The Property Boyz is an atypical story of success, compassion and love. Born and raised in South Yorkshires Barnsley; Andrew Dyke and Alan Lee Ogden are the driving force behind one of the UK´s most captivating property success stories that has recently been broadcast on Channel 4´s hit television series ´Britain’s Benefit Tenants´. The shows have now completed their second series of broadcasting and are preparing to launch their third series in the later-end of this year.

Over two decades ago, Andrew and Alan met at the tender ages of 17 and 21 through friends in South Yorkshire and over the past ten years, have since gone on to generate a multi-million pound property consultancy with a portfolio of over 70 properties and 600 plus lettings. Property management owner Andrew´s enterprise started off in 2001 as a single buy-to-let property investment and has since grown into the a thriving business ´2 Let 4 Sale, ´ with clients spread across the North of England with headquarters in Rotherham´s Goldthorpe, which aims to offer all prospective clients a ´tailored service with value for money and an affordable, boutique style approach to property management.´


The Philosphy

¨We want to help people where we came from and help our tenants to better themselves; to feel pride and ambition regardless of their circumstances or location.¨ – Andrew Dyke

The most distinguishable sector of their business however comes from their property lettings sector; while most private landlords shun benefit, ex-convict and ASBO tenants, Andrew welcomes them with 80% of his 1000 tenants receiving some form of social benefit.

However, despite the grey and gritty areas of their daily diary, they still manage to bring an element of glamour to their working week – thanks to their love of style, fine living and high-octane injected glamour as they were quick to explain when we met them earlier this week;

The Interview


How do you feel your skills as interior designers helped you to dress better?

We are often working with colours and textures – so for us dressing your home is similar to dressing yourself. Both processes involve finished looks and putting a style together, be it from accessories such as mirrors for the home or scarves for the individual.

Who are your favourite designers and why?

We both love Vivienne Westwood as her look is wild, exotic and experimental. To wear her clothes you have to be courageous and love all that punk alternative! We are also keen on Alexander McQueen – Sarah Burton has brought a refreshed use of monochrome and sparkle to the gothic romantic pedigree of the house. Finally, for more formal situations, Cavani is a winner because of their slim fitting blazers and good tailoring.

What was the most expensive piece that you have ever bought?

Andrew spent one month’s salary on an Armani jacket during a visit to London many years ago. It was a great investment as the quality was outstanding and it was a really classic look. For myself, I invested in one of Alexander McQueen classic scarfs which was around £300 and I wear on a regular basis. It´s the attention detail that really makes style.

Which designer would you like to meet most?

Vivienne Westwood – we know she has had the most amazing life with her shop on Kings Road, Malcolm McLaren and her ´Godmother of Punk´ status. She certainly comes across well in her interviews and she is a passionate activist as well and human rights campaigner as well.

Which male and female celebrity do you think has the most style and why?

Hats off to the Beckham family; they all stuck together but managed to retain their individual style. Each one of them has a specific look but they all still manage to complement each other in the greater name of ´Brand Beckham´.

Dressing your home is the new dressing you – what’s your thoughts on this quote?

Very true! Your home is a reflection of yourself and it is reinforced in your style and tastes. We are very much about quality and longevity; it is better to buy less and invest more as it looks better and lasts longer. Customisation is also a great way to take something mainstream and put your own special stamp on it – Andrew has customised many things before from accessories to jackets for that ultimate personal touch.

What are your favourite colours and why?

I´m a very tonal person, I love darker silvers and gun metal greys with graded colour scales. Alan is a bit brighter with his love of the lighter, bluer tones.

What´s your favourite season to dress for?

I would have to say just now; I love autumn and the rusty, muted colour palettes – it´s very classic plus it allows you to layer and try out different transitional styles. Alan is more of a high summer man which works well with his love of strong colours and his golden tan!

What piece of clothing do you feel says the most about you?

Well, Andrew has an extensive shoe collection and he likes to have a hat for practically every outfit. For me, its detail and glamour; I love bling and if I´m not wearing it in my shirt, I wear it in my jewellery.

Finally, what are your top five style tips?

We both read off the same page when it comes to this;

  • Be well groomed.
  • Moisturise – because healthy, radiant skin is always in fashion.
  • Know your style, embrace it and have confidence.
  • Use a mirror to see how you look from the back, it´s possibly the angle from which people will see you the most!
  • Accessories really do make an outfit – scarves belts and shoes can really complete a look if matched properly -style is all in the details.

Andrew and Alan remain optimistic as their business portfolio, wardrobe and media exposure continue to grow in size. The second series of ´Britain´s Benefit Tenants´ was received positively by their public and there is no doubt their next appearance in the up-coming third series will bring more style, shock and delight to the nation as they try to change the property market, one giro at a time.

the-property-boys-menstylefashion-exclusive-interview-2016-4 the-property-boys-menstylefashion-exclusive-interview-2016-3

Fact Sheet

  • Photography Copyright: Chris Davis at Specular
  • Styling / Creative Direction: Craig Wilde for SQP Live Limited

¨Fashion is so important to the boyz, with a vast wardrobe of clothing. Andrew and Alan really treasure their wardrobe with some pieces being more than 20 years old. Mixing classic and contemporary for this business shoot. A season transitional look designed for business but with flare. ¨

¨The layered look has been accented with a scarf between jacket & waistcoat the give contrast between layers and assist in unifying accessories, pocket scarf and belt details. Vintage pieces mixed with dynamic European takes on classic tailoring.¨

¨In the lifestyle shoot we wanted more of a classic autumn look. Autumn leaves on the ground but an opportunity to kick back and relax … smart casual but again demonstrating flare and detail in the accessories.¨


  • Jacket – Orvis Harris Tweed – vintage
  • Shirt – Gucci
  • Waistcoat – Cavani
  • Jeans – Diesel
  • Shoes – John White London
  • Scarf – Jasper Conran

¨The boyz love all things Gothic, and dinner at Blackfriars – the oldest restaurant/dining hall in England – dates back nearly 1000 years, the idea of castle living really appeals… the banqueting hall of the former Blackfriars Monastery – a dream location! Here we wanted to show the boyz at their most relaxed… kicking back with food, enjoying the moment and pondering their next property monopoly moves.¨


  • Jacket – Kingdom Meakers of Piccadilly, Harris Tweed – vintage
  • Shirt – Jones
  • Waistcoat – Cavani
  • Jeans – Farah
  • Shoes – London Brogues
  • Scarf – Aquascutum of London –Vintage
  • (Sofa with champagne shot) Alan – Jacket trench coat – Ozwald Boetang London
  • Make Up Artist  – Jo Leversuch