Food & Drinks – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 18 May 2018 08:02:41 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 South Korean Food – 2018 Gangwondo Provincial Specialties Fri, 09 Feb 2018 03:02:49 +0000 MenStyleFashion was invited by Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO London) to fly to Pyeongchang, South Korea. The purpose of this journey was to promote the ‘Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games’ and to get an insight into South Korean culture. This pre-visit to the Gangwondo Province which includes PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon was a trip I was looking forward to and this was my first visit to South Korea.

During the six days of this fabulous cultural trip, I was given many different dishes to eat, taste and experience. I am very familiar with Asian cuisines but it is the first time to South Korea so I was incredibly intrigued to see what food they had to offer. Korea leads the way in terms of a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables, both pickled and fermented, a major part of a diverse cuisine. The food is always, fresh, looks great and is a very different eating experience. South Korea is a country that knows how to grill a piece of meat. Coming from an Australian background I have to say I was very impressed when it came to Korean barbecue.

Local beer often drank in South Korea


Yummy pancakes with mixed vegetables inside

Hwanggi Baeksuk

I was served a whole chicken soup boiled with astragalus thought to be among the best medicinal herbs for vitality. The dish is supposed to enhance the body’s control over sweating and therefore considered an excellent food for maintaining stamina in summer. I would certainly opt for this during the Winter Olympics 2018.

Steamed whole chicken with local potatoes from Herbnara Farm Pyeongchang

Core Ingredients

South Korea has a very unique food culture with incredible health giving properties and you will notice some influences from both China and Japan. Therefore throughout my visit I could identify how the fusions were intertwined. For me this is why in South Korea the food options are very unique. The portions served are very small, always fresh and don’t have a very strong aroma when first served. Many dishes are always served in a hot stone bowl adding to the overall look and dining experience. They can be either hot dishes or cold.

The core ingredients generally consist of beef, chicken, pig, soy bean, soft tofu, mint, eggs, chili powder, fermented cabbage, pork slices and plenty of garlic. Also ox cheek, pork belly, grilled aubergine, rice, bean-shoots, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and dough which is used for dumplings. One important factor I noticed whilst eating in South Korea was I never came away bloated. I always felt content and full. The cuisines are one of the healthiest food dishes I have had in Asia. For me the dishes are not complicated and I would encourage anyone to just be open and explore.

Gondeure Beoseot Bulgogi

The dish below is called gondeure beoseot bulgogi, marinated Korean beef with mushrooms and thistle leaves.

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Menu Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Food Truck Business Sun, 28 Jan 2018 09:54:36 +0000 There are many different components to starting a successful food truck business. Of course, one of the main thing that really matters is your food. People will visit your food truck for the delicious food, so you really need to pay attention to your menu. Creating a great menu can be key in retaining customers, but if you make big mistakes on your menu, it could hurt your business. Here’s a look at several big menu mistakes you need to avoid when you’re trying to get your food truck business going.

Not Using Enough Photos on Your Menu

The last thing people want to see is a menu that’s packed with text and no photos. When potential customers are looking at your menu, they want to see how delicious your food looks before they taste it. A picture of your items will say a lot more than a long description of it. Sure, it’s fine to use some text and creative descriptions for your menu items are great. However, you also want to put plenty of photos on your menus to really entice and draw in customers.

Offering Too Many Items

Sure, it probably sounds great to offer as many items as possible on your menu, but offering too many items can be a problem. You want your food truck to stand out for specific items it offers. A bit of variety is definitely great, but if you have too many items it can cause uncertainty in your customers. This can lead to longer lines as people try to figure out what they want. Offering too many items can also be more expensive to you. You’re more likely to bring in customers and make money if you have a specialized menu that doesn’t leave customers uncertain by offering a huge list of items.

Failing to Keep the Menu Organized

Don’t just type up a menu in any old order and expect it to work well for your food truck business. Organization, even for your food truck menu, is very important. When customers look at your menu, you want them to be able to easily find what they are looking for without getting lost. Group similar items together. Keep it simple and easy to read. Having a well organized menu also adds credibility to your food truck, since presentation is always important.

Forgetting to Proofread

Nothing looks worse than a typo on your menu, whether it’s in print, on a menu board, or online. The little things really do matter. Before you print menus, put up an online menu, or put up your menu board, take a few extra minutes to proofread. If a small mistake you made gets spread around on social media sites, it could end up damaging the reputation of your food truck, so always proofread.

Buy a food truck with amazing design

The fastest way to make customers to think your food is boring, is by having a boring food truck. You can check amazing ideas for buying cheap food trucks for sale at used vending. Make sure your menu is helping you marketing your food truck. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll have a better menu that helps you bring in customers.


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L’Appart Bangkok – French Rooftop Dining With Amazing Skyline Views Sun, 07 Jan 2018 12:48:12 +0000 I spend a month in Bangkok exploring where to stay and where to eat and where to shop. On quiet a few occasions people told me I had to go L’Appart restaurant at the Sofitel Sukhumvit for its views of Bangkok, if not for a meal then at least go for a cocktail. I decided to combine the experience of L’Appart with a stay at the Sofitel Sukhumvit.

L’Appart is located on the 34th floor right of the Sofitel Sukhumvit with chef Nicolas Basset at the helm. This Parisian Haussmann style design restaurant features a luxurious and charming lounge the exact setting and layout as pied-a-terre back in Paris. It all looked very authentic and if I was not looking outside a would have though a was in Paris. The seating area combined with a library and many eating places is unusual indeed and very unique in Bangkok.

Outside Roof Terrace

Outside there is great roof terrace where I could enjoy the amazing skyline views. It was a warm and balmy night and I decided to have a cocktail with a starter here. But first I had to take these awesome skyline pictures.

Artisan French Platter – Saucisson, Dry Aged Ham, Rillettes, Cheese, Campagne Bread

Kitchen Dining Experience

As I continued my journey, I went to the state of the art open red kitchen in where I was hosted by Australian chef Mark and his team to take a table in the kitchen, to sample some more food from the a la carte menu.

L’Appart had a introduced a new menu not so long ago and what I liked that the menu had icons in front of some of the menu items indicating that it would do well for food photography. Yes in the current day and age it is not only what you eat but also how it looks like on photo when you want to impress your friends via social media.

My Italian blood could not resist the idea of eating the home-made truffle ravioli so I had to squeeze that in before going for some snap happy dishes. It was lovely.

Home-made Truffle Raviolis, Mushroom Velouté, Pancetta

The chef recommended I tried the smoked Octopus, he gave me ample of time to get the one camera filming and another camera ready for photos. What came out was a wooden plate with a glass cover filled with smoke. As he lifted the cover the smoke would slowly disappear revealing the smoked octopus.

Smoked Atlantic Octopus, Ratte Potatoes, Black Garlic Aioli

This is such a Mediterranean dish it was perfect with a nice smoked flavour.

Next in line I tasted another “Camera First Dish” the Ribbons of Wagyu Beef with Poached Foie-gras and Dashi-style Consommé.

To finish of I had to have a coffee but also the Tiramisu which on was live made in front of me. This was another dish that loves to filmed.



