When some people shop, they prefer to do so for outfits that they can turn to regularly. They stick to their own style and aren’t afraid to pay a bit more for a complete look. This, however, can prove to be a rather expensive and one-dimensional way to build a wardrobe. There might be a bit of convenience to be found in the fact that you don’t have to think about what pieces in your closet pair well together, but you end up with a wardrobe that isn’t in the least bit versatile.

This is why many people turn to the concept of a capsule wardrobe. When you build a capsule wardrobe for yourself, you acquire a variety of pieces that suit your style, and that can be mixed and matched together for a wider variety of outfits. Because you are meant to purchase your clothes with the intent of sticking to some key guidelines, you know that the majority of your pieces can be used with one another.

If you are looking to implement this idea for yourself, here are three things that you will need to include that are essential for any men’s capsule wardrobe.

1. Neutral Trousers

While it isn’t necessary to build all of your outfits from the bottoms up, purchasing a few pairs of neutral coloured trousers is going to be a solid first step in building your capsule wardrobe. This is because it is much easier to build variety in your wardrobe when you opt to do so with different tops that can be paired with neutral trousers.

Some styles to look for right off the bat include structured jeans and some quality pairs of chinos for men. Such pieces can be paired with a variety of tops for multiple occasions. This is going to help take the bulk of the guesswork out of choosing your outfits every day.

Neutral chino trousers for men


2. Plain T-Shirts

Another staple that every men’s capsule wardrobe should have is a collection of plain, well-fitted t-shirts. By going with plain shirts, you can avoid much of the hassle that accompanies trying to pair a bold patterned shirt with a complementary pair of trousers. You can also pair such shirts with a variety of sweaters, cardigans, or jackets depending on what your style and the time of year dictate.

plain t-shirts for men

3. Oxford Shirts

When you need to dress for an occasion that required more than a simple t-shirt, your go-to choice will undoubtedly be an oxford shirt. Such shirts are not as formal as classic button-down shirts and can be worn on such occasions as nicer meals out or casual work events.

With the oxford shirts you go with, you will again want to err on the more neutral side in colour. Blues, greys, and whites are excellent options that will go nicely with jeans or chinos. You can even top off your look with a jacket if the occasion calls for one.

black oxford style shirt for men