Hotel Reviews – Men Style Fashion We Show You How Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:17:57 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Fraser Suites Singapore – 3 Bedroom Executive Penthouse Review Tue, 20 Feb 2018 05:55:41 +0000 Singapore is a modern city that has embraced the latest technology and architecture trends from around the globe. In 2018, Sigapore is about finding out and exploring hidden luxury experiences around the city. It seems turning your apartment into a home sweet home is something that Frasers Suites has mastered in the last twenty years. Situated in an upmarket part of the city, these serviced apartments take a canny mix of colours and textures to help create a chic, cosy interior that has withstood the test of time. Celebrating twenty years Fraser Suites has hosted international clients and families around the globe on a long and short term rentals.

The area is surrounded by Singapore river which has many restaurants and coffee bars to explore. The paths are great for walking, riding and running around the city. Plenty of public transport and shopping areas around to take advantage of when ever it suits. In this part of the city, it felt spacious and it was very quiet considering I was almost in the CBD.

Services And Facilities

Fraser Suites has ample of facilities like a gym, dedicated children area, and retreat zone in where I could have endless massages thanks to electric massage chairs. I thought this was a lovely addition especially for those here on business. The retreat room has a relaxed atmosphere and there are three massage chairs with amples of magazines to just be able to zone out and rest. I spent a lot of time here whilst waiting for my Penthouse to get ready.

The outdoor swimming pool area, is located on the 6th floor is well maintained and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere to it. The lounges are very comfortable and I liked how they had a dedicated play facilities for children next to the pool. The city view is wonderful and again not so loud at all. Plenty of fluffy towels and drinks on hand to make my stay a cosy one. Most of the guests I spoke to, range from long to short term stay and were very welcoming and positive about Fraser Suits. Some guests have resided here for ten years.

Kids pool, large pool and dedicated gym

Penthouse Apartments Interior Design

Situated on the twentieth floor are the Penthouse Apartments. These three to four bedroom apartments offer all the dream amenities and features needed for a cosy and stylish stay. I stayed for one week in the three bedroom Penthouse Apartment which has a homely yet luxurious feel, with a mix of different design elements to make it a unique stay. Being well travelled, I adore neutral colours and areas that are functional and comfortable, and the overall Penthouse looked modern and chic. At Fraser Suites, they have been selective about the decorative pieces for each space, the unifying colour in this case was beige. The grouping of furniture, neutral coloured textiles both on the wall and throughout the bedrooms gave it a unified ambience. This overall gave balance to what is naturally outside in Singapore a tropical green environment.

Sense Of Place

I love the anticipation when I entered the Penthouse, for me first impression counts. The material choice matters, especially when you’re dealing with furnishing with dramatic finishes that instantly command your attention.

In entering the Penthouse the paring of materials such as marble tiles and natural inspired finishes such as wood veneer throughout the apartment gave an instant modern feel. Colours such as grey, beige, dark brown and white allowed for a furnishing scheme that created a balanced decor.

I loved the long corridor that opened into a large room. The ample storage space around the apartment is pleasing to the eye as well as functional.  The beige textiles used throughout the apartment gives a cool and warmth feel throughout the Penthouse.

Desk area in the corridor

The lounge area has a thick pile of carpet and comfortable furniture combing, textiles such as leather and cotton to give a very relaxing stay. The furniture throughout the Penthouse is of high quality and this is reflected on how pristine it stills looks after many extreme wear and tear.

The final result is a contemporary abode that’s worlds away from Singapore itself. The sense of continuity of natural colours and contemporary furniture throughout the apartment makes it very chic. This floor area 189 sqm (2,034 sq ft) feels much bigger and there were ample of areas around the apartment that I could hide away and enjoy my private oasis.


The soft furnishing adds a cosy feel to the bedrooms, there are dark wood desks in the two larger bedrooms.  The bedroom is kitted out with oversized bed side lamps, a docking station and a wall art lighting feature. I had an uninterrupted night sleep, the best in months. The state of my bedroom, is the state of my mind. Each bedroom had beautiful white linen and fabrics for a divine sleep. In harsh concrete environments such as inner city living, it is important that the Penthouse is a balanced contrast to what I am seeing outside.  Therefore natural wooden objects along side, fresh green flowers that were presented in each room worked perfectly.

Master Bedroom with ensuite


Bathrooms in 2018 are about crafting a soothing space where I love to linger, and create a personal place to captivate materials and finishes. I like how Fraser Suites used bigger pieces of marble stone and granite to reduce grout lines. The use of granite and black tiles throughout the bathroom combined with a designer double sink and bath added to a stylish ambience.

The main bedroom had a wonderful en suite with a large bath to soak up all the stress of a hard days work. It’s uncluttered decor paired with white and veneer finishes gave a huge sense of space. The walk in wardrobe had ample of clothing space and was nicely tucked away to create flowing energy. The second bathroom has a dedicated rain shower. This bathroom is perfectly situated in the corridor area great to be used by the guest staying in the other two bedrooms. The huge fluffy towels with gender neutral products from Malin and Goetz were the perfect detailed touches needed to reflect this luxury penthouse stay. The attention to detail here throughout the apartment reflects the passion the staff and overall company ethos prides itself serving its clients.

Personal Curation

Fraser Suites, restrained itself by selecting decorative pieces for each space to make sure that the attention is squarely focused. By using the contrast oxidised metal with soft fabric, throwing a rug and furnished linen chairs here and there is why I felt an instant cosier feel throughout the Penhouse. The choice of using massive floor to ceiling dark mirrors within the lounge area gave an illusion of an open air museum. This clever use of space and material was a subtle message of contemporary functional art. I had plenty of time for me to keep looking at my own reflection within the mirrors and being mindful of my personal fashion style. I loved playing dresses up here and so did my family.

Key Features And Services

The Key features and services of this penthouse apartment was of the highest quality, and important for me, easy to use. Fraser Suites teamed up with reliable and robust state of the art German brand, Bosch.

Expensive Modern and well-equipped kitchenette products by Bosch made my Kitchen dining experience a memorable one. Especially when entertaining my business guests it was important for me to leave a luxury impression. I liked the comprehensive home entertainment system with Bose speakers which allowed me to watch endless amounts of movies.

The kitchen comes with a Bosch coffee machine with freshly ground Illy beans from Italy. It was a coffee experience I loved and having it on demand and hearing and smelling the coffee beans was bliss.

The Bosch Microwave, Bosch Oven and Bosch Dishwasher were very quiet and easy to use.I loved the separate washing machine and dryer which was in a dedicated large room right next to the kitchen. This practical use of space meant the house keeping could work there without interrupting or let alone anyone seeing clothes drying.

There were three fridges and for those wine lovers. It was great have a refrigerated wine cooler. It is the best way to ensure your wine is stored properly. Tucked away in the room, was a personal safe which came in handy for my valuables.


I happened to build a nice rapport with the staff and met one in particular, who stood out. This person has been working here since the beginning, 20 years ago. I asked why she stayed so long.

Fraser Suites, is a family who value what we do as staff. They make us feel important and part of a happy family.

The Fraser Suites penthouse is a characterful sanctuary offering an environment that is home away from home. It is great place for those in need of a luxury staycation or looking for a longer term serviced apartment.

Fraser Suites is located in a fabulous area where I could walk, stroll, ride or run around the Singapore river, making it the perfect place for living in the city. There is a complementary shuttle bus throughout the day which allowed me to explore different parts of Singapore and shop till I dropped. My kids loved the pool area and the dedicated play room and play ground located on the third floor. This has been my ultimate staycation experience with my family to date.


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Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay – Waterfront Hotel Tue, 06 Feb 2018 03:36:08 +0000 It’s great to be back in Singapore after so many years, and one of my favourite locations in Singapore is the Singapore river. The Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay hotel is situated right on the waterfront in central Singapore. This water front Quay has so many restaurants and attractions to explore along the way. The walking area is fantastic and its a lovely location to capture how much Singapore has advanced over the years.

Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay opened in October 2017, and this newly refurbished hotel offers the latest in interior design. It’s unusual in shape as this hotel is long and narrow. Throughout the hotel there is a strong use of copper colour which gives it an earthy, rustic edge to the the interior but still modern. Historically when the traders were working on the Singapore river, copper coins were used.

My room was located on the 10th floor and the views over the city were brilliant, and it felt more like urban living than a hotel as it’s situated amongst the local residential complexes which I like. The hotel captures this urban style of living by adopting the comforts of home away from home.  Each of the 225 studios and suites featured a host of thoughtful amenities that combine modernity with elegance, whilst maintaining functional practicality.

Club Intercontinental

I had access to the Club Intercontinental lounge where I could check in as well. The decor and soft furnishing here was lovely and the colour trending here was bottle green with velvet touches. I found this lounge warm and welcoming. Again showcasing an earthy feel throughout this lounge.The Club Intercontinental is open 24 hours, I think this is fabulous especially for those experiencing jet-lag or having to work in different time zones. I enjoyed working at 5 am overlooking this fabulous city.

The Club Intercontinental offers breakfast from 6:30am, afternoon tea from 2-4pm and canapes & cocktails from 6 – 8pm. In between these times there are plenty of drinks and nibbles to indulge in. The food and service here overall is excellent and of high quality. The tea selection is plentiful and offers a new way of blending two tea bags into one tea pot.



On the ground floor is the restaurant area called Publico, it consists of a Deli and a restaurant. The Deli which looks very much like an American inspired diner is where breakfast is served and where during the day you come for coffee, cakes and a la carte dishes. The breakfast is a mix of buffet with some lovely a la carte options. The presentation and quality of the food was excellent. This Deli has some clever sliding walls and late afternoon a section becomes a dedicated cocktail bar, which is popular with the locals.