Dining at l’Appart was a fabulous experience, being entertained by the kitchen team to observe how the dishes where prepared that I tasted. This relaxed experience is a fabulous way to entertain family and friends. Also I loved to learn how East meets West here in Bangkok. Being served exquisite dishes in this setting was a very memorable way to enjoy the finer things in life.

If I thought this was a unique, the access to the outdoor terrace which captures 360 panoramic views of Bangkok’s vibrant skyline, makes it even better. It is truly one of the best rooftop eating gems in Bangkok. Bangkok has an endless amount of eating options however not many hotels offer such a rooftop eating experience. One I would highly recommend doing.


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Ya Ge Authentic Traditional Chinese Restaurant – Mandarin Oriental Taipei Fri, 10 Nov 2017 14:23:27 +0000 Located on the third floor of the Mandarin Oriental Taipei is Ya Ge an elegant Chinese restaurant that specialises in traditional-Chinese dishes made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Ya Ge focuses on locally-grown produce and has a carefully crafted menu of creative dishes by its experienced culinary team. Ya Ge also offers a selection of traditional dim sum delicacies, as well as a selection of wines and fine teas.

I was having dinner in the main dining room but Ya Ge has also a selection of private dining rooms, the largest can accommodate up to 90 guests. There is a dress code for this restaurant which is smart casual, which in most parts of Asia means no shorts, slippers or sandals and t-shirts. You don’t have to come here fully suited and booted.

Chef De Cuisine Tse Man

Since April 2017 the culinary team at Restaurant Ya Ge is lead by Chef De Cuisine Tse Man. He is drawing on nearly 50 years of experience working at the award winning Hong Kong restaurant, Fook Lam Moon, and other highly rated establishments. Chef Tse has a vast knowledge of the authentic styles and flavours of Chinese cuisine and he is committed to the iron principle that only the finest and freshest ingredients bring out the best flavours in food.

A La Carte Menu


With such a famous chef at Ya Ge’s helm I was keen to try out the A La Carte Menu of Classic Chinese dishes. The first dish I had was the barbecued pork with honey and I liked how this was presented on a small barbecue on my table. It tasted sweet and tender and had a nice layer of fat to bring out the best flavours of the pork.

Pork – Honey Barbecued – TWD680 (€19.50 £17 $22.50)

My next starter was the egg white soup with minced beef and crab meat. Both meats gave this soup plenty of flavours, yes this is how I remember traditional Chinese soups.

Minced Taiwanese Beef Crab Meat Egg White Soup Ya Ge Mandarin Oriental Taipei

Egg White Soup with Minced Taiwanese Beef and Crab Meat – TWD380 (€11 £9.50 $12.50)

Main Course

I really liked how my next dish the crab meat was presented. It was a silver crab that you had to open yourself and there the oven-baked crab meat mixed with onions was presented. The meat was nice and sweat and this way I got to enjoy crab meat without the mess that is normally associated with eating crabs.

Oven-baked Crab Meat with onion Ya Ge Restaurant Mandarin Oriental Taipei

Oven-baked Crab Meat with onion – TWD 680 (€19.50 £17 $22.50)

The second main course was the garoupa fish which was steamed and sprinkled with spring onions to give it more flavour. The fish melted in my mouth it was that moist.

Steamed Sliced Giant Garoupa with Spring Onions - Ya Ge Restaurant Mandarin Oriental Taipei

Steamed Sliced Giant Garoupa with Spring Onions – TWD 780 (€22 £19.50 $26)

My third dish is a Chinese classic which can be crispy duck or chicken, in this case it was the crispy chicken.

Ya Ge Crispy Chicken Manadarin Oriental Taipei

Ya Ge Crispy Chicken – TWD 620 (€17.50 £15.50 $20.50)

The mains were accompanied by the Ya Ge signature rice which was a lovely seafood rice mix.

Ya Ge Signature Fried Rice - Mandarin Oriental Taipei

Ya Ge Signature Fried Rice (Mullet Roe, Sakura Shrimps, Lobster, Seafood) – TWD720 (€20.50 £18 $24)


The dessert was a typical Hong Kong classic whereby chef Tse Man showed his roots, with the Ai Wen Mango Pomelo Sago (TWD300, €8.50, £7.50, $10). It was lovely sweet.


Ya Ge at the Madarin Oriental in Taipei is a beautiful interior designed restaurant with a top chef at its helm and quality traditional Chinese food. You come here for traditional Chinese cuisine without pretentious presentations on your plate. You can be assured you will eat quality produce that is prepared well, a must do when visiting Taipei.


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The House On Sathorn Bangkok – Restaurant Review Fri, 18 Aug 2017 08:05:27 +0000 Whilst staying at the W Bangkok I noticed The House On Sathorn, which is a colonial mansion built in 1889, and after a quick tour I decided to drink and eat here. This mansion also know as Sathorn Mansion is also part of the Thai National heritage. It was built by a wealthy Chinese business man and it later served as the Russian consulate from 1948 till 1999. The mansion underwent extensive renovations in the 2000s, as part of development of the Sathorn Square office tower and the W Bangkok hotel, which now straddle the mansion on each side. It reopened in July 2015 as a restaurant and entertainment venue for the W Bangkok, known as “The House on Sathorn”

When I entered the building it looked stunning and I understood why luxury fashion brands such as Dior and Chanel hosts private functions here.

Interior Design

The House On Sathorn was inspired by the colonial era and therefore had a very dark décor to it. The wooden panels and staircase throughout the building were stunning and added a very mystic ambiance to it. People come to the House on Sathorn for its three venues, the Dinning Room its signature restaurant, the Courtyard the open-air garden serving afternoon teas, and the Bar serving cocktails, sake and bites. Beside these venues the House on Stahorn is also a great place to host events.

Staircase with beautiful lights going down.

The Bar

This cocktail bar was a wonderful area from the moment I stepped into it. It had a posh atmosphere to it and I chose to wear a stylish outfit for my afternoon cocktail experience and do a photo shoot in here to set an example that this is a place where your personal style should be show cased. I opted for two signature cocktails one called Diva (€12) and the other called The Garden (€12).

The making of the Diva cocktail

The Dining Room

I had a quick peek around the Dining room after I finished my cocktails at the Bar. I wanted to take some photos of it during day light as I was going to try this restaurant by night. The Dining Room was recently listed in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, presenting Chef Fatih’s Modern Turkish influenced cuisine. Eating here can be done along the long bar area seeing some the chefs in action or at individual tables. I was going to return later in the evening to experience the 12 course tasting menu called Voyage at the bar area (2,800 Thai Baht – €70 per person). I was excited as I have had Turkish food before but never had Asian food with a Turkish twist on the level of fine dining.


My partner and I started of where we left in the afternoon with ordering two of the same cocktails again, the Diva and the Garden. First on the menu of 5 entrees was a Dolma with Hokkaido sea urchin topped with Ossetra caviar, one of the most expensive caviars around. It was my first experience of sea urchin which in this case was quickly torched on the outside.

