For formal events, men should wear a complete suit with a tie. And, for the most visible of them all, the black tie event, men should wear a complete tuxedo. This is a ´code of etiquette´ that has been conformed to for the last decades, but where does it come from and why is it relevant?
The industry the event is being held for will dictate what sort of outfit you should wear. At these creative awards nights, people tend to dress a little more relaxed or alternative to the traditional take on formal evening wear. If however the awards night you are attending is for a financial firm, corporation or red carpet, then you may be best to stick to something more traditional. However, it doesn’t matter if you are going to an important awards night or otherwise, you should always dress for the frame you have and not the frame you want. If thin spaghetti legs aren´t your best feature, then don’t buy trousers that will show them off. You need to feel comfortable in what you have on. Plus, with so many formal dress codes telling you that you ´must´ wear a suit, which is dark, and formal, plus a tie; when you think about it, there really are other ways to dress for these formalities and the red carpet; it´s just a question of being brave about it. Looks sharp and break a few rules whilst you at it.

Here are some of the most thoughtful ways to upset the status quo at formal events and make sure your bold choice beats the tried-and-tested, every time. – Gracie Opulanza

The White Dinner Jacket – Where To Wear: The Emmys

The white dinner jacket creates an enjoyable counter intuitive statement: It’s simultaneously more casual than a tuxedo and more formal than black tie. A dangerous choice to be sure, as you might be joining the ranks of co-ordinating hospitality staff if you’re not careful. Avoid the cream coloured options that border on tan and always look yellowed. If you’re lacking confidence already, then just remember that Bond and Indiana Jones prove that this look is better than just alright.

The Burgundy Tux – Where To Wear: The Academy Awards

A black tux is a classic for a reason, but men from Chris Hemsworth to Usher have proven that burgundy, or other well selected colourful choices will work well in formal situations despite the potential pitfalls. Darker palettes and earth colours will always win prizes off the carpet, if you don´t on it.

The Midnight Blue Tux – Where To Wear: Anything Black Tie

Ink colours / midnight blue has become a popular staple of black tie affairs thanks to Daniel Day Lewis, who showcased this colour when lifting his Oscar back in 2012. You may not be able to hit the same highs as Lewis, but many designers such as Tom Ford have nailed the midnight look with options that gives the hard line dress code conformist the opportunity to be an elegant rebel.

The Standout Accessory – Where To Wear: Everywhere

So, you already own a tuxedo and its black? Great, then don’t take the risk. But at least have the courage to add a little colour in the after-hours celebrations that are making you so uptight. If you’re nervous about breaking the rules, look for a reversible option; the tie and cummerbund starts out black, but after a few drinks you can relax and flip them to show off your preppy colour combo to liven up the celebrations.

The Patterned Dinner Jacket – Where To Wear: Puerto Banus Inauguration

Whether you want to stand out as eye candy or simply sumptuously swoon over a piano with a drink in your hand, a strong patterned jacket will set you apart from the crowd without making you look ridiculous. Try to keep your Tuxedo subtle, but keep things different with sheen and bold rockabilly lapels to keep heads turning.

The Velvet Tux – Where To Wear: Anywhere, If You’re Alessandro Michele

Mainly thought of as a fixture of formal loungewear, the velvet jacket is often overlooked. It is either mistaken for a typical tuxedo jacket, or mistreated for its outdated function. These days, it’s a young man’s adventurous way to stray from the established pack in situations where relaxing is just what the dress code needs. Velvet Tux´s come in a variety of colours, from blue and green to dark grey, which can formal up with a pair of jeans on Friday night.

The Bold Choice – Where To Wear: MTV Movie Awards Or Anything New Media.

Whichever universe Daft Punk resides in, you’ll find a glittery, wearable disco ball. This look fits the formalwear requirement in only the broadest interpretations, but when you’re only there to party, it’s the perfect option. Expect to be looked down on by both the snobby black tie elite and any rental amateur who wishes they were born with a personality and balls.

The Fashionable Faux Pas – Where To Wear: Fashion Events

There’s a time and a place for a big risk, and who better than Elton John to use as your guide. After all, he looked better at his worst than most do at their best. It feels so reprehensibly out of style that even the most Avant Garde from the fashion world will praise your brave step forward.

The Safe Alternative – Where To Wear: Indie Movie Premieres

Not quite black, but not crazy enough to draw the wrath of those in boring tuxes, the charcoal look is perfect for those who want to dip their toe in the alternative waters before diving right in. And if your brother happens to plan an August wedding outdoors in Bournemouth, you could take a style risk and a heat-stroke precaution with linen. Look for a modern cut which is stylishly out of the ordinary and it won’t be soaked in sweat by the time the cake is being cut. Nothing is safe when it comes to these icon film stars.

#weshowyouhow. Come on designers for men up your game!

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George Michael – Jesus To A Child! Mon, 26 Dec 2016 12:28:34 +0000 Yesterday I got the sad news that George Michael passed away. He was such an iconic singer of the age that I grew up in that I had to stand still about what he did mean to me and what his songs and style was all about. George Michael was an English singer/songwriter, musician, and music producer. He first came to fame in the 1980s when he and friend, Andrew Ridgeley, began to perform together as WHAM. While still a member of this duo, he released his first solo hit “Careless Whisper”, which sold approximately six million copies.