Publico Deli

There is also a vibrant Italian restaurant which is very popular with the local residence, so make sure you book in advance. I had to wait till 9PM before being able to be seated without reservation, luckily I have been in Spain too often to get used to late eating. The food here was fresh and delicious. The pasta is handmade in the restaurant and the pizzas out of the wood fired ovens are wonderful. There is so much to choose by it is a great place to chill, eat and take in a new way of experiencing Singapore eating right on the waterfront.

Classic Rooms

I stayed at two classic rooms which had lots of natural light coming in from the floor to the ceiling windows which overlooked the city. It was wonderful to observe how the locals lived and explore how much Singapore has changed regarding its lifestyle. The classic rooms were chic and spacious the furnishing was dominated with many dark brown leather features throughout the rooms, which gave a cosy feel to it. The leather accessories gave it a very expensive, classy touch.

The massive TV combined with bose sound bar and the endless Nespresso coffee and tea made it feel like my home. I loved staying in these rooms and just soaking up the atmosphere. The metal sliding mirror doors were used throughout the rooms and I loved this as I could close off parts of the room and not have access to the bathroom, a very clever idea as day turned into night. I could snug up on my huge cosy bed, with gorgeous bed linen. Throughout the hotel they used beautiful linen on the tables, restaurants as well as in the bathroom. It gives a classy look as well as enhancing the luxury lifestyle way of living. The endless amount of large pillows is why I slept so well and loved staying in bed.


The Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay offers the latest in hotel experiences and this is reflected in how the staff seemed very happy to work here. They were always ready to serve and go the extra mile to make my stay was a pleasant one. The staff passionate approach in taking the time to interact with the guests was warm and refreshing. Taking the time to get to know their guests and their personal needs is a credit to the hotel.

The food standard here was excellent, compromising nothing when it comes to serving the finest in beverages and food. The hotel has a very relaxed feel and during my stay even though there was a high occupancy, I felt I could always ask for anything and not felt rushed at all.

The design of the room is extremely modern and classy, I thoroughly enjoyed staying in my room. For those that want to exercise the is a long lap pool on the reception area level and a modern gym is on the ground floor level. The furnishing throughout the hotel, is modern, contemporary and very comfortable


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Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong – Pattern Play Interior Design Sat, 03 Feb 2018 08:02:48 +0000 I have not visited Singapore for almost 10 years, so when in the region I decided to make my return. Singapore for me is the cleanest most organised Asian destinations and probably also in the world. From the moment I landed I noticed that this city state country is so pristine and full of luxury lifestyle gems. My first stay in Singapore was at the Hotel Indigo in the Katong area of Singapore, which is not a common area for most tourists visiting Singapore. The Katong area is characterised by low buildings and traditional Peranakan shop houses.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong is less then two years old and is housed on the site of the former Joo Chiat Police Station. This boutique hotel is interesting because it is a fusion of modern architecture whilst holding onto the conservation of the historical building. From the moment I stepped into this quirky hotel I was drawn into the unique design inspired by the Peranakan culture, the culture of Singapore’s settlers. The Perankan theme runs throughout the hotel in everything that you see, from the art murals to the Singaporean style tiles.

The entrance of Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong

Boasting many colourful tiled features the reception area is a lovely way to be welcomed as a guest. I liked how iced coffee was their welcome drink, not common at all. The seating area known as the Pavilion, is a nice introduction to modern architecture mixed with cultural pieces. Near the elevator there the beautiful decorated water storage pots.

The Peranakan theme is also reflected in all the 131 guestrooms, which are paying homage to the neighbourhood, something that all Indigo hotels around the world do. To appreciate this Hotel Indigo, I decided to walk around the local Katong area and clearly began to understand where their inspiration came from.

These are replicas of the water bottles that were used in the past. Beautiful to look at whilst waiting for the elevator.

Joo Chiat

There are plenty of cool restaurants, bars and hairdressers around here, trending the latest in food, drinks and hair styles. Do take the time to explore the Katong area along side the little alley ways, it’s truly a very edgy area. Make you taste the local dishes Singapore is famous for, chicken rice, chili crab and Laksa. The Katong neighborhood of Joo Chiat, was the first designated Heritage Town of Singapore. The area retains its colorful charm and its strong Peranakan cultural roots. Amidst modern high-rises, the two-storey shophouses that have lined the streets of Joo Chiat since the 1920s teem with life.

Restaurant – Breakfast

What a fabulous way to start the day in the cafe called Baba Chews. This cafe restaurant is located in the former Joo Chiat Police Station, a conservation building along East Coast Road. Cafe Baba Chews serves up a range of modern and traditional cuisines from the Straits of Malacca alongside a quality selection of beverages.

The interior of the cafe is again designed to reflect Katong neighbourhood’s colonial history and Peranakan heritage. It is a very welcoming and relaxing environment to eat and dine. The breakfast buffet options are healthy and cater for international clients. The a la carte menu offers a nice variety of dishes to choose by which is great. I liked how I could choose more than one option. On this occasion the roti bread with chicken was too good to knock back, I ordered two plates. The staff were very attentive and they made great coffee too. All in all it was a wonderful breakfast experience.

Double/ Twin Rooms

I was staying in an interconnecting room one with a double bed and on with a twin beds. The modern Peranakan interior design of these rooms were just so quirky and stylish. These rooms are a perfect example of patterns being successfully combined, it raises the design level to a harmonious symphony. The hotel has made it look so easy by mixing patterns with plenty of colour. Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong has used large patterns on large areas such as walls, medium scale patterns on furniture and smaller ones on accessories such as throw pillows, and bowls.

There are so many hidden practical gems within the rooms. The first being the sliding doors overlooking the the spacious spa inspired bathroom. I was overlooking another hotel. Caution to anyone staying here as I could look into the other hotel, they can clearly look into my bathroom. So if you are OK presenting yourself naked to the world then that’s up to you. I chose to put the blinds down and only the guests could see my red shoes.

The bathroom features were a fabulous experience. The use of tin bowels, cups and sinks was really great. I liked the dedicated bowl with spa amenities to be able to soak my feet in after a long day of exploring Singapore. The rain shower is fabulous and there were plenty of towels and products to cater for my luxury stay. The large chair was wonderful to be able to throw anything on it. The bathroom was very spacious and can be closed off with metal glass sliding doors so as day turns into night.

The beds were soft, cosy and perfect for a good night sleep. Another favourite part of the room was the toilet which was separate at the entrance of the room and closed off to the rest of the room. The dedicated glass cabinet with access to local luxury brand TWG tea and complimentary bottomless lollies was a real treat. What was very practical here was when I opened the glass cabinent, an automated light came on. So I could make a tea at 1 am without turning the main lights on. All the little and very colouful intricacies around the room inspired by Asia, was the perfect millennial way to start 2018 for me.

To me this is a brilliant room for some Instagram shots combining fashion, lifestyle and food all in one room.

Rooftop Pool Area

In Singapore with the heat you need a good swimming pool, with the Indigo Hotel this was located on the roof. This rooftop pool has a good length to do some laps and there are plenty of lounge chairs around the pool to chill out. There is also a gym for the fitness buffs. The views of the rooftop pool over the local neighbourhood are amazing, especially at sunrise and sunset.


Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong is trending the latest designs when it comes to being original. There are so many experiences here that that can only be found at this luxury boutique hotel. As every passing hour went by I just adored every part of this hotel. Hotel Indigo has been daring in regards to its interior design. By using colour, light, shape, texture and adding depth to the interior by using plenty of pattern. The result is an ambiance of serenity and an oasis of latest trends in hotel stays.


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Pullman Danang Beach Resort and Spa Vietnam – Review Tue, 30 Jan 2018 06:27:34 +0000 It’s my last few days here in Vietnam and what a brilliant way to complete my adventurous tour than to relax overlooking the sands of Bac My An Beach at the Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort & Spa. This resort offers uninterrupted views towards the beach views over a very long and grand water feature and the infinity swimming pool. The tropical gardens and ponds around the resort are beautiful to walk around and explore the flora and fauna of what Vietnam has to offer. The lush green lawns are also very therapeutic to walk on and take in this oasis environment.

Events And Facilities

The Pullman De Nang offers many activities for sports lovers that I could be part of during my stay. From cooking classes, kids clubs and water sports. The resort has tennis courts, badminton, petanque and basketball. I could hire a bike and explore the up and coming city of De Nang. There are three golf areas that I could play at too not far from the resort.

Weddings are a popular event here at the Pullman and can be hosted in the Grand Ballroom. With the gorgeous setting, wonderful photos can be taken as you can see here on our Instagram posts.


In entering the reception area the instant view of the very long water feature with views of the beach is a spectacular welcome to the Pullman De Nang.

Just soaking up the interior design, art work and sitting in the very funky wooden chairs is a great welcome here. The mixing of modern design with the touch of Vietnamese culture has been perfectly created for a relaxing stay. The coffee bar overlooking the water and sea is the perfect location to wait to check in.

Deluxe Room

I stayed at the deluxe room with views of the tropical garden and the swimming pool. I would highly recommend upgrading and choosing a room with a sea view. The Deluxe room had some lovely sliding doors towards the balcony so I could experience outdoor living right in my room. I loved this as it added extra space and the views of doors were hidden. The queen size bed was full of many different size pillows and was cosy, I slept well with the sound of the sea roaring in the background.

The inviting sofa was lovely to lounge on and breathe in the open fresh air or watch some TV. The two outdoor chairs were very comfortable too, great to enjoy some tea with chocolate pastries from the deli. This 42 m2 room was a lovely chilling out area to take in my last few days here in Da Nang. The working desk was a lovely long table and the internet here was fast, strong and therefore mixing work with pleasure was a stress free experience for me here.

The bathroom was very clean and large enough to enjoy the high pressured water from either the rain shower or to soak in the very large bath tub. I loved the sink are which was beautifully lit up.