Hokkaido Sea Urchin – one of the ingredients of the first mezze.

The overall combination of three quality foods in one mezze was amazing.

Dolma Hokkaido Sea urchin Ossetra caviar

Next was the Baba Ganoush tart, which on this occasion was presented on a square plate.

For my third mezze I had the Bosphorus black mussel which in this case was removed from its shell and was fried in tempura and put on an edible shell. The presentation was done on pebbles, like a pebble beach.

Bosphorus black mussel tarator shell

With my fourth mezze I thought Easter had arrived early. It was a Shakshuka free–ranged egg in a basket with straw. On top of the opened egg was sauce made from fenugreek to be all dipped with spinach leafs.

Shakshuka free–ranged egg, spinach and fenugreek

My last starter was Turkish bread known as pide.

House fermented Turkish pide with cultured butter / honeycomb


My first dish had the name Umam Of Anatolia, it was a refreshing dish of tomatoes and iced chopped parsley.

Kyoto farm tomatoes, aged pomegranate and feta dashi parsley

The second mains was called Constantinople 1453, named after the fall of Constantinople by the invading Ottoman empire. In this case it was Tuna Belly coming from the Tsukiji fish market of Tokyo with 24k edible gold plated onion. First time in my life I ate edible gold.


Tuna belly from Tsukiji and byzantine garum and 24k onion

Yes this is 24k gold plated onion. The best onion I have tasted in my life.

The next dish was called from My Mum, in this case a Turkish Japanese Mama as most of the food I ate here was a fusion of these cuisines.

Manti / eggplant / mint butter / kaymak

My fourth main was called The Black Sea and had an interesting presentation looking like an underwater sea plant.

Corn meal/ kashkaval cheese / kale

My fifth main was the Thracian Terroir which was a lamb dish.

Milk fed lamb / medjool date / ramson / sheep milk


My first dessert was called Hallucination Of Winter, and I was not hallucinating the dish it was served in was made of ice with a light underneath it. The yoghurt in here was made of powder and a syrup was poured on top of it to make it liquid some how.

Nagano grapes / yoghurt / atsina – Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

The second dessert was a chestnut tarte with turkish coffee ice

Last but not least I had a bonsai tree with some sweets hanging on to it, it was aptly called the SWEET END. It was a sweet end to a lovely meal and experience.





The House on Sathorn is a great place to come for a cocktail and eat in a colonial setting, something that is rare in Bangkok. The food at the Dinning Room was an amazing experience of Asian food (mainly Japanese) with a Turkish twist. The food was presented in a fun way and the overall dining experience was exactly like that. My tasting menu costed around €70 and with the cocktail and two glasses of wine it would be around €100 per person. For a restaurant voted as Asia’s top 50, I think it represents excellent value. If you want fine dining in Bangkok I recommend eating at The House on Sathorn.


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Global Seafoods – Guide to Buying and Serving Caviar Fri, 21 Jul 2017 19:03:24 +0000 Salty, decadent, and the most elite appetizer, caviar comes in many types. For a beginner to caviar, the wide range of choices can be a bit confusing, so we created this guide to help new would-be caviar enthusiasts and experienced caviar connoisseurs alike select the best caviar for their needs.

Why Is Caviar So Expensive?

Caviar used to come from sturgeons caught in the wild in the Caspian and Black Seas. However, modern caviar from sturgeon is only from sturgeon caviar farming. Don’t think that farmed sturgeon caviar is of lesser quality. Farming actually allows processors to closely monitor the sturgeon and their environment to ensure the best possible caviar for your table. But all that technology, all that manpower, all that time and effort costs money, so the price of sturgeon caviar can be a bit of a shock at first. The sturgeon fish caviar price makes sense when you take all of this into consideration. Once you taste it though, you’ll understand why we all think it’s worth it.

Caviar Types

 As mentioned earlier, caviar comes in many types. Some are incredibly rare like beluga caviar and Russian Ossetra, and some are quite common, such as salmon roe. There’s golden sturgeon caviar and spoonbill, red and black. The texture can range from soft to firm, and even the saltiness has a range. You may have heard of golden caviar sturgeon, and this is a true delicacy, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Sturgeon golden caviar comes from the albino sturgeon, a rare fish. It’s definitely not for the newbie caviar enthusiast. Aside from the color, red salmon caviar differs from black caviar in that it’s very popular in Japanese cuisine, specifically its use in sushi. Red salmon caviar is generally on the lower end of the price scale, so that’s a pretty good place to start. If you have your heart set on trying a glossy, decadent black caviar, there’s a wide range in types and prices there, too.

Where To Buy Caviar And How To Buy Caviar

 The key to selecting the right caviar is proven quality and supplier reputation. In a perfect world, you could go in and taste each type before you buy, but that’s simply not possible for everyone. Proximity to a caviar supplier shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying this rare treat! That’s where the magic of the internet comes into play. When purchasing online, it’s best to select caviar from a reputable source that has high customer satisfaction, great reviews, and a money-back guarantee. The company should stake their reputation on each and every sale. It’s not all serious business though—a fun thing to try when searching for caviar online is to type into your search box how to buy most expensive caviar and check out some of the most expensive types and what makes them that way. After cruising those sites for a while, we bet the average caviar sturgeon price won’t seem so high!

Global Seafood’s Has Caviar

As you may have guessed, Global Seafoods carries a great selection of top-quality caviar, delivered right to your door. Alongside our sturgeon caviar, we also have salmon caviar for sale. We’ve included some great information on each of our caviar pages, so this guide and those pages should help you decide which type is best for your needs. No matter your selection, Global Seafoods stands behind its products 100%. We guarantee you’ll love your purchase, or we’ll give your money back.


How To Serve Caviar

Caviar is a delicate food that needs to be handled with care. The eggs are easily damaged, so be sure to be gentle when preparing your presentation. Caviar of all types is safe to store in the freezer, and in fact, this is the only way to ensure it lasts more than a few days. Frozen caviar should be slowly thawed in the refrigerator, then brought to room temperature just before serving. Be sure to consume all your caviar within a day or two of thawing, as fish eggs will spoil rather quickly.


How To Eat Caviar

Depending on who you ask, this is akin to asking how one should eat cereal or a steak. The most elite of caviar enthusiasts may tell you to spoon a small amount onto a piece of toast, small bread, crackers, or blini, then gently nibble. Other caviar fans may say to use it as a garnish on top of a creamy spread. And still others will tell you to go ahead and sample it right off the spoon. The best way to enjoy caviar, if you ask us, is however you happen to like it best! After all, this isn’t an everyday treat or something you just have sitting in your refrigerator waiting to be eaten. It’s not a box of snack cakes or an apple. Caviar is a pricey delicacy, which means you can enjoy it any way you please!


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Maze Grill Park Walk – Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Mon, 03 Jul 2017 07:58:24 +0000 If there is one chef that I have followed in the last few years it is Gordon Ramsay. I will never ever forget when I heard him swear on TV for the first time, I laughed my head off. I immediately understood the guys passion and no messing about persona. I worked in a few restaurants as a kitchen hand and I certainly understand the pressures a chef has to create the best possible food outcome.

