Though they may not be broken, exterior doors can look bad after staying for a long time without being taken care of. There are many ways in which you can change the look of the exterior side of your home. You can do landscaping, add another coat to the wearing out paint or even replace the entire door.

Of the three mentioned ways, replacing the entire entry door is the most preferred. It not only makes your house more beautiful, but most of the replaced new entries are also made of an up to date material that is more durable and will last longer compared to if you had repaired the old doors. The doors are also made of the latest design, meaning your house will look new and better. Here are benefits that a homeowner gets when he replaces his exterior doors, according to North Total Home Windows and Doors.

1. Security

You enter your house using the front door; the same way intruders will break into your home using the front door. Today, technology has advanced, and most exterior doors are made of quality material to prevent forced entry.

Unlike old doors, today’s doors are made of quality and strong fibreglass and other materials that have locks for added security. These doors have moulded pieces that are glued together using the latest techniques like industrial lasers or the latest adhesives.

For secure locking, they feature the latest locking systems and wide-angle peepholes. Replace the wooden frames with frames made of steel to make them match with the door. By doing so, you secure your family from intruders as well as enhancing appearance.

2. Durability

We are in the 21st century, so do not expect your new door to have low-quality wood. Most of the entries are made of steel and fibreglass whose durability is incomparable with the past ones. These front doors do not require constant repainting because they resist weather changes. This means that although they are a bit expensive compared to the wood that was used in the past, their maintenance costs are low.

Forget about chipping, peeling or bubbling, because the materials used to make them are resistant to these. Today’s paint contains polyurethane and ultraviolet formula that makes it last long on your door. After installation, ensure you apply more than two coats of paint and watch your door last you for years.

3. Energy efficient

Nowadays, door manufactures have considered factoring in weather changes as they make the doors. During winter, your door will help maintain heat in the house and let heat out during summer.

The polyurethane material foam insulation found on most of the fibreglass and steel doors is responsible for insulation. At the bottom, they have built-in weatherstripping that prevents wind or snow from getting to the house.

4. Appeal

Isn’t it so obvious that the latest front doors have a better look than the old ones? Besides, buying a new door will make your home look all new again. The exterior doors create the first impression of your house. Repairing might leave some marks of blocked holes and old paintings which are unattractive. Make sure you go for an attractive color.

5. Control light and view

We know that views and light are mostly associated with windows, but doors also contribute to this. With a door that is fully covered with metal or wood, your house will be darker and less homely. Entries also create views. However, ensure you consider privacy as you look for views from light from your door.

You will never go wrong with replacing your exterior doors. However, it is essential to consider the type of material you are going for, its durability and the amount of security it can offer.

6. Better resale value

At some point, you would want to sell your home. It is, without a doubt, when that time comes when you realise why replacing your front doors was such a prudent decision. Most homeowners will check whether you have replaced your doors and windows before giving you a quote. If you have replaced them, you are more likely to getter a better quote than someone with older windows and doors.