Breakfast was a wealth of many options of food where East meets West in the world of fusion cuisines. The huge buffet allowed me to eat and select at my own leisure. From fresh local fruit to dishes from Japan, there was endless amounts of food to enjoy breakfast. The egg station offered plenty of options to choose by. There were soups, fresh salads, fish and a dedicated European selection of French and Italian cheeses.

The fresh fruit juices on offer were very refreshing and a healthy way to get my body into gear for the endless world of relaxing. Vietnam is a big exporter of cashew nuts so I highly recommend trying the nuts. The coffee is excellent and there were plenty of coffee options to start off my day. The pastries are plentiful and the french toast with pancakes were yummy too.

The setting overlooking the beach for breakfast was beautiful, so do take the time to have breakfast at your own slow pace.

Pool And Beach Area

The beach area does not disappoint and was voted by Forbes as one of the most attractive beaches in the world. The criteria they used are: the beach of traffic convenience, the beach open free for tourists, with long and flat sand-bank, sunlight and waves suitable for playing sports, safe for tourists, with luxury resorts and international standard villas. Whilst I was chilling on one of the sun loungers I was relaxed in the knowledge that my kids were safe, with security guards on the beach and also three life guards on patrol near the sea. The kids were entertained with the free to use body surfing boards, a kids play area and also the swimming pool.

The infinity pool is large and has a dedicated fenced of kids section. The main pool is gently sloping and at the deepest end is 1.8m deep. Also here there is a dedicated lifeguard on duty.


Vietnam is becoming a very popular country to visit. It has so much raw and rustic experiences to offer. Many tourists come to central Vietnam to visit the unique city of  Hoi An which is less than 30km away from Da Nang. The Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort & Spa offers a shuttle bus twice daily that drops off and pick ups staying guests, to go and explore the Ancient Town of Hoi An. Give yourself a whole day and evening to explore this unique world heritage town.

The Pullman Da Nang, is a stones throw away from Da Nang city, which is also worth exploring. The resort offers a lovely relaxed stay with excellent facilities in where I could just walk on the beach, swim and drink a cocktail in style.


  • Room reviewed: Deluxe Room
  • Website:
  • Address: 101 Nguyen Giap street, Khue My Ward, Danang, Da Nang City 055000, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 236 3958 888

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La Residence Hue Vietnam Boutique Hotel – Art Deco French Glory Mon, 22 Jan 2018 16:14:44 +0000 What a marvelous way to spend Christmas here at La Residence in Hue Vietnam. La Residence is an enchanting boutique hotel on the banks of the fabled Perfume River overlooking the former Imperial Citadel. This former residence of the French Colonial Governor was restored in 2005 and redeveloped as an exceptional design hotel. The hotel’s distinctive bowed façade, long horizontal lines and nautical flourishes are hallmarks of the 1920’s Streamline Modern school of Art Deco architecture.

Staying in this luxury Riverside Boutique Hotel in Hue, Vietnam, is an experience in where I stepped back in time to the glory days of Art Deco.

Hue And The Citadel

Hue is a city, once home to Emperors and now preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hue is a city in central Vietnam that was the seat of Nguyen Dynasty emperors from 1802 to 1945, and capital of the protectorate of Annam. A major attraction is its vast, 19th century citadel, surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls. It is certainly a must see whilst here in Vietnam. I was lucky that the weather allowed me a dry spell and some sunshine for a few hours to explore the citadel. Hue can be easily reached by plane via the local Phu Bai airport, by train or by bus which I did. I arrived from Da Nang by luxury bus.

Reception And Surroundings

La Residence, embraced the festive season and I was greeted at the reception area, by a recreation of the one of the gates of the 19th century citadel, all made out of ginger bread which took over 15 days to make. There was also a Christmas tree which was decorated with traditional Vietnamese hats.

La Residence has a very warm and mystic feel to it. The moment I walked into the boutique hotel I felt welcomed, relaxed and at home. I am a huge lover of Art Deco and this hotel boast all the perfect interior design elements including the furniture to recreate the Art Deco interior. Many famous guests including the Queen from Sweden, choose to stay at this hotel.  Its location right next to the Perfume river is a perfectly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Hue.

Christmas Dinner Buffet

It was really lovely to experience the Christmas Dinner Buffet in where the East embraces Western cultures. An intertwined of perfectly presented food managed is why this Christmas dinner was sold out. There were many food options on display as well as different food sections in where I could get freshly local Vietnamese made food on hand. The desserts were so yummy and well presented, it was a beautiful Christmas experience with live music and with the local choir singing both in English and in Vietnamese was the icing on the cake. I felt like I was home, away from home. Thank you for making me and my family part of the La Residence family. This is what I observed, that the hotel was full but it had a family warmth atmosphere to it, the ambiance here was just wonderful.

Gardens And Surroundings

There was plenty of time to explore the gardens and take in the views of the Perfume River. It was wet and cold so I could not use the beautiful outdoor swimming pool but I imagined how the atmosphere in the hot season would be. It is a great place to chill out after visiting the Citadel and the other monuments surrounding Hue. There are many private seating areas here to hide away and soak up this little luxury gem.

Superior Room

I had two Superior rooms with stunning Art Deco furnishings, dark hardwood and French colonial tile designs. The rooms were warm and cosy, and I loved looking from my large balcony at the Christmas decorations and the hotel itself. It was all very pleasing to the naked eye.

There was satellite connectivity and flat screen TV. The bed linen was crisp, clean and the towels were huge and fluffy which I love. In the room I felt an opulence that made my Christmas stay special. The tea cups and ginger bread treats, is why throughout the year this hotel embraces all the festive seasons to cater for the variety of international guests.

The beds were large and I loved how I could lie in my bed, over looking the balcony taking in what I have achieved for 2017.

The bathroom had a dedicated bath and to stay with the French theme, the tabs were labelled “froid” and “chaud”


The atmosphere and location overlooking the the banks of the fabled Perfume River and the former Imperial Citadel, is why I took my time having breakfast. This buffet is fresh and full of endless cuisines from all over the globe. The pancakes are made on demand and the soups and eggs are also freshly created to my liking.  The coffee and tea options are an added personal touch, the staff are very interactive and handle international guests well. The pastries here remind me of Paris here in Hue.


The hotel classic Art Deco theme and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Imperial City in Hue, made my stay a very memorable one. The Christmas celebrations in the hotel were perfect too. It is why I will return later on in the year, when the weather is better and I can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting of La Residence.

The warmth of the staff, the interior design and the endless choice of many eating and drinking options. I can only sum up my stay here as the modern emperor, living history with a modern touch.


  • Room reviewed: Superior room
  • Website:
  • Address: 5 Lê Lợi, Vĩnh Ninh, Tp. Huế, Huế, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 (0)234 3837 475

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Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel – France Meets Asia Tue, 16 Jan 2018 02:03:19 +0000 The Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel is situated in the magnifique city of Bangkok right on the lively Sukhumvit road next to the Terminal 21 shoppping centre with its BTS station. It offers a French inspired cultural experience with a fusion mix in where France meets Asia.

The month of December is a fabulous time to visit Bangkok a city where you can combine festive shopping, spa treatments and eating experiences. When I entered the Sofitel I was greeted by a very unique massive Christmas tree. Through out Bangkok the Christmas Ambiance and decorations are one of the best I have seen in the Asia. The hotels also capture the festive season in their own unique way.

The reception is a large open space with plenty of seating options and locations to chill. Check in was swift and professional and came with the complimentary welcome drink.

Wine Bar

Also on the ground floor is the recently opened wine bar and shop. It reminded me of wine tasting setting back in France. The idea is that any guests can sample wines from varies locations around the globe, with every week a different location. Today I was conveniently tasting 5 different wines from France. There sommelier or wine steward had a fabulous knowledge of the wines being served and for those that need to learn the basic art from of drinking the wines, this is a perfect location to do so. I liked that I could also purchase the wine and either take it to the L ‘appart restaurant at no corkage cost or to my room. For those residing here in Bangkok, you could also take it to your flat. This service is not very common in Bangkok and is a new lifestyle trend for 2018. Wines vary in price and I thought considering where I am sitting, they prices were competitive (starting at €20-25) and the choices were good.

Luxury Room

My hotel room class was the Luxury Room which had designer carpets inspired by Thailand’s rich flora and fauna. The room overlooked the Sukhumvit road and I liked how there was a chaise longe near the window. This was a fabulous way to capture the city both day and night especially with a wine purchased from the in-house wine bar. The bed was massive and very cosy, there were lots of pillows and nice fresh linen for a comfortable sleep. The dedicated working desk was great to work on, I liked how you could roll it away and have more room space as well.

I love the welcome platter.


The bathroom had a dedicated shower, separate toilet and bath. It was a very big bathroom and I am a big fan where there is a clear glass and I am able to look out to the rest of the room while I am having a bath with the  L’Occitane products supplied by the hotel.


Breakfast was of a high standard here at Sofitel and the choices of both French and Asian cuisines were endless. The presentation was excellent, and what stood out for me was the fruit juice machine. The options in where I could create my own personal juice was a fun experience. The bagel section was colourful and the meat section with fabulous pork with wine juice was wonderful to start the day.

Hidden at the other side of the buffet bar was the Fromagerie, the dedicated cheese bar. This climate controlled room displayed various cheeses from around the world in a beautiful way. This was the first one I have seen in my life. Overall I can say that the breakfast buffet was one of the best breakfast experiences I have had in Asia in 2017.

La Fromagerie

Swimming Pool

I am a big fan of rooftop swimming pools and on this occasion the views from the 9th floor over the city of Bangkok were great. The hotel has done a great job in creating an area of tranquility which is hard in a noisy city like Bangkok. The lounges were very comfortable and the pool was great to do some laps. I loved the area where I could sit down and have a water massage overlooking the pool area and the city. The same floor also has a Spa treatment area where L’Occitane products are used. I must say I liked the smell of walking past the Spa on my way to and from the swimming pool, it was very inviting.