I had just literally come into London from Le Mans 24 Hour and was absolutely shattered. London was hot as hell’s Kitchen itself. To be honest, all I wanted to do was just sleep. So this experience was going to be a big challenge for me personally. To be able to go up a gear and experience my first ever Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Recently reading about Gordon Ramsay and how hard he has worked to build up his empire, I too was kindly reminded and inspired that in business, no matter how shattered one feels, it’s good to push through. As I stepped into the restaurant, excitement kicked in and I knew I was in for a big hearty meal.

I was greeted by a wonderful cocktail which matched my eye wear in both colour and personality. I was excited to be greeted by three guys, two from Italy and one from Portugal. This is what I love about Europeans, it is their warmth welcome to guests and that go get-em extra mile attitude. For me this is just as important as the food itself. Let’s face it, I knew that the food was not going to be anything short of damn right spot on regarding keeping it simple. I’ve watched Gordon long enough to know that.

Interior Design

The restaurant has a great relaxed feel to and is decorated to a very high standard.


I was told that that buffalo chicken fillets with chili and lime was a popular dish. I also opted for soft shell crab sliders. And the last side dish that I tried was some sushi from the sashimi selection. It was lovely and refreshing, perfect for a hot London summer night.

Grill – Steaks Charbroiled At 400c

I was shown the beef selection, which was an area I understood well. I grew up on a beef farm in Australia and looking back, I didn’t realise how good I had it within my own parents kitchen. So it was nice to be able to experience the unique beef types that were unusual in itself. It was explained to me that all of the steaks are charbroiled at 400c on a montague grill.

There are three categories types of  steak served, British native breeds, rare breed selection and U.S. & Japanese Breeds.I decided to opt for a variety of each to taste the comparison. Overall the tastes were amazing and I could tell the difference. For the sauces, I decided to opt for peppercorn, Bearnaise and a hot sauce.


This is a quirky way of presenting onion rings and they were delicious. I opted for triple cooked chips and buttered lettuce salad. finally grilled portobello mushrooms. Again the combination was yummy.


For dessert I allowed the waiter to choose and I was given a chocolate beer, which I never had before and I loved it. He also chose to give me a small selection from the dessert menu. Strawberry, elderflower and brown sugareton mess, chocolate cake with cream fresh, which was delicious. And the third one was some homemade vanilla ice cream, perfect for one hell of a summer night here in London. The dessert wine just completed the overall meal.


There was never any doubt that the food served here was not going to be excellent. Throughout the evening, I noticed many locals entering the restaurant, boasting to me how good the meals were. They also explained how the service is second to none and that they choose no other than to dine here twice a week. This is what I loved about Maze Grill Park Walk, that it was the locals promoting the restaurant and I never told them who I was. It’s a friendly, laid back restaurant in where you can also bring your dogs. Thanks for spoiling us and until we meet again.


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Shreyas Yoga Retreat Bangalore – The Food & Accommodation Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:45:19 +0000 Shreyas Retreat & Spa is arguably one of the finest yoga retreats in the world.  The resort is situated an hour’s drive from Bengaluru, India and offers an array of tailor-made yoga holidays from a one day visit to monthly rejuvenating packages. Shreyas Retreat prides itself on being a luxury escape with self-discovery and rejuvenation being its primary focus. The resort has 14 cottages and a 25 meter swimming pool located within a stunning 25 acre site. It has 5 yoga/meditation areas, a very well equipped spa that has recently been renovated. It also has now 13 treatment rooms which have a palatial feel and plush marbled decor.

The guest accommodation include poolside cottages and tented cottages that are in a more secluded setting within the grounds. The tranquil, serene landscape is full of lush greens with beautiful palm, coconut, frangipani and various fruit trees and a vast array of lush vegetation and flowers. This, together with the garden statues and water feature creates a peaceful and harmonious environment.


Within the site is a 3 acre organic fruit and vegetable garden that services most of the delightful vegetarian food prepared for the guests. These include  mango, avocado, limes, sweet lemon, custard apples, jack fruit, chillies, aubergines, all the salad, root veg…the list is endless. It even has 6 cows (which are walked by the staff daily) to produce all of the milk and some of the dairy products including yogurt and paneer (a type of cottage cheese).


This retreat is very well presented and maintained by 80 staff, all of which practice yoga daily. There are no TVs on site however, the opulent cinema room with comfortable leather reclining seats and surround sound has a multitude of Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters to watch After a day of physical exertion, this is a welcome and well deserved treat.

On speaking with ‘Rucha’, one of the 7 yoga teachers, we discover a bit of history on the founding of the retreat. 15 years ago Mr Pawan Malik, a committed yogi and investment banker (now based in London), observed that the only place to connect with yourself and achieve a yogic spiritual experience was to go to a traditional Yoga Ashram.  He questioned whether people really want a yoga holiday where there is a strict regime of 4am yoga and sleeping on stone floors His aspiration and vision was to enable you to have this experience and look within yourself without distraction, with all the creature comforts you would expect from a five star resort. Realising that the journey towards self-discovery is a precious experience, he decided to create a luxurious, relaxing environment and Shreyas Retreat was born.

Rucha also explained that often partners of the guests come on retreat but don’t want to get involved in the yoga. They are invited to chill out by the pool, use the cricket pitch on site or do their own thing, but they can often suddenly find themselves immersed in yoga and wondering “when did I lose my bat to a mat?”  The apprehensive guests are often the ones that open up to the experience the most.

I found each class unique and challenging and it was good to know with the support of the staff that I was being looked after; even more pleasing was that I really could tell that my yoga practice was improving as the week went on. 

Rucha also explained that often partners of the guests come on retreat but don’t want to get involved in the yoga. They are invited to chill out by the pool, use the cricket pitch on site or do their own thing, but they can often suddenly find themselves immersed in yoga and wondering “when did I loose my bat to a mat?”  The apprehensive guests are often the ones that open up to the experience the most.

Community Outreach

For those who feel their own personal development is enhanced by altruistic activity, Shreyas also caters for you. Along with donations from guests, the resort has contributed to the rebuilding of a local orphanage and is currently supporting over 70 children. During your stay you are invited to cook and prepare food from the organic garden and to take it to the orphanage and serve to the children. In this way you can enjoy your visit even more, in the knowledge that you are supporting the local community.

Food Experience

Shreyas offer organic vegetarian cuisine in an Indian or Western style. Andrew and I opted for Indian. The menus are carefully considered to not only be nutritious but also light on the digestive system. The dining tables are beautifully set and adorned with colourful flowers with a varied menu detailing the delights to be savoured.  Weather permitting; dinner was served by the candle-lit pool which created a romantic atmosphere.  All other meals were served in the dining room.