I grew up following the iconic musicians of the eighties and the nighties. This era will never ever be repeated and therefore only now do I treasure those moments. Within this era, the skill, the drive, hard work and talent that singers and artists had to demonstrate to the public is one, that I have the most respect for.

The raw talent demonstrated by theses two male artists is why there can only be one ever WHAM. That high pitch voice, we all no to well, was George Michael! How many of us had WHAM posters sticky taped in our bedroom walls. I have to say years down the track, I was so gutted that they were lovers. Only because I was single at the time. But it did not change the respect I had for Georges’ voice.

You Gotta Have Faith!

It is the favorite of all songs for me. But what was ironic regarding this word Faith, is that George Michael didn’t have any faith!  In fact he was gripped by fear, the fear of dying! The fear of confronting death! Which he did many times during his drug addiction years. George, was fighting over the years his own demons that he created and chose to delve into.

Any drug addict will confess, that drugs mess with the mind and the soul. Paranoia grips you and drug addicts can never distinguish between life or death. What is real and what is fantasy. I am so glad for the few years that he chose, to share his God given talents to the world.

WHAM – Hair Style And Slogan Party T – Shirts

WHAM, was the era of the short crop in your face Slogan party T-Shirts! Remember the WHAM Choose Life, T – Shirt? It was also the gym opportunity for those men to wear T-Shirts to show off their biceps. Along side that,  George Michael’s hair styles over the course of his career also was a trend that impacted the way guys chose and wore their hair. His amazing medium length wavy hairstyle, would always look fabulously healthy and one men just had to adopt.

TREND Prediction

My trend prediction even if it’s for nostalgic reasons. Is that his hairstyle for 2017 and statement slogan t-shirts will hit our high streets once again. I will be looking out for it!

WHAM Last Christmas

For those who believe, Christmas is actually the day Jesus was born. Is it not ironic that the very iconic song we all know so well, Last Christmas! Is the very day that God decided to take George Michael home.

Wonder what heaven is doing right now? Jesus to a Child comes to mind!  And in this case literally meeting and greeting Jesus himself.

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Homeless But Never Lost His Dignity Or Style Mon, 26 Sep 2016 09:23:41 +0000 I am a Christian and I pray to God for inspirational stories and did my prayer get answered. This has to be one of my top interviews to date. How would you dress if you were left on the streets of London? How would your self esteem become if you lost everything? How would you get back on your feet and off the streets? If you were homeless, would you still dress up?


Hello Gracie … Hope all is fine & fun with you. I’m Simon. I work with Colin Rosie. I want to say on behalf of myself, Colin & Mal that your piece on Colin is by far the best we have seen !! Thank you !! .. Your joy filled passion comes across instantly 🙂

Colin Rosie

This is Colin Rosie and his story about. How that trusted top hat ended up changing his life.

“I was homeless and sleeping rough on the streets of London. I couldn’t afford a sleeping bag so I had put cardboard down in a doorway and curled up in an overcoat. But I’d hide my few remaining valuables inside my top hat so that I could sleep a little easier. That trusted top hat ended up changing my life”.

colin-rosie-menstylefashion-interview-gracie-opulanza-9 colin-rosie-menstylefashion-interview-gracie-opulanza-16

The Camera

It is important that you recognize your God given destiny. And it seems mine is to literally spot up and coming talent. To inspire people to get back on their feet and think outside the box. I love hats and I wanted some shots of me in these amazing vintage hats. I did not know that Colin had not picked up a camera in three years. It is understandably why, for the simple reason it was the camera that put him on the streets in the first place. It was one of my big moment in building MenStyleFashion, to see Colin pick up that camera and take shots of me. He was shaking holding that camera, I could see it.

My philosophy is simple, the very thing that you are afraid of. Confront it head on. Pick it up if you have to and NEVER GIVE UP!

gracie-opulanza-vintage-hats-for-menstylefashion-shots-by-colin-rosie-2 gracie-opulanza-vintage-hats-for-menstylefashion-shots-by-colin-rosie-3

These shots were taken by me and a very big thank you to Jumeirah Carlton Towers for the exclusive access to their private gardens in Knightsbridge.

Cadogan Gardens private access only Jumeirah Carlton Towers

Cadogan Gardens private access only Jumeirah Carlton Towers


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David Gandy – What’s Your Legacy? Wed, 15 Jun 2016 14:07:03 +0000 The last time I interviewed David Gandy was way back in 2014. The first time I interviewed him was back in 2013 when I had no idea who this famous man was that was marketing underwear and perfume. I guess looking back I had no idea what I was doing, and also my social media channels were still in their infancy. I had no idea that what I was doing was very new and I was somehow  very intimidating to the fashion industry. You have to understand that me going up with a camera in your face and asking questions out of the blue was not protocol. I have since been told PRs  and the British Fashion Council,  find it very offensive if you by pass them with out booking an interview. To date the British Fashion Council and PR’s have never had a protocol put in place on how social media influences such as my self have to adhere to when it comes to interview requests at London Collections :Men.

But let me make one thing very clear. I am invited to the events from the designers themselves, due to my influence and as the owner of MenStyleFashion.  When you see my interviews,  I  always asked the person or in some cases if the PR is there, if I can interview them. So I did ask David Gandy if we could have a chat in June 2016. I think it’s very obvious, don’t you that he said yes!

