Working Wardrobe – Our Seven Top Tips

Standing out sartorially in the office is a finer line than an Architects Rotring. While pure self-advancement might be top of your do list, it’s not as simple as the cliché of dressing for the job you want. Thanks to the sheer multitude of clothing options and style advice that is available today, your clothing now needs to fit your role and the organisation you’re in. Stand out too much and you’ll tread on snakes rather than ladders.

Most kinds of corporate style articles of articles will advise you being clad in tie bars and pocket squares, which is a slippery slope towards peacockery and besides, that whole Mad Men thing is as dated as, well, The Office. Below are some top tips for ways in which to appear less dull at your place of employment that shouldn’t earn your colleagues’ ridicule.

Double Trouble

Double-breasted suits were a fixture of offices in the eighties; today, they see about as much use as fax machines. Time to dial things back, and up. With this in mind, a plain DB is less of a statement than a patterned suit but still a cut above your average two-piece. If sharply tailored, it will flatter your physique rather fatten it, simultaneously widening your torso and narrowing your waist faster than a Joe Wicks workout. The DB can skew classic or contemporary, corporate or creative. Yes, it requires a bit of know-how and gumption to pull off, which is why most men swerve it. You’re highlighting the fact that you’re not most men.

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