Canada Goose – Outdoor Wear For Winter

Canada Goose – Outdoor Wear For Winter

Canada Goose

Canada Goose is one of the biggest brands and manufacturers of jackets, vests, hats and gloves, in the world. Originally designed for extreme cold conditions, for over 50 years the outdoor clothing brand has kept all its production in Canada to ensure they provide and uphold its expert craftsmanship. In addition to this, they believe they should stick to their roots, remembering who their customers are – and where better to incorporate that culture than sticking around in those unrelenting cold temperatures! Canada Goose strives for quality, comfort and, above all, warmth.

Canada Goose emerged from the determination of Sam Tick, an eastern European immigrant who started as a fabric cutter in 1950s Canada. From his modest roots he progressed significantly, starting his own apparel business, Metro Sportswear, in 1957. When Sam’s son-in-law David joined the company in 1960, they continued to grow. Not long after joining the company, David invented the revolutionary down-filling machine. David Reiss’ arrival at the company saw Canada Goose develop into a supplier of heavy-duty coats, providing them to park rangers, corrections officers, the police and public-sector workers.

By the late ’70s, the company started producing ‘Snow Goose’ parkas for all its customers. As the company continued to grow so did its investment in developing its range of products and, in 1982, David Weiss and Laurie Skreslet – the first Canadian to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest – created the iconic ‘big mountain’ jacket – which was updated in 2011.

Skip forward a decade or so and Dani Weiss, son of David, joins the company and soon becomes the President and CEO. In 2000, Dani persuaded his father to change the name to ‘Canada Goose’ from Metro Sportswear to echo the origins of the brand – ensuring the brand name reflected their quality, winter collection and the fact that the company was made in Canada.

Since the turn of the century, the Canada Goose brand has been adopted by some high-profile film projects that have further highlighted the brand to the public. With big-budget films like the 2004 hit, The Day After Tomorrow, and a surge of celebrity supporters like Matt Damon and Sacha Baron Cohen wearing the brand, Canada Goose has continued to grow.

The change of focus which incorporates seasons other than winter, the expansion of the company into Europe and Asia and working with top brands like Accent Clothing and Frame, saw the company go global. Since 2002, Canada Goose has continued to expand with a 4,000% increase in annual revenue and they’ve successfully established themselves as a relevant, global brand.

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