Engagement Ring- Tips On Cushion Cut Diamonds

Engagement Ring- Tips On Cushion Cut Diamonds

Is Cushion Cut the Most Ideal Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring?

Are you getting engaged sometime soon? And are you planning to propose with a diamond engagement ring? If you have answered yes to both, you should know by all means opt-in for a cushion cut diamond. An engagement marks the next level of commitment in your life. It stands for a promise sharing experiences — nothing can glorify this promise and the moment better than a cushion cut diamond. Today, most women are opting in for this diamond type. Their choice gets partly impacted by the celebrity cushion cut engagement rings as well. But on the whole, the cushion cut diamond is also an ideal cut diamond you can opt-in for.


Understanding The Cushion Cut Diamond

The jewelry designers and experts refer to cushion cut diamond as the old mine cut! This diamond ring has a square cut and comes with round corners. It almost resembles a pillow and hence gets the “cushion-cut” name. It is one of the most popular diamond ring cuts and has been present for over 200 years. If you want a traditional wedding theme and decor, you can opt-in for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring.

Conventional cushion cut diamonds return light in a chunkier example than present day cuts. Joined with the developed culet (which was viewed as attractive for the example made when seen through the table), this made an unmistakable look that is prized today among sellers in antique diamonds.

In part dependent on cut research started by Marcel Tolkowsky in the 1920’s, refinements to cushion cut diamonds after some time, (for example, shrinking the culet, broadening the table, and improving cut plots for expanded brightness), have prompted a resurgence in prominence. Numerous purchasers are pulled in to the antique feel joined with the cutting edge execution offered by the cushion cut.

The standards for cushion cut change more than most different shapes, and personal taste will manage the choice. While by and large less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds, cushion cut diamonds frequently have a superior flame, which is a piece of their intrigue. Present day cushion cuts will in general have one of three fundamental pavilion facet patterns. The third example has an additional column of facets on the pavilion and is grouped by GIA as a “modified” cushion cut. These modified cuts will in general have a “crushed ice” or needle-like facet design, more like a radiant cut than a conventional cushion cut.


Is It The Ideal Cut Diamond Ring?

Many schools of thought classify the cushion cut ring as an ideal cut diamond ring. There are various reasons for this. The important ones are as follows:

  • The conventional cushion cut diamond rings are known for reflecting the light in a more substantial fraction as compared to the new-age cuts. When it gets blended with an extended culet, this diamond ring has a distinctive look. That makes it one of the best diamond cuts amongst the leading dealers as well. If your lady love wants an antique feel to her engagement ring, this is the best option for you.


  • The cushion cut diamond standard varies much more than any other diamond shape. Sometimes, it gets considered a little less brilliant as compared to the round cut diamond, and the cushion cut diamonds come with improved fire. And that is a significant part of their appeal.


  • The new age cushion cuts usually have one of the basic pavilion facet designs. Some of the patterns get considered modified on the cushion cut. And these modified cuts typically tend to take shape or pattern of a needle or crushed ice. And that makes it even more bright or radiant as compared to a conventional cushion cut.


  • Since cushion cut diamonds reflect maximum light, it also comes with better clarity. The imperfections are much less as compared to the other ideal cut diamonds. Hence, it makes up for a perfect and ethnic engagement ring option.


  • You can also get your cushion cut diamond ring customized on any metal, from rose gold to white gold. The jewelers today provide you with the best designs that cater to your preference and budget capacity. You can also take reference from your choicest celebrity engagement ring options.

These are some of the crucial reasons for which cushion cut diamond is a popular choice amongst both celebrities and the mass at large. You can get in touch with the best online diamond retailers to choose and customize a design.

In above part of article I try to cover some comparison n facts between cushion patterns.


Chunky Cushion Cut

“Chunky” cushions are those that have clearly defined facet patterns when gazing down into the table of a face-up situated stone.

These will, in general, look like the manner by which round diamonds present themselves. These are frequently called “antique” pad cuts.

This is entirely not valid since the cushion brilliant-cut is generally modern. The Old Miner is the antique predecessor to the advanced cushion cut. In spite of the fact that it’s unmistakable this look is alluded to as an “antique” cushion since this is the manner by which Old Miner cuts constantly present themselves.

Crushed-Ice Cushion Cut

“Crushed-Ice” cushions are those that have no perceptible faceting when you glance through their table. Everything you can see is what resembles broken glass or crushed-ice (henceforth the name) – a disrupted space of shimmering bling.

This is commonly what a radiant cut resembles. You additionally discover this impact in corners of pear shapes and marquise shape stones.


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