This is a lovely hotel, with a high standard of service and plenty of French cuisine options. I could also see many locals and outside guests entering, as the hotel caters for both inside and outside guests and the overall feel good factor here is delightful. The pool area is tranquil, the hotel rooms are plush, the breakfast is fantastic, the wine bar is great, and to top it off the hotel has also one of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Bangkok in L’Appart. More of that in a separate review. Combine this with an unbeatable location next to Terminal 21 shopping centre and plenty of transport options, and this hotel should be on top of your list for staying in Bangkok.


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Sathorn Vista Bangkok Marriott Executive Apartments – Passport To Comfort Sun, 31 Dec 2017 04:27:02 +0000 I am travelling with my family throughout South East Asia for several months and over the course of time I am starting to miss some of my home comforts. I am referring to space, modern kitchens and doors that allows me to have some privacy. So it is nice to have experienced the Sathorn Vista Bangkok Marriott Executive Apartments, which are five star luxury apartments situated in the heart of Bangkok’s business district.

Fully Serviced Suites

These executive apartments offer apartment style living combined with the full services you can expect at a hotel. Many people staying here are working or visiting Bangkok for a long stay, which can be a few weeks all the way to years. In fact I joined the long term residence Christmas party and found that the longest staying guest was there for more than 3 years. You can also stay for one or two days like I did. Sathorn Vista offers travelers services like grocery shopping, daily upkeep and upon request an array of luxurious services specific for the individual.

When I entered the reception area I was greeted by a simple, clean open spaced modern room. There is a residents lounge in where long stay clients can meet up or if I wanted to have a business meeting or catch up with friends, this was the perfect environment to do so. In the morning this room services breakfast for long term residents only.

Two Bedroom Suite

I stayed at a two bedroom luxury suite with two bathrooms overlooking the heart of Bangkok. This view is really brilliant to watch all the traffic and understand the electric atmosphere this city has to offer. The kitchen offers top appliances and is well supplied for cooking and entertaining guests if I chose too. The granite service is of high quality and it has a microwave oven and a dishwasher which is fantastic. Behind closed wooden doors, there is a washing machine and dryer of a high standard which is very useful too. This was followed by a vacuum cleaner if I was up for cleaning, but once again the hotel offers a daily cleaning service.

The spacious lounge and furnishing is why my stay was very comfortable. There was a dedicated working desk alongside a dining table with very comfortable seating options. Therefore the space overall is is functional, practical and spacious. The huge TV which is one of three allocated in the apartment, was a warm welcoming to catch up on some of my favourite TV series.


The bedrooms are spacious and have lots of natural light. The bed is big and the bed linen is lovely to sleep in with plenty of pillows to make my sleep a very cosy one. In the master bedroom there was an ensuite which was large and I loved how my bath was overlooking the city. It’s wonderful at night to soak up some city lights and actions without the noise. There was another dedicated working desk here too once again making my stay very practical.

The second bedroom which has a queen size bed was also very cosy and has a second bathroom which is separate. This is very good for those outside guests wanting to join me. In the corridor there is also separate large extra storage room for my luggage and anything I wanted to tuck away including an iron and an iron board.

The suites all have hard enduring wooden flooring which are well maintained and give an overall a lovely ambiance. The art work throughout the suites and the hotel is modern and has a feeling of being away from home.


Just a stone throw away within the building is a cafe called MOMO, which has a variety of food for all the guests. This is where breakfast is served and it is a great way to get the day started. For me that starts with a coffee and in Thailand that means an iced latte, which the cafe does to perfection. Besides coffee there are a lot of beverage options to choose from including plenty of fresh juices. The food is fresh and well presented which reminds me that I am actually in an hotel without knowing it.


I also dined at the MO MO Cafe which was a seafood buffet which runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there were plenty of food options which catered for all sorts of pallets including non seafood. The atmosphere was wonderful and the staff made us feel like family. MOMO was packed and fully booked so make sure you reserve.


On the 5th floor there is a huge outside pool, jacuzzi and a smaller kids pool. Do not get turned of by the green colour as it is the tiles that are green. For refreshments there is a bar and for the gym fanatics there is a fully equipped gym and sauna. For smaller kids there is also a kids club.


The Marriott Executive Apartments, is located in a fabulous street which offers plenty of wining and dining around. Just next to these apartments is the Australian embassy and therefore the street also offers, plenty of cafe opportunities and very funky eating places to cater for the expat community. There are plenty of places to get your hair done as well as Spa treatments and the prices vary. The street has a great atmosphere at night and there is also a market in where fresh produce is sold daily. If you choose not to cook, the food here is endless.

I met a lot of long stay clients here who speak very highly of the service, staff and these luxury apartments. Thanks for making us feel welcome and we had a great stay.


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Movenpick Sukhumvit 15 Hotel Bangkok – Review Wed, 27 Dec 2017 04:13:20 +0000 Today I am staying at the Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 Bangkok, which offers 297 comfortably appointed rooms and suites, with both garden courtyard and city views.

Bangkok, is one of the most amazing Asian cities in the world for shopping, eating, spa treatments and unique luxury hotel stays. Whilst freezing back in Europe, I could leave the snow and head to Bangkok in where this time of the year it is not too hot let alone humid. It’s Christmas time and the hotels and shopping centres put on some of the most spectacular Christmas decorations. Therefore I love this time of the year and I love to experience the endless fashion diverse fashion which out here it can range from a variety of international brands as well as local designers.

One of the shopping centres to go to is Terminal 21 which is themed around an airport with every floor a different world destination. The Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15 is literally around the corner from here. There is a complimentary shuttle tuk tuk that goes there every 30 minutes and takes about 5 minutes. The BTS Asok station is litteraly opposite Terminal 21 and gives you easy access to the rest of Bangkok. One stop on the line gives access to the latest in shopping centre trends called EmQuartier, where endless European luxury purchases can be made. So the Movenpick is located well to explore Bangkok.


Movenpick took over this hotel about two years ago and the interior design is very modern and open and coming into the entrance it has a lovely setting and feel to it. The white exterior and combination of art deco inspired furniture is why my stay was so unique. I loved where I could sit in the library area and work whilst guests were checking in and out. The hotel has two U shaped buildings facing each other with a lovely court yard in the centre of it, in the middle of it all is a lovely Lelawadee tree.

Lelawadee Restaurant

The restaurant takes its name from the tree planted in the centre of the hotel. In the morning buffet breakfast is served here and for lunch and dinner it is an a la carte restaurant. With regards to food the Lelawadee restaurant serves both authentic Thai cuisine, European and Asian favourites. I had dinner here and the Phad Thai served here was one of the best I’ve tasted here in Bangkok. I had a lovely steak tartare which was well presented with some lovely toasted bread. The prices are competitive and the food overall was delicious.


For breakfast the international buffet was served here, with endless choices of fresh food and bread. The coffee was excellent and so were the juices. What I liked was the dedicated kids section with food choices for them placed on a lower table so they could help themselves.

Chocolate Hour

As a Swiss company Movenpick is famous for its chocolates and ice cream, that is the heritage. Everyday at 4pm there is chocolate time for all the in-house guests and I could come and enjoy some of so of these wonderful delights. They all tasted so good and best of all I could go back for as much as I liked. As I was there during the Christmas period it felt extra special and I would definitely recommend this hotel to enjoy some of the Swiss delights.

Business Lounge

I had access to business lounge and everyday there was a wide variety of freshly made food available. There were also some complimentary alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to compliment the food, and it was a nice environment to meet other guests. The seating was comfortable and the staff were very helpful too.


I experienced the Lobby bar bar at night for the extensive cocktail menu. This had to be one of the top creative cocktails I have experienced for 2017. The barman which had extensive experience at working at Bangkok airport, was very passionate about creating his own cocktails. On one cocktail he used Swiss chocolate as one of the core ingredients, it took him almost 15 minutes to prepare the dessert like cocktail and it tasted divine.

Most of the cocktails here were exclusive and unique to Movenpick only and I would highly recommend to make an effort and try some, even if you are not staying here.

It’s what I now define as Swiss bliss experience.


Deluxe Rooms

Me and my children stayed at two deluxe rooms which had interconnecting doors between them. Each room offered a spacious 32 square meter living space. The rooms where located on the 5th floor and had lovely views of the inner court yard. These rooms were nice and quiet which in a hectic city like Bangkok is a bonus. The rooms were lovely and cosy and the beds were very comfortable, the white linen was clean and crisp and the bed was huge. The dedicated desk was a good working space for me to catch on some work. The flat screen TV was huge and the mini bar was stocked full with plenty of special treats.

The bathroom was large and offered a rain shower, which I am a big fan of. The bath was a nice option to pamper myself. The towels were big and fluffy and there were plenty of bathroom amenities to de-stress me.

Rooftop Pool

On the 8th floor is the rooftop pool, garden and outdoor bar. This area is great to enjoy some of the Bangkok skyline that is all around. The swimming pool is long and perfect for doing some laps, there is also a smaller pool at 50cm depth which is perfect for smaller children. There are plenty of outside lounge chairs around the pool to soak up the sun.


The cocktail experience was one of the best I have had here in Asia. The attention to detail and passion from the staff at the Movenpick Sukhumvit 15 Hotel is why it was a memorable stay for me. The hotel rooftop setting was lovely and had an open feel to a great city. The access to other urban attractions is why it is a perfect hotel that appealed to me as a base and to experience a different side of Bangkok.

I have reviewed over 140 hotels around the globe in the last 2 years and what I loved about this job is the people you meet. On this occasion a staff member worked here due to being inspired by his father who worked for the Movenpick for over 40 years. In his own words, the way Movenpick treated his dad is why he now works for the company. As a child he experienced Movenpick around the globe and wanted to continue the legacy of working in such a diverse company.