The way social media works, for those that don’t understand it is very simple. I am back in 2016 and I am still using the same tactics, I like my interviews raw and spontaneous, it is something different from the choreographed interviews. It is about capturing that given moment when the person presents themselves. This for traditional PR’s and organisations such as the British Fashion Council can be very unsettling. I can only assume is that they can’t control the moment, let alone the questions that are being asked.

Social media has come in leaps and bounds over the years and photos and videos are now the norm on channels like Instagram, Facebook, Periscope and Twitter. It is my way of communicating to my followers where I am as the female voice for menswear.


Shot by Maria Scard My hat is sponsored by Stetson 2016

David Gandy Interviews

I have not been to LC:M for three seasons, and I thought as the female voice for menswear I better come back and check it all out. Since my last interview, David Gandy fans were always wanting more from me and I am thankful for their support and to Laura.  No long interview this time but a series of snippets all distributed on my social media channels.

Daniel Craig summed it well in the James Bond movie Casino Royal: “It’s amazing what I can do with your little finger.” This was all conducted with my little finger on my mobile in David Gandy’s face,  literally.



Shot by Maria Scard

David Gandy - Male Model 2016 photography gracie opulanza (2)

London Collections: Men

It was London Collections: Men – the bi-annual fashion week in London dedicated to men. Along side this I have created Luxury Week Men. I looked at my diary and noticed the catwalk was not to far away, there were about 78 shows and presentations over four days.  It’s a very fast pace and when you bump into someone like David you can’t miss the opportunity. Now I never interview with my phone much and clearly on this occasion I wanted to pick up his voice. So it really is literally in his face and sorry to all who find it a tad too close. But hey that is what social media is all about. Living in the now and getting moments where things come as they are and we do not have time to  over think things.

Yes that is the very opposite of what fashion is all about. I like to say on these few days I captured a very different David Gandy. I was very chilled and here is the little conversation I had with David. As I saw him in though out the day I thought why not take some shots too.



David Gandy - Male Model 2016 photography gracie opulanza (5)

Davdi Gandy - Belstaff 2016 photography gracie opulanza (3)

David Gandy 2016 Shots by Gracie Opulanza (1)


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Karim Rashid – Industrial Designer Shares His Style Mon, 25 Jan 2016 11:28:07 +0000 Whilst in Paris for the men’s fashion week, I decided to go and visit the Foundation Louis Vuitton.I am also exploring street style fashion for 2016 to understand where men are at when it comes to dressing well. I am not talking about when you walk out of a fashion show, for me, that is staged style and one I have had enough of.It does not reflect what the guys are really wearing anyway. The beauty in spotting street style is that I must keep an open mind as to what is being showcased is in real time and in any given setting. The Foundation Louis Vuitton is designed by renowned designer Frank Gehry, and in the midst of this impressive architectural structure, I spotted a tall outrageously super futuristic guy, who clearly was pushing the boundaries for menswear.

In my mind I thought, who has the balls to wear white in winter let alone from head to toe? I had to just go and seek out the story and the last thing I expected was to hear an American accent when I introduced myself. Welcome to 2016 street style. This is what is trending in New York and is showcased on the streets of Paris. Little did I know the man I was about to meet was described in Time magazine as Karim Rashid and they quoted the following: “Karim is the most famous industrial designer in all the Americas”.

Karim Rashid Industrial Designer

Karim Rashid is an industrial designer. His designs include luxury goods, furniture, lighting, surface design, brand identity and packaging. He has worked with huge companies such as Samsung.

In this interview Karim shares his view about how dated the fashion industry is regarding the marketing of menswear. He also explains how disconnected the designs are when it comes to a man’s lifestyle. Listen to what he has to say about the world of luxury and where he explains what is lacking for the consumer. It has to be one of the most exciting and informative interviews I have done in the last three years.

White Winter In Paris

Seeing any man in white for me is hardcore in the sense that this colour is just complicated when it comes to wearing it during the day. But to see a man choose to showcase his style in white and during winter, is what got my attention in the first place. Karim in his own words explains that he is Goliath and David at the same time, and he won’t conform to anyone let alone anything. Again, listen to his reasons why white is the new black for 2016.

Karim Rashid - Industrial Designer menStyleFashion Paris Fashion Week 2016 (8)

Karim Rashid - Industrial Designer menStyleFashion Paris Fashion Week 2016 (2)

Karim Rashid - Industrial Designer menStyleFashion Paris Fashion Week 2016 (11)

Karim Rashid - Industrial Designer menstylefashion 2016 Paris


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Sky Sports – Darren Campbell Interview Wed, 02 Dec 2015 12:07:47 +0000

Today we launched our first ever event for MenStyleFashion and it is called Luxury Week London. Over the the seven days we are exploring the world of luxury through our own eyes. We are wanting to research what is trending on the streets of luxury for men.

Our first location was Hilton Syon Park, whilst coming from the spa I noticed a well dressed man and his mansbag. Yes this 20 year old vintage Louis Vuitton looks as good as the day Sky TV presenter Darren Campbell. Darren Andrew Campbell MBE (born 12 September 1973) is a British former sprint athlete. He is currently the sprint coach at football club Cardiff City. He competed in the 100 metres and 200 metres, as well as the 4 × 100 metres relay. Campbell is the European record holder in the relay event with 37.73 seconds.

