Male Lace Underwear – A Fad or a New Trend

men's lace underwear

Male Lace Underwear

I noticed a man wearing a pair of lacey underwear and it left an impact on me personally. This very nontraditional lace boy short comprised of 85% nylon material, 15% spandex definitely got me pondering.

How comfortable on men  the biggest question? The idea, of men wearing lace underwear made me giggle. Then I considered, well why not? The power of underwear and how it makes us feel is important to understand. Over the years men like to show part of their underwear and the label they own while wearing jeans. Nice feeling underwear gives you a good ego boost. It shows you care about every part of your wardrobe. So would you want to show the public that the new man’s trend is wearing lace underwear? It certainly would create an interesting stir.

From the bedroom perspective men enjoy women in their lace lingerie so it should create the same effect for us? If you are looking to try a new trend go for it. Lace lingerie is a great gift and certainly will get your man thinking? They’ve started to leave me feeling positive for the future of lace undies on men. A great company that can help you with your choice of undies is UndieGuys.

Male Lace Underwear a Fad Or A New Trend

We would like to hear your opinion about the subject of male lace underwear. Is this a fad or a new trend in which the boundaries of Male Fashion or more and more being broken.

men's male lace underwear 2012

red men's male lace underwear

men's male lace underwear

men's male lace underwear

men's male lace underwear

23 Responses

  1. shoesmaketheman

    I like it! Methinks I may just explore this further. Love the black boxers.

  2. Robert

    Interesting… A lot of men’s fashion is now heading in the direction of giving guys multiple choices than the stereotypical shirt and pants.  I don’t know if this will be appealing to most guys but there is a couple demographics that I think will really get into this.

  3. JimboR

    I love it. I’ve always felt sexy wearing my wife’s lace panties, but when people find out they think I’m gay. Not so! Why should only ladies get to wear lacy things?

  4. Asnawijacq

    From my own perception,it is kinda girlish in style or make it more masculline in look.but im not to say not to others,let we see what others will say

  5. Red

    I think men should be allowed to get off of the standards en show more guts. In reality this lace thing for men is not really acceptable (yet). I have 2 pair in my closet, but will not wear them when I’m going to a gym for example. However my wife likes them, but only if they’re not too feminin. For me they are too stay.

  6. Duncan

    Love this! I have been wearing G strings for years and now lace as well, awesome. I’m very hetrosexual, mature age and my woman loves me wearing silky undies.

  7. David

    Consider for a moment that the peacock is the pretty one and that men first had lace and ruffles back in the 18th. You are left wondering why the hell being lacy was just for the girls now. Hell back in the day Ruff, Stockings and Corsets were worn by men.

  8. thatsrich

    When I bought my first pair of lace shorts my wife said ‘they are very endearing’. Not quite sure what that means, but she can’t keep her hands of me when I wear them… or one of the many other pairs of lace underwear I now own!

  9. Scott

    Trend towards more freedom for men one hopes. So tired of the same old things. Lack of choices. It would nice some day to be able fashion freedom for once.

  10. David

    Ehhh. I don’t really buy it as a fashion trend. This isn’t new strictly because it’s been considered a fetish fashion for ages now. I believe silk, however may have a comeback. I personally have never worn lace, so I cannot comment on comfort, but I don’t see it being THAT comfortable.

  11. Paul

    At first I said no way, then I bought a pair, I love them. They look f**king hot, and I feel hot in them.. I hope lace for men, is here to stay.

  12. Sestar

    Absolutely disgusting! The patterns and the cut are far to feminine. You guys can’t be serious!!’n

  13. vishal

    I think men should have use lace underware. It looks very nice on them too. I would like to say plase accept the new changes as you are completely taking care of each & every part of your wardrobe. Do wear lace lingerie and enjoy… 🙂

  14. Anthony

    The exciting part for me is possibly the taboo of wearing girls( and I don’t mean little girls) panties – I love that word..You might say I’m hooked. Lace underwear made for men would not interest me at all. It’s the girly thing that gets me going and thankfully my wife is not turned off by it. The other day I bought us matching 4 packs of Jockey for Women..

  15. Happy Hopping

    In the 19th century, the word “lingerie” means “entice”, and it’s for women to entice men. But it’s now 21st century, and men & women are equal, so men should wear any kind of lace panties to entice their women.


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