Throughout our stay we had many different varieties of home grown and freshly made juices, including watermelon and ginger, aloe vera, carrot and ginger and tomato. At breakfast you are served with 2 fresh juices, fresh fruit, dried fruit, and homemade jam. A wide variety of breakfast was available including porridge, toast and granola along with a traditional Indian breakfast. We enjoyed the ‘Poha’ which is lightly fragrant fried rice with coconut, fresh coriander lemon and onion. We also loved the red millet lightly spiced rice, served with spinach & coconut purées. Indian pancakes were also available. We sampled the home-grown ‘Jack Fruit’ which is a marigold colour with a strangely textured firm flesh. The taste was a combination of apple, mango, banana and pineapple, with a floral, perfumed undertone.

Every lunch and evening meal consisted of 4 courses of home cooked Indian-style dishes, all delicately flavoured and well presented. None of the food was greasy or over spicy. If you’re a chilli head like us you may want to ask for extra fresh chillies!  First course would typically be soup, with salad as the main course and then dessert.

Some of our favourites were: Fired roast corn soup which was subtly spiced and beautifully creamy; Aubergine masala with smoky cumin and coriander flavours; Soya bean and pea curry with pear and red cabbage salad-the unique texture of the soya bean with the crunch of the salad was scrumptious.

We devoured the divine cauliflower masala which was a dried, mild spiced curry along with a refreshing tomato, radish & spinach salad. Although both of us not being lovers of puddings, we were blown away with the mouth watering moist carrot cake, butterscotch sauce and mango ice cream. Fresh, tangy and palate cleansing, a true delight to the taste buds.

Shreyas is currently putting together a cookery book that you will be able to purchase from August 2017. Great buy, after all ‘you are what you eat, may your food be your medicine’.


What we enjoyed most, apart from the deliciously prepared organic food was the variety of teachers and yoga – no two classes were the same. This combined with the attentiveness of the staff and harmoniously magical surroundings allowed me to totally kick back, switch off and recharge my batteries. This truly is a unique experience and unlike any previous retreats I have been on.

Arriving at the retreat my initial preconceptions of a ‘new age’ type commune were quickly dismissed with the very professional, yet relaxed service right from the start. What first stuck me was the beauty and peacefulness of the grounds and the sense that I was in a place where I could immediately put aside daily stresses and feel relaxed. All in all, I found the whole retreat experience exciting; It was new, satisfying and meeting my aims of having a stress free, relaxing no hassle time in a luxurious but chilled atmosphere.

Shreyas has proved its worth and with the added bonus of equipping me with skills to achieve this when back at home. I would go back there in a heartbeat to have a break, eat marvellous, food and have the support of skilled, happy, attentive staff in surroundings that are lush, green and very pleasing to the eye and soul, It Is a success of the retreat that they have changed me from someone who was reluctant to go to yoga to someone who wishes to integrate it into my daily life. A real gem of a resort .

As we were leaving the resort, The CEO Mr Pawan Malik came to check that all was well, thanked us for coming and for trying everything we were prescribed. As well as this, when trying to leave a well deserved tip for the staff, they politely declined. A prime example of the genuine commitment the staffs at Shreyas Retreat have to their guest’s personal well being.

Shreyas is widely advertised as ‘the best yoga retreat & spa in India’ and it certainly lived up to its claim. If you are in need of a break from your hectic lifestyle and want to submerge into a spiritual and physical yoga experience, along with the finest yet healthiest of Indian cuisine, this is the place for you.

For a detailed review of the Yoga and Spa Experience at Shreyas read:

Shreyas Yoga Retreat – Yoga & Spa Detailed Review


  • Website:
  • Address: Santoshima Farm, Gollahalli Gate, Nelamangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562123, India
  • Phone: +91 99161 17773

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B&O PLAY Announce World’s First Beer Infused With Music Wed, 24 May 2017 11:37:38 +0000 A beer is probably not what you would expect as the next product to come out of B&O PLAY, the playful sister to world-renowned high-performance loudspeaker brand Bang & Olufsen. But in an effort to further connect with its audience of urban creative music lovers, while still respecting the tradition of craftsmanship and innovation, B&O PLAY has teamed up with one of the world’s most innovative and highly respected breweries Mikkeller to create Beobrew – a beer that is infused with music.

To infuse the beer, Mikkeller has lowered a Beoplay A1 speaker into the fermenting tank and cranked up the volume during the two-week conditioning process. Head Brewer Kyle Wolak explains:

“By playing music in the fermenting tank, we are adding a fifth ingredient that takes the beer to a new level. As the music plays, it pumps out a unique pattern of vibrations that assists the yeast during fermentation and encourages the yeast to produce more flavourful esters that it would have without the presence of music.”

The result is a refreshing 6.8% American style IPA beer that boasts a bright and aromatic taste with citrus fruit and floral notes. The beautiful flavour is not only attributed to the music, but also the delicate Simcoe and Centennial hops sourced from Yakima Valley, which is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. To cap things off, Beobrew is presented in an amber glass bottle with an eye-popping hand drawn label by Philadelphia based designer Keith Shore, reflecting the craftsmanship of the beer itself and also including the artists that have contributed to the taste.

Infused With Homegrown Talent

To tailor the music to taste, B&O PLAY and Mikkeller have worked closely with Danish music curator Le Gammeltoft from Heartbeats to hand-pick a selection of Danish talent for the beer. This includes Balvig, KIKOS, Louis Petri, Moody and October Dance. For the full-on sensory experience and to experience the emerging Danish music scene, you can listen to the music that Beobrew is infused with on


Price And Availability

Beobrew will be rolled out to Mikkeller bars in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and the US during summer for a recommended retail price of 70 DKK. If you are not near of these locations, you can order Beobrew to your doorstep at today.

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Quilon Restaurant London Reviewed – South West Coastal Indian Cuisine Fri, 12 May 2017 10:16:32 +0000 The Quilon does carefully crafted experimental variations of home-style Indian food and seafood in a elegant hotel. This restaurant is located less than a 10 min walk from Buckingham Palace. Quilon is an award wining, Michelin starred Restaurant. London is famous for its Indian cuisines but on this occasion I was experiencing, south-west coastal Indian cuisines. Winning a Michelin star in 2008, which they have retained ever since, is an example of how brilliant the food here is.

The menu embodies a unique blend of ethnic and progressive dishes with seafood at its heart but also offering meat, poultry and vegetarian dishes, mostly designed for sharing. This is why I would encourage to bring friends, family or business mates along here.

Division Bell

Due to its popularity with Lords, Ladies, Ministers and Members of Parliament, Quilon is one of the few Michelin starred restaurants with its own division bell. When a division is imminent, members are alerted by a bell that rings throughout parliamentary buildings, summoning members of parliament to the division lobbies.

A division bell is rung in the immediate vicinity of the palace of Westminster to signal there is eight minutes before a vote. Division Bell is also the name of Pink Floyd’s fourteenth album.

Commissioned Artworks

When entering Quilon, the decor and artwork set the tome to what I was about to eat. Quilon features specially commissioned artworks from the highly acclaimed Indian artist Paresh Maity, who in a short but prolific career was in 2014 awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India – the fourth highest civilian award. He says “water colours are my heart & soul” perfectly complementing Quilon’s love affair with South-west coastal cuisine.


