Wearable Technology – Trend Or Everyday Essentials

Wearable technology has recently entered into the mainstream thanks to products such as the FitBit, the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. But has the novelty aspect of these devices started to wear off? Wearable technology is only in its infancy and although some items are starting to see a decline, other more practical and wider ranging applications are being developed.


Health and fitness

This is probably the biggest sector that wearables are starting to make an impact in, with the FitBit leading the pack with 16 million active users according to Statista. Still, there are so many other ways in which wearable technology can be used. The sporting sector is starting to see development with trends for smart fabric, which are able to monitor heart rate and stress levels, and smart sensors to assist sporting professionals in monitoring precision and timing.

Wearable devices are a great way to monitor vital signs, such as blood pressure, diabetes and stress levels.  For example, various patches are available to continuously monitor glucose levels in type 1 diabetes. With the emergence of more monitoring and ingestible devices, the application in the medical field will grow massively in the future.


Hybrid watches have started to become popular, with high-end brands such as Fossil and Tag Heuer creating smartwatches. Wearable technology is not only limited to watches, as it could be incorporated into many different items such as clothing, glasses and other jewellery, making wearable technology fashionable as well as practical. A smartwatch has the ability to push instant notifications, track daily steps and sports activities and so on, but as more high fashion and watch brands get involved, we’re certainly going to start seeing very glamorous and elegant versions of such gadgets.


Gaming is an area where we are likely to see a lot of development in the future with devices being developed to create virtual reality gaming worlds or act as controllers for virtual reality as well as traditional gaming experiences. Headsets are already available to hold mobile phones to to broadcast virtual reality content and advancements in this area will improve both the technology and the experience.

Wearable technology in gaming, however, isn’t just restricted to the virtual reality world as we have seen with the Apple Watch having apps available like Thunderstruck II, which is a slot machine game. The potential for gaming with wearable devices is great and with casinos like mFortune offering no deposit casino access and allowing you to add the cost of your games onto your mobile phone bill, tech has never been more able to provide a fully streamlined on the move gaming experience.

Not just for humans either

Wearable devices can also be used on animals to help you track your pet, be it a dog or cat. No longer will you be wondering what your cat gets up to all day and whose houses they visit, as you’ll be able to track his or her movements through GPS software devices attached to their collar.

With such a wide range of applications for wearable technology, it’s highly unlikely to be proven a fad. Indeed, wearable tech seems to be moving towards becoming a vital part of our lives, especially as technology progresses and market potential grows. Who knows what the future brings for this type of technology. We, for one, are very excited.

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