Getting your mom something that shows you care may feel like a daunting task. Truth is, all you need is a genuine desire to make her happy and the right ideas. The following are five unique Mother’s Day gifts to consider.

1. Custom Flower Boxes

You probably know what flowers and colors your mom likes. Why not customize a flower box for your mom? You can add all sorts of things to the box, like delicious chocolates or maybe a little wine if your mom is cool with that. A flower box somehow captures love and care, which is what you want. Be sure to plan this ahead of time because these places usually get swamped with orders around the holidays.

Flower Box

2. Beautiful Jewelry

Sometimes, the best thing to give your mother is the perfect jewelry piece. People try to stay away from jewelry because it’s hard to pick, but you don’t have to worry about that too much. You want something understated that could match anything like sterling silver rings. You might want to engrave the piece with an important date or a word that adds a personal touch to the gift.

3. Spa Day

You could just give your mom a spa day. There are bound to be a few spa salons around your neighborhood. Choose one that has a decent amount of good reviews, and send her there for a day of relaxation. If you want to ensure the experience is a good one, consider visiting the establishment and testing out their services, just to be sure the place fits your standards. Your mom needs a break from the stress of life, which could make this the perfect gift.

Spa Day

4. Gift of Song

Songwriters and singers are offering their services for occasions like this. Now, if you can sing and write a song on your own, then this could be a special gift, but you can still give your mom a song even if you can’t sing. All you need to do is hire a singer/songwriter to write something for your mom. They’ll ask a few questions to personalize the song. Then, they’ll sing it for your mom, which is going to be sweet.

5. Fine Sweater

Go for a sweet but simple sweater. You want something without many decorative touches unless you know your mom will love it. Choose a color you know your mom loves to use or go for universal colors like white, black, or grey. You want the sweater to be made out of fine material to make this a special gift. Think of cashmere or fine alpaca. Both materials are quite luxurious and make for a beautiful sweater.

 These are just some of the unique gifts you can give your mom, but there are many more. You can have an artist paint your mom a portrait among many other things. Choose something that’s from the heart, and your mom will know it’s a good gift.