How often do you open your wallet these days and find that it’s completely empty of cash? A few years ago, that might have worried you, but today, it feels almost as if we could throw out the concept of carrying any cash. More often than not, payments today for most items are made by holding your debit card against a contact-less card reader. Even when you’re getting a cab home at the end of a night out, with services like Uber billing your credit card and other taxi services accepting bitcoin payments, there’s no need for cash.

The likelihood is that cash will be gradually overtaken by digital currencies such as bitcoin. Once the preserve of a niche geek interest, bitcoin wallets are becoming something that all of us can now use in a wide variety of purchases. Here are just a few ways you can now spend your bitcoins – and if you don’t have any yet, it’s really simple to set up a bitcoin wallet and fund it through either a debit or credit card.

See The World


Bitcoin and air travel are a match made in heaven: no need to worry about foreign currencies or high exchange rates. If you’re paying for a weekend away with this cross-border currency, it will make both your and the airline’s life easier, and in return drive fares down. Virgin Airline is already accepting the cryptocurrency and you can also take a look at BTCTrip or CheapAir for a huge range of flights and hotels that can be paid for with bitcoins.

Double Down At A Bitcasino


With a bitcoin wallet up and running, you can play bitcasino games to win more bitcoins. At vegas casino all the bets are placed in bitcoins (or fractions of them) and you’ll get the whole range of casino games like blackjack, poker and roulette that you’d find at any other online or land-based casino. As well as being secure, bitcoin also has the added advantage that you can keep a gaming budget completely separate from the rest of your household funds.

Pay For A Night Out

Bitcoins are now accepted in restaurants and food outlets across the USA. If your favorite restaurant chain doesn’t accept bitcoin yet, you could still buy their products with bitcoin by buying the relevant gift card from egifter. There are also lots of bars that will take your bitcoins. And if you want to host a craft beer night in your den, you can also pay for beers online with bitcoin at and get them delivered to your door.

Drive With Bitcoin


Depending on how bitcoin rich you are, you could buy a fast car with your bitcoin wallet – take a look at what’s on offer at – a luxury marketplace for those who’ve managed to bankroll a heap of bitcoins. But if your bitcoin wallet’s a little more modest, then you can always hire a Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari for the day or the weekend through one of the advertisers on airBitz.

Shop ‘til you drop

Whatever you want to buy, you’ll probably find it at and you can pay for it with bitcoins. The site has a huge array of stuff on sale, with categories including home décor, clothing, entertainment, computers and holidays, so if you’ve plenty of bitcoins in your wallet, you can shop to your heart’s content without needing to move off the sofa.

It’s a little too early to say you can dispense with cash and an old-fashioned wallet quite yet, but as you can see from the huge variety of things you can buy with bitcoins, it won’t be too long before cash is just a memory!