We were hosted by Benny, who on this occasion I thought I would trust his judgement and allowed him to choose our menu. Generous portions and more than enough to appreciate this fabulous cuisine. I was amazed with the drink that I had called Rasam, which was delicious. I could not believe the taste, let alone after asking for a second one. But the best thing was that it completely healed my sore throat, my voice was in fine form once again.

These poppadom flavours were going to set the standard. Unlike any other Indian I have had so far. I was on my way to Goa.

I am a big fan of mango juices and decided to opt for this during my meal.

First Course

Fisherman’s catch – crab cake, char-grilled scallops, halibut cafreal, pepper shrimps

Stuffed quail legs, mini masala dosa, mango ginger chicken

There was a great selection of beer, just ask the experts to guide you. Be adventurous here and enjoy the journey.

Second Course

The pan seared stone bass, braised lamb shank was just delicious and something I had not experienced regarding flavours before.

Pan seared stone bass, braised lamb shank

Once again delving into usual dishes even when it comes to  tomato rice. Light and fluffy and just fabulous.

Tomato rice

Cauliflower with sesame.

I am a big fan of potatoes, so the Malabar roast potatoes were just a unique treat and very lovely indeed.

Malabar roast potatoes

This was just amazing, asparagus and snow peas with coconut and mustard. Again new to my palette.

asparagus and snow peas with coconut and mustard

As the dishes kept coming, Benny kept impressing my pallet with cuisines I have never ever tasted before. Malabar paratha, pomegranate and pineapple pachadi, it all was just mind blowing.

Malabar paratha, pomegranate and pineapple pachadi


Normally Indian desserts are not my cup of tea but on this occasion the pistachio cake with sesame fondant and pistachio ice cream and coconut, baked yogurt (mango, palm jaggery, lychee), was why I will be coming back. They were fresh, well presented and tasted fantastic.

coconut, baked yogurt (mango, palm jaggery, lychee).

Pistachio cake with sesame fondant and pistachio ice cream


Benny and his team were so giving in their time and their food. I know Benny would have kept bringing out more fabulous food, if my belly could tolerate it.  This was one of the best Indian experience I’ve had in my life. The unfamiliar dishes is why I would encourage anyone to ditch Brick Lane let alone any other Indian cuisines and come to Quilon. If only for a day to delve and explore the South West Coastal Indian Cuisine, here in central London. Thanks for a great meal.


  • Website:
  • Address: 41 Buckingham Gate, Westminster, London SW1E 6AF, UK
  • Phone: +44(0)20 7821 1899

This review was made possible with the help of Visit London – the official London travel guide.

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Dinner By Heston Blumenthal – Isn’t It Time You Came To Lunch? Thu, 04 May 2017 10:39:51 +0000 Over the years I have been intrigued by Heston Blumenthal who captivated my attention firstly by his eye-wear taste. It was through his BBC TV series Heston Blumenthal: In Search of Perfection that I got to learn about him. I always defined him as the mad scientist of food and I loved how he just perfected dishes we all know so well. Every episode was a scientific journey of food science. So I was excited when MenStyleFashion was invited to experience Dinner By Heston, which is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London. This two Michelin starred restaurant concept is all about perfecting historical British dishes, so nothing better then to turn up representing the best of British in 2017,  in a Bentley Bentayga.

The Mandarin Oriental London is undergoing a refurbishment

On this occasion I was being served by lots of men, which was a real treat. Great to see the staff were also trending lapels.

A Journey Into Britain’s Culinary Past

Dinner by Heston’s main objective is focusing on recipes as far back as those used by the Royal Courts of King Henry VIII and beyond. Dinner’s menu includes classics such as the Meat Fruit, which of course I had to try. The restaurant is overlooking the famous Hyde Park and we were given the best seats in the house. It was stunning place to eat, chat and look out at one of my favourite parks in London.

Interior Design Features

Tihany Design conceived the interiors for Dinner. The restaurant is a subtle, elegant portraiture of the world renowned Chef Blumenthal and his philosophy behind his famed cuisine. Inspired by Chef Blumenthal’s deep interest and knowledge of 16th century cookery and his use of local ingredients, the design is a contemporary British Brasserie concept; an innovative illustration which influences the senses, yet remains true to British culinary and design traditions.

Jelly Moulds

Inspired from the Victorian times, custom-made porcelain wall sconces charmingly shaped in the form of antique cake molds decorate the main dining room.

Tudor Rose

When Henry VII took the crown of England from Richard III in battle (1485), he brought the end of the retrospectively-dubbed ‘Wars of the Roses’ between the House of York and the House of York Lancaster. Henry’s father was Edmund Tudor from the House of Richmond and his mother was Margaret Beaufort from the House of Lancaster; in January 1486 he married Elizabeth of York to bring all factions together.

Elaborate antique brass mesh chandeliers are suspended from above, modeled on the Tudor Rose. A design feature shared by the windows of Westminster Abbey. So make sure to take the time and look up whilst eating.

Dark weathered wooden floors invoke a rustic, yet refined atmosphere. Rich, natural materials such as wood, leather and iron historical elements at the root of 16th century British style are utilized in modern ways. My favorite part was the Ivory painted walls and inlaid leather panels that add structure and warmth. Make sure to open them to discover the bare brick behind the leather panels. The idea is that the chocolate brown leather and smoky grey velvet textured seating contrasts with plush saffron colored pillows, enveloping guests within.

I also love the clear glass which allowed me to explore and take a peek into the world of Dinner by Heston.

Wine Selection

If first impressions count when I walked through to the restaurant. I was greeted by a clear glass showcasing many different wines across the globe. So do make sure to ask the experts what is on trend regarding wines here. I opted for the expert to match my wines and dessert wines to my food.

The Food Experience

When I opened the menu I was greeted with a nice message from Heston Blumenthal himself:

Ambergris is now more expensive than gold, once for ounce. This was once a common ingredient in cooking. A digestive bi-product regurgitated by sperm whales, it was used, with musk, to give a sweet, earthy flavour to dishes and it was thought to not only ward off the plague but also to have great aphrodisiac powers.

Appearing on the menu are dishes with its date of origin and a reference to the cookbook in which it originally appeared. These wonderful dishes offer a unique insight into Britain’s rich culinary history.

All food was prepared under the supervision of Ashley Palmer-Watts the head chef who started working with Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck in Bray.


Meat Fruit (c.1500 )

Inspired by the royal courts in the 13th-15th centuries, when theatre and illusion played a huge part in grand banquets. Meat fruit, usually apples or oranges, were made of minced meat and then carefully coated in green or orange paste to look like the real thing. They were then hidden in great fruit bowls to trick unsuspecting diners. Heston’s interpretation is a smooth chicken liver parfait coated in a mandarin-flavoured gel. As we saw, it requires precise science and takes a lot of precision to get right. This was just divine and the experience was really fun.

Sherried Scallop (c.1970)

Scallop tartare, smoked cauliflower, cauliflower cream, grilled shiitake and sherry.


Powdered Duck Breast (c.1850)

Braised and grilled red cabbage, spiced umbles and pickled cherries. I am not a fan of duck normally but when it is cooked like this, I will be back for more.