In this interview Sky sports presenter Darren Campbell talks to us about what is trending in the world of fashion amongst his team mates at Sky.


louis Vuitton vintage bag menstylefashion luxury week london (2) louis-Vuitton-vintage-bag-menstylefashion-luxury-week-london--8


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Elvis Presley – The Style King Of Rock & Roll Wed, 25 Nov 2015 10:20:18 +0000 Elvis Presley - Speedracer red blazer

Elvis Aaron Presley[a] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll”, or simply, “the King”.

Presley is one of the most celebrated and influential musicians of the 20th century. Commercially successful in many genres, including pop, blues and gospel, he is the best-selling solo artist in the history of recorded music, with estimated record sales of around 600 million units worldwide. He won three Grammys, also receiving the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36, and has been inducted into multiple music halls of fame.

What Fashion Labels Would he buy into Today?

Did you know that many scholars have studied loads of aspects of Elvis’s profound cultural influences. One of them has been his Speed Racer’s characters. So it comes to no surprise that many of speed racer designs were inspired by Elvis Presley. Have you ever wondered what Elvis would look like or dress today if he was in his 20s or 30s? What would he be wearing while riding his Harley Davidson let alone his vintage cars?


The Charitable King And Rare Watches

Rolex no longer makes the King Midas, but two watches Presley wore continue to be in production. During his time in the Army from 1958 to 1960, he wore an Omega Constellation Calendar with sweep seconds and date that was chronometer-certified for accuracy. Presley’s was stainless steel plated in pink gold. The watch which the singer later gifted to a close friend was sold at an Antiquorum auction in December 2014 for $37,500. (Current iterations of the Omega Constellation start at $2,700.) He later owned a digital Omega, the groundbreaking “Time Computer,” the first watch to sport an LED display.


Love Rock and Speed

No doubt Elvis would never walk about in casual gear. He would be right up there with our super models. Infact he was a super model a walking catwalk every single day. He had the cash to indulge and the confidence to wear it. He would not allow his age let alone anyone tell him what to wear. He would be the style icon who would predict and create new trends for men. His clothes would always be fitted and attention to detail would be crucial. He would embrace colour  that only Elvis could pull off. And as for shoes and boots he would rock any shape, style or form. What Elvis wore only men could envy and if brave enough adopt his style.

Elvis Presley 2015 MenStyleFashion his possible wardrobe (3)

Harley Davidson – Elvis Style Icon

Harley Davidson does not have to market its motorbikes with male models.  It’s such a powerful brand on its own. So who are our speed racer icons to adhere to. Who are the guys that could influence the stylish riders. Elvis in many of his classic movies sets gave men plenty of style tips on what he deemed to be a stylish rider. That hair of his was just damn right hot and sexy. His hair was a slick and very cool just like him. He also wore lots of hats inspired by his military background. He did serve in the Military so he never faked the image he  recreated it . Elvis dressed to impress.

Elvis Presley 2015 MenStyleFashion his possible wardrobe (4)

Blazers and Jackets

Elvis experimented with clothing on and off that stage he rocked leather in places that no other man would dream of daring to go. His love for bling and anything that stated gold, glamour and wealth was part of his unique charm. It was who he was and the crowd would never know what he would wear next.  This is what men and women loved the waiting the expectation to see what clothing trends Elvis would embrace next.

Over the top, standing out and make a statement is what Elvis was all about. On and off stage Elvis would move fast given any opportunity when it came to fashion. He would teamed  handkerchiefs, small scarfs off stage. You see Elvis lived the fashion icon style on and off the stage. He had money that could buy and create clothing that no other man could.

The inspiring message here is that Elvis chose his own style he was a trend setter very clearly. The role play of fashion he projected out was why he was so influential in the world of menswear that no man can ever match today.

The amount of image changes he created was astounding. He owned his wardrobe it was in his DNA.


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Sam Sarpong – Tribute 1975 – 2015 Thu, 29 Oct 2015 04:56:59 +0000 Back in 2013 I got an e-mail saying hi I am Sam Sarpong.  Sarpong was a co-host of MTV’s show Yo Momma, and has since gone on to serve as the host of the BET Awards pre-show All Access, for 7 years. At the 2013 BET Awards, Sarpong presented the “Best International Artist” category.

Sarpong starred as Paul Unanga in the film, Anchor Baby and won Best Lead Actor for this role at the 2012 New York Film Festival. He also guest starred in “Lord Of The Bling”, an episode of Veronica Mars.


Sarpong was a fashion editorial magazine campaign for the brand Loius Vuitton. A recipient of the MAA Fashion Award for Male Model of the Year, and twice named by Today’s Black Woman magazine on their “Fifty Most Beautiful People” list. Sarpong was added toUs Weekly’s, “Hot 100 Young Hollywood with Style” list. Sarpong has walked the runway for designers Versace, Donna Karen, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbanna, Jean Phillppe and  Ed Hardy. Sarpong has also started his own clothing brand, “Chosen One Collection,” a line of T-shirts, jeans and hoodies.

Sarpong appears in the feature film No Weapons. Sarpong was signed as a costar of the film Trigger, and was scheduled to appear on the television series, Average Dad. In 2015, Sarpong was also one of the leads in the Fox pilot Studio City.

Sarpong has been featured in modeling campaigns for the brand Boy London, and in the past served as the international face of the Nelson Mandela foundation clothing line.