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Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok – Reviewed Wed, 06 Dec 2017 03:56:26 +0000 Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok is located in Soi 24 an alley of the main Sukhumvit road. It is located very close to two luxury shopping malls, the Emporium and the new EmQuartier mall on the opposite. There is a complementary drop off and pick up from the Marriott every thirty minutes that stops at the Emporium.

I was impressed with the EmQuatier which houses a whopping 400 fashion labels in total and is spread out over 4,000 square metres of floor space. Also in the Em Quartier there is the Helix Quarter its dining extravaganza, with over 40 restaurants and an impressive rooftop garden with a 100-metre long rain forest. The views of Bangkok from here were brilliant.

View from the Helix Quarter


This Marriott is all about Executive apartments but with services you would expect from a normal hotel. In total there are 300 suites across 34 floors and there is a mix of different room types.

  • Studio (45 sqm)
  • 1 Bedroom Suite (65 sqm)
  • 1 Bedroom SkyLine Suite (65 sqm)
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment (85 sqm)
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (130 sqm)
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment (180 sqm)


In entering the Marriott the first impressions was like entering a luxury hotel with the five star service which was fabulous. The reception area is spotless and had a warm feel to it and there was plenty of space to check in and for children to run around whilst sorting myself out. The lobby area was grand with an Atrium and plenty of sofas and chairs to chill out on. The second floor of the Atrium connects to a total of 6 meeting rooms. Also on the ground floor is the Bistro M which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the M2 go for coffees, snacks and take away items.

Pool & Fitness Area

As I was waiting for my room to get ready I headed to the 3rd floor where the outdoor pool and fitness centre were located. The fitness centre is large and popular with the long term guest, it has all the latest technology equipment to keep guests fit. Outside there is a 1.2 meter deep and 25 meter long outdoor pool perfect for doing laps whilst enjoying views of Bangkok. There is also a smaller 50 cm deep pool which is perfect for the little ones. There are plenty of sun loungers around the pool area not to have to fight over it and there is also a Jacuzzi, which unfortunately was not heated. Bar on 3 offers all sorts of drinks and has a small food menu as well. The 3rd floor also has a pool table, a kids playroom and houses the Thada heritage Spa.

More Sporting Facilities

If you thought this was all that the Marriott Executive apartments had to offer, there are more sport options in a separate building above the parking garage. There is an indoor golf as well as an outdoor golf practice area, one tennis court, one badminton court, one squash court and one dance practice area. Plenty of options to keep guests entertained and fit.

Two Bedroom Apartment

I stayed at the two bedroom apartment which has a living room, a twin bedroom with two queen size beds, a super king size bedroom and an open plan living room with kitchen, lounge area and dining area. What amazed me immediately is the huge size of the rooms, yes the total space is 130m2.

Open Plan Kitchen Lounge Area

The kitchen dining area is a fabulous area for entertaining and the feel good factor here is excellent. The fully stocked kitchen is of a high standard and the cutlery, plates, cups knives etc are excellent quality. I am a big fan of granite kitchen work tops as they are easy to keep clean and have a posh feel to it. The splash back is a nice modern glass which is easy to keep clean. The cooking facilities are perfect.

The lounge area has also a dining table for four, a leather corner sofa, flat screen TV and desk area. As I was with my family this area had ample of space to chill, work and play. On either side of the lounge is a bedroom with solid wood doors and when closed so the sound goes. I could be loud and not wake anyone up whilst working early in the morning.

Next to the entrance is plenty of floor to ceiling storage with one of the cupboards housing a washing machine, dryer and ironing board. This room caters for long term guests as there is plenty of storage everywhere, more on that later.


My huge king size room had a lovely wooden floor and the space was almost endless. The view overlooking the city was wonderful and I loved the big windows. The bed had six pillows and was super comfortable, in fact my whole family could sleep in this one bed easily. There is also a working desk with another large screen TV.

The bathroom is en-suite and has a large separate shower offering lots of space to shower. The bath was large and perfect to soak in. Overall the bathroom was of a high standard. The 2nd bathroom attached to the second bedroom is a mirror copy, so my children were equally spoiled. What I liked when entering the bathroom was the huge amount of storage available again with three floor to ceiling double door wardrobes available in each bedroom. This hotel can cater long term guest, in fact I spoke to some of them that have stayed already for two years in a row.

The other bedroom is equal in size and also has a flat screen TV and desk area. This room is configured with two Queen sized beds. Everyone was fully entertained and therefore my stay was so relaxed, I didn’t want to leave.

Restaurant Area – Bistro M

Tucked away on the ground floor is the large Bistro M indoor and outdoor dining area which is clean and modern. There is ample of food to choose by and wine too. I noticed long term clients would dine here during the evening and the food is fresh and fabulous.


Breakfast is a buffet style and offers plenty of fresh food and the variety caters for all clients. The staff service here is excellent and with a 90% occupancy rate at the Marriott the staff manage to cater for everyone’s demands including mine. They do a great ice coffee and I loved the sushi option for breakfast. There is plenty of fresh eggs options and bacon to choose by as well.

Buffet With Free Flowing Wine

Every first Friday of the month the Marriott Executive Apartments has a dinner buffet with free flowing wine. Wine in Asia is not cheap so this is excellent value for money and it showed as it was busy. Make sure to book in advance as its popular with outside guests.


Whether you here alone, with friends or a family the Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park will make your stay so more relaxing. Having a spacious room for me makes my life so much easier. The location is excellent and combine this with a 5 star service and it is easy to see why the occupancy rate is high throughout the year. The staff are brilliant and nothing is too much to ask. It was my daughter’s birthday and the staff went out of their way to choose a cake and sing to her. It was for her home being away from home and she felt like they were her family too. The location, the quality of these luxury apartments and the access to the latest in food and shopping is why my stay here ticked all the boxes when it comes to luxury lifestyle experience. Thanks for a wonderful stay.

Sunrise at the pool area


  • Room reviewed: 2 berdroom apartment
  • Website:
  • Address: 90 Sukhumvit 24 Alley, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Phone: +62 (0)2 302 5555

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Cape House Serviced Apartments Bangkok – Reviewed Mon, 04 Dec 2017 01:01:51 +0000 Bangkok is a vibrant city that has so much to offer regarding, shopping, eating and partying. It is a city that consumes me with its endless entertainment and for this reason, I decided to stay at Cape House serviced apartments. With so much to take in right in the heart of Bangkok, I wanted space, and a place I could doing my own cooking, washing and reflect on 2017 and what I have achieved.

For me as a business client, the Cape House Bangkok is in a great location. The Cape House serviced apartments are located right in the heart of the Ploenchit neighbourhood on the vibrant Soi Langsuan, which has restaurants and street food stalls. Cape House provides easy access to Bangkok’s major business, entertainment and shopping districts as well as several embassies and beautiful public parks like Lumpini Park.

A three minute walk got me to the Chidlom BTS station from where the public transport network awaits. It is also the start of the R Walk where there is a large raised and covered walkway that connects all the major shopping centres.


In entering the reception area there is a simplicity and efficient atmosphere that greets me. Which makes perfect sense as most customers are here on business and wanting to embrace their own private den at their own pace. On the ground floor is also the restaurant the Italian Bistro on 43 which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dining area has an Italian bistro feel to it, with its split-level, balcony and stalls configuration it makes dining relaxed and easy to chat with people.

What I liked about the Cape house that it also had an affordable and extensive room dining service. It allowed me to stay in the hotel in the evening when I did not feel like going out for dinner.


Breakfast was a buffet, which had enough variety on offer. With fresh tea and coffee and plenty of international cuisines to choose by it was enough to get me started for the day. My favourite food were the huge muffins that could be eaten by two people, unfortunate they were so good I could not share them. Part of the buffet was an egg station, where eggs were served made to order.

Executive Lounge And Swimming Pool

I loved the decor of the executive lounge on the 5th floor which was white and bright and offered views over the city of Bangkok. It was the perfect place to meet other guests or do some business talk. There was a small buffet on offer which changed throughout the day and the lounge was perfect for an afternoon tea. The lounge felt classy and clean and the interior design reminded me of France. There were plenty of newspapers and magazines on offer to read in a quiet and comfortable environment.

The swimming pool and gym were located one floor higher on the 16th. Also here the standard was high and once again the views overlooking the city were perfect making it a lovely place to wine and dine either during the day or in the evening. The Jacuzzi was large and super warm and I loved being in it after a hard day of work and shopping. The swimming pool was big enough to do laps and deep enough to tread water. The gym also had enough equipment to use and work off some weight.

The pool area is a nice entertainment area for family and friends. The lounge chairs were very comfortable and the staff were always on the ball keeping everything in pristine order.

One Bedroom Suite

In entering the One Bedroom suite I loved the white decor and dark wood flooring which was perfect for the city of Bangkok. It had a modern Asian feel to it. Boasting at 55 sqm, this  elegant one bedroom suite featured a spacious comfortable bedroom. The bedroom was separate to the lounge and the bed was huge and very comfortable.

The lounge area was big and had a comfortable sofa, chair, desk area, TV, sound system and dining table for four. I liked how it had a small balcony from where I could overlook the city.

The suite offered every convenience necessary for a comfortable stay. It was clean, cosy and spacious. I liked how the small kitchenette included a washing machine, microwave oven, fridge and stove. If I really wanted to cook it was possible.

The bathroom offered a separate shower and bath and was big enough to cater two people. The bedroom was spotless and had a great feel to it. The room even though in the centre of Bangkok, was quiet and I slept very well. The room came with plenty of storage place for long stay clients, and for me as I was shopping, I had plenty of  extra wardrobe space to store my latest purchases.


