Day 1 & 2 – Car Pick Up and Sussex

The Luxury Drop Off

With supercars such as the Bentley Bentayga, it’s not only the drive that Bentley takes seriously. So whilst waiting at Gatwick Airport, I was so thrilled to witness what I call one brilliant statement drop off. It was dropped off in a closed truck. The reason was simple the Bentayga would be clean and have a full tank, ready for me to exit with a statement. As the Bentayga was slowly unloaded, a crowd was building and Police started to flock around, also intrigued and pondering. Who is the women behind the Bentley Bentayga? Do women like supercars too?

After having an entourage of men, making sure I was safe and on my way. I decided to tour open spaces just to get used to this powerful beast.

Lancing College

I am very familiar with Sussex and right from the onset I knew exactly where to head first. Private schooling within the UK is a statement of prestige and has an element of exclusivity. In the world of luxury if one can afford the finest of education, then the Bentley Bentayga is certainly the SUV in where your child will be dropped of in style. Welcome to Luxury School Drop off.  To test my theory, I decided to arrive unannounced at Lancing College. I was a teacher both in the public and private sector in the UK, so I certainly understand the protocol and also was prepared to be turned away. I slowly drove up this magnificent drive way and was imagining how a child would feel being dropped off in this ostentatious SUV. I stopped to take an Instagram shot, then to be greeted by one of the staff. This was the moment of truth! Rejected, ejected or allowed in.

In the purest of old school English accent. I was greeted with these words.

What on earth are your driving? Is that a Bentley?

Once explaining my purpose, I was allowed in to play. The setting and the grounds were truly breathtaking.

Bentley Bentayga – Touring The Fastest Luxury Diesel SUV

My friend playing Daddy cool with his son (after my School experience).

Bentley Bentayga – Touring The Fastest Luxury Diesel SUV Bentley Bentayga – Touring The Fastest Luxury Diesel SUV

Brighton and Hove

After getting used to the size of the Betayga, she is, after all, a whopping 5.14 metres long, I decided to venture into Brighton and Hove on this beautiful day. To me, it was all about finding photo opportunities to showcase this beast.

Bentley Bentayga – Touring The Fastest Luxury Diesel SUV

Hove Actually

Bentley Bentayga – Touring The Fastest Luxury Diesel SUV

The Public’s Glare

The next day I decided to drive to Worthing, Arundel, Chichester and back to Brighton & Hove. The reactions of the public for me is the best data a car brand can ever obtain. I just could not stop giggling, because the Bentayga certainly was a celebrity moment. In where, everyone just glared at me, wondering who is the woman in that Bentayga? And this was something I had throughout my whole week’s experience. The Bentley brand is known and turns heads every time I drove it. But what was not so common is the Bentayga version of Bentley, especially outside London.

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