Sarpong was also a member of the Hip-Hop/Pop group the League which has released 6 albums. Sarpong recorded a solo EP, Lose My Mind which is featured on VH1’s show Hit The Floor. Sarpong is also featured on the Scary Movie 5 soundtrack with his song “Thunder”. He released a single “Lovin”.

Dear Sam thank you for believing in us and we will sadly miss you and your personal style. The video below was created by Sam for us and we shall treasure it for ever.

What a sad way to go.

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What You Can Learn About Style From Ryan Gosling Mon, 19 Oct 2015 12:43:48 +0000 1 - Ryan-Gosling-Casual

We all know Ryan Gosling (henceforth known as “the Gos”), he of “hey girl” meme notoriety. But I’m not here to talk about why the Gos is so popular and revered, that’s another article for another day. Today I’m here to talk about his style, and the things we can learn from the way he dresses.

With all of the celebrity photos out there we can often draw parallels between celebrities and from there, determine trends.

Celebrities are typically dressed by others so what you see them wearing isn’t necessarily their style, and it shows. You can tell when people are uncomfortable in their own skin. Second, everyone is looking for a way to differentiate themselves so everyone is trying to look “different” and “alternative.” This generally means they’re trying too hard and what they’re wearing looks disjointed and out of balance.

Every now and then, however, someone bucks the trend and dresses in a way that actually represents the man, not the celebrity. Over time we’ve seen this in icons like Steve McQueen, Daniel Craig, James Dean, et al.

And this brings us to the Gos, because I think he belongs in this group.

The Elements That Make The Gos So Damn Stylish


I think what really separates the Gos from everyone else, and this is the important piece of advice to take away here, is that he chooses clothes that he knows suit him. His style is fairly reserved, he wears lots of neutral colors (here, here and here).

2 - ryan gosling suits

Image Credit: the confused dasher

He doesn’t wear leather pants or pink suits because he knows that’s not what suits him. There’s nothing wrong with leather pants or pink suits either, should that be your thing, so long as you’re confident and that’s your style. However, simplicity will help the vast majority of men, when working on their individual style.


Arguably the most important style element is fit. If your clothes don’t fit, it’s going to look awful. This is true for jeans, suits, t-shirts and buttons downs alike. If you get everything else wrong, make sure you get the fit right. As Ryan Gosling shows us, nothing is classier then a suit that fits perfectly.

3 - Ryan Gosling Green Suit

Image Credit: Beautelicious


The common thread between all of the style icons we listed above is the ease and confidence they have, no matter what they wear. Ryan Gosling certainly falls into this category.


Image Credit: The Wondrous

Nailing the first two points will instantly make you more confident, that’s a guarantee. If you came here looking for a specific type of jacket or pants that the Gos prefers, well I apologize for not providing you with those details. I think that often the things that make guys like the Gos so stylish is nailing the basics. This becomes incredibly easy when you’re wearing clothing that fits well and doesn’t beg for attention.

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Lewis Crathern Kitesurfer – The Sky is The Limit Sun, 18 Oct 2015 17:33:38 +0000 We spotted Lewis Crathern arriving at the MenStyleFashion HQ in Brighton with his red Volkswagen camper. It’s his first love for sure, because his whole life revolves around this Camper. Wherever Lewis goes he is taking his camper van with him. Lewis Crathern is a professional kitesurfer winning the British Championship 4 times. He has also consistently ranked in the top 20 of the world’s best kitesurfers. For all his success in kitesurfing tournaments, he really created massive media exposure by jumping over the Brighton pier in 2010.What impact did this technical stunt create in world of kitesurfing, MenStyleFashion was keen to learn more from this 30 year old.

Lewis was born in Worthing on the south coast of England where he still resides 30 years on. Being one of three brothers in the family, Lewis from a young age was very active in all sort of sports, from football to tennis, table tennis and almost every other imaginable sport he could get is hands and feet into. So much so he was the best at it from a school playground point of view. Sports is in his DNA and Lewis proves you can make a living out of what you love. Lewis no matter what explores and operates in extreme conditions. On a rainy day you could find him at the local pool jumping on the diving board and doing all kinds of moves. At the age of 16 Lewis got into windsurfing and two years later he got introduced to kitesurfing. This was the end of 2003 and by 2005 he was British champion, in his own words it was his drive in all other sports that got him success so early.

Lewis explained that the dive board had taught him a lot about airtime, with the average airtime of diving being 1.5 seconds and that of kiteboarding being 6 seconds. Airtime is crucial to this sport and it’s why Lewis could jump over the piers of Worthing and Brighton. He explained to MSF that they were landmarks in his area that had never ever had any kite boarder attempt such a challenge. He knew it was a matter of time that some kite surfer was going to do it one day. Who better to conquer the one year preparation than Lewis himself.

Lewis Crathern Showing of his style

Fashion Style – Casual

When we talked about fashion Lewis wanted to make it loud and clear. Fashion is all about him wearing practical clothes that he can move in. That is his first and most clear outline to any stylist out here.

On shoes: “If it is not comfortable and my shoes have no grip it does not belong in my wardrobe.”

