Trainers Update – Four Top Labels To Walk in Style

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Trainers Update

Walk along your local high-street today and look at how many people are wearing the famous Converse Chuck Taylor canvas hi-tops. Chances are, a lot. They are everywhere at the moment. Worn by men and women alike, the classic trainer – originally designed for the basketball courts – has become an integral part of the footwear world, taking its place at the top table along with other familiar streetwear / fashion crossovers including the Nike Blazer Hi-top and Vans Mids.

What I don’t get however is that with so much choice in today’s fashion retail sector, why are so many people still playing it so safe? It’s not even as if they’re wearing one of the plethora of versions Converse have on offer; you could have a stars and stripes pair or a gleaming turquoise pair or even a plain black leather pair but alas no, everywhere I look people are strolling about in the classic white hi-tops with the famous blue and red stripes around the upper of the sole and the converse insignia stitched onto the side of the ankle. Come on gents, surely we can think a little outside the box.

Here’s some suggestions that mean you won’t look like everyone else this year.

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