It’s not every day you get to experience the global launch of a limited edition luxury BMW 760 Li and THEN get to go on a 7-hour road trip from Munich to Geneva in one! Well, for MenStyleFashion this became a reality and here is what it was like.

MenStyleFashion was invited to the global launch of the BMW 760 Li in which the collaborated with Montblanc, this launch is all part of the centenary year for BMW. Upon arrival into Munich, a chauffeur took me to my personal 7 Series and proceeded to provide me with a mini-tour of the interior gadgets and features. Let me list just a few of these features:

  1. You can change the colour of the interior lights
  2. Every chair is also a complex massage chair
  3. You can lie down
  4. There are two sunroofs
  5. You can control the media system by gesturing with your hands
  6. The car drives and parks itself
  7. The car key has a touch screen

Trust me when I say that these are merely a few of the features!

Launch Event

I arrived at the hotel and immediately began to get suited up for the big launch event/dinner. As I left the hotel, I was provided with yet another 7 Series car with a personal driver who was to transport me to the event in serious style.

BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion

I’ll fast forward to the dinner where I was sat next to none other than Carsten Pries. Carsten is Head of Product Management for the M Automobiles and BMW Individual. Put simply, he is one of BMW’s most influential and successful people. It’s funny because I have introduced Carsten by his position in BMW but what I really feel like doing is talking about him as a person. It was to my surprise that Carsten and I talked for a solid hour about his life, our mutual interest in golf and his passions in life. Our conversation was genuine and it revealed a lot to me about what it’s like to love your job.

BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion

You can even see me talking to Carsten on the front row, third in from the top!

BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion

At one point in our conversation, I asked him what he is passionate about outside of his job and his reply surprised me. “For me, my life in and out of work is all one. I love my life, I’m passionate about my life and my life is BMW. I wouldn’t have it any other way”. It wasn’t until the day after he said this to me that I really appreciated and understood where he was coming from. His passion and love for BMW doesn’t last until it’s time to clock out at 5 pm and doesn’t start at 8 am when it’s time to start again. Rather, BMW is his life’s passion, his life’s work and therefore BMW is part of him just as much as he is a part of BMW.

BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion

It is THIS level of passion and loyalty that tells me more about BMW than any car could. It’s safe to say that seeing this first hand and hearing his story first hand has truly made me someone who would invest in a BMW car even at the young age of 25. I think it’s people like Carsten Pries that make BMW Automobiles that much more appealing.

BMW X Montblanc

It’s worth mentioning that Montblanc worked with BMW on designing a writing instrument to work in perfect harmony with the 760 Li. Pairing these two brands was genius and smart. My appreciation of Montblanc as a brand was only just starting to form something I now value and appreciate, but we’ll get to that later.

Montblanc for BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion Montblanc for BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion Montblanc for BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion Montblanc for BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion

Road Trip

6 am came very fast the next day and it was now time to embark on a 7-hour road trip through southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland where I would fly back to London from Geneva. Each member of this road trip were given their very own BMW with a driver to make the journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Little did I know that I would love this journey to its maximum. I was fortunate enough to be driven by not only a professionally trained BMW driver but also a man who also truly appreciates and values BMW in a way that extends further than clocking in and out.

Montblanc for BMW 760 Li - MenStyleFashion

Montblanc Watchmaking

En route to Geneva, we stopped in Villeret to become acquainted with the Jura Valley where Montblanc’s watchmaking history is rich and revealing. As we ate lunch we discussed the history of Villeret and Montblanc, which provided me with a great starting knowledge of the brand and the values it stands for. Take a look at the view we had for lunch.

BMW X Montblanc – A Centenary Car Experience

After lunch, we took a tour around the building where we were educated and introduced to exactly how each time piece is made and perfected to create truly unique pieces. Again, after this tour, the one thing that impacted me the most was the passion the watchmakers have for their craft, their art and their life. It was nothing short of amazing.

As we made our way to the airport, I reflected on the last few days. Can you guess what stood out to me? Yes, the car was, and it will be one of the most spectacular luxury cars you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And yes, Montblanc’s design input in a way is the whole reason the car is as beautiful as it is. But what captured my thoughts and opinions were the people behind the brands. The way they work to create masterpieces in their craft and love the brand far further than protocol requires. They work harder, aim higher and produce better as a result.

The BMW M760Li xDrive V12 is available to order now. Customers can register their interest at their local BMW Retailer. To celebrate the centenary further BMW is hosting a show at the London Road house 18-26th June, open 10-5 each day and free to the public. It will feature 3 innovative vision vehicles as part of an immersive and interactive exhibition.

This is what makes the difference, Montblanc and BMW share the same passion.