The office. For a lot of us, it is where we spend the majority of our time. And yet, despite spending most of our day there, we are still sometimes caught off guard with spontaneous work nights out or poor weather catching us by surprise, or a client deciding to walk in for an emergency meeting.

With that in mind, we have a list of 10 items that you should have in your office or at your desk that can help you be prepared for anything. These items have come to the rescue for many, and they can do the same for you too.

Water Bottle

The first thing is first; it is vital that you stay hydrated throughout the day. In doing so, you give yourself the best chance to be creative, organised and most importantly, keep you awake.

Keep your water bottle topped up whenever you run low and you will notice the energy levels in your shift. Additionally, every time you reuse your water bottle, you’re saving the environment and that is a nice thought to have. One-Off purchase for a few pounds can give you a lifetime water bottle. Stay hydrated!


As much as communication is an important part of working in some offices, another important part is actually getting work done. Sometimes you need to shut the white noise of the office out so allow you to focus.

Headphones/Earphones are great at doing just that. Whether you listen to a podcast, or music, or an audiobook is entirely up to you; whatever you think will be most beneficial to your workload.

By keeping a pair at your desk, they are a lifesaver if you forget your preferred pair at home or in the car. Additionally, even if they aren’t the best quality headphones, the sight of having them in your ear will deter any co-workers from distracting you.


Energetic Snack

Everyone who has worked in an office knows that some days are just more difficult than others. You can’t keep your eyes open for whatever reason and all hope seems lost.

Invest in a healthy energetic snack, like fruit and nuts, as a mid-afternoon pick me up and your productivity will be maintained throughout the afternoon. Don’t pick anything too heavy as you will most likely be ingesting this after lunch, so keep it light and delicious.

Don’t fall into the trap of eating them all at once. Otherwise, you’ll just feel worse for it and you’re a pack of nuts down. Nobody wants that.

Stress Toy

Some days are just too much to handle, especially when you have that one client that just doesn’t get it, a boss who is on your back or even a co-worker who just breathed a little too loudly.

A stress toy is a helpful investment that can just help take the edge off when it all gets too much. A couple of squeezes and a few deep breaths can help just relax a little bit and provide a clearer mind to think with.

It is definitely handier to keep a stress toy at your desk than having to replace your computer after you put a hole in it. Plus, there are some funny stress toys out there that can add a bit of personality to your desk.

A Big Mug

Your office most likely already provides mugs and there is probably nothing wrong with them. But none of them is your mug. If you bring in your own mug, you can (depending on the size) hold significantly more tea or coffee.

This can have many advantages such as fewer tea breaks, which means more work gets done, a larger boost in caffeine which means more work gets done and everyone will know it’s your mug & will bring you tea or coffee in it, which means you’re not making as much tea and you guessed it, more work gets done.

Additionally, you know that you are not sharing a mug with someone who could have a cold and potentially passing it on to you.

Furthermore, once you bring it into the office once, you don’t have to worry about taking it with you to and from work. You can leave it in the office cupboard.

coffee and tea mug

Chewing Gum or Breath Mints

You spend a lot of your time at your desk and there isn’t a lot of opportunities to freshen up. If you have a busy day with a lot of meetings, you are going to want to make sure that you present yourself in the best manner possible.

And because of some quick turnaround times between meetings, sometimes all you have to do is freshen up your breath. That is where the pack of gum/mints you keep in your drawer comes to hand.

It is just a quick burst of mint that can turn that initial introduction/greeting into a make or break. It is the little things that end up playing the biggest part.

Additionally, throughout the day, chewing gum can help prevent inappropriate snacking as your taste buds get hit with a punch of flavour. A good essential to keep at your desk that can cost less than a pound.


Similarly to the gum, a can of deodorant is another great essential to keep in the office, especially throughout the summer and the workplace gets a lot warmer than usual.

Some deodorant wouldn’t go amiss, just for your own sake. There is nothing worse sitting at your desk knowing that you are sweating and there is nothing you can do about it. Having an emergency can in the drawer, it just means that you can give yourself a quick spray and get back to business.

USB Stick

A spare USB stick can go a long way in the world of business. They always seem to be one of the items that you can never find when you need them. By keeping them in your drawer, you remove this problem and you will always have one to hand.

Having a USB stick in your drawer just shows that you are in control and ready to transport data whenever you need it too. They provide a quick and easy resolution and can always be counted on.

Just make sure you actually transfer the files over correctly…

USB Stick

Knick Knacks (in Moderation)

Knick Knacks are a great way to show a bit of personality. They are harmless and really present your fun side. They can be anything you like from a fun coaster to a toy car or even that special something that a special someone gave you.

It can act as a touching sentiment to a special someone and can comfort you on those stressful days where nothing seems to go your way. Do take this with a pinch of salt as too many knick-knacks cause clutter and clutter can be distracting which is what you are trying to avoid.

Pick one or two knick-knacks, place them on your desk, and whenever you need a little break, you’ve got something quirky on your desk to play with!

Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals

When you are feeling under the weather, and you’ve got a throbbing headache, there is nothing worse than being helpless with no paracetamol. Buy a pack of over the counter ibuprofen or paracetamol and you know on those days where your body isn’t on the same page as you are, you’ve got something to help you get through the day.

Also, there will be many a time where you can come to your colleague’s rescue when they are in the same position and ask you if you have any, to which you can say ‘yes, yes I do have some’.

10 Items to Keep in your Office or At Your Desk

These 10 items should be in your office or at your desk now, and if they aren’t that’s ok! They are all very easy to access or purchase if you don’t have them already.

By having these pieces at your workplace, they can help you be more productive, show that you mean business and get the results that you have been striving for!

About The Author

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