Lewis is a typical kitesurfer and what he defines as casual, smart casual and a suit is completely different from our definitions. We asked Lewis to show us three outfits and his first outfit in which we conducted most of the interview was a t-shirt, shorts and trainers. As is common with a lot of professional sportsmen, Lewis is sponsored by Mystic a manufacturer of wetsuits and waterwear, which also has a range of lifestyle products. For his casual outfit Lewis was wearing a T-shirt by Mystic. His shorts were a brown pair from Volcom all held up by a Dakine belt. Lewis personalised his belt with some zip ties. His underwear was from Mystic and Lewis proudly told us how quick drying they were and that he only needs two pairs. His shoes are a pair of skate shoes from Woolworths South Africa. He spends his winter months in Capetown, this shop is one of his favourites when buying clothes and shoes as we later found out.

His socks were the invisibly style also from Woolworths South Africa, with an interesting detail in the rubber lining at the ankle that prevents the socks from slipping. Up until now Lewis only walked around barefoot, but after falling in love with these socks there was no telling next the trend he has started here. Lewis also loves skateboard shoes and now with his socks this is certainly a personal style any one can aspire too. It’s that fast affordable fashion that defines Lewis’s lifestyle.

What was surprising to us was his lack of accessories, no watches, no rings, no bracelets and no necklaces. The only watch he wears is for when he is kitesurfing and it is a Suunto watch made specifically for this sport. As soon as he is finished the watch comes off again. Lewis also has no tattoos and this is what he had to say about this subject:

“No Tats is the new cool”


Fashion Style – Smart Casual

We asked Lewis to bring an outfit to show his smart casual look to meet his in-laws for the first time. And what he showed us was a knited surf style jumper from Woolworths South Africa and a pair of jeans from the same store. When asked if this was his most smart look, he replied that his current girlfriend had forbidden him to wear hoodies to meet her parents. Shoe wise he was still wearing his skate style shoes, you never now there is always a moment to go on a skateboard.

What is also amazing about Lewis is his phone, he swears by his £20 Nokia candy bar phone. During his day he does not feel he needs to be connected to the world through the internet, his day time is about kitesurfing or on non windy days any other sport. The phone represents his laid back attitude, he is not worried about it getting stolen, broken, getting wet or running out of battery life. When he is meeting friends with smartphones it is not “Hello how are you, but hello and do you have a USB charger for my phone”.

Lewis’s approach to buying clothes is something that is new to him. He was always given clothes from his sponsors in the past and only since a few months has he decided to go out and buy different clothes. He loves to buy clothes without big logos and he never buys clothes that are top brands, quality is more important than the brand. When it comes to shoes the first thing he does is turn them around and look at the grip. Whenever Lewis has a spare minute in his life he is on the skateboard so grip is important for him. When it comes to jeans, they need to be big enough so he can strike a ball, as he also loves to play football. Skinny jeans are out of the question here. He explains that his days are so random he wants to be able to go from one activity activity to another without changing clothes.

Fashion Style – Suit

One of our requests was for Lewis to bring along his suit. Now working in the world of fashion we certainly forgot that from a kite-surfing point of view, what one defines as a suit in fashion is not what Lewis would define as his daily suit within in his world. We laughed our heads off when seeing Lewis in a suit as he showed us a wet-suit. I asked where is your suit? He told us that this is the suit he wears and he has no other suits. When it comes to his wedding he would marry in this suit. We styled him with a denim blazer style jacket from G-star Raw and a leather fedora hat. With this outfit we took him for a photo shoot to the Northern Lanes of Brighton and to the seafront to show us where he did his jump over the Brighton Pier. MSF loves to hear your thoughts of the combination of Lewis wet-suit attire. Will this be a style trending for weddings within water sports this 2015?


His Style and Icons

When it comes to choosing fashion Lewis feels he represents the modern man as he is connected to the world that lives today. He does this without looking at fashion magazines to find out the next perfect look. When it comes to style icons his only icon is Kelly Slater for being such a normal bloke with a very relaxed style. He does not like style icons like Christiano Ronaldo who keep drawing attention to them selves by wearing crazy boats or outfits, he much prefers Messi that gets attention by doing what he does best and that is playing good football. Although he is a bit disappointed by Messi’s latest tattoos.


When it comes to shaving Lewis loves to shave wet. In the past he experienced with an electric Braun cruzer but wet shaving is what he prefers. He uses the Bic throwaway razors with double blades and shaves once to twice a week only. As a moisturizer he uses E45 dermatological moisturising lotion from Boots. Lewis explains he has not got a lot of facial hair growth to grow a full beard, he always had a goatee as long as he can remember, the moustache comes on and off depending on his mood.

When it comes to facial products, soaps and shampoos Lewis did not have any favourite brands, he literally tried everything. Lately he has become more aware of the environmental impact and he now chooses mainly natural products. He puts this down to his current girlfriend that has made him more aware of his appearance. In the past he would happily walk with bear feet around town but she has made him look more into his appearance and the grooming side of him.

We were surprised to hear that although he spends a lot of time in the sea that he only shampoos his hair twice a week. Lewis explained that the sea is a natural cleanser anyway so hence there is no need to use shampoos daily. His favourite Eau de Toilette is Diesel Plus Plus Masculine that comes in a white bottle. He likes that smell and has been using it for the last 10 years, he can’t be bothered changing it. When it comes to deodorants Lewis prefers the roll-on deodorant and not the sprays as these left him with burn marks in the past when spraying too close.

“The sea acts like a natural cleanser so there is no need to use shampoo every day.”

