Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals

Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals

Ah, spring -The time of year when a gentleman’s fashion fancy turns to thoughts of trying hard not to clash with indigenous flora and fauna albeit as an urban explorer or countryside adventurer. It’s a time to decontaminate from the winter wear and sally forth seeking enlightenment and sartorial refreshment in the dizzying array of floral colours, materials and prints that are now available from cheap and cheerful budget lines at the chain stores, to sophisticated limited edition runs of high quality from the leading design houses such as Gucci and Moschino.

Now before you go boldly, credit card in hand to purchase some primary colours then confidently strut your stuff through the parks and gardens of the nation; let’s take a fashion-filled antihistamine and reflect on what’s out there so that you bloom instead of looking weedy.

There is a veritable plethora of printed outerwear, underwear and just about any wear sourced from the leading houses and it’s worth checking out offerings of the geometric kind from Michele via Gucci to the strikingly visually impressive Loewe, offering some beautifully subtle apparel in a host of primary colours.

Green is for go this year, finding Louis Vuitton sending cool vibes to their range of outer garments with Gucci hot on the boardwalk with same tone prints and hand-painted silk shirts complimenting a bomber jacket of a similar hue.

Hello Flower

Rather than diving in at the deep end sporting colourfully clashing complementary layers with riddler like confidence (and barring the literally questionable suit!) why not try floral or patterned shirts with designer jeans to show not just awareness of the trends but to make your new purchase stand out .a plain white T-shirt beneath a good plain suit can hide or enhance a multitude of sins depending on your mood. Contrasting darker or neutral hues in jackets can add to the overall effect without you standing out like a peacock.

Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals

Is Da Bomb

Ask any gentleman of a certain age and he will tell you all misty-eyed about the role of the good old bomber jacket in his life. If not strutting his stuff in the local bar it’s had a leading role in shielding his bo’s new designer haircut from the rain. The good news is the MA-1 style jacket is back and ready for action. It’s available in a range of floral styles and hues, therefore, disarming the military heritage and can be complemented with plain jeans and T-shirt; add the de-riguer training shoes and you’re ready for action!

Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals

Who Wears Short Shorts

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing but don’t be afraid to flash those legs with confidence by crossing above knee classic stripe designs with loosely worn Cuban collared bold graphic or floral shirt or T-shirt coupled with the smart beach bum look of white plimsoll or deck shoes. Don’t forget a matching belt to compliment the shoes to help hide a multitude of alcohol belly sins.

Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals


In summary, like any look, it´s all about experimentation and unless you have model-like physique it’s better to err on the side of caution, but let your contemporaries be aware that you are aware of the trend. Better to be subtle and enjoy the compliments as a trendsetter. Just don’t go full camouflage and be run over by the lawnmower.

Spring – How To Apply Seasonal Florals

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