Cape House offers luxury serviced apartments consisting of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom suites, all under hotel style service. It’s a place where you can feel home away from home with the extra bells and whistles. For me in my observation there were mainly, long term guests and business clients. It is a place where business meetings can be held and also a place to chill after a hard days work. Guests are well looked after and are served well. There are plenty of places near by to eat, shop till you drop and go out partying as well. I recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a bit more than a hotel room and wants a place centrally located in Bangkok.


  • Room reviewed: One Bedroom Suite
  • Website:
  • Address: 43 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 (0)2 658 7444

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Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel – Central Cool Wed, 22 Nov 2017 14:58:06 +0000 Amari Watergate Bangkok is located in the Pathumwan neighborhood in Bangkok. It is right in the heart of the famous shopping malls of Bangkok, like the Platinum Fashion Mall, Central World and Siam Paragon to name a few.. Pathumwan is a great choice for travelers interested in fashion, shopping and indulging in amazing food. The hotel is just opposite Platinum Fashion Mall, which is a perfect way to explore fashion here in Bangkok. For public transportation just 700 metres walk is Ratchaprarop metro, which gives you easy access to other parts of Bangkok and also the express train which goes all the way to the airport.

I just landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is about 25 km from the property, as I had a lot of luggage I took a large taxi with the Grab app. I was exhausted after a 12 hour flight from London and I was looking forward for some 5 star hotel pampering. From the moment I drove up into the circular drive and entering a very spacious reception area there was an overwhelming feel good factor. The reception area is spacious, modern and has a very relaxing feel to it. There are many seating areas to explore and take in the modern architecture around. I was jet-lagged later in the evening and wide awake, so I came down to have a nice iced coffee and soak up the hotels atmosphere. Even at 1 AM in the morning there was a nice holiday vibe happening.

Executive Club

My room included access to the Executive Club lounge, which was located on the 32nd floor and offered amazing views over the city of Bangkok.

From 5-7 PM there is happy hour which includes a variety of choices regarding, cocktails, wine and champagne. There was also fresh buffet food of various choices on offer and each day of my stay the chef served different dishes. Overall the Executive Club lounge had an excellent atmosphere and it was a wonderful way to meet other guests. In talking to other guest there were quiet a few regulars who returned.

I found out that Amari Watergate hotel has one of the top-rated locations in Bangkok. The guests seemed very happy with their stay.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool which is located on the 8th floor has brilliant views of Bangkok and is situated on a rooftop, it is like an urban oasis right in the centre of busy and crazy Bangkok. The other facilities which are of a high standard are the hot tub, sauna, fitness center and squash courts. There were dedicated fitness instructors that I could book to get a good work out. The seating area around the pool and the bar was excellent and once again the atmosphere was relaxing. I noticed that many people were booking themselves into Cool Breeze Spa, including myself.

Cool Breeze Spa

I was aching due to travelling so much. My body was stiff and I could not relax that well. I chose a 60 minute deep tissue massage. From the moment I entered I was greeted by a wonderful smell in a modern setting. Everything was spotless and the staff were well trained to cater for my body’s needs. The treatment room was large and smelt wonderful and the overall experience was excellent. It is the perfect jet-lag release and I highly recommend anyone to book in a treatment here.

Corner Suite

I stayed at the corner suite on the 26th floor with great views over the Siam area of Bangkok. The corner suite is a generous 74 m² and had a lounge area as well as a huge bedroom with lots of storage to hang your clothes. Both areas have a huge TV with plenty of international channels. If you are choosing to stay with a third person a roll away bed will be provided. The bedroom had a large chaise lounge next to the window which is perfect for soaking up the city’s skyline, I just loved sitting here and watching hectic Bangkok.

There was a gorgeous bowl of fruit waiting for me and the message welcome craved out in the watermelon was just so different, it is a nice personal touch indeed.

How is this for a welcome fruit platter.

The open-plan living room was an added bonus, it had a separate guest toilet which was perfectly tucked away near the entrance. I liked this because when I came in from the swimming pool I didn’t have to walk throughout the suite to access my other bathroom.

The bedroom came with an en suite bathroom with full shower and Jacuzzi bath. The Jacuzzi was a great size and I loved how there were sliding doors that allowed me to either look out at the room, or the TV. There was a double sink and a separate shower and toilet.

The air conditioning worked very well and it was quiet which is a real bonus for me


I had the option of eating breakfast in two locations either on the fourth floor or on the 32nd floor at the Executive Lounge. I would advise trying both if you can. The breakfast options can only be described as an endless oasis of international cuisines. There are individual dedicated areas comprising of Italian food, all sorts of Asian dishes and the English breakfast. There were plenty of fresh juices and fresh coffee and tea on request.

The view overlooking the shopping area across the road is a great way to start the day and enjoy this busy and atmospheric city. The decor here is excellent and I took some excellent Instagram shots of me and my family.


Amari Watergate Bangkok has a family friendly atmosphere with many international guests staying. The hotel overall is very clean and modern. The location is excellent, and for those visiting Bangkok for the first time and want to be at the heart of the shopping area, it is the perfect place to explore this vibrant city. I found the staff very friendly and the service was quick and prompt. The hotel was very busy so I was impressed with the service overall. I was experiencing jet lag and one of my favourite experiences was sitting at the Executive Lounge in the outdoor area over looking and hearing the city go by. Thanks for a wonderful family stay.


  • Room reviewed: Corner Suite
  • Website:
  • Address: 847 Petchburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 0 2653 9000

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Puente Romano Marbella – Luxury Review Spain Mon, 30 Oct 2017 13:32:11 +0000 Marbella is a city and resort area on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, part of the Andalusia area and a destination for the rich and famous. What struck me coming in was The Sierra Blanca mountains which are the backdrop to 27 kilometres of sandy Mediterranean beaches, villas, hotels and golf courses. West of Marbella town is an area commonly called the Golden Mile of prestigious nightclubs and resorts and coastal estates which and leads all the way to Puerto Banus Marina, filled with luxury yachts and surrounded by upmarket boutiques and lots of luxury cars. So me driving an Alpine Green Bentley Bentayga, certainly turned heads on the boulevard.

Puente Romano is a luxury resort in where I could turn up in a Bentley Bentayga and feel right at home. It is a resort where dressing up showcasing my personal sense of style was part of the everyday trend. It was wonderful to see many men, from all over the globe making so much effort regarding fashion.

Reception Area

I loved pulling up in the Bentley because there was plenty of space to park right next to the reception area and not feel pressured in been hurried along. The modern open space reception felt sophisticated with a casual but elegant interior design, mainly trending with wood inspired materials. It was a clear indication of what was to come.

Walking to my suite, it was wonderful to be greeted by a vast mass of flora and fauna. The botanical gardens were stunning and set the tone of nature taking over and getting me right into the holiday mood.

Puente Romano Spa And Resort facilities

Puente Romano has a lot to offer regarding different day to day experiences. Relaxing by several pools around the resort was really nice. I liked how each pool offered a different vibe and each pool offered different food and drinks. When I wanted to venture out I had a stunning view and walk on the beach.

Famous Tennis Courts – Bjorn Borg

For those who are a lover of tennis the history here is astounding. Since Bjorn Borg opened the the tennis court club in 1979, Puente Romano has hosted iconic famous tennis players such as Boris Becker, John Mc Enroe, Roger Federer, Nadal Rafeal, both Dojkivic brothers and now Gracie Opulanza.

I was given a private tennis lesson by Antonio who actually works with the famous current top male seated players, including the Djokovic brothers. So from the onset I knew I was in for a real treat. I have not played tennis for over 10 years, but just like riding a bike and with specific attention to detail from Antonio I was up and running.

My poor form as a tennis player, soon turned into some heated up matches. For those that are not tennis fans, I would highly recommend taking some private lessons, it’s a real calorie burner too. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mate to play with, there were plenty of group matches happening on court too. This is a brilliant way to catch up with family, friends and even entertaining business guests. If you are a lover of paddle tennis, this is also the place to play. It was in Costa del Sol, that paddle tennis became famous.

Regarding what to wear, this is the perfect place to trend the latest in Sport lux wear on and off the court.

Six Senses Spa

Taking inspiration from the Six Senses philosophy combined with Puente Romano architecture and craftsmanship, is why this experience of the scents, sights and sounds of the Mediterranean was one of the best Spa experiences I’ve had in Europe so far. From a welcome drink of warm ginger tea to the tranquil atmosphere in the wet area, I was really impressed with this dedicated Spa area. This is not common in most resorts within Europe.

One of my favourite areas was the reception and lounge area with cosy swinging benches. In fact there were so many relaxing options such as the herbal steam room, sauna, hammam and the hydrotherapy pool. These were brilliant to use considering, I just moved house and my body was exhausted and aching.

I was given a signature olive oil and sea salt treatment for 90 minutes, and my skin and my body were left feeling alive and stimulated, perfect for the evening ahead.

La Plaza – #Puentelife365

La Plaza is the heart and soul of the resort and where I chose some amazing cocktails. It is centred in the middle of most of the restaurants and bars and therefore it is the perfect place to sip on a cocktail and do some people watching. Before dining out I chose to embrace the live music and soak up the vibrant atmosphere on the comfortable outdoor sofas. This was certainly the area to dress up and trend the latest in fashion and accessories. The live music was just amazing to listen too, it really reminded me of the movie Cocktail minus Tom Cruise himself.


I have been visiting Spain since 1998 and I know the cuisines and dishes very well. I have had the worse and the best experiences in luxury resorts regarding food. Normally the Spanish resorts compromise the dishes to cater for the guests and therefore the food presented has lost the essence of eating authentic Spanish food.

I do understand that this is an art itself to please so many international guests. So here at Puente Romano, they offer a very clever and unique eating experiences. They have strategically outsourced the restaurants to dedicated chefs who offer the perfect variety of international food around the globe. Therefore nothing is compromised and food standard is very high. It is why locals come and dine here too. Making a reservation here is imperative.

