G-STAR RAW – Interview – Masters of Denim Comfort & Style

G-STAR RAW – Interview – Masters of Denim Comfort & Style

There is a recurring link I’m finding when I am interviewing men within the fashion industry, and that is that engineering and fashion go hand in hand. The two can never be separated. A well thought out process of comfort for men’s fashion is always crucial. This is where the epic Dutch label G-STAR RAW runs its own race. Whilst browsing the flagship store in Amsterdam I was impressed at the subject knowledge on denim the staff had. G-STAR RAW is a company that loves to educate its customers about denim. Educate the customers about your fashion products and they will buy.

This was not an experience of just walking into a shop and asking for a pair of jeans. The range of cuts and styles available is huge and very smart. If you think choosing a denim trouser makes no difference in your overall look, then you are wrong. I thought I knew my denim style.


Amsterdam Head Office

When heading to the G-STAR RAW head office in Amsterdam, the education part was evident everywhere. In the lobby I was educated watching its latest campaign video, whilst waiting to interview Remco de Nijs. G-STAR RAW is a product development company and that was shown throughout its latest campaign, the art of RAW. G-STAR RAW has taken a fabric that has been around as long as anyone can remember and turned this into an amazing array of silhouettes. For me this is why this company stands apart from any other denim brand out there. Anyone that can make the timeless overall being worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani, looks damn right cool. Then it goes to show G-Star is not afraid of pushing boundaries and create contradictions in fashion.

G-STAR the art of RAW campaign

G-STAR the art of RAW campaign

Denim, Style & Mood

Does your mood effect your denim purchase? How many pairs should you own? You could own various pairs of denim to suit your lifestyle, mood and the way you sit or stand. What are 3D jeans? What is the latest crotch style? You need to learn and be educated about your denim look.

Listen to the interview with Remco de Nijs, the Brand Manager for G-STAR RAW, as he educates me about the company and its philosophy. Remco has worked for G-STAR RAW since the early beginning of the brand. He is responsible for the design process and marketing of the Marc Newson collections.

Interview with Remco de Nijs

3301 RE LOW TAPERED - G-Star Raw


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