 Fillet of Aberdeen Angus ( c.1830)

Mushroom ketchup and triple cooked chips. For you guys out there less is more and it tasted amazing.


Taffety Tart (c.1660)

Braeburn apples cooked in caramel, layered with crisp Arlette pastry, caramel jelly, fromage blanc mousse, black currant sorbet, crystallised rose petals, fennel & candied lemon. Taffety tarts borrowed their name from a shiny fabric called taffety (which became known as taffeta) which was popular for making hats in the Tudor period.

Tipsy Cake (c.1810 )

Baked brioche with a brandy and Sauternes cream with spit roast caramelised pineapple. Harks back to when pineapples arrived in England from the Caribbean in 1661. The first recipe for pineapple tart appeared in 1736 and the author thought the fruit ‘excelled all the Fruits in the World in Flavour and Richness of Taste.’ The pineapples are slowly spit roasted over charcoal the a custom made machine in the kitchen.

Ice Cream Made With Liquid Nitrogen

The ice cream was a real treat and make sure to ask in advance for it. It was an amazing sight to see ice cream made in front of me in less than two minutes. Also the whole spectacle of smoke will turn heads anywhere in the restaurant.


Eating at Dinner by Heston capped a week in which I experienced some of British best. From an 11th Century Manor in Oxfordshire, to a Bentley Bentayga and racing at Silverstone. When it comes to British fine dining, there are unique foods that can only be embraced here in London. Heston Blumenthal has spent his life exploring and perfecting earthy flavoured dishes that can only be appreciated here in the UK. For those that want to try British food at perfection in London, Dinner by Heston is “the place” to experience this.

This is your Brexit, this is your heritage. Embrace it.




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Seven Dials London – Fashion Lifestyle And Food Sun, 30 Apr 2017 15:18:29 +0000 Introduction

Seven Dials is a small road junction in Covent Garden in the West End of London where seven streets converge. Seven Dials was originally laid out by Thomas Neale, MP in the early 1690s, who cleverly laid out the area in a series of triangles to maximise the number of houses as rentals were charged per foot of frontage and not per square foot of interiors.

The names of the seven streets were chosen with the intention of attracting affluent residents, however some of the names have subsequently been simplified or changed because of duplication with other streets in London. They were originally: Little and Great Earl Street (now Earlham Street), Little and Great White Lyon Street (now Mercer Street), Queen Street (now Shorts Gardens) and Little & Great St. Andrew’s Street (now Monmouth Street). Some of the original street signs can still be seen attached to buildings in the area.

Bringing you seven streets of independent boutiques, heritage brands, British and international labels, indulgent beauty and grooming salons alongside luxury hotels, award winning theatre shows and more. Today we collaborated with fashion and lifestyle brands.

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Galvin At The Athenaeum Restaurant Reviewed Thu, 27 Apr 2017 09:43:48 +0000 Having been welcomed warmly by the traditionally British Footman and reception staff (including the dog!) at the Athenaeum hotel, we were directed toward the restaurant area and awaited to be seated. The restaurant was busy and the ambiance was relaxed.

Being seated, we had a bit of time to appreciate the surroundings prior to drinks being ordered. The mixture of booth areas, twin tables and large circular tables, all in different yet classic styles, perfectly complemented each other. The atmosphere was informal and not stuffy and it was welcome to see an eclectic mix of people dining – from suited business people, to retired couples and a couple of families. I felt quite ‘at home’

After a few minutes, the head waitress came over to check all was well and advise on the drinks and food menu. Friendly yet professional, we were fully informed of the evening menu as well as the individual ingredients of each dish. Upon questioning her accent, I was delighted to hear that the waitress grew up in Bethnal Green (born within the sound of the bow bells – proper cockney!), the same as my wife. After a brief chat, we were quickly and succinctly bought back to the task in hand – dinner.


I opted for the Belgian endive, walnut and Roquefort salad to start. Expecting a bowl of salad, I was almost disappointed to be presented with a few hors d’oeuvre bite size baby gem lettuce filled morsels. That was until I took the first bite: Pop corn, honey roast  flavour, the almost naughtiness of the sweet caramel crunch of the walnut and the freshness of the leaf kind of make you  feel like you’re eating a guilt free snack. Texture and flavour all in one bite. The simple beauty of the presentation in no way reflected the eating experience which was clean, fresh and was ideal in preparing me for the next course.

Belgian Endive with walnut and Roquefort cheese (£8)

My compatriot went for crab lasagna which had a lovely creamy flavour and looked amazing.

Lasagna of Dorset crab with Nantais butter sauce (£15.50)


douROSA 2013 (£18.50)

This 2013 tasty dark purplish red wine comes from the Quinta de la Rosa vineyard in the Duoro region in Portugal. This wine has a blend of four grapes and had an aroma of cherry and cassis. I felt it was the perfect choice with the meaty dishes to come.


For my main I went safe and had steak, medium to well done. It was smoky and had a slightly charred flavour. After my usual prodding to check for texture and blood, it was clear that the meat was obviously well aged as the steak knife sliced through with little effort to reveal the deep pink inner. The meat had texture yet took little effort to chew. Not quite melt in your mouth, but who really wants that in a steak? Like all condiments should, the sauce was subtlety flavoured yet punchy and did not take any glory from the flavour of the actual steak.

Rose county beef rib eye, chips and green peppercorn butter (£28.50)

Not being a huge portion addict, I welcomed what initially I thought was a small portion of chunky chips. Having had a few mouthfuls of the steak my need for texture was realised as I crunched in to the cracker like coating of the thrice fried morsal. Wow. All that you need in a chip – crunchy and soft in the middle  My dinner partner, equally impressed, helped me finish the lot. My side dish order was the sauted spinach.

Sauted spinach (£4.50) side order


For my dessert I had the blood orange Cheesecake. It was presented in the centre of the serving plate with little dressing. Upon first bite, I realised why. Crunchy, almost caramel crisp bottom, the soft cheese needed little attention as it melted in the mouth and the sharp, yet warming citrus gelatine top rounded of the taste experience. No need to dress this one up.

Blood Orange Cheesecake Valrhona chocolate ice cream (£7.50)

My dinner partner opted for the chocolate mouse. The presentation and taste again was excellent.

Valrhona chocolate mouse, pistachio & almond biscuits (£8.50)


There is no doubt that you are eating top notch tucker in a high end establishment. Aside from the great food, I was most impressed by the relaxed, informal feeling within the restaurant as well as the professional, courteous, friendly manner in which the waiting staff dealt with us. This place is a real British classic.


This review was made possible with the help of Visit London – the official London travel guide.

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Restaurant Cometa Pla Barcelona – Organic Food in Relaxed Atmosphere Fri, 21 Apr 2017 10:11:57 +0000 I am very familiar with both Spanish and Italian Cuisines. I like it when chef’s combine the best of both worlds together with the best biologicaly grown ingredients. Cometa Pla is in the heart of Barcelona, just behind the City Hall in Sant Jaume Street. It’s situated in a very narrow street called carrer del Cometa, which makes it more adventurous in seeking this hidden gem. This is a restaurant is away from the tourist tracks even in the busy Barri Gotic area of Barcelona.