There are 11 exquisite international restaurants to choose here at Punete Romano, from Asia, to Italy to Japan, United Kingdom and Spanish of course, there is so much too choose by.

Paella & Rice Masterclass With Thomas Stork

I was so excited to meet master Chef Thomas Stork from Germany who was going to teach and cook for me from scratch two different types of Paella, one with local seafood and another with rabbit. Alongside this I was going to learn the art of cooking the famous Spanish tortilla which I am a lover of. Thomas has a passion for cooking and in his own words.

“Respect the product, respect the food. Creativity has no limits”. – Chef Thomas Stork

His simple and relaxed approach to making the best Paella I have ever tasted, is why I actually videoed the whole experience.  The location was in an open setting, right on the seafront. I loved Thomas vibe and energy that he created for the cooking class.

There were many guests watching in envy and this was also the perfect opportunity to keep on interrupting Master Chef Thomas. It is why I also loved the experience so much as food. Cooking outside is a beautiful way to bring everyone around the globe together.

Thomas taught me that being patient is the key to making a brilliant dish. With his relaxed nature, I had the utmost respect when he took it all in his stride, at the continuous interruption from other guests asking many questions and giving him the occasional advice on how to cook.

The tortilla was an interesting adventure for me as I finally realized why my version was never going to match his. In pure anticipation I watched how he was going to create the perfect tortilla and that was just magic. It tasted absolutely fabulous. I loved how he sat down with me and ate his own creation and in this I discovered that Thomas had his own style of creating food.

I would highly recommend booking a masterclass experience and also take the time to ask Thomas his top paella and rice tips.

Watch the video in envy and learn from the master himself.

El Chiringuito Sangria And Sunsets

El Chiringuito’s setting is second to none regarding location right on the seafront and with views of the Mediterranean sea. It is a restaurant that offers high quality dishes and wonderful wines and cocktails. The atmosphere here with a DJ playing a great variety of music was the perfect way for me to spent a Sunday afternoon.

The food, the staff and the presentation were excellent but at the same time it had a very relaxed feel to it. I opted for a spicy Mojito followed by some local cuisines and one of my favourites was the aubergine. I am a big lover of seafood, so I opted for local seabass covered in salt which took about 25 minutes to make but it was so worth it.

Make sure you book in advance and for those looking for a wedding venue, whilst I was here I witnessed a fabulous wedding and the atmosphere was divine. The setting was beautiful with fresh flowers and bright blue skies.

Sea Grill Dining with a View

The Sea Grill restaurant boasts beautiful Mediterranean energy, overlooking the sea with stunning views. The seafood selection here was amazing, fresh and beautifully presented. Combined with a fantastic variety of wines and cocktails it is why I would highly recommend eating here. Regarding the wine list, ask the experts what to choose with regards to matching your food choices.

It is a perfect environment for families and also hosting business clients. The staff are well trained and offer excellent customer service. As for the dessert they are divine and it is the reason why I would return in a heartbeat.


Situated in the heart of the resort in an open air terrace environment is breakfast. I had the option to have breakfast inside or outside. The buffet selection of endless fresh food is why breakfast caters for all international guests. The food was fresh and there were many hot options to opt to get you going for the day. The beverages were vast in choices and the local fresh fruit, figs and nuts were wonderful to experience.

Deluxe Junior Suite

My Deluxe Junior Suite had a very seaside feel about it. It was spacious at 60m². Both inside and outside there was a nice seating area. But my favourite area was the private terrace overlooking the garden. This was perfect with a nice bottle of wine together with some complimentary chocolates from Puente Romano.

The King bed was comfortable and the bed linen was fresh and felt lovely, it really had a Mediterranean ambiance. There was plenty of storage space and plenty of room for a long stay. The Plasma TV was huge and I am a big fan of in room portable tablets, which could be used within the resort. This allowed me to get updates on what was on offer on a day to day basis. Overall I had a real relaxing and restful nights sleep.

Persian Marble Bathroom

The Persian marble bathroom with double vanity was spacious and lovely to soak in the spa bath. It had a nice light feel to it and the separate shower was an added bonus. Especially coming from the beach in where I needed to wash of the sand. The towels were large and fluffy and to top it all off the aromatherapy amenities were lovely to use both on my body and in my hair.


I was hosted by a stunning lady named Jana from Estonia, which just completed my stay. She represented the passion and life that Puente Romano adheres too. Puente Romano staff understand the luxury of serving their guests no matter what. My stay at Puente Romano was one of the most diverse, vibrant and luxury experiences to date, regarding a resort in Europe.

After the endless entertainment and interaction with many different staff, I discovered that they love working here. Even on their day off some staff members would opt to pop in to see if their allocated area was running smoothly. This sends out a clear message on how Puente Romano value their staff let alone their guests.

It was also wonderful to be able to walk along the endless boulevard and soak up Marbella itself. Then to be able to return to the Puente Romano life and soak it up anytime of the year for 365 days.

Marbella combined with Puente Romano, is a unique part of Spain. On many occasions I had to reflect and take in that life is there for the taking, right here right now.

Thank you so very much to all the staff at Puente Romano you made my stay memorable.


  • Room Reviewed: Deluxe Junior Suite
  • Website:
  • Address: Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella, Málaga, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 82 09 00

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Claris Hotel & Spa 5 * GL Monument – Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia Sat, 28 Oct 2017 10:52:50 +0000 Barcelona is one of my top destinations to visit for its relaxing culture, shopping and eating in Spain. Today it was great to be back thanks to MSF and my host the Claris Hotel & Spa. The hotel is situated right in the heart of this vibrant city, a street away from the Paseig de Gracia. It is only a 5 minute walk to the main shopping street and major avenue of Barcelona. The Passeig de Gracia is also one of Barcelona’s most important business areas and also contains several of the city’s most celebrated pieces of architecture.


I was greeted by lovely staff members who thoroughly explained to me the unique aspects of the hotel. In entering the reception area the immediate ambiance and interior design stood out, thee interior consisted of original roman, Egyptian and Hindu art and this is what makes this hotel unique. This theme of historical accessories is also continued throughout the hotel, including the luxury suites and rooms. The Claris Hotel & Spa is part of Design Hotels a network of over 300 independently owned small boutique and luxury hotels in over 50 countries worldwide.

La Terraza del Claris

La Terraza De Claris is a very spacious rooftop area, and has wonderful views over Barcelona. The seating area was comfortable and the swimming pool was perfect for a nice relaxing stay. Drinking a bottle of Cava here was the perfect way to soak up the Spanish weather. As day turned into night, the restaurant which is located next to the swimming pool on the hotel’s rooftop, La Terraza del Claris is the perfect place to enjoy summer or winter nights at a glass-enclosed restaurant.

Kripta Cava, I loved the shape of the bottle.

The young vibrant chefs created some special “off the menu cuisines” for me and they were delicious. I could feel their passion and heart literally on each dish that was served. The Mediterranean-inspired signature cuisine with a variety of set menu and a la carte options, is well worth taking the time to try. The setting was unique and it was great to host local business guests which on this occasion I did.

“I was amazed how much they used the spoon, to get a perfect end result regarding the presentation of the dishes.”


The buffet breakfast offered fresh and ample selections of food to start off the day. I am a big fan of Spanish cuisine and this buffet was a nice introduction to the Spanish and Catalan culinary experience. The fresh fruit and local meat options were lovely to eat so early in the morning. On my second morning I had to leave at 5 am in the morning and therefore the takeaway option was simple but sufficient. Lots to choose by and the packing was very well presented. I liked the fresh fruit that was given too.

“Breakfast at Claris Hotel Barcelona, is all about excellent customer service with a relaxed appeal to it.”

Grand Suite Duplex

I stayed at a stunning suite called Grand Suite Duplex a 50 m² duplex split-level room. The first floor area was a lovely sitting area which features a fire place, coffee machine and a separate bathroom and toilet facilities and had a large floor to ceiling windows.  I loved the fact that I could peek out of the windows and observe the adventures of Barcelona. I adored the gorgeous wooden interior storage for my clothes and the cosy lounge. On this lounge I just layed for hours soaking up the interior room design.

This Grand Suite Duplex, was brilliant for having many business meetings throughout my stay. Due to the split level concept, above I had my very own private bedroom with a complete marble bathroom. I could be messy in this area, in my private den because no one needed to to see this hidden part of the suite. I loved the concept and the feel it had.

After a very long day, I was greeted by a huge bed with 12 pillows and it was very cosy and comfortable to sleep in. Tucked away were more unique original  art works.  The ambiance was so relaxing and to have this separate space with another toilet bath and shower was wonderful.


The oval marble bath was brilliant to soak up all my thoughts for the week.  It was spacious comfortable and I liked the added bath salt options too. The double sink with two mirrors was why there was never an argument regarding which sink belong to whom. We could just take our time and just simply reflect and relax in this very spacious bathroom. The massive soft towels and bathroom amenities  just completed this luxury stay. It really made all the difference to how I felt and reacted in regards to my sleep.

This very spacious duplex was steeped in artworks which added to the luxury experience. I loved to walk barefoot in this suite because of the warm feel of the oak floorboards, it was a luxury pampering experience to my feet. It was so also nice as a yoga mat replacement for distressing and stretching exercises using the floor.


Hotels can be as opulent as they wish, but for me time and time again the important factor are the people that are willing to serve and understand that art. The Claris Hotel & Spa had it it all. This hotel is situated in a perfect setting in where I could choose to experience Barcelona anytime of the day and night by foot. I am a lover of fine art and there was a museum as part of the hotel, in where I could explore the history of why the hotel features unique pieces of art work. I can recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay central in Barcelona and that appreciates art & design. Make sure to take the time to sit on the terrace and reflect and take in the Spanish and Catalan culture with a local Cava.