Changing hairstyles is something that is new to Lewis as he has had long blond sun bleached hair for as long as he can remember. Only since a few months has he had a short hairstyle, he describes his sudden change in style to his girl friend that has given him confidence to change his hairstyle to short. When it came to this change he made sure he got on well with the hairdresser, he explained it as a trust relationship, when changing his hairstyle he had a good half an hour chat with the hairdresser about the change and how it would be done and how it would look. He was happy with the result.

“The blond longish hairstyle is a very stereotypical way of live in the surfing world, so to change it was a big challenge for me.”


Radio & TV Commenting

Having had huge media exposure from his pier jumps Lewis got offered work to do radio and TV coverage for events in kitesurfing and other sports. This is not only doing live coverage but also doing voice overs. Since a few years Virgin has become a major sponsor in kitesurfing due to Richard Branson being an avid kitesurfer. This additional sponsorship money has lead to more promotion and more broadcasting which Lewis has been very keen to do. He enjoys promoting his sport and loves to make time to anyone that wants to know a bit more about it or about him, he never makes you feel he is in a rush. When asked if the Radio & TV commenting would be his job for when he would retire he laughed and said DEFINITELY NOT. He explained that kitesurfing can be done competitively up to 50 years of age and he would kitesurf till he was 100.

“Too old for kitesurfing, my local beach in Lancing has a 79 year old kitesurfing every day.”


The Camper Van – The Love Of His Life

Another thing Lewis loves to do is teaching others about how to improve their kitesurfing skills. He does not teach beginners but teaches advanced kitesurfers on how to improve their jumps. This is all done out of his camper van, which he explains is the love of his life. We got a personal tour of his van ,which he has owned for more than 10 years, as he shows us photos from a massive collage hanging in his van. He shows photos of the various conversions and all the places the van had been. Then he pulls out a big TV that he uses for his teachings while he makes his students coffee or tea on his stove. From the inside we go to the back of his van where he shows where his gear, 2 kite boards, 5 sails plus other bits are stored, unlike windsurfing it does not take up much space at all. He is so proud of his van and conversion that he can’t wait to take his kids, when they eventually come, on a trip. On a business point of view you can clearly see Lewis does wear a suit to work, well a wetsuit at least.

Lewis’s relaxed personality makes him very approachable, this all shows up in his style that is very relaxed as well. Let us know in the comments below if you were inspired by Lewis’s style and grooming tips and also his outlook on life. His next big challenge is to be the world number one kitesurfer. In asking him why he has not achieved it yet.


On becoming number 1 in the world: “It’s simple I am mentally ready for it now. Watch this space.”


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Top Poker Players – Signature Styles Worth Millions Tue, 22 Sep 2015 21:07:01 +0000 Signature Styles

Here’s what we can learn from the signature styles of top poker players. Looking to make an impact at your next poker game? Or perhaps you just want to outsmart the competition? Whatever your motives, we’ve decoded the dress sense of some of the world’s top poker players, so that you can get ahead at your next game.

Phil Ivey –  Casual and Capped

Phil Ivey, a player with millions of dollars to spend on clothing, is a man that is seldom seen without decent threads. Phil is often called the best poker player in the world thanks to his amazing track record, and it’s no wonder he likes to keep himself well presented for each game – he’s in the spotlight and he’s aware that looks count for a lot when it comes to reputation. However, if we take a closer look at Phil’s signature style we can see that it’s not just about wearing the latest fashions. Smart hoodies, shirts and plaid all feature heavily in his wardrobe, and he’s also been known to sport the odd smart jacket too. But there’s one thing which features a lot in his poker attire and that’s his trusty baseball cap. Rather than having one “lucky” cap, he wears different caps, usually with the logo of a big poker name on them. And here’s the secret sauce: he makes the cap look like an effortless part of his outfit, rather than a clever accessory to help his game. You see, lots of poker stars use the humble baseball cap as a tool to shield their eyes from other players. The peak of the cap obscures the face, especially when looking down at one’s cards. It also draws the eye upwards to the logo on the cap, rather than at the player’s face.

Something else Phil’s been spotted with frequently is a large pair of headphones, helping him to focus on his game by blocking out other sounds. The music could also be helping him with concentration, keeping him in just the right state of mind to think about his next move. On a psychological level, the ear phones also help distract other players from watching his facial expressions, as they draw the eye to the periphery of the face instead. They give him a nonchalant look, making him appear relaxed and composed. Something to think about the next time you head off to a poker game.


Phil Laak – Covertly Cool

Why are there so many Phils in poker? We’ll never know. This particular Phil, an Irish American man about town, doesn’t leave anything to chance. Born in Dublin with a degree in mechanical engineering, Phil Laak’s poker threads are carefully selected to give him the best possible advantage in the game. Do they succeed? Well, a World Poker Tour title and a World Series bracelet have to mean something. Laak’s secret? Sunglasses. Lots of them. But before you go out and grab a pair of shades for your next poker game, take a look at the ones favoured on the poker tables. They aren’t your usual high fashion shades. They’re the type you see on surfers and adventure sports enthusiasts rather than on the catwalks. The reason for this is simple: the sporty, wrap-around shades are ideal for concealing the eyes from opponents. And since eyes are the windows to the soul, they conceal a whole lot. For this reason, the ideal poker shades are either very dark so as to conceal the entire eye, or reflective to completely obscure the eye area. Those opting for reflective shades should be a little cautious though: they can actually reflect your cards in their lenses. Just a small flash of colour could be enough to give opponents a big clue. But hey – if it works for Phil Laak then it’s worth a try right?

