Emperor 1688

Yes it’s the power of the brothers in fashion for Dubai. They are called the Golkar brothers. Just like the Italians, when they mean business it becomes a family affair. In my personal experience when more than one family member work and stick together, very powerful things can be created. Now when we were at Dubai Fashion Forward, it was stated to us with certainty that this was the top show to go and see.

Now I can certainly see they are a lover of the finest fiber and fabrics a man can afford to invest in. On the catwalk the fabrics just looked amazing and I could see these brothers prized themselves in suit quality. So it came to no surprise when I was told the materials came from the best mills within Europe. Hey I’m from an Italian background and I certainly know quality when I see it and certainly when I feel it.

So what separates these brothers from other European designers? How can they compete against the likes of London and Italy.

What Sets Them Apart?

These guys push the boundaries when it comes to fabrics for men. Look at the prints that this collection offers you. The man has a choice, he can opt for Mr Conservative and embrace the finest cuts for a man which we are all too familiar with. This is always needed within a luxury collection. However men’s fashion is becoming more interesting, so within this collection the guy can opt to stand out on his own by wearing more eccentric fabrics. He has a choice to still wear traditional suits but with a modern taste and twist to it. It’s in the prints that one will stand out. As you can see this collection is versatile and can be worn and bought for men of all ages. You can mix and match it with the traditional colours that men buy time and time again, blue and grey.

The  Power of The Capes

It’s very clear that this coming winter men are going to be embracing capes. It’s a cut and piece of clothing that we have not seen on the high street for many years. It will be so refreshing to see it on a man. For me it displays their predatory personality and power a man has over us women.  Just like the rest of the world men’s fashion is just getting more and more powerful every week.

Congratulations and thanks for making us be part of your family

Photography by Maria Scard