  • Room reviewed: Grand Suite Duplex – prices form €297 a night.
  • Website:
  • Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 150, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 934 87 62 62

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Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park Reviewed Wed, 11 Oct 2017 10:01:58 +0000 Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park is a luxury hotel in the heart of Silom, Bangkok’s business district and very close to Lumpini park. It is only a couple of minutes walk to both Silom and Sala Deang stations, which means within two stops I can be in the central shopping district of Bangkok. The Crowne Plaza is also within a 10 minute walking distance of the famous Patpong night market in Bangkok. This location makes this hotel well suited for both business and leisure travellers. What is a bit unusual is that the hotel starts at the 23rd floor, it means that all rooms have impressive views over Bangkok. At the ground floor there is staff to help you with your luggage and there is also a small coffee shop to grab some last minute things for when you leave the hotel.

Reception Area

The reception area was impressive as it had a huge atrium. The decor was classy and looked very oriental in its design. As you can expect in the land of smiles, my welcome was friendly and relaxed. The Lobby floor also housed the Panorama restaurant which was used for breakfast and on my occasion the Sunday Brunch.

The Panaroma restaurant and Lobby area viewed from the huge atrium.

Club Lounge

The room that I booked came also with access to the Club Lounge. And as I had checked in quiet early I still could access it to have some breakfast. This lounge is open daily from 6:30am to 11pm at night. The Club Lounge is located right above the Atrium and is huge in size and open space. The design was completely different from the reception area, it felt much more Scandinavian, with lighter colours and designer furniture. The lounge had plenty of different areas to relax in, from a TV room, to lounge room, to eating areas and also some office cubicles to work from when needed. The Club Lounge is perfect for business meetings and catching up on work and also as a chill out area. The breakfast was excellent here, there were some buffet items as well as a la carte options. Important for me was that they served proper coffee and tea.

I enjoyed the club lounge not only for breakfast but also for Tea Time in the afternoon. In the evening from 5pm to 8pm I had endless choices of cocktails and wine along side some fabulous small fresh bites of food. The staff were friendly and nothing was too much of an effort.

Panorama Restaurant And Bar

As I arrived on Sunday I had the chance to experience the Sunday Brunch at the Panorama restaurant. This restaurant which is set in an informal setting yet modern and sleek has some of the best of Thai, Asian and International cuisine. The Sunday brunch experience is a hugely competitive market in Bangkok and I could see it here. All the food was fresh and of high standard and was also displayed perfectly. What I loved was the big open kitchen in which I could see the food being prepared. The views over Bangkok were wonderful to take in whilst I tucked away a sweat prawn.

The overwhelming variety of food was fantastic. The buffet was beautifully presented and the wealth of international and Asian dishes to choose from was why it was one of the best buffet experiences I’ve had. The seafood section had a dedicated area in where I could opt for as many varieties as possible. The selection of international beef and vegetables was also beautifully done and freshly made.

The dessert section was a mix of European and Asian delights, and the coffee was excellent too. This is a very high standard buffet brunch and perfect for hosting business clients or eating with family and friends. The live music was like icing on a cake, it set a wonderful tone of affordable luxury dining with a very high standard of food and customer care.

Breakfast was also served at the Panorama and again there were many buffet choices as well as a la carte options to indulge in. My favourites here were all the fresh fruits and the Asian curries. Once again everything was well presented and the staff made me feel very welcome and relaxed. After my second night I had to fly out very early and I chose the grab and go breakfast which had plenty of food to choose buy and was well packaged and easy to travel with.

King Bed Club Deluxe Nonsmoking

I stayed at the King Bed Club Deluxe room which with a space of 46sqm was huge. The room had spectacular views of the Bangkok skyline and I could also see Lumpini park from here. There was a spacious curved desk which was perfect for me to catch up on work. The king size bed was big and cosy with massive pillows. The decor of the room matched that of the Club lounge and it felt very Scandinavian in design. I loved the alarm clock which also doubles up as a iPhone docking station. Overall the room was great and having the club lounge access granted me exclusive access for afternoon teas and evening cocktails.


The bathroom was huge as well. It had a separate shower and bath and a double sink with large mirror area. What I love also was the Japanese toilet with heated seats, I wish I would see these more in Europe.

Swimming Pool And Gym

A 5 star hotel in a hot country like Thailand is nothing without an outdoor swimming pool. The Crowne Plaza rooftop pool offers amazing views over Bangkok both day and night. It had plenty of lounges to chill out on there was also a heated whirlpool. For those that want to work out the gym is right next to pool area and there is also a Spa area to get some massage treatments that Thailand is famous for.


The Crowne Plaza is a only stones throw away from Lumpini Park and is connected very well via public transport. It is very central in Bangkok and is in a wonderful area to capture how the locals live and go about their lives. There is a shopping centre close by if you choose to stay locally. The rooms and facilities are modern and there is plenty of good in house food options for those that want to. The club lounge is an oasis of calm in a hectic city like Bangkok, and if you need time to relax and unwind this should be used. The staff looked after me well and the hotel had a great atmosphere to it. Thanks for a fabulous stay.


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Fusion Maia Danang Vietnam – Luxury Spa & Resort Review Sun, 01 Oct 2017 12:22:06 +0000 I am at my final two days stay in Vietnam and its 5:30am, and here I am observing a stunning sunrise, thanks to Fusion Maia in Danang. Situated right on the beach is a luxury spa hotel which was mindfully created with inspired healing therapies. The holistic therapies fuse Reiki energy healing with traditional therapeutic treatments. Fusion Maia has a seven day programme in which I could choose any treatments I liked at any time with either a male or female therapist. All Spa treatments are included in the price of your stay no matter how long your stay is.

Fusion Maia’s ultimate inspirational, wellness inclusive lifestyle services are a unique holiday experience. With the individualised care, I could immerse myself in thoughtfully created wellness experiences and let layers of tension and stress slip away. I had eight treatments and they were brilliant, but I will tell more about that in a seperate review of the Spa Services. In this review I will focus on the resort and its non spa facilities.


The entrance to the Fusion Maia was already a statement itself, driving through a narrow road leading me through a tropical jungle tunnel which was a clear indication that nature comes first here. The reception was a simple open area where I was quickly checked in and where the staff prepared me for my next few days of pampering and being served.

The staff were well trained and understood how to work with me during my stay. No matter where I was in the hotel, the staff always made me feel welcome. They took the time to talk to me, which was a nice personal touch. The Fusion Maia team really prides itself as a unit of consistent serving, working as a whole team to simply serve me. Their relaxed approach to catering for guests is why my stay was a very memorable one.


Breakfast can be eaten anytime and anywhere, which I thought was a fabulous idea, especially if you have children that wake up at different times and have their own needs. It really took a lot of early morning pressures away.

Breakfast was well thought out here, regarding nutritional options to cater for all international guests. The food ranged from dishes inspired by Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Korea and I could even order an Australian steak.

There were so many unique and interesting dishes to choose by and pastries too. I could also choose from a fabulous set menu which had some unique, delicious inspiring food. One of my favourite was the tropical sunshine smoothie bowl, it is a must try. If you are staying here for seven days, the food choice is endless.

The beverages and juices here were fantastic too. There were so many interesting combinations of healthy detoxing drinks it was a fabulous experience. The coffee, was made to perfection as well. There is an additional buffet option which is open from the early morning till 10:30am, but you can order your extra breakfast dishes anytime of the day and you can ask for it to be served wherever you like, at your private pool or even on the beach.

Infinity Pool

If there is a description regarding heaven on earth, well the swimming pool was the place for it. The infinity pool was brilliantly placed to be able to overlook the South China Sea at any time of the day. Even in the evening this pool was magical. The seating options were endless and for those who want a more private swim. There is another pool at the Spa area which is only for adults and was tucked away in a secluded tropical garden.

What I was amazed about when I sat here during the evening, there were no mosquitoes. It was truly wonderful to sit here at Fusion Maia late at night and listen to the calm sea.

Pool Villa One Bedroom

I stayed at a villa which had its own private pool. This indoor 55m2 and outdoor 33m2 villa was a fabulous hideaway. With all spa treatments included and breakfast anytime, anyplace this was so relaxing.

I also had my own coffee machine, which is not common in Vietnam hotels.  One of my favourite parts of the villa, was the see through glass that overlooked the pool from the bathroom. The bathroom was big and I loved the granite throughout the bathroom. The gold double sink, was gorgeous to use and the fluffy large towels were pure luxury. Regarding my sleep, the double bed, was big and including my massive pillows I rested very well here. There was also plenty of charging stations here for me to work and soak up this private villa, there was a good working space within this villa.

The outdoor area had plenty of places to rest including a sofa lounge and was surrounded by a tropical garden. My children at night would with a torch explore the little creatures lurking around with us. They loved swimming naked in the pool as no one else could see them. The outdoor sofa overlooking the pool with this space was brilliant and it made my stay very relaxing.

Children’s Club

For two hours per day there is an option where the children can experience their own luxury stay. They can have treatments such as a manicure, pedicure, getting their hair done or creative arts. The children can also have a private cinema experience with fresh popcorn and local fruits. They can watch their own private movie in a very loud cinema. My children could not wait for the children’s club experience every day.


Fusion Maia has an excellent reputation throughout Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. It is why during my stay I spoke to many Asian guests who return here year after year. The surroundings are very clean, and the private access to the beach which is not saturated with people, is becoming increasingly rare to find these days. Fusion Maia is a life changing experience for those seeking a spiritual journey. The food the accommodation, the spa and the staff is why, this has to be one of my top five stays in Asia so far. Danang International airport is only a 20 minute drive, so after a long flight this is true bliss. Until we meet again, thank you for pampering me and my family.

Spa pool area – Adults only


  • Room reviewed: 1 Bedroom Pool Villa
  • Website:
  • Address: Võ Nguyên Giáp, Q. Ngũ Hành Sơn, Đà Nẵng 557276, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 236 3967 999

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