This restaurant offers excellent food with a relaxed atmosphere. It’s very popular with locals and the ITKs and the decor represents a nice rustic atmosphere which is a perfect setting for the cuisines created by chef Giuseppe who is form Italy. I liked the open kitchen in where you can explore and watch how the dishes are being created and served.

The Staff

You can have the best food out there, but when it comes to service for me this is the icing on the cake. On this occasion the staff were more than accommodating both with my team and other clients too. I could see they were loving their job and do what they do best. Serve the people with a friendly smile. Due to the high standard of service it allowed me to relaxed and enjoy what was coming.

Organic And Local

In Barcelona I am seeing a common trend and one which I really love. Support the produce and support the producers. Meaning all the food is locally sourced and on this occasion organic. This includes all the drinks served, you will not find Coca Cola on the menu. Throughout the restaurant you can observe the different beverages on display. At this moment Spain represents great value when it comes to wines and cavas. The marketing of the wine is a unique bonus and a credit to Spain. I like how they are thinking out of the box and capturing what the very essence of luxury wine and dining is all about.

The Menu


The food was so tasty and refreshing, I did not come out feeling bloated, to me me this was a sign of great food and produce.


Swordfish and mushrooms

Main Course

The dishes are a perfect way to come in a group and eat and share different cuisines. It is very well presented and perfect for a family and friends night out. Make sure you book in advanced to avoid disappointment.


The desserts change all the time and all of them tasted light and fresh. I would recommend choosing everything and share between the group to have a taste of all of them.

Cava Con Ostras

Once a month you can join Cometa del Pla on a Sunday afternoon for some Cava and fresh oysters. A DJ will be playing some music and the restaurant will display some designers products. It was a great way for me to to meet some interesting locals.


The staff is what makes Cometa Pla a place I would return to. The atmosphere is relaxed and one of fun in which to taste great food and drink lovely wines. The organic food is of excellent quality and every two months they change the menu which keeps it really interesting. Until we meet again, muchas gracias.


  • Website:
  • Address: Carrer del Cometa, 5, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 646 19 78 45
  • Hours: Open daily 1-4pm, 7-11pm

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Theo Randall at the InterContinental – London’s Finest Italian Restaurant Mon, 10 Apr 2017 15:47:55 +0000 Theo Randall has been serving Italian food for 10 years at the Intercontinental London Park Lane. The restaurant has won many awards including Best Italian restaurant of the year from the London awards and highest ranked Italian on the Sunday Times Food list. It also has 3 AA Rosettes. Last year the restaurant interior got a refresh by award winning creative agency Superfutures. The new restaurant interior pays subtle homage to Italian culture through use of materials such as Terrazzo and Carrera marble, as well as muted green olive and grey tones.

Having never eaten at Theo Randall’s MenStyleFashion was keen to try out the food and drinks.

Cocktail Time

The restaurant is located in the basement of the Intercontinental and it was Saturday night and the place was packed full of people from couples to larger groups and families with children. This is what I expect from an Italian restaurant, a buzzing loud atmosphere. My jacket was taken to the cloak room and we decided to have a drink at the bar first before dinner. What I like about upmarket establishments like this is to be guided by the experts in food and drinks.

Pre Starter

From time spent with my other halves family in Italy I know there is a lot of food within one menu. Pre starers, Antipasti, Primi, Secondi and formagi or dolci to finish. The pre starter was some toasted bread with chopped tomatoes and olive oil. Simple but beautiful in taste. We decided to let the sommelier choose the right wines for us to go with each meal. I love my wine but I am not a connoisseur. With the starter we wanted a Prosecco and we got the Villa Sandi Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato 2015, yes that is a mouth full to say. I loved the explanations that come from the sommelier with each wine that was served, I get to learn something with each glass consumed. What I remembered was the fruity aroma with a slight creamy finish.


It was time for the antipasti, now we were getting really excited and my friend went for the calamari not the ring one but the the ones with the tiny little legs. He is not the type to eat calamari but on this occasion he loved it and the calamari was cooked to perfection tender and not chewy at all. His matching wine was the Vermentino di Sardegna “Giunco” Mesa 2015 from Sardinia which was a light fresh fruity white wine.

Calamari in padella Theo Randalll

Calamari in padella – Pan Fried squid with chickpeas, chilli, anchovies, parsley and chopped rocket

Rucola or in English know as rocket salad is one of my favourite ingredients in Italian dishes, it has a bitter taste and goes well with shaved Parmesan cheese which also has a strong taste. So I chose the Carne Salata a combination of Thinly sliced Angus beef with zucchini, rocket, pine nuts and Parmesan. Yes it tasted excellent exactly as I thought it would be. With this dish it is more about good ingredients than skill. The matching wine was the Verduno Pelaverga GB Burlotto 2015 from Piemont. It is from the vilage of Verduno at the northern tip of Barolo country. It had a peppery and strawberry flavour.


Theo Randal loves cooking Pasta so much that he even wrote a book about it. So pasta time it was. The pasta dishes came in two sizes to be used as a starter or main. We were keen to try a secondi so went for the starter size.

Our first primi was the Cappelletti di vitello, handmade pasta stuffed with slow cooked veal and pancetta with porcini mushrooms and parmesan. The porcini mushrooms tasted fantastic and combined well with the salty pancetta. The matching wine was the Berger Gei lagrein gris from South Tyrol Italy. This is a full bodied wine had beautiful plum and wild cherry flavours. The Lagrein grape is slightly acidic in structure.

Cappelletti di vitello

I chose the Pappardelle con ragu di manzo a fresh thick pasta with slow cooked beef in Chianti and San Marzano tomatoes. It was rich in flavour and went well with the matching wine which was the Esegesi Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot 2012 produced in Trentino. This was a full bodied wine with red fruit flavours and silky smooth on the palate. Yes sommelier this was an excellent choice.

Pappardelle con ragu di manzo

After the primi we both were satisfied and decided to skip the secondi, however we were so impressed with the wine choices that we ordered one more glass, thanks to the excellent sommelier.


For desserts we had the lovely Torta Caprese and a panna cotta with some matching dessert wines. An excellent way to end the evening.

Torta Caprese – with roasted almond ice cream

Panna cotta

The matching sweet dessert wines.


With the updated interior and the busy atmosphere, dining at Theo Randall is a fantastic experience. The staff are attentive and love to talk about Italy, the food or the wines and drinks on offer. I was impressed to see the staff and how they clearly love to work here. I valued how the Italian food is prepared from fresh local produce and tastes authentic. For me this was the best Italian food I have had in London. Besides the food there was an excellent wine list and a knowledgeable sommelier, all this makes me want to come back for more.


  • Meal For 2 including drinks: £150-£250
  • Website:
  • Address: InterContinental London Park Lane, InterContinental, 1 Hamilton Pl, Mayfair, London W1J 7QY, UK
  • Phone: +44(0)20 7318 8747

This review was made possible with the help of Visit London – the official London travel guide.

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