The second thing Phil favours is a generous hoodie pulled over his head. The hoodie and shades combination has earned him the nickname “The Unabomber” (after hooded serial killer Ted “The Unabomber” Kaczynski) and it has given him an air of notoriety amongst the poker elite. Laak has written columns in Poker publications and has also been a commentator at this online poker site in the past, reaping the rewards of his signature style and fame. The hoodie helps to conceal his face from players either side of him, and makes him more aware of his head movements which could otherwise be read as signals by other players. As eccentric as The Unabomber’s look might be, it’s certainly effective: Phil holds the Guinness World Record for Poker Endurance thanks to a marathon 115 hour poker session in Las Vegas.


Dan Bilzerian – Calculated Macho

No discussion of poker player fashion would be complete without mentioning the social media sensation Dan Bilzerian. With his trademark slim fit T-shirts, cargo pants, boots and beard, he is the poster boy for everything that’s masculine about poker. So much so that in an interview in January of this year, GQ magazine called him “Bruce Wayne-meets-Hugh Hefner for the social-media age.” Dan isn’t just selling the fashion credentials associated with his uber manly beard; he’s also selling an entire “playboy” lifestyle where he posts pictures of himself surrounded by naked models and expensive cars to his 6million Instagram followers.

But enough about the social media side of things; lets decode Dan’s poker attire. The dark T-shirt seems to be a staple item for the rugged player, but why? Well, the cut of the T-shirt is usually just the right amount to reveal his toned physique and muscular arms, attributes which are, no doubt, quite intimidating when presented at a non-physical sport like poker. The darker colour of the shirt makes Dan blend in and means he won’t be catching anyone’s eye over the poker table (and anyone that does steal a glance is presumably put off by the chunky arms they’re confronted with). Add to the mix his beard and you’ve got a winning combination: nondescript muscular body plus a face that is 50% shrouded in facial hair. The beard is the perfect way to conceal those mouth twitches or tense expressions that would otherwise reveal Blizerian’s game and sabotage his efforts. Ingenious, when you think about it.


So, what do you like to wear when you’re playing poker? Leave a comment below.

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How Matthew McConaughey Transformed from Rom-Com Regular to Blockbuster Lead Mon, 31 Aug 2015 08:22:39 +0000 How Matthew McConaughey Transformed from Rom-Com Regular to Blockbuster Lead

In recent times, the 45-year-old actor from Texas has been known for his Oscar worthy performances in Interstellar, playing fearless astronaut Cooper on a mission save planet Earth, or as the intense, analytical rogue cop Rust Cohle, who’ll stop at nothing to deliver justice in the captivating television series True Detective. However, it was to be his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, that was hailed as a modern classic and earned McConaughey the Best Actor Award at the 2014 Oscars. Jared Leto (soon to be seen as The Joker in next year’s Suicide Squad) also snagged the Best Supporting Actor, with the 2013 film additionally picking up Best Makeup and Hairstyling.


There’s not many who would question McConaughey’s pedigree in Hollywood, as he continues to produce immensely popular TV shows and movies one after the other, making himself one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood in the process. His ice cool demeanour, Texan cowboy boot-wearing style, ability to deliver hypnotising dialogue and apparently untreated, organic good looks have made him a huge favourite on poster sites like this, and in general a role model for men all over the planet.

On the romantic comedies, I had to say, well, that was fun. But I’m not feeling as challenged as I want to feel.”


But it wasn’t always like this – rewind to the 2000s and the name McConaughey would have been more synonymous with a slew of average-at-best rom-coms, such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to Launch and The Wedding Planner, to name but a few .

Getting his first big break in 1993’s coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused, McConaughey followed with dashes of action roles like dragon slaying Reign of Fire and desert adventures in Sahara throughout his acting CV, yet there came a point when McConaughey felt like his brand needed changing.

Talking with, McConaughey spoke of his desire to find what he truly wanted in a role, and how taking time off from acting actually benefitted him. “I knew work was going to dry up for awhile. I still said no. No lasted six months. That stretched to a year, and still nothing came in. Year and a half, still nothing,” McConaughey said. “In un-branding, I found anonymity. And anonymity is good for an actor, and for people’s perception of an actor and the process with which people choose actors to play characters. My lifestyle, living on the beach, running with my shirt off, doing romantic comedies, people were throwing that together and going, well that’s who McConaughey is [and I would] get branded as that and they would say, man, he can’t play a lovable father. And I might want to play a lovable father. On the romantic comedies, I had to say, well, that was fun. But I’m not feeling as challenged as I want to feel.”


It’s fair to say McConaughey certainly got his wish in Dallas Buyers Club, playing Ron Woodrof, an electrician diagnosed with AIDS and given 30 days to live. However, through taking medicine not legal in the U.S, Woodrof begins selling the drug to other HIV sufferers and winds up in a legal battle with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the right for the drug to become legal. McConaughey even lost a hefty 40 pounds (18kg) over four months for the role.

Soon to be seen in Gus Van Sant’s The Sea of Trees later this year, one can only hope McConaughey takes the roles that push his acting to the limit, while simultaneously keeping cinema-goers on the edge of their seats.

Be sure to watch an outstanding clip of McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club below.

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